What Is The Best Sweat Proof Underwear For Women? Top 10 Picks To Stay Fresh and Cool All Day

When it comes to choosing underwear, I often tell women to choose comfort over style. Comfort, after all, is the criteria we should focus on because we are talking about innerwear, right? Sadly that is not always the case as most women choose really cute underwear only to be disappointed and buying a less stylish yet comfortable pair.

Imagine if you had hyperhidrosis or if you just sweat a lot? It would be quite hard to find a comfortable pair of innerwear, not to mention underwear. So what is the best sweat proof underwear for women? You’ll soon find out.

Woman feeling free
Wearing the right underwear may give you a sense of freedom aside from the comfort it gives you.
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In this article, I will share my top picks in terms of comfort and function. I made sure to do extensive research to bring you a wide range of underwear you’ll surely love using. You’ll also learn how to properly care for your underwear as they can’t be washed like ordinary clothes.

I will also share the fun and colorful history of underwear and how it became what we wear today. You’ll be as entertained as I was when I first discovered how underwear “evolved” and why we call them a “pair: of underwear when they’re only a single piece of clothing.

Before we start though, please watch this video on some fun facts about underwear:

Is Underwear Important

You may have wondered, isn’t going “commando” or underwearless the best option? I mean, it would be so much easy to not wear anything but sadly underwear is important. It’s really not about the style. Underwear exists to protect your vulva from the moisture caused by your pants (or anything you wear for that matter) as it can cause itchiness due to bacteria buildup.

Underwear can also be used as a fashion statement so for some, the cut and style do matter in underwear selection. You may find that some brands aren’t that nice in terms of color or style so I carefully selected underwear in the list you’ll read below, only adding stylish ones for you to choose. After all, sweat-wicking underwear shouldn’t look terrible at all.

So don’t fret at all, as there are many available options for underwear, you can opt for the boyshorts or shorts with built-in underwear or you can even choose really good ones that are so thin they’re like a second skin to you, with a barely-there feel.

It’s really about finding a pair that you’re most comfortable with. So be patient and read more below as I will be sharing different types of underwear that you might like. Before checking all the underwear brands let’s fist read on the history of underwear.

History of Underwear

Underwear has been a part of menswear for ages. Yes, that’s a really long time and yes, men wore it first as women started wearing underwear only in the 19th century. Don’t let that give you ideas on going commando because women didn’t wear tight pants before and lots of infections were pretty bad during those days. Yikes.

Did you know that ancient Romans and ancient Egyptians wore underwear? Ancient Roman men (and women) wore a loincloth called subligaculum (a tongue twister) but it wasn’t really like the underwear we have today.

It was a loose sheet that men wrapped around their waist and tucked in to protect their privates. Funnily enough, if you search about them, they kinda look like giant baby diapers, on grown men. So not that fashionable, but I guess it did its job.

In the Middle Ages, they didn’t wear underwear except for an open flowy version called a shift which was worn under their dress and women started wearing corsets made out of whalebone (sad but yes, whale bones). But still, it was still far from the underwear worn today. These shifts did not protect their privates at all. Imagine things crawling up their skirts or the chafing marks?! It must’ve been a horror to live in those days (if you were a woman).

The formal underwear for women, as mentioned above really started in the 1800s. Women wore undergarments, not called shifts but now called chemises which were basically the same if you asked me. They just added frills made of lace. Still no protection and still very far from what we’re all wearing in the present day.

These chemises then became a sort of loose trousers (pants) to be worn by women. They were invented by Elizabeth Miller and called it bloomers because Amelia Bloomer promoted them as such. By 1849, underwear became known as bloomers and chemises were not as popular anymore. So there was protection already as underwear started looking like pants but, they were too loose and bulky that they didn’t look good under dresses.

In the 1920s the underwears were not that pants-like anymore. Designers adjusted the bulky design and wanted something lighter and breathable. The new and improved underwear was a bit above the knees and were more like the boxer shorts today.

So women were technically wearing briefs in the 1950s. By the ’70s they shortened it further to the regular panties we have today. In the 80’s they started the high waist itsy bitsy underwear. The thong became popular in the ’90s.

So going back to underwear in general, why do we have to say “a pair of knickers or panties”? Well, historically pants and all these garments used to be two separate pieces thus a pair of it. We’re just saying “a pair” out of tradition and mostly because of the history of these clothes. Cool, right?

Now that you know more about underwear and its interesting history, here is the list you’ve been waiting to read. Check them out and if you happen to be using one of them, leave me a comment below on what brand you’re using and why you love it.

What is The Best Sweat Proof Underwear For Women?

I decided to make a list of brands that would represent the comfort and function that you may be looking for. I love each brand because they may not all be made for cotton but the fabric blend is made in such a way to ensure comfort and style.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you wear “granny panties”. All of them are sweat-wicking but they look different and they have the best stuff underwear can offer. Remember, it’s your intimates, so you should only choose the best. Check out the chart below as a quick guide to the different brands that you might like.

Underwear Brands Material Used Sweat-wicking? Style
1. Jockey’s Women Microfiber and spandex blend Yes Slipshort underwear
2. ExOfficio Give-n-Go Bikini 96% nylon 4%lycra Yes Diamond/honeycomb pattern fabric, bikini cut
3. Hanes X-Temp Cotton and polyester Yes Mid-rise regular cut
4. Boody Body Ecowear Bamboo viscose Yes Boyleg briefs with ribbed waistband
5. Baleaf Underwear Microfiber with gel padding Yes Cycling underwear, perfect for sports or if you need extra cushioning
6. Underarmour Power In Pink Mesh knit microfiber Yes Hipster so it never rides up
7. Hanes Cool Comfort Cotton and polyester Yes Laser-cut seams, low rise bikini cut
8. Fruit of The Loom Underwear Microfiber Yes Hight-waist underwear
9. Ruxia Women’s Nylon and spandex Yes Boyshorts, similar to boxers
10. Wealurre Breathable Underwear Microfiber Yes Regular cut and seamless

1. Jockey Women’s Slip Short Underwear

When it comes to sweat, most people just talk about the odor. What they don’t talk about is the marks your underwear can leave on the skin. This is called chafing, which is the result of sweat and friction every time you move.

As a person who’s into a lot of activities, I can say that chafing is a bummer and that you should avoid any clothing that will cause it, especially if you sweat a lot. Chafing can cause this irritating itch combined with the pain of peeling skin. Not a pleasant experience at all.

I researched for the best brand you can wear that won’t chafe and surprisingly it is a modern version of the old underwear I discussed earlier. The claims of this brand have been verified by a lot of people who tried this underwear and so far they all say they don’t get the “chub rub”.

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Jockey women’s slip short underwear is not only sweat-wicking but it is also chafe resistant due to its length. This underwear is perfect for women who have “thicc” thighs because yes, we look good but we’re also (sadly) prone to red, itchy marks due to chafing.

This slip shorts are stretchable and come in three colors — black, light (which is sort of a light tan), and navy. It’s made from a nylon/spandex/cotton blend that makes it so lightweight and breathable.

I love it because it also provides a bit of compression, making your skirts or pants fit better. I love it so much because it’s so easy to wear and it’s so easy to clean as it’s machine washable. To prolong its lifespan though (as the elastic loosens over time), just handwash if you have the time and avoid using fabric conditioners on it.

A lot of people say that it is the best anti “chub rub” underwear, and it is so light (especially the beige one) that you can barely see it and it is so good to wear under a dress because it will protect you from chafing and you will be inspired to wear more dresses as many people with thick thighs end up wearing pants, which can limit your clothing options (which is sad in my opinion).

A lot of people love this brand (Jockey) compared to other brands because the lower part never rolls up, unlike other brands, making sure that the slip shorts do not bunch and ruin the shape of your dress.

The materials used will also make you feel so cool so it will also keep the sweating in that area at bay also protecting your privates from bacteria buildup due to sweat.

Jockey has proven that they’re not you’re ordinary underwear brand because people love all their innerwear products, like their tank tops and even their waist slimmers that make your belly look flat under any dress or shirt you wear. I have no doubt why their underwear line is doing well because they always bring simple and stylish clothing for women.

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2. ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs

With sweat comes chafing which can be so uncomfortable, but what most people worry about is the bad smell that comes from their privates because of the sweat. A brand of natural deodorant has mentioned this because many women have apparently been misdiagnosed with vaginosis because their bits smelled that bad.

Chafing hurts like crazy because, for some people, it’s not only about having light red marks on their inner things. Some people get really terrible chafing marks that are small blisters caused by sweat and friction. More often than not their crotch area gets darker and can have some funny smells that can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing.

So what can you do to reduce the smell in terms of underwear? Aside from using natural deodorants, the key is to find a very breathable pair of underwear so that there’s no chance of sweat build-up that attracts bacteria that causes that disgusting (and not to mention unwanted) smell. Breathable underwear will draw the sweat away from your skin and will cause the liquid to evaporate fast, keeping you dry down there.

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ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs are amazing because they give you just that. Yes, I made sure that all the underwear here is sweat-wicking one way or another, but in this list, ExOfficio has the best and fastest drying time of all the underwear in this list.

What makes it special aside from that though? These Give-N-Go bikini briefs are made with breathable diamond-knit mesh fabric which is basically fabric that has a 3D honeycomb pattern that lets moisture pass through it. No trapped moisture and better (or odor-free) smelling privates!

Compared to different sweat-wicking fabrics ExOfficio’s stands out because it is very lightweight, giving you a “barely there” feel so no need to go commando when you can wear this brand instead. Protect your privates and wear a comfortable pair of underwear.

This underwear is what I’d recommend when you’re out on a sunny day, and when you feel that you’d end up sweating a lot. ExOfficio is also perfect for traveling because it won’t really take up space in your bag plus it’s easy to wash and it dries fast. Super convenient for people who like to pack light or who like to backpack.

This underwear is also made of 96% nylon and 4% lycra, making it hard for sweat to stick, and nylon/lycra fibers are so thin, thus making the entire underwear light. Just a tip though, I highly suggest handwashing this underwear to prolong the elasticity, as using the washing machine on this underwear can destroy it faster compared to just handwashing it.

Buy a set of 5 for your everyday gym bag or wear it daily especially if you know you sweat a lot. I guarantee that this is the perfect underwear that also does the job when it comes to keeping your privates odor-free. 7

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3. Hanes Women’s Constant Comfort X-Temp Modern Brief Panty

I want you to know of this brand that will help regulate the temperature down there. If you read about the other underwear in this list, I have given you one that is anti-chafing and one that keeps the odor at bay. Amazing features any underwear should have if you ask me.

Those pairs are great and will help keep you dry but I also had the idea that if you have cooling underwear, it will help lessen the heat which in turn will lessen the sweating around the area. Brilliant, right? What if I mentioned that a brand successfully made cotton underwear that does just that? It might seem unbelievable but it’s true.

Many people take cotton for granted because it is kinda bulky but what if I told you that there is a pair of underwear with a special blend of cotton that makes it less bulky but still works wonders when it comes to cooling your skin? You’d definitely try it, right?

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The Hanes Women’s Constant Comfort X-Temp Modern Brief Panty is awesome because it reminds me of my childhood cotton underwear except that it looks way classier and it is so lightweight! I wish I had these growing up to be honest, as I live in a very humid country.

I included this brand because they are a bit high waisted but they never roll down, so no need to take a bathroom break to adjust it. Don’t worry, I will always recommend stuff/products that work, so you can relax because this pair will literally not let you down. People who have tried this underwear always love the support and the elasticity of these brief panties.

This underwear is perfect for home use or to use as sleepwear because I really don’t recommend lace as it can trap heat, causing you to sweat and itch down there. This wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for you, especially if you are a light sleeper.

A lot of people rave about Hanes Modern brief Panties because they say that they’ve tried wearing them in very humid and warm places and they have never felt icky or sweaty down there. They always say the same thing — they stay dry and that this brand has been the most comfortable pair they own.

Buy several pairs because this could be your “lazy day” underwear or they can also be your day-to-day pair because I always go for comfort, I really don’t care about the style. In this case, though, Hanes gives you comfort and style which is so convenient.

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4. Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs

Are you looking for an eco-friendly but antibacterial pair of underwear? If you are then this brand I’m going to recommend is perfect for you. This isn’t just an environmental-friendly brand, it is also sustainably sourced and of course, sweat-wicking. Imagine that, reducing overall waste by buying the right underwear? Cool, right?

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The Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs are in this list because the underwear is a combination of both sweat-wicking and temperature regulating features you’d want in a single piece of clothing.

The boyleg briefs are the sporty cut of Boody Body and have awesome features from the waistband down to the lining that protects your privates. I love the attention to details and how they really made something for active people.

The underwear is made out of bamboo viscose also known as bamboo fiber. This is sustainably sourced because bamboo grows so fast and you don’t have to uproot the entire plant just to harvest stalks.

Boody Body’s boyleg briefs have a soft, ribbed waistband so no uncomfortable marks on your skin when wearing your underwear. It is mid to low rise so it’s perfect if you’re wearing a skirt or even low jeans. It covers everything but it doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing boyleg briefs.

The sides are also seam-free so it won’t make any marks if you’re wearing really thin clothing or if you’re wearing anything body contouring like a bodysuit or leggings. It makes you look like you’re wearing no underwear, even if you are wearing something.

Full coverage is my favorite feature because it provides the best protection among all the pairs of underwear in this list. Most women complain about underwear not covering their butt area enough, causing them to itch whenever they sweat or causing the fabric of their outerwear to ride up which would cause them to go to the restroom to adjust their underwear.

You will never have that experience with Boody Body Ecowear because the fabric is naturally cooling, so no itchiness because that’s the natural breathability of the bamboo fabric. You also won’t have any fear of bacteria buildup because this fabric is also naturally antibacterial.

This underwear is also static-resistant because of the special fabric blend. The bamboo plants used to make the fabric for your Boody Body eco wear was grown organically with no pesticides, so no worries about any allergic reactions to the bamboo viscose.

Overall, this underwear provides several types of comfort that you are looking for in a pair of innerwear. You have something anti-static, antibacterial and sweat-wicking. What more can you ask for in this brand?

Get yours today and feel the all-around comfort that this brand promises. I’m sure that this will be one of your favorite underwear brands and that you’d wear this all the time, especially when you have events or activities that might make you sweat a lot.

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5. BALEAF Women’s Cycling Underwear

I have recommended day to day wear but not anything for sports or for an active lifestyle (well probably the mesh but you’ll get the difference of this one). What is the difference between regular underwear and sports/ cycling underwear? Well, first, cycling underwear or sports underwear, in general, are made to be so thin they’re like a second skin.

Sports underwear are also made either as shorts to prevent chafing and have extra padding because some sports require a long period of sitting down which can strain the back and the tailbone. If you are a very active person or if you love cycling, then this underwear is for you.

Click image for details

Now let’s talk about the BALEAF Women’s Cycling underwear. What makes it different from other cycling shorts? Why do I recommend it? Well, I recommend these shorts because I like making all my lists well-rounded and so far, this brand meets my standards when it comes to activewear.

Most activewear brands are breathable but they lack the padding needed especially if you sit down a lot. I find that at the gym while doing specific workouts that require me to be sitting down can cause a lot of strain on my tailbone and back. So I usually end up using padded mats or padded underwear.

Same goes if you’re cycling, the bike seat is narrow and can be tough when sitting for long periods of time. If you’re the type who likes biking around a lot or who likes cycling class, then I’d suggest getting a few pairs of cycling underwear. These pairs look like your regular cycling shorts but have a built-in lining and cushioning so you won’t have to wear an extra layer of underwear. beneath it.

I also added Baleaf to this list because it is a brand that was launched for people who love yoga, slowly expanding their clothing line for those who love different activities like cycling or even running. They are now a well-rounded sportswear brand which is amazing for a company that only launched in 2014.

Now let’s talk about BALEAF Women’s Cycling Underwear. This underwear is a perfect blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, which makes this sweat-wicking but stretchable enough so it’s not too tight on you (you know why I don’t recommend tight underwear).

Yes, most underwear looks comfortable and is sweat-wicking but the BALEAF cycling underwear has strategically places stitching so it won’t irritate the skin. They also made sure that the stitching isn’t that noticeable and are made to be flat-locked so there’s a barely-there feel to it.

The nylon-spandex blend is made in such a way that it is thin enough to feel like a second skin but thick enough to protect your privates. I added BALEAF cycling underwear to this list because it is the only one with padding, but unlike other brands in the market, it has 3D gel padding that really protects your sit bones when cycling or when doing any workout that needs you to sit.

I love the fact that the padding is also seamlessly integrated into the design, so you have no worries of it looking bulky when you wear it under tight clothing like leggings. You can also wear it alone as it is double-lined as shorts and underwear. I love how it serves two purposes.

It also acts as compression shorts, helping with the support it can give your back and sit bones but also wicks sweat because of the nylon material it’s made of. You’ll be sure that although it’s a bit tight, no moisture will stay in the area so you don’t have to worry about itching or even chafing, as most tight underwear are notorious for causing both.

Just a pro-tip when buying these shorts — this brand has a smaller sizing than other brands so if you are unsure it would be safe to go one size bigger to be on the safe side. Most reviews on this underwear also like the fact that they don’t look like diapers and that the padding really protects their privates when they work out.

Do use a dryer on your BALEAF cycling underwear to prolong its lifespan. A lot of reviews say that this brand is way better than other big name brands but they also say the same thing — just hang it to dry as they are sweat-wicking so drying time is faster and the only thing you have to wait for is for the padding to fully dry then you’re good to go. Overall, this brand is definitely a good brand not only for underwear but also for cycling shorts.

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6. Under Armour Women’s Power in Pink Hipster

Are you looking for underwear that isn’t just sweat-wicking but also gives you a flattering silhouette? Guess what? I made sure that you have the best underwear that makes you look good and keeps your privates dry all-day.

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Under Armour Women’s Power in Pink Hipster gives you just that feeling. Aside from its other features that I will share with you later, this underwear is on this list because of its laser-cut hems, which make it look really classy but most importantly, it makes you look amazing when wearing it.

I’d also trust this brand because of the history of Under Armour itself. Unlike the other brands in this list, Under Armour was started by a man whose dreams were to make a blend of fabric that truly wicked sweat. After he made his first sample, people were satisfied enough to buy his shirts.

Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour started it because he found that the sweat-wicking shirts in the market were either too expensive or weren’t really wicking sweat as much as he’d want them to. So going around the famous fabric markets, he finally found his first version of sweat-wicking shirts.

He soon sold dozens of shirts to different sports teams — some of those teams who ended up playing in the NFL. Now Under Armour is the sponsor and main sportswear provider for lots of teams be it baseball, football, and even basketball. They even support an American alpines ski race, Lindsey Vonn, who has won several World Cup overall championships since 2008.

Mr. Plank kept on improving this technology and built the sportswear giant that is Under Armour today. I’m confident with this pair of underwear because I am sure that it does the work it’s supposed to do, it wicks sweat and cools you with the UA technology fabrics. So although they say it is a certain blend, there is a technology patented to Under Armour that makes it more effective than other brands.

So what’s so special about the Under Armor Power in Pink Hipster underwear? Aside from making you look good and wicking sweat, I love this pair because they launched this line for a cause — after this specific line’s success in sales, the brand donated several million dollars to the John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center to help with research and to improve their facilities for breast health and for treatment of breast cancer. Amazing, right?

This underwear also has a four-way stretch so you will get a snug fit that is still very flexible even if you move around, I know that you know what I mean, as some underwear may feel nice and snug but when moving, they don’t really stretch well so you end up very uncomfortable.

If you’re looking for a well-known brand that doesn’t only live up to its name of sweat-wicking activewear but also makes chich and classy looking underwear, then the Under Armour Power in Pink Hipster underwear is just the one you need.

Make sure you don’t wash this in the washing machine or make sure that when you do you make sure the settings are on a gentle cycle so that you can prolong the lifespan of your underwear. This pair doesn’t shrink so you can wash it with warm water. Do not use a dryer on it unless it is on a cool tumble or spin drier. The heat can destroy the elasticity, so avoid it as much as possible.

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7. Hanes Cool Comfort Microfiber Bikini

Have you been looking for comfortable underwear that feels luxurious on the skin but also has amazing sweat-wicking abilities? Well, among all the brands in this list, Hanes Cool Comfort Microfiber Bikini will definitely give other brands a run for their money.

Not only does this brand give you maximum comfort and a “barely there” feel, but it is also sweat-wicking and is made out of the best materials any underwear should be made of.

Click image for details

Originally an underwear and t-shirt brand, Hanes has so much credibility as it has been around for decades, with lots of celebrities endorsing it like Michael Jordan (yes, the MJ). Even songs like Shontelle’s “T-Shirt” has lyrics saying “curl up in a ball with something Hanes” as part of her breakup song, singing about how she could just lay in bed with comfortable clothing on (which happens to be Hanes).

The Hanes Cool Comfort Microfiber Bikini is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This blend makes it lighter than your regular cotton underwear, but it is lighter due to the polyester which makes it a convenient travel essential. It barely adds weight and is perfect for backpackers who are in need of clothes that dry fast.

It is a low-rise bikini cut, which means you can wear almost anything that hangs low on your hips without worrying that your underwear might be seen. It gives you an illusion that you aren’t wearing anything at all. It’s so light so you forget you’re wearing innerwear, which is amazing because that’s every underwear company’s goal plus the fact that you still get maximum protection compared to actually going “commando”.

Hanes made sure to make the best underwear that will not ride up and won’t make you uncomfortable. No more unnecessary adjustments or excusing yourself to fix your underwear. The Cool Comfort technology makes sure that the sweat (or any moisture) is wicked which reduces the risk of bacteria growth that can cause foul odors.

I really think that people who experience foul odor on their crotch areas should invest not only on good deodorants but also in sweat-wicking underwear. When dealing with a problem, I prefer solving it through a multitude of ways, so I can be sure that my problem won’t be one for very long.

Only choose the best when it comes to underwear because they come in close contact with your private parts, and they are your first line of defense against lots of infections caused by sweat. With all these good things about this brand, I can be sure that nothing can go wrong with Hanes Cool Comfort.

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8. Fruit of The Loom Women’s Microfiber Underwear

Recent trends in underwear show that people are starting to wear lots of high-waist underwear. It may be because of fashion but most women really wear what they want because it gives them comfort.

High waist underwear gives you full coverage and protection other underwear types won’t be able to give. This type of underwear also gives you a nice and seamless look with no visible panty lines as the band is higher.

Click image for details

On the hunt for a perfect brand, I decided to go through the internet rabbit hole and discovered that Fruit of The Loom Women’s Microfiber Underwear is one of the best brands you can find. To be specific, I really liked their assorted high waist set and I’ll let you know why I highly recommend it.

Let’s start with the brand itself. Fruit of the Loom is surprisingly (Yes, I didn’t know) one of the oldest brands in the market. It is over 160 years old, making me believe that they have survived the toughest times because of the quality of their products.

It all started in 1851 when brothers Benjamin and Robert Knight bought a mill to produce cotton textiles. A philanthropist and an Industrialist, Benjamin had a lot of experience in starting a business. He had printing presses and grocery stores scattered across new England before he was 40.

All that hard work was probably because he and his brothers were raised on a farm and worked there for quite some time before going on their different paths in life. What amazed me is that Benajmin and Robert, followed by a third brother named Jeremiah, were all businessmen, and successful ones at that.

Let’s now talk about the Fruit of the Loom. Now a classic and well-known underwear and casual wear brand, their textiles never disappoint as they only make the softest material, with a goal of providing you with comfortable yet stylish clothes you can wear in any occasion (as long as it’s not too formal).

Fruit of the Loom’s microfiber underwear is their best sweat-wicking high-waist line because they are not only affordable but they’re also very comfortable, you wouldn’t even realize you were wearing microfiber. Microfiber, after all, is usually made into sportswear. This company has the technology to make microfiber feel like 100% cotton which is perfect for people who are very keen on the fabric used for their innerwear.

The fabric is a spandex/ polyester blend and comes in different colors. What makes it different among other microfiber underwear is that you can throw it in your washing machine, just make sure you don’t use fabric conditioner and use heat to dry it. if you’re looking for simple high-waist underwear, Fruit of the Loom Microfiber Underwear is definitely for you.

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9. Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boyshort Panties

I always do my best to put variety in my lists so if you haven’t noticed it yet, there are different underwear types for you to choose from. Although I have bikini styles and some longer ones that are anti-chafing, I bet you’d also look for something in between. Not too long, not too short.

So I start hunting for the perfect pair. I wanted something in-between but one that had the best materials that would make it one of the best sweat-wicking underwear you can ever own. I decided that breathability was another quality I’d look for. After thinking that I wouldn’t find one, I discovered Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boyshort Panties.

Click image for details

I was wondering why I had never seen this brand as a lot of people loved it and were ordering it like crazy online. What first caught my attention was the classy color combinations. This brand made sure to have a wide range of colors from light colors to the darker sultrier colors, they have it.

Boyshort panties may have a confusing name to them but they’re basically women’s underwear that is patterned after boxer shorts. Women’s boyshorts are just a little bit shorter and are usually form-fitting. If you’re wondering what makes Ruxia Boyshort Panties unique you should check the stitching of all their underwear lines.

All Ruxia underwear variants are seamless but what makes this line stand out among all their products is the breathability. The entire underwear is made up of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, making it a stretchable microfiber blend.

The best feature is the mesh-like weave on the sides of the underwear. They made sure to have this weave on the sides to avoid overexposing your privates which can lead to infections caused by bacteria. The design also prevents chafing so you don’t have to worry about red marks on your crotch or inner thighs.

Anti-chafing underwear saves you the pain of chafe marks, dark skin, and saves you money from buying all that anti-chafe cream. Yes, you may spend a bit on underwear but compared to all the creams you’d buy, at least you are getting a long-term solution to a problem that can have a smart and stylish solution.

Last but not least, you must know that a lot of women skip wearing underwear because they want to avoid the dreaded panty line when wearing their sleek dresses. I bet you have had this dilemma as well. Worry not because these boyshorts will leave no mark on any dress you wear. Ruxia underwear is also a treat for me because it is shrink-proof, so no need to buy a size up.

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10. Wealurre Breathable Underwear

A lot of women in the world (including me) often complain about why underwear prices are so steep, especially when it is a must to always wear one. A lot of companies and brands decided to lower their prices, but they were still expensive.

One brand decided to go against a lot of existing underwear brands and start a company that will provide women with high quality, stylish, and affordable underwear. That company is called Weallure. A company that’s not even a decade old but is currently making waves on the internet.

Started in 2017, Weallure was a child of a person’s frustration over the price of women’s underwear. So a team of designers came together and Weallure was born. This brand’s goal is simple — to produce high-end underwear at the price of regular underwear. Get more for less, basically.

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Aside from getting the best quality, you also get underwear that does what it claims to do. So when they say breathable and seamless, it definitely is! No false advertisements, just the truth. This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend Weallure.

Wealurre Breathable Underwear is made from a durable nylon/spandex blend, it’s not the only microfiber but it stretches like your usual underwear, and if you follow their size chart, you’ll definitely not feel like you have anything on all-day. Isn’t it cool to feel like you’re going commando without all the risks (and without actually ditching your underwear)?

To avoid ugly panty lines and chafing, Weallure made sure that all their underwear don’t have stitches on them and have laser-cut seams, which makes the entire piece seamless and to avoid any unnecessary itching, they made sure to remove all the tags and instead have the details and size printed on the inside.

What makes Weallure Breathable Underwear unique is the overall fabric they used. You can see that it is sheer enough to be extremely breathable but is still thick enough to provide the necessary protection your privates need. Talk about really sexy and stylish underwear and breathable at that.

This underwear has unique cleaning instructions compared to other sweat-wicking fabric. They suggest that after washing your Weallure underwear to have it dry indoors or in a shaded area before putting it out to hang under the sun. They said that exposing the underwear under direct sunlight after washing may cause the underwear to be stiff and deformed.

With those new care instructions, I’ll probably apply them to all my sweat-wicking or microfiber clothes and underwear. I notice that when directly dried under the sun, they do end up deformed and stiff. If you are looking for one of the classiest and affordable underwear in the market, I’d definitely recommend Weallure.

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Sweat-wicking underwear doesn’t have to look hideous or weird as you may have thought at first. With the list you saw above, you now know that it’s possible to find affordable, stylish, comfortable, and sweat-wicking underwear. You just have to look in the right places. Lucky you though, because you visited this blog which saved you hours off the internet, as I’ve narrowed it down to several brands you may want to buy.

If you have any questions on sweat-wicking underwear, on what to do or any care instructions on them, please check the FAQ section I made below. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to reply with well-researched answers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! Stay tuned for more blogs like this. If you know friends or family who may want (or need) their very own sweat-wicking undies, then the best way is to share this article by clicking the social media buttons below. Until the next review!


1. Why can’t I just wear thongs to keep cool down there?

Well, first, nobody’s stopping you. But always remember that thongs won’t really protect you as regular underwear would. It can leave your vulva exposed which would let bacteria enter. This would cause itchiness and redness, or worst-case scenario, UTI.

I also made sure that the list above has many options, all being sweat-wicking but with different added functions such as anti-chaffing, odor-control, antibacterial, or temperature regulating. Choose one or choose all four types because I only recommend the best.

2. Isn’t diamond-knit too open? Wouldn’t bacteria get to your privates faster (like a thong)?

Not really. ExOfficio has a special lining inside that provides extra protection to your vulva. It also serves as a thicker fabric where you can put your pads on. Some thongs are also see-through but they can still cause a lot of itchiness because of the lack of coverage in general.

3. Should I change underwear more than once a day?

I highly recommend this, especially if you’re outside and it’s warm. Changing underwear can help with the odor and it would mean that there’s a very low chance of any bacteria staying anywhere near your privates.

If your skin is sensitive and you are prone to UTI, this is a must. Always keep a spare pair in your office locker or in a small pouch in your bag. Also, make sure you use a tissue when you urinate so that there’s no leftover moisture.

4. Is it okay to wear tight underwear?

Not really! As much as it would look cute and possibly seamless, tight underwear would make the area a bit warmer, causing you to sweat (which attracts bacteria). Wearing tight underwear can also cause chaffing/ rashes when you move. Get a pair that fits just right, and you can find a seamless one that doesn’t have to bee tight at all.

5. How do I avoid underwear that rides up (“wedgies”)?

It’s easy! Find a pair that fits you right. If the fabric is a bit loose for you that’s where it can ride up or become what they call a wedgie. It’s all about the size. Make sure to follow the size guide for every brand as they differ. You can be a small size for another brand and medium size for other brands. You can also choose underwear that has full coverage on the butt area.

6. Are cycling shorts good as underwear?

Yes and no. If the brand of cycling shorts have padding good for underwear, then you may use them as underwear, but if it is made of thin material, I’d advice against it because it might not provide enough protection to your vulva. This can cause a lot of problems which you’d want to avoid.

The thin material will not be enough to protect your privates from the bacteria caused by the sweat due to it being so tight on your skin. You can start itching or get UTI (worst case scenario). I’d suggest that if you really like cycling shorts, go and get brands (like what I suggested above) that have ample padding which can give you comfort whether you’re cycling or you’re out on a very active day.

7. Can I just go underwear-free?

Absolutely not advisable! Going underwear-free or “commando” can expose your privates to lots of bacteria. Think of this: you can already get UTI or some problems when wearing thin underwear so wearing no underwear only increases the chance of you getting infections. Unfortunately, you do have to wear underwear. The best thing you can do is to find a comfortable pair.

8. Are there any care instructions specific for sweat-wicking underwear?

Yes, there are. Since your new pairs of underwear are not only stylish but sweat-wicking as well, you have to take note that you can’t wash them like how you washed your old cotton underwear. These pairs are different due to the fibers they used and the specific blend that makes it wick sweat.

Make sure you never use any harsh cleansers on your new pairs. You can instead use mild detergents or some soaps specific for sweat-wicking fabric. Don’t use fabric softeners as it clogs the space in between the fibers of your underwear, rendering its sweat-wicking abilities useless.

I’d also suggest that you hand-wash your underwear instead of using a washing machine. But if you’re really pressed for time or if you have very sensitive skin, you can use a machine but put the settings on gentle and make sure you don’t pop them in the dryer! Just tumble dry or spin-dry with little to no heat at all.

It would better to air dry your underwear, especially if they’re made out of microfiber as tumble or spin-drying may be gentle, but they can cause fraying after so many times of drying your underwear using those methods.

What I do is hand it in the laundry room where it is windy or I have an indoor foldable rack where I hang my underwear while a fan is providing the air for them to dry fast. If you wring them well after washing, you can have dry underwear as fast as 3 hours (or less because they are microfiber).

9. Are boyshorts just for men?

No, not really! Boyshorts are actually a name for the type of cut your underwear is in. This type of underwear is actually patterned after men’s boxer briefs but are designed to be form-fitting and gives full coverage of the hips. Boyshorts are very comfortable and are good underwear to have if you like that extra protection down there.

10. How do I know if I bought the right size?

It’s quite simple. As I’ve mentioned, avoid tight underwear as this can be very uncomfortable in the long run, plus the friction will darken your crotch are and that would be very troublesome, especially if you want to wear bikinis.

Choose something that allows movement without feeling any tightness (especially around the crotch area). Remember that not all brands have the same sizing, some brands even have unique sizing per type of underwear, as the fabric can affect the sizing due to the stretchability of some materials.

Always have a tape measure especially if buying online. Check the sizing chart and check the size that matches your measurements. When in doubt you may go a half size up, avoid going a size down as most sizing charts are actually smaller than what they really are when you get the product (based on my experience).


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