What Is a Waffle Knit Shirt and 7 Tips on Staying Sweat-Free

Do you often ask yourself questions like “am I sweating again?” or “do I need to bring another shirt just in case I sweat through this one?” Maybe, you are asking yourself “Why in the world do I keep sweating like crazy?”

You probably have hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. While this can sound like something that one should not worry about, excessive sweating can be a symptom of a more serious illness.

Woman wearing knitted shirt.
Wearing a waffle knit shirt can be your secret in staying dry all day long.
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I write all about sweat and other stuff related to this natural bodily function. I learned from a friend, Oscar, that it’s possible to live a stress-free life even when diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. Check out his story here.

You must have had recommendations to try buying waffle knit shirts. But what is a waffle knit shirt? How can it help with excessive sweating? You are definitely in the right place because I am here to answer that question and to give you some tips (not fashion tips, mind you) on what you can wear that can help with your sweating condition.

There is a wide range of causes for hyperhidrosis and it is really hard to pinpoint which one you could have on your own. Your best bet would be to consult a medical professional to be sure.

Suffering from hyperhidrosis can alter a lifestyle in a snap of a finger – you can start feeling down and insecure. Some even end up feeling very bad about themselves, which affects the way, they look at themselves and present themselves.

Given that sweating is a normal response by the human body, having a condition that causes someone to perspire excessively can leave anyone feeling uncomfortable.

I, for one, am very conscious about pit stains even after doing physical activity. Pit stains are associated with foul body odor and improper hygiene practices. Excessive sweating has made me feel so unconscious about myself that I felt unattractive and not normal.

In order to make myself feel better about my body, I tried wearing more black pieces of clothing and stayed away from colors that would show sweat stains.

I tried wearing just about anything your average mall-goer can think of! That is until I found waffle-knit shirts.

What are waffle knit shirts?

What are waffle-knit shirts and how are they different from regular shirts?

These shirts are made out of waffle fabric or, as some people would refer to as, honeycomb fabric. The main material for waffle fabric is cotton or microfiber. The difference between regular shirts and waffle-knit shirts is the way the material is knitted, called the waffle weave.

When the material is knitted in such a way, this allows the air to flow through the fabric so that it dries faster than the normal. Although there are a variety of materials of waffle-knit shirts, depending on the weight you would want to have them in.

For someone with hyperhidrosis, purchasing a waffle-knit shirt can be a more budget-friendly option.

People who have been living with hyperhidrosis for a long time have a two-step approach to dressing for hiding sweat. The first step is to find materials that are designed to keep you cool which can prevent sweating.

From there, the only thing left to do is to look for ways to minimize the appearance of sweat. This limits your options big time but does not let it attack your confidence! There are still ways to style your look!

Tips on what to wear if you have hyperhidrosis

If you have hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, here are some tips to help in your styling journey. Please take note that I may not be the most stylish person on the planet but I did my best to read different articles while matching it with my research to come up with this list:

1. Dress in layers

This might sound weird to some because you are already sweating and layers can only increase the temperature. However, wearing different layers of clothing is smart and prevents your body from overheating or getting cold.

For those who know when and where they get hot, starting off with a simple tank top before everything else is one way to go so as you start feeling hotter and hotter, you can just take off the layers until you only have your tank top on.

2. Hide the evidence by covering up

Do you often find sweat marks on your clothing and think about how people will react once they see it? Wearing a flow blazer on top of your waffle knit shirt could save you from sweaty chaos. The best part about this outfit choice is you look smart and chic at the same time.

3. Feel free to experiment with colors and patterns

Dressing in black and white is the obvious choice. Sweat marks on black or white clothing are less visible than that of navy blue or gray. However, wearing black under the sun can get a bit hotter than wearing white. It really depends on where you are going and what kind of activities you will be doing.

For example, you are going to a date and the plan is an alfresco brunch. It would be best to wear a white top to that shindig than black. White fabrics do not change that much in terms of color when you sweat compared to how saturated black fabrics get.

Patterns, however, distract the eyes from sweat but some just do not work. Going for eccentric and boisterous patterns draw attention to your wardrobe so sift through those patterns well. Make sure you try them out if you are having a hard time picturing yourself wearing the outfits first.

4. Loose-fitting and breathable items can be a lifesaver

Cotton waffle knit shirts that create a boxy silhouette is one of my essentials. Opting for loose-fitting clothing allows air to flow through the fabric freely so the sweat dries faster.

Wearing dress pants can be tricky because of the material used. The same goes for silk and satin. However, if your layers are right, you might just get away with it. You can also wear sweat-wicking pants which can help you stay dry the whole day as they speed up the drying process when it gets wet.

5. Jeans can become your best friend

They are sweat-friendly and if your hands get clammy, wiping your hands on your jeans is okay because it will get absorbed right away! Denim is usually made out of cotton. Thicker denim pants can be relatively breathable too, keeping your sweat levels under control.

The problem with jeans, however, is that it can come off as too casual. Invest in other lightweight and breathable articles of clothing too!

6. Undergarments can be an issue

Living with hyperhidrosis is not just about finding the right sweat-friendly tank top. If you are a woman, wearing a pair of boxers under a dress or a skirt can be quite helpful. This allows better ventilation while preventing sweat from dripping down your legs.

Another option is to wear sweat-wicking underwear (yes there is such a thing!). This underwear is made from a special fabric that draws the sweat in and makes it evaporate so that the underwear never stays wet. A bonus is that there are brands that are super affordable.

Women definitely need and deserve more alternatives to this. Finding sweat-friendly undergarments for women is a struggle and if ever you find some, you can burn a hole in your wallet by buying those thin lace underwear that can either be too itchy for some and too expensive (not to mention uncomfortable).

Looking at the bright side of this, wearing boxers or even sweat-wicking underwear can save you a lot of money and they are incredibly comfortable too.

7. Backups are handy

You can never be too extra. Living with hyperhidrosis can be a struggle – constant sweating, fear of judgment, being stigmatized. The last thing you would want to happen is being cornered by circumstances such as having your strongest tank top drenched in sweat while you are at the beach, spending time with people.

Keep your backups ready just in case things get sweaty! Having a couple of pairs for every article of clothing is very convenient and could save you from so much trouble. If ever you are feeling sweaty, take a break and go to your car to change clothes.


Things are rough when you have hyperhidrosis. I know this blog was able to shed light on some issues that you may be having and how a simple shift can change everything.

Just in case you need to read more relatable articles on hyperhidrosis, feel free to browse through this blog. Maybe, you can find something that piques your interest like different sweat-stopping products or even reviews that can save you time and money as we can tell you if it’s worth purchasing.

If you have any suggestions or questions on waffle knit shirts (or anything hyperhidrosis related), please leave me a comment below. I will definitely do my best to give you the best well-researched answers.

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I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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