What Is A Thompson Tee? The Best Sweatproof Undershirt!

What Is A Thompson Tee? The Best Sweatproof Undershirt!

What Is A Thompson Tee? The Best Sweatproof Undershirt!

Hi everyone,

today I am back with another great blog where I will answer the question: What is a Thompson Tee.  It is my absolute favorite undershirt with awesome technology that hides your sweat stains completely.

When you suffer from excessive underarm sweating and there is apparently no way to stop it, you will certainly look around for all kinds of products that could be the solution to the problem.  That is exactly what I did.

I had been looking for natural methods that would finally hide or stop my sweating.  Everywhere I went, every single day, my shirts were drenched in sweat and nothing seemed to help.

I came to the point where I was considering surgery or botox to stop the problem, but that was too expensive at the moment, so I had to search for something else.  One day, I stumbled across sweat pads on Amazon and I thought that they could be my longed-for solution.

However, after reading all the Thompson Tee reviews, I was not sure if it was something me.  Also, I was tight on budget, so I decided it was not the best thing to buy something that I really did not trust.

In the middle of all my research, I stumbled over this undershirt, and I decided to give it a try because of many positive reviews, that claimed to help a person with suffering from excessive sweating.

I am very happy that I bought the Thompson Tee.  It has been a life-saver in the past years.  I can hide my sweat stains completely.  My shirts stay 100% dry, even after heavy sweating.

I love to give my body as few chemicals as possible because we all know that our surroundings nowadays are full of chemicals and toxins. So why give your body a chemical to stop sweating? Although aluminum chloride, the key ingredient of clinical strength antiperspirants, might not be as unhealthy as believed for many years, you are probably not too eager to put it into your armpits.

And why do it when there are other options available?  Why not let your armpits sweat as much as they want and find a solution so it cannot be seen?

The Thompson Tee undershirts are the best option for those who don’t want any added chemicals applied to their body and for those who don’t want to undergo expensive surgery of sweat gland removal and spend a lot of money on expensive antiperspirants.

What I Love About The Thompson Tee.

Here is my honest Thompson Tee review which I have used since November 2016 pretty much every day!  And I love them so much!  I have never worn better undershirts than these, especially because of my excessive sweating problem. Here are a few reasons I love these undershirts so much:

1) Hydro-Shield Technology

These shirts have thick pads in the armpits that have the hydro-shield technology. They soak up all wetness and keep it in. No more leaks and absolutely no more ugly stains on your clothes.

These shirts get the job done extremely well. I don’t mind sweating now anymore, because my shirts never ever get wet again under normal circumstances. If I work outside for really long in the hot sun, it could be that after hours of excessive sweating, some sweat would come through, but that takes a long time.  However, it hasn’t happened to me more than twice in these years.

2) Comfort

The undershirts are comfortable, although you will have to get used to them. I started using undershirts regularly at the age of 17 because my sweating was so extreme that I needed something to protect me from stains for at least the first 15 minutes of that presentation, concert, or meeting. Therefore, switching to the Thompson Tee was not a problem at all. At first, the thick pads seemed uncomfortable, but only after a few days, I did not think about it anymore because I was SOOO happy that I didn’t have sweat stains on my shirts anymore.

Thompson Tee washed
My freshly washed Thompson Tee, which is around 18 months old and has been used weekly.

3) Durability

At first, I bought only 1 undershirt to see if it would really work. After trying out many things for my excessive sweating problem, I was not sure if this would work at all. Only after wearing a few times, I stocked up. I now have had 7 undershirts for a good time already and I wear them every single day.

They are not worn yet. Look at the picture.  This XL slim fit Thompson Tee has been used by me weekly for good 18 months at the time of this image.

They didn’t get loose as I expected it would after time and as the picture looks like.  Compared to shirts that I used before, like Hanes, they would get baggy very soon; these longer until they get loose.

They have no holes in them yet and they continue to do their job 100% all the time. I have tested them so much, it gets washed at least once a week and it has stood the test.

4) Colors and shape

When I first bought these shirts, they were still new on the market, so it had a few options available. However, as they are growing in popularity, the company offers more options. There are a few colors, of which white and black continue to be my favorite. I also like the V-neck option so people will not see that you have undershirts when you have a few buttons open on your shirt.

They also have round-neck and the deep V-neck if you like to have your buttoned shirts open at the top.

5) Material

The materials of these undershirts are great. They are made 95% of ultra-soft rayon from bamboo and 5% spandex. The spandex helps that the shirts don’t shrink nor expand after washing and using. My shirts still fit pretty much the same after 18 months of regular using as they did when I bought them. And they are very soft and comfortable.

6) Extra length

At first, I did not like that these shirts were extra long because I thought it was uncomfortable. However, after using them, I found that this was actually not a problem, but a huge plus. My undershirts stay tucked in the whole day. They don’t come out all the time as my Hanes undershirts always did. This point could be argued by some, but for me, it is a huge plus.

7) No chemical treatment

I absolutely love the fact that the shield guards are not chemically treated and yet it doesn’t become ineffective after many uses. I can sweat now as much as my sweat glands want and yet not stain shows up.

what is a thompson tee
The outside of my Thompson Tee. You see that it has been worn much, but it has no stains, nor does it have holes, or anything else.

8) Stay dry 

Even though you sweat, the shields will not get soggy or too wet. Yes, it gets wet after heavy sweating, but not to the point where it is too uncomfortable to wear; not to the point, where you feel the need to change into another shirt.

On workdays, I put on my undershirt in the morning and get out of it in the evening and, yes it is wet, but I never again feel the need to change immediately after coming home or even during the day because everything is wet. Somehow, with this technology, the wetness is locked in, which is great.

On the left, you will see a close-up of the underarm, the thick pad that shields you from sweat.  It is really hard for sweat to come through.

Also, in this image, you see again, how strong the shirts are.  As mentioned, this shirt has been used for around 18 months weekly and you can tell that it has been used, but it is in good condition.

9) For both genders

The good thing about these shirts is that you can get them for women for men. When they were launched started, if I don’t recall incorrectly, they were only for men. After the time, it has proven to be effective, so you can now get them whether men or women.

Now you can find many different ones for both, men and woman.

What I Don’t Like About the Thompson Tee.

Every product has its good sides and its bad sides. And the Thompson Tee is no exception. There are many good sides to the product and the best is that I finally have my “sweat freedom” back. I can sweat, but my confidence is not compromised. The negative sides of the products will never outweigh the positive ones for me.  Here are a few things that I do not like:

1) Hard to dry

The pads on these shirts are extremely hard to dry. If you hang it out overnight, you cannot expect it to be dry in the morning. The pads soak in the wetness so well that you can hardly get it out again. Therefore, having a few of these is highly recommendable. Even if you throw them into the dryer, it takes longer for them to be completely dry. I always turn the inside out and hang them out for a day or two if I don’t want to use the dryer.

2) Price

These shirts are well worth the cost, but it is a bit pricey when you consider buying undershirts for a full week. However, since they last longer and can be used daily for a long time, the price is not that high. When I first came across them and they worked so well, I was so tight on a budget that it took some time until I could buy a full week’s stock.  However, the 7 shirts I have will last for some more time (although I have lost much weight in the past months, which could lead me to need new ones in the near future.  However,  if that would not be the case, I can see that they will possibly last a few more years).

what is a thompson tee
My 18-month-old Thompson Tee from the inside. You can see that it has bad yellow stains, but they are from the inside. Does that matter? Not to me. That they hide my sweating, is enough for me.

3) Stains on the pads

Although you will not get another stain on your shirt, the pads on your undershirt will still get the ugly yellow stains from the inside over time, because you still sweat.

It is kind of nasty, but as a heavy sweater, I am used to wearing sweat-stained clothes, so it doesn’t bother me because nobody sees the sweat stain and they are only from the inside of the shirt.

Plus it is only on the inside, where your armpits and undershirt touch, never on the outside of the pad.  Check out the images of my shirt.

As you can see on this picture of the same undershirt that I posted above, I just turned the inside out.  You can see how much deodorants and sweat stains are on it.  But in the picture above, you can see that it doesn’t come through.

Let me tell you that this shirt has not been treated for yellow stains once.  I have not once used Oxiclean, direct sunlight or other methods to remove sweat stains.  Don’t you think that this shirt has done its job really well?  I do and I am so happy to have these to put on.


Let me suggest that you buy a slim fit. When I first bought them, I was at least 70 pounds overweight, which means that I am not slim at all, but have excess belly fat. After reading many comments, I decided to try the slim fit even though I doubted it would fit. However, I was SOO happy that I had not bought the original fit.

I think the more fitted it is, the better it soaks up your sweat without letting it seep through.

The slim fit was perfect for me, although I never dress slim fit shirts. I have not tried the original fit, but I assume that it must be quite loose, for which I highly recommend wearing the slim fit. The Thompson Tee undershirts are my #1 recommendation if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. You will not go wrong when buying these shirts.


As you must have noticed during my post, I am very excited to own Thompson Tees, since they have given me back sweat-freedom and confidence, that I lacked.  Can you imagine having a teacher that sweats excessively?  Well, that is just me. I had to worry constantly about what to put on.

I found out that darker clothes did not show the sweat stains so well.  Also, jackets and sweaters covered them really well.  Multiple layer clothing was also nothing uncommon.  Wintertime was the best because I could use jackets without having to find excuses, like in the hot summer days.

The past few years have been wonderful because I am wearing whatever shirt I want, whenever I want and for as long as I want.  I recall only once when the sweat stains showed, even though the Thompson Tee.  I must have sweat extremely because that does not happen to me normally.  And believe me, I sweat a lot!  It was strange how once little sweat stains showed up.  But you know what?  They did not show up where the pad was but around the pad.

That was kind of an awkward picture on my armpits, but I am grateful it has not happened more than once.

I can finally focus on the things that I have to do.  Before I owned these shirts, I did my job, but I always worried about the sweat stains, and when to find a chance to run home to change or shower.  Now, I confidently wear whatever I want and it is effective throughout the day.

On a final remark, I highly recommend the Thompson Tee over any clinical strength antiperspirant.  Why?  That is a routine issue for me.  I forget to put on antiperspirants in the night before bedtime and the next day I will likely sweat.  However, I am used to putting on undershirts daily, so I only have these available now.  I can go sweat-free with or without antiperspirants.  Not that I do not use antiperspirants here and there, but not on a regular basis.

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Also, please leave me a COMMENT below.  I love to hear from my readers! Experiences, thoughts, questions, or whatever you like.

Wishing you much success with your new undershirts.

Ready To Make a Change Now?

OscarHi, I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

Now, I don’t worry about sweat stains in my armpit anymore, nor do I have to change up to 4 times daily.

Read more about my story here!

Want to learn more about what I did?  Find out below!

My Recommendations

Recommendation #1

SweatblockA clinical strength antiperspirant is one of the first things I recommend to people that sweat excessively in their armpits because you can stop your sweating completely.

Sweatblock is a product I have used successfully for years now and it has proven effective every single time I apply it correctly.  The best I have gotten out of it are 7 days, but some people report to have been sweat-free for 10 days.

This product has saved me from many embarrassing situations!  Instead of having to hide the stains in my armpits minutes after taking a shower, I can now lift my arms as much as I want and no sweat will show.  Not one drop of sweat for many days!  

To know for how many days it will work on you, you have to try it out yourself, as it varies anywhere between 4-10 days.

Click For More Info!


Recommendation #2

thompson teeAnother thing that I always use after finding out about such a great product is a sweat proof undershirt.  I wore undershirts every single day before I found out about the Thompson Tee but they never helped.

Since I sweat so much in my armpits, I was immediately sweating through.

The Thompson Tee has a patended think sweat pad sewn nicely into the armpit.  I do not sweat through nor do I have had leaks in the past few years of wearing these.  They are so comfortable and leave me completely dry on the outside.  When I forget to put on Sweatblock, I have the Thompson Tee as a backup as I always wear one.

Could not recommend it more to anyone sweating excessively.  With a large variety of undershirts for both, men and women, you will find your perfect life-saver.

Click For More Info!

About Oscar

I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.  People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

Thompon Tee






Product Options





  • Hydro-Shield Technology
  • Highly Durable
  • Many options
  • Extra Length
  • 95%+ Effective


  • Price
  • Difficult to dry
  • Feels bulky at first
  • Stains on pads

12 thoughts on “What Is A Thompson Tee? The Best Sweatproof Undershirt!

  1. Whoa, these sound amazing! I’m curious as to how the rest of shirt holds up against sweat. I use undershirts not for armpit sweat, but for back sweat. I HATE that obvious mark on the back of my shirts.
    Botox is such a drastic measure, I’ve never been interested in trying it. There’s only so much a body can handle and it seems silly to use something possibly toxic when there are alternatives like these shirts available.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!  Yes, these undershirts are fairly thick all over.  I also sweat on my back and belly and it does protect.  However, when I sweat really much there, it will eventually show.  It was definitely made to protect you from sweat marks in your armpits.  Compared to regular Hanes shirts, I think this one does a better job in keeping back and belly sweat up.  

      For sure, medical intervention for sweating is nothing for me either.  I’ve found the solution to my problem and I am good like this.  I continue to use the Thompson Tee sweatshirt every single day, and love them very much.


  2. These sound like a lifesaver to those of us that sweat a lot. I appreciate your honest review. I’m definitely considering a purchase.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      this is definitely a life saver. Would love to hear from your experience once you decide to purchase it. Please come back for more exciting reviews.


  3. Hey Oscar,
    Wow it actually has an underarm sweat pad, I didn’t know this exists! I sweat easily due to my high metabolism and I do wear an inner tshirt underneath my working shirt. It held up great but when it comes to the armpits, I can’t hide what is not meant to be hidden.

    How long can it absorb without overloading though? I would need to time in between my meetings.

    1. Hey Riaz,

      I am glad you found the Thompson Tee.

      This undershirt will work for a day, although if you sweat heavily, you will notice after 4-5 hours that it is becoming heavy.  Nevertheless, no matter how wet it gets, sweat does not come through, you just feel the shirt hanging more down than when it is dry.

      Hope you will love this shirt as much as I do.


    1. I am happy that you found this information. They are great undershirts that I have worn for quite some time, given the fact that I sweat excessively in my armpits. I hope you find them helpful too.

      As always, happy to help.

  4. I am a woman who sweats abnormally and I have been looking for a shirt that will hide this embarrassing problem. I notice that this is a guys shirt, but I am a tomboyish kind of woman. I am wondering if they come in smaller sizes? And other colors besides white?

    1. Hi Sophia, 

      thanks for asking.  You might have missed it, but I am glad you asked.  As stated above, the great news about this shirt is that it is for women and men!  They also come in various sizes, shapes and colors.  As far as I know now, you will find the crew neck, the v-neck, and the deep v-neck (which is by far the best option).  They also can be found in black, beige and grey.  You will also find them in the original fit, as well as the slim fitted.  The original fit is fairly loose.  I personally prefer the slim fit, although I am not slim at all:-)  This company does have great variety already, so you will difinitely find something for yourself.

      You will definitely love this undershirt.  

      Thanks for stopping!  Wishing you success with this shirt,


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