What Is ZeroSweat: The Great And Effective Armpit Sweat Stopper

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what is zerosweatThere are so many great products on the market nowadays that help people that suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which your armpits, groin area, feet, hand or forehead sweat unstoppably for no known reason.  These great products are made to help people regain their confidence in themselves since their self-esteem goes down over time.

Have you lived through the terrible experience of sweating heavily in your armpits, your clothes drenched in sweat for no reason?  If you exercise, you will sweat!  But sitting on a Sunday afternoon on the chair in your porch, trying to relax, and having wet clothes because you cannot stop sweating?  That is exactly what around 2% of people go through on a daily basis.

They sweat uncontrollably and there is no medical reason for that to happen.  Most of the people suffering from hyperhidrosis started excessive sweating in their early teens or twenties and it persists.  They have searched for a product that would stop this annoying body function.  They have tried different clothes, they have changed their diet, they have used many deodorants and antiperspirants, they have searched the Internet for natural remedies, they have even considered surgery, but nothing has helped them.

And then you find Zerosweat.  Is that the solution?

I am here to help people suffering from excessive armpit sweating and have not found a cure.  I have lived what I pictured above.  For many years, I dreaded being among people because I was afraid of what they would think about my wet clothes.  I always had huge armpit stains and there was nothing I could do about it.

I had to shower a few times a day, especially those days when I had a social engagement.  I changed clothes a few times each day because everything was wet and ugly.  Because of excessive armpit sweating, the deodorant that I put on in the morning never lasted more than 4 hours and I would smell really bad.

Can you relate? Let me share with you my very honest ZeroSweat review.

What Is ZeroSweat?  The History Behind The Product

Tyler Conlin is among this 2% of people that suffers from excessive armpit sweating.  He had run through all the above-described phases, trying so many different products and methods to eliminate excessive sweating, but he was unsuccessful until he decided to take matters into his hands.

After 15 years of living this drama, he decided he needed to make his own antiperspirant that would give lasting relief for himself.  After two years of formulating his own product, he finally was successful to create the right balance between the ingredients that are known to stop excessive sweating.

And that is the product that promises to give you back your freedom and confidence was born.  Some people, like myself, are worried about injections or surgery which are not uncommon today.  Side effects or a lasting negative impact on your health is some something you do not want to compromise with.  That is what ZeroSweat was made for: To give lasting relief, without having to consider injections or surgery for the problem.

Key Ingredients of Zerosweat

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The most powerful ingredient known to create a block around the sweat glands is aluminum chloride.  ZeroSweat, as much as its competitors have up to 15% of this ingredient in them, which makes them powerful weapons against excessive armpit sweating.

ZeroSweat is made only of 3 ingredients: Aluminum chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and water.  It sounds too good to be true: Only 3 ingredients that will stop your armpit sweating.  That is right.  Most antiperspirants have all kinds of perfumes, scents, and fillers in them, which do not directly address the problem.

Aluminum was once thought to be the cause of many diseases, including cancer.  Studies conducted in the 1950’s tested the product on animals and they found a relation between life-threatening diseases and aluminum.

However, it was in the past decade that more intensive studies were conducted, which debunked the beliefs that were brought to the people half a century ago.  Recent studies found that there is not enough evidence to state that aluminum is a metal that we consume daily through our foods and it has not troubled anybody and it has not received attention as a cause of various diseases.

Research centers have stated that there is not enough evidence that proves aluminum to be detrimental to your health.

Products, like ZeroSweat, claim to be 100%, also because they are FDA compliant.

One thing that you can rest assured is the fact that this product is effective because it stops your excessive sweating completely for a few days until you reapply this formula.  I cannot promise that there is no effect on your health, but I used products, similar to ZeroSweat, for some time already as well, and I have loved it.  The fact that you can go dry and confident through the days, without having to hold your arms down, is amazing and worth doing it.

If you feel that this formula is not something you were looking for because of health-related question that you may have, there are other ways to treat excessive armpit sweating effectively.  Click here for my favorite natural solution.

Antiperspirant Vs. Deodorant

The question if ZeroSweat is a deodorant remains.  The difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant is that the first one creates a block around the sweat glands.  A deodorant kills bacteria that feast on sweat, therefore eliminating odor.

As you see, there is no link between antiperspirant and deodorant.  They both have completely different functions.

Click here for an extensive article about the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant.

ZeroSweat does stop your sweating, so you will naturally not have that many bacteria in your armpits that create the bad odor, but in itself, ZeroSweat is not a deodorant.  If you use this product, you will need to apply deodorant if you want to smell fresh in your armpits

What I Like About ZeroSweat

what is zerosweatPeople that have been looking for solutions to their sweating problem and have finally found one usually brag about their experiences and the products they have found effective.  That is no different with me.  I have found the solution to excessive sweating and there is nothing better than to share my experiences with other people so they can benefit too.
1) ZeroSweat is effective.  I have found that clinical strength antiperspirants that contain over 12% aluminum chloride are highly effective.  You can buy the product and go sure that you will not sweat anymore for up to 7 days if the product is applied correctly.

2) ZeroSweat has positive reviews.  Who does not look for reviews when considering to buy a new product.  Powerful products have many positive reviews and it is no different with ZeroSweat.

3) ZeroSweat lasts long.  Depending on how your body reacts to this product, you should have protection for at least 4 days, but it could also be up to 10 days.  Most customers of ZeroSweat report a full seven days of complete dryness in their armpits.

Why is this only temporary?  Aluminum chloride only builds a temporary block around the sweat glands.  Over time, this block disappears and your sweat glands will start doing again what they are made for, sweating.  This is why you have to apply this product again once it “wears off”.

4) ZeroSweat is cruelty-free.  Nowadays, we strongly dislike when products are tested on animals to see how effective they are or if they are harmful.  Good news is that ZeroSweat has not been tested on animals.  Another checkmark for this product.

5) ZeroSweat does not have unnecessary ingredients.  As stated before, with only 3 ingredients, this product stands out.  There are no hidden fillers, scents, or other ingredients that you have to doubt.  Ingredients that prove lasting results are the only ones used.

6) ZeroSweat has products for excessive hand and feet sweating.  Yes, Zerosweat has a modified formula that is designed to stop excessive sweating on your hands and feet.  Many people suffer from excessive sweating in their palms.  All papers end of in a mess because they sweat so much.  ZeroSweat had those people in mind when they made their product and helped them.  Click here to claim your lotion today.

What I Do Not Like About ZeroSweat

what is zerosweat1) ZeroSweat can cause irritation.  Products, like ZeroSweat, tend to itch and irritate the armpits.  Our armpits do have sensitive skin, and in some people even more sensitive than in others.  I wish these products would not irritate the skin, but that is what most likely is going to happen when you apply this product.

The only thing to prevent irritation is to follow the instructions.  Use only a little bit of the product on completely dry armpits that have not been freshly shaved.  Also, put the product on only if you know that you will not sweat for at least 4 hours after application.  Therefore, bedtime is the best time to apply and let the ingredients do their work while you sleep.

2) ZeroSweat is not exactly cheap.  One bottle will last up to 2 months, so you have to buy the product frequently, also depending on how long it lasts for you.  If you have to apply every 4 days, you have to buy more often.  On the long run, it can be pricey.

Nevertheless, if you count all the expensive shirts that you had to throw out just because of ugly yellow sweat stains, it is quite cheaper to buy ZeroSweat frequently than buy new clothes so often.

Also, you cannot forget the price you pay for your lack of confidence!  The product with its price far outweighs the psychological burden excessive sweating places on you and the toll it takes on your self-esteem.


ZeroSweat really is a solution to a problem that many people suffer from.  As a strong competitor of Sweatblock, Duradry, and other clinical strength antiperspirants, I think each one has its own pros and cons.  Some people like one more than the other one.  

Personally, I’d go with Sweatblock, which is the one that I have used successfully for many years, but Zerosweat is not less great.  I think it has more to do with which product you come into contact first.  If you like it, you will likely stick to it.

If you haven’t tried a clinical strength antiperspirant, you cannot go wrong with Zerosweat.

Buy your first step to sweat freedom today here.

If you found this product review helpful, please leave your thoughts and questions BELOW.  I am also sure that you have a family member, friend or colleague who has battled excessive sweating for years.  Share the good news with them by clicking the social media buttons.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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2 thoughts on “What Is ZeroSweat: The Great And Effective Armpit Sweat Stopper”

  1. This is a very interesting article. I never knew this condition existed! I have learned so much reading your article. I personally don’t have any issues with sweating to the extent of what you described in your post, but my husband does have some issues with sweating profusely.

    I just wanted to know, does the antiperspirant stop one from sweating for up to 4 days? If that is the case, isn’t it true you that you need to sweat to release all the toxins from ones body?

    This was a great post!

    1. If your husband has problems with sweating excessively, ZeroSweat could help him stop the sweating.

      You ask if our body needs to sweat.  Well, if you block your armpit sweat glands, be aware that you have sweat glands all over your body and these will probably sweat more than usual.  That is why blocking your sweat glands with a product like ZeroSweat is not a problem at all.  

      Although i dislike sweating more on other body parts when using clinical strength antiperspirant, embarrassing sweat marks in your armpits are worse than sweating feet.  Therefore, don’t worry about blocking your sweat glands with this product.

      Happy to help,


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