What Is Sweatblock? 3 Steps To Block Excessive Underarm Sweating

I am so glad you came across my site.  Chances are that you are suffering from excessive sweating and you are looking for a solution.  You have been battling awful sweat stains for years and you have not been able to find a solution that merely helps for odor.  So you ask: “What is Sweatblock?” and is it something that can help me?

Just like you, I have been living with hyperhidrosis ever since in my early teens.  For many years I thought that I would have to live with this for my whole life if I would not go for surgery and remove my sweat glands.  Even though I hoped for change, I was disappointed again and again.  Sweating did not stop!

SweatBlock Wipes are way better than regular wipes.
SweatBLock is not like your ordinary wet wipes at all!
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You’re not alone in dealing with sweat-related problems. I have been managing and dealing with hyperhidrosis for over 2 decades now so I do know how hard it is. Read my story here.

I had been longing to be free from sweating so badly.  I even prayed about it many times.  Little did I know back then about the reason why I was sweating.

Many new shirts had large yellow stains after only a few uses.  I chose dark colored shirts so sweating would not be too obvious.  Also, wearing sweaters and jackets was another way of trying to hide my sweating problem.  I mean, who wants to see another person sweating heavily?  Sitting next to someone who has drenched armpits could not be too comfortable.

In fact, I would not put my arms around my wife’s shoulder because my armpits were completely wet.  Now, after finding a solution to my problem, I can do that comfortably without having to fear embarrassment.  Wherever I go, my shirts stay completely dry and even better, my armpits do not sweat after all.

This is something I could have only dreamed of a few years back.  Rarely have I discussed my sweat problem with anybody or told someone that I suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis.  Neither have I shared the fact that I have no control over my sweating.  Neither have I showed my contentment after finding the solution.  Nobody would listen to me anyway, or?  People that do not have this problem, have no idea what one is going through.

A lack of confidence, as well as embarrassment,  are the “daily bread” of heavy sweaters.  You become completely unsure about yourself and wish not to be among people at any given time.  Even though this fear of people is irrational, if you sweat, it seems so real and it spins around in your head every single day.

Let me tell you about my solution to this sweating problem: My honest Sweatblock review.

Here is video to start.  I feel the same way Gabby does about Sweatblock.

Sweatblock: What Is It?

Sweatblock is a clinical strength antiperspirant that you apply to your armpits.  After letting it air dry, the active ingredients of this product will go directly to your sweat glands, form a block around them, and stop your sweating temporarily.

The active ingredient of Sweatblock is aluminum, which is known to be effective for your sweat glands.  These are blocked for some time and you will not be sweating at all for a few days.  But then, sweating will come back to normal and you have to reapply this product.

Some people just do not like to wear many layers of clothes, which is often necessary when sweating excessively.  There are padded undershirts that are not comfortable if you live in hot climates.   Sweatblock, a rather new product on the market that I have used very often effectively, stops your sweating completely, making it not necessary for you to wear multiple layers of clothes..

What I Love About Sweatblock

As stated, I started using Sweatblock back in the summer of 2016 and I just love this product.  There are a few things that I want to point out to show why this product is one of my favorites.

1) Effectiveness

Sweatblock blocks your sweat glands in the armpits completely. The active ingredient is aluminum chloride hexahydrate, which “knocks” the sweat glands out for some time. It has proven to last between 4-10 days, depending on how you apply it and also differs from person to person. In my case, the longest was 7 days of complete dryness. If you apply it correctly, what happens is that you do not sweat at all in the armpits or the coming days.

One thing the company and users claim is that it will never lose effectiveness over time. That means, your body will not become immune to the product, no matter how long you use it.  If you continue to use it every 7 days over a long period, you will not be sweating again after a time, even though you are applying the product.

However, the product has to be applied correctly, else it will not be effective.  A few times, it only lasted about 2 days, and I know clearly that it was because I did not apply it correctly.  Other times, it would last a good 7 days of staying dry completely, and after that another 7 days of sweating coming back to normal slowly.

2) No stains

Even without wearing undershirts, you will not have those ugly yellow stains that you always have had because of excessive sweating.  Some people do not like to wear undershirts and others like it.  I will never go without sweatproof undershirts.  However, my white undershirts were ugly after only a few uses and I have not found a product that takes the yellow stains completely away.

When applying Sweatblock, you do not have to worry about putting on a strong deodorant or antiperspirant in order to stay fresh the whole day.  Since you do not sweat, it is not needed.  Therefore, you will not have to worry about ugly and lasting yellow stains.

3) No side effects

The company, along with research claims that there is absolutely no need to be worried about side effects or long-term effects on the body. Our body has sweat glands all over, which is why when you block some glands, your body can perspire through the other sweat glands.

Although I am not so positive that there are no long-term effects, there are no studies to support that there are long-term effects on your health.

Half a century ago, it was thought that aluminum was linked to different cancers, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.  Only recently, studies from renowned cancer treatment centers claim that there is not enough evidence to link aluminum to these diseases.

These studies report that we get more aluminum through the foods we eat every day than we get through antiperspirants, yet foods that contain aluminum are not considered dangerous, which makes sense.

As said, I am not sure if that is true, but evidence shows that you should not be too worried about using a clinical strength antiperspirant.

It is like wearing glasses.  If you need them because they improve your vision, you will use them, although you know that your vision will get worse.  When using Sweatblock, you are not absolutely sure that there are no side effects, but you get your freedom and your self-confidence back.

4) Wear whatever you want

The good news with these excessive underarm sweating solutions is that you have no need to wear baggy and dark clothes to hide awful sweat stains.

Your confidence is boosted, and I am a perfect example of that. Sometimes I felt that I was over focusing on my sweating that I could not hold a conversation upright and would walk out of some people’s way in order to avoid them seeing my sweat stains.  Read more about my struggle with primary hyperhidrosis.

I always kept looking at other people to see if I would find more people with my problem. But seldom did I find people like that, which made me think that I was the only person on planet Earth with this problem. Only later did I find out that this is not all too common. Only around 2-3% of the population suffers from hyperhidrosis, which makes you a special case if you have this problem.

What I Do Not Like About Sweatblock

There are some downsides to this product that I have experienced over time.  With SweatBlock you don’t get wet in your underarms at all: You stay completely dry, which is the best thing about. But there are some things I do not like.

1) Not always effective for long

This product has been effective with each application I have done, but there are times when it only lasted for 2 days, as I said before.  On some occasions, I started sweating right after 3 days heavily, and on other occasions, I stayed dry for 7 days and almost dry for another 7 days. Therefore, it works differently with each application.

However, this happens because you either did not apply correctly or because you did not have your armpits completely dry before application.  Another reason is sweating after application.  Ideally, you need to apply this product when you know that you will stay dry for at least 4 hours after application.  This can be challenging for somebody that sweats all the time.  Just before bedtime is, therefore, the best chance to get it done effectively.

However, once you start sweating again, you can reapply it before you are back to normal sweating.

I also found that too much hair in your armpits prevents the product from getting into your sweat glands.  It seems to be more effective when you have your armpits shaved or at least trimmed.

2) It can burn after application

I never got a rash when applying Sweatblock, as other users have claimed. My skin is highly sensitive in the armpit area, but this product has not caused any irritation.

The only side effect that I had, was the prickling in my armpits for hours after application. The active ingredient is really strong and the wipes have a strong smell. Since it is most effective if applied before bedtime, I often did not sleep well the night I applied it.  Sometimes, I do dream a whole lot more and seem not to be able to rest well.

But let me tell you that the effectiveness has not stopped me from using the product because the positives outweigh the negatives by far.  Also, I must say that I have not applied this product every week because I simply forget.  I use these padded undershirts that will not let my sweat seep through, so I sometimes forget to put on Sweatblock.  And that is probably why my body does not like Sweatblock after the first application.

3) The price

Considering that one package has 8 wipes, you can assume that you need to buy a new package every 8 weeks, which can be expensive in the long run. You also have to contemplate that 8 weeks is only an approximate that it will last. For some, it could last up to 80 days, and for others only up to 32 days.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you are likely willing to pay a price for the sake of stopping to sweat, so the price is maybe not a problem to you, as it was not for me.  On the long run, it can be expensive, but if you consider all the clothes that you throw out because of the ugly stains, you are probably better off buying a product that stops sweating.

How To Use Sweatblock

When using Sweatblock, you have to be careful about how to apply it because you can get a severe rash on your armpits, which will make you throw this product into the garbage immediately. Nevertheless, you should have little to no side effects when applying.

First step

Your armpits should stay dry for at least 4 hours after application, which is why it is recommended to apply right before bedtime. I have never applied during the day, always before bedtime when I knew that my armpits would stay dry for at least 4 hours. Also, I don’t sweat as heavily during the night as during the day.

You should consider trimming your armpit hair since it seems not to be as effective with long hair. Wash your armpits thoroughly and dry completely before applying.

Second step

Open a package of Sweatblock, take out the wipe and start pressing or dabbing the damp wipe onto the skin of your armpits. NEVER rub onto your armpits, because that can cause a severe rash and irritation. Use only one package of the 8 packages contained in the box per application. You will only need one wipe for both armpits.

Third step

With armpits open, let it dry completely. I usually let them air dry for at least 8 minutes before I will close my armpits again. It is most comfortable to do it while laying in bed. You can get yourself comfortable before you apply it and then give it time to air dry.

That is all you need and the next morning when you get up, you will not sweat anymore for the next few days.


If you will not let it air dry completely, or if you apply it when armpits are damp or wet, you don’t get the wanted effects. I tried it once and surely enough only the 2nd day or so I started to sweat again. You have to follow the instructions given above very carefully if you want it to be completely effective.


All in all, I love this product and it has worked wonders for me. Before I bought it the first time, I was skeptical if it would be effective. The first time I put it on, I did not put on an undershirt just to see if it would work. I was not so sure if I wanted to believe it. I thought it would be a waste of money, but I was willing to pay for a so-called solution because I was tired of my sweating problem.  I touched my armpits at least 100 times the first day and they were completely dry. That was so unreal to me.

I even told my wife to feel my armpits and she was so happy for me because she knew how much I struggled with my excessive armpit problem. The first day was so unreal, that I was sure the next day I would be back to sweating again.  But you know what, my armpits stayed dry for 7 full days. That was amazing.

I could have literally shouted my happiness into the world. Imagine dry armpits after around 15 years of wet armpits every single day? I finally found a product that helped me.

There are days, however, when I forget to apply Sweatblock, or when I just cannot stop sweating before getting into bed.

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Have a sweat-free day.


Ready to Make a Change Now?

My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

Want to learn more about what I did? Click below!

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