Top Ten Deodorants for Men 2019: The Ultimate Guide

Last updated on July 10th, 2019 at 07:44 pm

top ten deodorants for menYes, men do sweat a lot! And if we do not care about ourselves, we smell awful. We have all heard about the basics of hygiene: Shower frequently, use soap, groom up, and others.

But are we forgetting deodorants? Or do we just grab the first thing we find on the shelf and take it home? Let me share with you the top ten deodorants for men that you must have to improve body odor.

Guys, we need to educate ourselves about deodorants, so we will not make bad decisions. By grabbing the first best deodorant from the shelves, you have no guarantee that it will be what you are looking for, that it will have the effect that you are hoping for, or what you need for your health.

This article is to help you become informed all around deodorants, as well as the best deodorants for men found on the market. So stick with it as you learn new things about deodorants.

What Is Deodorant For?

Contrary to the belief of many people, deodorant is not there to stop your armpit sweating. It is also not there to hide the bad smell from your sweat.

There is a specific use for deodorant: It kills bacteria that feast on the proteins and fats that your apocrine sweat glands excrete.

That is a complicated process. Let me break that down into parts.

You have two types of sweat glands: The eccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands are located just beneath the skin’s surface and deliver sweat directly through the pores of our skin. These glands serve as body temperature maintainers. They are not the ones that make you smell so bad since they are located all over the body, except in the perineum, forehead, palms, feet, and armpits. The sweat the eccrine glands secrete is a watery liquid that unclogs the pores from impurities. It contains different salts.

The apocrine glands, however, are located in your perineum, feet, palms, armpits, and forehead. They deliver sweat through hair follicles and carry along proteins, fats, minerals, etc. And since you have bacteria, especially in your armpits and perineum, they break down all the stuff that the apocrine glands bring out. And you know that bacteria feeding on these components will leave a terrible smell.

It is the same as with your mouth odor. Bacteria live in your mouth that feeds on rests of food and they leave the funky smell behind. So, the bad odor comes from bacteria that feast on your sweat.

Deodorant contains triclosan and other components that kill bacteria so the proteins and fats cannot be consumed by them and stink.

I have seen many people that seem to have the concepts of deodorant and antiperspirant mixed up. Deodorants are only there to keep sweat odors away. Antiperspirants, however, are there to reduce sweating. This is achieved through components that block the sweat glands or clog the pores for some time.

Antiperspirants, as much as deodorants, are only temporary relief. You will start sweating after some time when using antiperspirants, and you will start smelling bad again after some time using deodorants.

Are Deodorants Safe?

There is much debate about whether deodorants are safe or not. There were studies back 50 years ago that stated that there were certain components in deodorants and antiperspirants that were not safe because they could be linked to cancer and other diseases. Many studies were made, even experiments with animals, which claim that deodorants are not safe.

However, in recent years, studies have found that there is not enough evidence to prove the link between diseases and deodorants.

One thing I found through research was that sweat unclogs pores from toxic components, wherefore sweat would not let components from deodorants into our body, but keep them out. It is also known that our liver and kidneys clean excess minerals through sweat.  There are definitely some benefits to sweating.

If sweat can clean our body from toxins, would there be much to worry about deodorants?  I will not rebuke theories that say that deodorants are unsafe, because there is simply not enough evidence to prove one or the other theory.  I will rather share my favorite deodorants with you so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

More research will have to be done to prove this theory wrong again, but for now, we know that deodorants are not as unsafe as they were once thought to be.

However, do not disregard checking out natural deodorants, of which you will find some in the list below. If possible, avoid deodorants that are made with chemicals, if you prefer to go on the safe side.

If you are someone that is worried about the environment, you will most likely go for natural products.

But check out the other options as well, as there are great ones if you are not picky about natural or synthetic deodorants.

My Pick: Top Ten Deodorants For Men

There is a number of great deodorants found on the market, from natural to organic to vegan to synthetic ones.  I share my favorite deodorants for men and women which all feature anything between the ones that I mentioned: Natural and non-natural deodorants.

You need to discern between each one and make sure you grab which is the best choice for you.

1) Underarmed – Natural aluminum free deodorant stick

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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The Underarmed luxury natural aluminum free deodorant stick is my number one recommendation.  It is a handmade product delivered right to you, without having the worry about lasting unknown effects on your health.

The maker of this great chemically-free deodorant for the whole family, tried the formula well over two-hundred times and over 2 years until he was finally successful. Now he believes that his product is so good that you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

With first-grade natural organic ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, avocado butter, sunflower oil, bean oil, raw honey and many others, this deodorant stands out because many have tried to make the perfect product, but have not achieved to get a first grade deodorant like this one.

Essential oils like eucalyptus, bergamot, and lavender are the ones in this product destroy the bacteria living in your armpits and prevent you from bad odors, and smell very good for an extended period, but are also responsible for the fragrance of this product.

Since this product contains no harsh chemicals and the right portion of each ingredient, you do not have to worry about skin irritation or bad rashes. The correct pH balance of this product is great for sensitive skin. A small amount applied directly to your armpits is enough to give you daylong protection.

The maker of the product even says that a small amount works even better than a thick and heavy application as is the case with many other deodorants and antiperspirants.

One thing you have to notice is that you might be experiencing extremely bad odors in the first few weeks of application. The maker of this product says this happens in the beginning because you are sweating out residues from antiperspirants and other deodorants that carried harsh chemicals. After a few weeks, the bad smell completely fades away and you can have a pleasant smell all day long.

For your conscience: This product has not been tested on animals. It is cruelty-free. Also, the containers are recyclable and BPA free. This product is great to keep our world greener and cleaner.

As said before, this product is for the whole family. Kids, youth, women, and men can use it safely on their armpits with no safety guidelines to follow.

What I Like About Underarmed

I love the fact that this product has no harsh chemicals but only top grade organic and natural products. Being a fan of essential oils myself, I know that you will be looking for something like this too.

Customer service is excellent here. Since it is a family business, customers are highly regarded and cared for. Whatever issue you might experience with this product, you get immediate attention directly from the maker and he can give you guidelines for using it or even what to do when having problems. And best of all, if the product is not for you, you will get your money back.

With an amazing +80% 5-star rating on Amazon, with over a thousand verified customer reviews, there is not much chance you can make a wrong choice. Reviews are a great way to see how well a product works and in the case of Underarmed, great real unbiased reviews help you decide on this product.

My wife has used Underarmed for some time now (by the way… this product is gender neutral), and she loves this deodorant stick above all other synthetic options she has tried.  It does exactly what it promises.

What I Do Not Like about Underarmed

One thing that this product does not do for me as a heavy sweater is to reduce sweating. I want to see an all natural, organic product like Underarmed that stops primary hyperhidrosis.

I personally do not like the price that much. It is on the higher side, but you get what you pay for. Top grade natural ingredients, including essential oils (which are expensive), you cannot compare this deodorant to one with lower grade ingredients.

Read a full review of this product!

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2) High Endurance by Old Spice

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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Old Spice, a long time favorite in the market of deodorants offers High Endurance, a blue gel that keeps bad odors out of your pits. As with any deodorant, this one will not reduce sweating nor stop it. It will only stop unpleasant smells.

Going to a meeting, a job interview, on a date? Don’t worry about your armpits. Put on a layer of this great product and you can forget about smelling bad, as this is long-lasting protection.

Made of common ingredients like dipropylene glycol, water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, fragrance, and others, you can rest assured that bacteria will be eliminated right away. Some ingredients are to keep your armpits hydrated to prevent cracks, others are responsible for destroying bacteria and others to provide a good smell.

Although Old Spice and their products have been on the market for a long time and other good deodorants have found their ways into the market, this one stays among the well-known deodorants for men. It has been proven to be a good formula because many people who love this product have used it for 10+ years.

You should not be expecting to get any rashes from this product. However, personally, I have very sensitive skin in my armpits and any gel, including Old Spice, will give me bad rashes and cracked skin. Nevertheless, let that not stop you from using this product, since that is an issue that I have with my skin. There are avid lovers of this product that would not change it for any other deodorant.

Also, the strong fragrance of this product is something you will absolutely like. It has a great smell that will be with you throughout the day.

What I Like About High Endurance

For me, the best thing about High Endurance is the fragrance. I love the smell of this product because it is fresh (almost too strong) and makes you want to sniff into your pits a few times during the day.

Long lasting protection of bad odors is another plus of this product. I hate when I put on deodorant and only after an hour the bad odors are present. In my case, a heavy sweater, I ask for at least 4 hours of protection and this product does it very well.

The price of this product is accessible. You do not pay too much for a stick, yet it lasts for at least 2 months.

What I Do Not Like About High Endurance

As said before, this formula is not for me. I have tried this deodorant a few times, but only after a few days, I get red bumps on my underarms and eventually cracked skin, which can hurt badly.

However, I do not think that it is just the product; my skin is highly sensitive to most deodorants. In fact, I have never been able to use a gel that did not irritate my skin. Only solid sticks have worked, and not even all of them. Also, with gels, you tend to be wetter during the day in your pits.

I strongly dislike the heavy stains this product leaves on your clothes. Although there are ways to get the stains out effectively, want it or not, this product ruins your new shirts. I recommend you use this product only if wearing undershirts because you can replace them easily with a small price instead of your new dress shirts.

Customer service is not ideal here. Large companies are often not too caring about their customers, because they have many. So, if you experience problems with this product, do not expect a response from the company or a money-back guarantee.

Synthetic ingredients, like the ones contained in this product, are not exactly what we are looking for. I said before that more research needs to be done for the carcinogenic properties of the ingredients to this product.  However, you do not necessarily want to expose your body to synthetic products too often. Using this product for years could potentially lead to health-related issues, although there is not enough proof of that.

Nevertheless, this is a great product for any man who wants to smell fresh and not spend too much.

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3) Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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Crafted in Bali Islands, this deodorant is a natural, organic and vegan choice for all who want the benefit of using nature-friendly products, without altering the important body function of sweating, but naturally keeping the bacteria responsible for bad odors under control.

With ingredients that are grown organically under the tropical sun, the makers of this product know that your body will thank you for using this product.

This product does not contain GMO-ingredients, propylene glycol, parabens or triclosan, common active key ingredients in non-natural deodorants.

This product contains seaweed extract, distilled water, natural mineral salt, coconut oil, and other products, not forgetting to mention essential oils like lavender and mint. All these ingredients together make for a perfect combination of fragrance, hygiene, and long-lasting protection.

For generations, the Balinese have stood out for their natural remedies with herbs and other natural products. The Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant takes advantage of the knowledge developed by these kindhearted people to introduce to us a great product that does not leave a mark on our planet nor on our bodies.

As with other natural deodorants, make sure you apply only a little and give it a few weeks for clogged pores to open and get rid of all accumulated toxins from previously used deodorants and antiperspirants.

What I Like About Bali Secrets

I absolutely love the ingredients of this product. Essential oils are the best together with other natural ingredients that make this product a must-have. You not only do your body a favor, but you also keep the environment healthier. And this is proper for men and women alike. They have different sticks that come for both, men and women.

The makers of this product are also highly sure about the greatness of their product, so they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is great. Their customer service is also excellent and you will most likely be able to contact the owners or co-owners directly if you should experience anything that you do not like about the product. Great customer service usually makes happy customers.

Generally, this product has received very high ratings, with thousands of verified customers. Yes, you will find negative reviews, but I guess the saying “If half of the customers are happy, it is a good product” goes along with this product.

Another plus for this product is that it is friendly to your clothes. It is made with natural ingredients that do not stain your clothes. That is always a huge plus since I, as a heavy sweater, have to constantly get rid of almost new shirts because of large yellow stains.

What I Do Not Like About Bali Secrets

Do not expect a cheap deodorant if you are looking for an all-natural choice. These products are more expensive, but they also provide you with more! Although I cannot say that other non-natural deodorants are bad for you, choosing a natural, organic product is always a better option for your health and for the environment.

This product is not alcohol-free! If you are allergic to alcohol, beware.  Your skin could be irritated. I recommend that you know firsthand if alcohol is OK for you. The good thing though is that only people with highly sensitive skin in their armpits do have problems when using this deodorant.

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4) Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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I used this product when I was in my early teens and I can testify that it is a great product, as I look back now. If I had known back then what I know today, I would have probably stuck to this product for longer.

I did not know what the difference was between antiperspirants and deodorants and hoped so badly that this deodorant would stop my heavy sweating, which it never did. However, I recall that it stopped armpit odors effectively.  Read my story here.

This product was developed after the maker saw how mineral salts were used to purify water. He discovered that the same mineral salt was an effective deodorant.

This company stands by three principals: Safety by natural ingredients, non-toxic chemicals, and cruelty-free products. They use mineral salts occurring naturally, mixing them with natural products for fragrance, like essential oils. Their products are not tested on animals.

This product has been approved by dermatologists, who even recommend this product highly for people with sensitive skin and also recommended by cancer treatment centers around the world. The mineral salts form a small layer on your armpits that eliminates bacteria that produce a bad odor.

As I said, the odor is kept away. It is unclear to me how a stone can be effective and how the layer is formed, but it works.

What I Like About Crystal Body Deodorant

This product is great since it does not form stains on your clothes. That is always something important to me because you do not want to get rid of your new dress shirt after a few uses just because of those ugly sweat and deodorant stains.

I also like the fact that this product is natural and does not have added chemicals like many other deodorants.

Another reason why you must have this product is that you cannot beat the price. The stone will last for at least a year. I’ve used mine years ago, and I never used it up. You get a full year’s stock with one single product.

Another thing that I personally experienced with this product is that it was good for my skin. I have never had irritated skin or rashes as I would usually have with other non-natural deodorants. It might not be for you, or you might experience rashes, but in my case, a sensitive skin, I used it without a problem for a long time.

Compared to other products, the rating is slightly lower than for other products, but having thousands of verified customers stating that they love this product, you cannot go wrong.

What I Do Not Like About Crystal Body Deodorant

What I never liked about the product is that you have to moisten the top of the stone before you use it. That is pretty unpractical, especially in the mornings when you are late and running through the house to gather all belongings and still moisten the stone. However, that is a minor problem.

Another thing that I disliked about the product, that happened to me a few times is that after you use the product through to the last third, it is likely going to happen that it will slip out of your hands, fall to the ground and break to pieces. Putting a few rubber bands around the bottom might be effective to prevent it, but not so sure if that is always enough.

The company offers a wide variety of Crystal products, but this particular one is unscented. I do like to smell fresh in my armpits. However, with this formula, you will only prevent odors, but a musky smell could there since there are no fragrances. Only bacteria is eliminated so you don’t smell bad, yet it could use a fragrance to smell fresher.

Read a full review of this product!

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5) Essentials by Arm & Hammer

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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I have used Arm & Hammer deodorants and antiperspirants for years and I love them. They are one of the few options for me when it comes to non-natural products in the form of solids because of my highly sensitive skin. They do not irritate my skin so I cannot put on anything else than a moisturizer for days and live with the terrible smell, besides being a person suffering from primary hyperhidrosis. That always happens with gel deodorants.

This product is designed to keep you fresh all day long by eliminating bacteria that produce a bad odor. It will not reduce your sweating nor stop it. You can only experience a long-lasting fresh smell directly from your armpits.

This product is made with baking soda, mixed with natural ingredients like rosemary, coriander, lavender oils as skin conditioners, along with other well-known bacteria eliminators like dipropylene glycol, sodium stearate, and propylene glycol. But it does not contain parabens and aluminum like many other antiperspirants and deodorants do. This version does, however, contain triclosan.

Baking soda is also the agent that fights stains on your clothes, although I find that this product is hard on white clothes even though it should not be. Baking soda is known to help get rid of yellow sweat stains, so it is not exactly clear to me why it does not do the same when in the form of deodorant.

What I Like About Essentials

As said before, I love solid deodorants. These are my favorite because they do not cause irritation easily, and this product does just that. I also love the fact that it does not smell very strong like other deodorants, for example, the High Endurance by Old Spice. You will smell fresh during the day and it will give you protection, but you will not smell as “good” as with other deodorants.

I love the price! This product is very cheap, yet highly effective to stop bad odors from sweating.

I like the fact that it has a stain shield and it prevents yellow stains. However, do not expect that in the long run. You will have yellow stains over time. As said, I have used Arm & Hammer for years and my undershirts are all with heavy yellow sweat stains. However, the good thing is that it does not happen with a few uses. It is over time. Other deodorants tend to leave stains with just a few uses.

What I Do Not Like About Essentials

A downside to this product is the yellow stains left on clothes after some time.

I cannot guarantee that you will not have irritated skin, because it contains ingredients that cause many people a rash.

I would appreciate this product more with fewer chemicals that harm the environment, and could potentially harm your health.

Other than that, Arm & Hammer has made products to fight bad odors for over 170 years, so you can rest assured that the company brings out a quality product at great prices. Having been on the market for almost two centuries, you do not need to see many ratings to know that the product has something good in it that kept the company alive for so long.

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6) Dove Men+Care Deodorant

Product Description

Dove has been a famous and trusted brand for skin and hair solutions for many years. In fact, I grew up with Dove soaps being my mom’s all-time favorite.

Deodorants don’t fall back in the line of products offered by this trusted company. They have developed high-quality deodorants that fight off bacteria that produces sweat odors. They even claim that their deodorants provide long-lasting protection of a full 48 hours.

Although the Dove Men+Care Deodorant is a non-natural product, it has a proven formula that does its job effectively. Made of common deodorant active key ingredients like dipropylene glycol, water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, fragrances, glycerin, and others, this product has the perfect formula to protect your skin but not bacteria living in your pits.

The leading motto for their deodorants is: “Tough on sweat, but not on skin”, which is why many people chose this as their favorite among the best deodorants for men. The ingredients are just right to help your skin stay hydrated and healthy.

Recommended by dermatologists because of its greatness on your skin, this product has stood the test of time.

Specially designed for men with their great scent and fragrance, you will smell good all day long. Teenagers when in the midst of their hormonal changes and their terrible sweat outbreaks will definitely find a solution with this product.

What I Like About Dove Men+Care Deodorant

I love the fact that this is one of the non-natural deodorants that is 100% alcohol-free. Alcohol is irritating to skin, especially in those with sensitive skin. That makes this product among my favorites of non-natural deodorants.

Again, the price of this product is unbeatable. With a gel stick that will last at least 3 months, it is a cheap way to get your deodorant today and buy a few extras so you have them ready whenever needed.

The different scents that Dove offers in a line of deodorants are great. There are a few styles to chose from and you will not be disappointed by the ones they offer.

What I Do Not Like About Dove Men+Care Deodorant

I do not like the chemicals they use to make their products, although I cannot claim that they are unhealthy for your body. However, they are tough on the environment.

Why not go green? That is better for future generations. Does a small thing like your deodorant make an impact on our planet? Of course, everything, no matter how small, leaves a lasting impact.

A gel is not what I want for my armpits, because they tend to stay wetter during the day and they will also lead to irritated skin much easier than solids. Probably that is only my case, but why not share what I have experienced over the years?

Dove, a famous brand, inspires trust no matter what product they offer. It is unbelievable how a company that has gained trust over the years can inspire trust and you blindly follow them and buy their products without looking into what they have.

Anyways, a great product to consider buying and using! Personally, I love Dove products.

Click here to look it up and buy yours today!

7) Speed Stick by Mennen

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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No list of deodorants would be complete without the Speed Stick by Mennen, a very common and trusted deodorant for many years. I mean who has not bought a Speed Stick somewhen? They are found in literally every convenience store. But what is good about the Speed Stick Deodorant?

With key active ingredients like propylene glycol, water, sodium stearate, fragrance, sodium chloride, stearyl alcohol, and others, the Speed Stick has the perfect combination of ingredients that work toward odor protection for the whole day.

Smell manly and fresh and be confident with this great but cheap product that is applied in a good layer into your armpits.

As it is and should be, this product is aluminum free. Since this product will only stop body odors, but not reduce nor stop sweating, you do not need the aluminum component.

What I Like About the Speed Stick

One thing that stands out for this product is that it is not as greasy as other products. Many other products are very greasy and leave heavy stains on your clothes by just putting it on once. This product is also not as sticky. When you put on something into your armpits, you want to be looking for a something that will be easy to wash away after a long day of work, or even just after a workout.

The price is absolutely great. I am not sure how the company can make a product for so little and yet make a reasonable profit from it. Again, this non-natural deodorant cannot be compared to the natural ones in price, but that is fine. You can save a few bucks by using this product, although you must decide for yourself if non-natural or natural is the best for you.

I like the different versions of this product. They have the large stick that will last you for at least 3 months. Yet they also have the small one for traveling. For backpacks of hikers, where every ounce matters, the small stick is an absolute must-have.

I also like the fact that this product is a solid stick and not a gel product. As said before, gel leaves stains on your clothes easily and it is more greasy than solid sticks. Therefore, this product is great for me personally, because of sensitive skin.

What I Do Not Like About the Speed Stick

As to every product, you will find things that are not so good for you or that you do not like. That is the same as the Speed Stick.

Many people are “allergic” to alcohol. They can absolutely not stand if deodorant has that ingredient because of irritation. This product contains alcohol. So beware, before you buy, if that is something unacceptable to you.

This is a synthetic product, so do not expect something that will benefit your health nor something that will benefit the environment.

Also, the scent is very gentle, almost too gentle. This product does not offer daylong protection for people that sweat a lot. Only for people that sweat a little, the scent will do enough for the day. The company claims that a full 24 hours of protection can be expected from the product. 4 hours for heavy sweaters that use this product would be already an achievement.

All in all, a good and trusted product for many years.

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8) Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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The women behind this gender-neutral all-natural product for the family has been looking for holistic health, found that body product needed to be clean in order to prevent many dangers to our health. She lost her sister in a battle with cancer, which changed her life completely and gave her a new way of looking to food and body products.

This product, which is made in a small family business that is rapidly growing, contains tapioca starch, coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter, and naturally occurring candelilla wax is the perfect blend for fighting off sweat odors by eliminating bacteria and also absorbing the wetness.

Green Tidings is vegan, gluten-, soy-, aluminum-, and parabens-free. That is great since you do not have to fear for negative impacts on your health.

Having your body detox from harsh chemicals and letting your armpits sweat like they were designed to (this process can take up to a month) will let you enjoy the product with confidence once the process is over and you will be happy to give your body and the environment a good option instead of synthetic deodorants.

Also, you help a family business that has your best in mind and wants you to be happy with the product.

What I Like About Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

The first thing I like about this product is the all-natural ingredients with no chemicals or toxins that could potentially be absorbed by the body and have long-lasting effects. They use certified organic products that are not harmful to the environment.

It is also an interesting concept with the ingredients. If you paid attention, you will have noticed that they use ingredients no other all-natural deodorant uses of the ones that I reviewed before, like tapioca starch, shea butter, and wax.

Something about the business that I like is their low-carbon effect on the environment by being made in a solar-powered facility. Also, they provide packaging jobs to people with disabilities. They are not only responsible for benefits to your health, but also are positive change agents in their community.

I also like the fact that the product is for the whole family. Gender neutral products like these do not mean that they have no odor, but that they do not add any scents to the product. However, the products they use are naturally scented. This is just the perfect combination of scents that give you lasting protection.

No matter how many negative comments this product gets, it is impressive when you see well over 50% very positive comments from hundreds and hundreds of verified customers.  You can definitely go with this product. Give it a try and find out for yourself.

What I Do Not Like About Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

Again, natural deodorants are often ineffective in the first few weeks because the body is in “detox” mode. All the heavy chemicals that you might have used before are being shoved out of the skin’s pores, which can produce a quite unpleasant odor for a couple of weeks.

I am not so happy with how long the product lasts. One tube will last you up to 8 weeks maximum, and most likely less for their large tube. If you buy an expensive product, you want more of it, but that is something you compromise when buying all-natural products.

Skin irritation is not uncommon in all-natural products, so apply only a gentle layer and give your skin some time to adjust to the pH of the product. I would definitely like if this product would not be irritating armpit skin. There are people who had terrible experiences with this deodorant because of sensitive skins.

This deodorant is a great option for those who want to go with clean products!

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9) AXE Deodorant Stick

Product Description

Axe is another leading brand in men’s grooming and this list would not be complete without this product.

Axe is dedicated to giving men a new look, have them feeling good about themselves and give them new scents to help them smell their best, by providing deodorants, antiperspirants, shower gels, shampoos, and long series of products for body care.

The Axe deodorant contains basically the same ingredients as other synthetic deodorants like Old Spice, Speed Stick, and others. It has dipropylene glycol, water, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, fragrance, and others.

The fragrances consist of a blend of woods, fruits, and flowers, which gives you a refreshing feeling.

Since this product is similar to other synthetic deodorants like Old Spice, Speed Stick, Arm & Hammer, Dove Men+Care, there is not much to describe from this product. If you read the reviews of these products, you know what you will get with this product. There is only a small variation in terms of the last few ingredients on the list, including the fragrances.

What I Like About AXE Deodorant Stick

Because of the ingredients, the odor-fighting properties of Axe deodorant will keep you fresh all day long. Although sweating will not be reduced, it is clear that you will smell fresh.

The price is great for this product as well. As with other deodorants in the same line, this product is something anybody can afford to buy and even buy a few spare ones to always have them on hand.

I also love the variety of scents that Axe has. There are quite a few different ones found so you can get the fragrance that you like best. Each one has the great masculine scent that you will enjoy.

What I Do Not Like About AXE Deodorant Stick

This product can be found in packs online. You could probably find them individually on the shelves of Walmart and other stores.

Nevertheless, I read that you can probably not find this clear gel version locally, so you might have to buy it online. However, if you buy them online, you will have to buy a minimum of 4 sticks. That is not a major problem if you know this deodorant already and are continuing to use it, or if you are confident with the ingredients.  It is a different story if you have never tried it before.

Again, the ingredients are not my favorites, but they are effective and I have tried them for years. However, I do not like that this is the “wet” version and not the solid stick. This is a gel, which will stain your clothes more and also give you a wetter feeling throughout the day. Also, beware of irritated skin that you could have after using this.

All in all, a great, tested, and trusted product for many years and will most likely be on the market for many years to come.

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10) Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick

Product Description

top ten deodorants for men
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Janie Schmidt, a young lady from Oregon is the entrepreneur behind this great deodorant which is a favorite in many homes around the USA and recently around the world. She knew that most natural deodorants fell short of what she expected of a deodorant.

Janie knew that most people did not have a solid knowledge of deodorants and it was her goal to teach them about it. After doing her research and working hard, she found the perfect blend of natural ingredients that would offer daily protection from musky odors in the armpits. In no time she had her circle of friends that loved the product, and the news of this great product spread around locally.

Only after a few years of launching her product, you can find it online and it is a widespread product that has proven to be effective.

Her formula consists of arrowroot powder, coconut oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, baking soda, jojoba seed oil, and essential oils for a great smell. It also contains vitamin E, which is crucial for your skin. Wetness absorbing ingredients as well bacteria eliminating ones, this is a perfect blend of natural active ingredients that will do their job really well.

What I Like About Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick

Very high ratings and positive reviews from happy customers is something we all like, and this product has just that.

Environmentally friendly products are always good to own, especially if you use them on a daily basis. That is no different with this item. A family business, that has grown incredibly recently by bringing a line of soaps, balms, and other natural products to the market, inspires trust and confidence.

Customer service seems to be a priority for this family run business. They will help you out with any problem that you might experience. Just write them an email and you should receive an answer. They also have great tips that they can give you on how to use the product even better.

What I Do Not Like About Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick

I do not like the fact that with all-natural deodorants you have to find the correct room temperature so it works well. If you have the product standing in a place where it is rather warm, the deodorant can be very thin and you would apply too much easily, and vice-versa, if the product stands in a rather cool cupboard, you will have a hard time getting the right amount onto your skin. In that case, you would have to hold it against your armpits for a while so it can come to a good temperature for you to apply the correct amount.

Waxes can stay on your clothes even after washing, which I strongly dislike. Although this is a natural product that is not greasy or sticky, it stains your clothes. You have to decide between natural and stains. This formula is not as good and friendly to your clothes as other natural products.

Comparing the price of this deodorant with other synthetic deodorants, you will find that all-natural deodorants are more than twice the price of synthetic deodorants. However, you need to know if you prefer healthy products over price.

You also need to know that some natural ingredients, especially essential oils, can be irritating to the underarm skin. You have to use them carefully and try them for a while before judging as bad or good.

If you have cracked skin or experience irritation or discoloring, you should not hesitate to contact the maker directly, as they are the only ones to guide you and tell you what to do. If you doubt about their scented formulas, be sure to buy the fragrance-free formula.

Read a full review of this product!

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As you can see, you need to know more about antiperspirants and deodorants so you can make informed choices.

There are many good deodorants in the market and new ones, especially natural ones, to come out in the coming years because more and more people see the need to switch to natural products to prevent potential dangers for the body, and also to help the environment.

However, please know that these deodorants will not reduce nor stop sweating. They are exclusively made to stop bacteria that break down proteins and fats secreted through your hair follicles by the apocrine sweat glands.

If you want to learn more about my all-time favorite antiperspirant that will leave your armpits completely dry for up to 7 days, click here.

I love the all-natural products that I reviewed. Each one of them is unique and has its own story, which makes them better choices for your health and for your environment, although maybe not for your wallet because they are a bit pricier.

And then there are the non-natural deodorants that have strong scents and do their job really well because they have been tested extensively for years and have stood the test of time.

Looking for deodorants for women?  I got you covered.  Click here.

I hope you are now able to make an informed choice of your own and buy only the best deodorant.

If you found the review of these products helpful and informative, please share with family and friends so they can get one of these as well. Share by clicking the social media buttons below. And please drop me comment on thoughts, questions, or just interaction so I get to know my readers a little better.

I am glad you stopped by!

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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Deodorants for Men 2019: The Ultimate Guide”

    1. Thank you! I have not been able to use Axe because of my sensitive skin, but I’ve tried it and it is definitely a good choice.


  1. My husband doesn’t sweat too much, but I do like it when he wears deodorant. He’s just so strange in the fact that he doesn’t like to wear it. Thank you for the details and information on it so maybe I can get him to use it now.

    Your website is put together very well, so thank you for taking the time to put everything together. I appreciate it.

    1. Glad I was able to help.  I think wearing deodorants is very important for anybody, so hopefully you can get your husband into using it.  


  2. Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for this article. I do sports a lot and sweating like…. Was trying to look for some of the deodorants that are aluminum free so thanks for the tip with Underarm, also tiny plus that it has not been tested on animals.

    However, there is another thing that bothers me. I do sweat a lot on the head and I don’t even need to do any intense activity it just in hot weather. So annoying, do you think you would have some tips on how to stop or at least reduce forehead sweating?

    I am a bit jealous of women that they don’t sweat as much as we do 😀

    1. Deodorants do not contain aluminum; antiperspirants do (most of them).  Underarmed is a great deodorant that uses natural ingredients to make your underarms smell fresh all day long.  

      You ask about a tip to stop excessive sweating on your forehead.  What I recommend first is that you understand if you have secondary hyperhidrosis, which is when sweating is caused by a known trigger, which could be an illness, obesity, etc.  If that is the case, using a product to reduce sweating will not be the solution.

      However, if you suffer from primary hyperhidrosis, which is when you just sweat for no reason.  You might not even be hot.  In that case, if your sweating is normal, I can definitely recommend antiperspirants.  

      Although I have not tried it, because I do not have that problem in my forehead, many have successfully applied an antiperspirant that is thought for armpits to other parts of the body, like forehead, palms, feet, and groin.  So, why not check out the link below.  However, be careful when applying this product.  Follow the instructions correctly.

      Also, apply a tiny bit the first time, until you find the perfect balance that reduces your forehead sweating.  It really helps.  I applied this product again 5 days ago, and NO sweat has shown up ever since.  And it will still last for 2 days approximately.

      Here is the link.

      What Is Sweatblock? Your Best Choice To Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

      And yes, women do sweat less than men.  A study was done on athletic women and men and it found that they have less sweat glands over their bodies than men do.  Interesting.  We will have to live with this fact, although it can become annoying and embarrassing.

      Thanks for stopping by, and as always, I am glad to help,


  3. Great article and you are so right. Men smell terrible if they don’t use deodorant by the end of the day.

    Personally I love the smell of old spice and I have never experienced it smelling bad on any man. It is a clean and fresh smell and even if it doesn’t stop the sweating, at least it keeps your man smelling great for hours.

    1. Thanks Michel,

      that is so true, we men do sweat a lot and smell really bad.  The Old Spice is a great deodorant, but not my personal favorite.  But yes, it is effective and leaves you smelling good.  Too bad it does not stop sweating.


  4. Having just read your post on the Top Ten Deodorants for Women, I naturally decided to read about your choice of men’s deodorants. After all, most women would prefer the men in their lives to smell good!!

    I was most interested to see that your top choice for men is the same as your top choice for women – you obviously rate that one really highly, right?

    And also some of the others in your choice are the same brands as for women.

    I really like the fact that several of the deodorants contain essential oils – I just love the whole idea of essential oils! So long as the essential oils used are pure, they are the very “essence” of natural products (sorry about the pun!!)

    I think that your post would be of great benefit to all men, and women to of course. We all need to know that the products we use are completely safe and natural.

    Many thanks for your really helpful post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie,

      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.  I appreciate that.

      Yes, Underarmed is my favorite so far.  And since it is gender neutral, I rate it the highest both for men and women. 

      I also love that they have essential oils. The products that I rated here only use first grade ingredients, which means that the oils are pure.  I understand the pun!  These days that is absolutely needed.

      II am happy that you found this post helpful,


  5. What a great post, I just shared it with my collegues. There is a guy smelling awful in our office and no one have found a way to tell him the truth. Maybe your post wil do the job and help him understand he has a big peoblem.

    Guys should not inly use deordorants, but they must stay clean, get washed everyday if possible and not forget to change their clothes. Please, don’t wear the same shirt several days in consecutive, there is no deordorant in the world that can help you in such a situation!

    1. Hi Leo,

      thanks for your comment.  That is absolutely correct.  No deodorant can help when people don’t wash themselves.  

      I hope this post helps your colleague to improve is armpit odor.



  6. Well I was surprised to read what deodorant is actually used for.  Of course it actually helps to keep the smell down.  I do appreciate you explaining this to me and all your readers.  I was also pleased to see that the brand I use is actually on your list.  At least I know I am on the right track

  7. As a person who works hard and sweats to prove it, I found your post truly inspiring! I think of all the products you listed I would prefer the Underarmed for several reasons including that it is natural and can be used by everyone in the family. The price isn’t as appealing, but with all the cancer that runs in my family, I would prefer to be safer. Of course, I don’t think anything beats the smell of Old Spice! (Not on me, on my spouse!)

    I have used Crystal Stick deodorant before and I really liked it except for having to wet it first. But it was very effective in keeping me from smelling even during meetings with the boss!

    I had heard that the Crystal Stick was good to use for people who have had cancer. Do you know if that is true? My sister has been dealing with a brain tumor for over a year now and is always looking for more healthy alternatives to help her with daily personal cares. Thank you and I look forward to your reply!

    1. Hi Karin,

      thanks for stopping by!  I love to hear from my readers.

      Yes, Underarmed is a great option!  In my family, we have this one as well, and it does about what other deodorants do, only that this one is completely natural.  That makes it even better.

      Too bad that natural options are so expensive, but that is the price you pay for your health.

      I loved the Crystal deodorant as well, but I also disliked that I had to wet it before using and that it then slipped out of my hand to break in thousands of pieces.

      Crystal deodorant is recommended by Cancer Centers for their patients, you are right about that assumption.

      A great option as well.

      Thanks again for your comment,


  8. Hey there! Thanks for sharing this important info. I have always thought deodorant was  bad and clogged pores. I had no idea that deodorant actually kills bacteria under the armpits which is obviously a good thing. I will save this page because I’ve been looking for a good deodorant for my husband to use since he does a lot of outside work and sweats a lot. 

    Thanks for the info, 


    1. Hi Marlinda,

      I am happy that you learned something new through my article.  Yes, deodorant does not clog the pores.  It can do a bit if you sweat just a little.  But the less you sweat, the less deodorant you need.

      If you are looking for a solution to your husband’s sweating, consider Sweatblock, which I mentioned above.

      If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  9. Oscar, great article.  I never knew there was so much to know about deodorant, as the commercials sure don’t tell you any of this.  And believe me, I’ve always just grabbed what was convenient off the shelf, or whatever came three for the price of one.  Not anymore, you opened my eyes, I will pay attention to what I’m rubbing on my pits from now on.  I don’t know if the all natural choices would work for me, but a couple of the others, I am surely going to cycle through and see what I like best.  Thanks for the great eye opener, this article definitely talks about one of those subjects that people NEED to read.  I’ll pass it on to my friends!  Thanks!


    1. Hi Steve,

      I am happy that you found this article helpful.  Indeed, I talk about these topics because I know that it could have saved me some problems about self-image if somebody has explained to me.  

      Grabbing the first cheapest thing from the shelf is definitely not the best thing to do.  You want to explore different options.  Today, with shipping directly to your door, you can consider natural and organic deodorants.  They work well.  Don’t expect them to stop sweating, but they take care of the odor.  

      Thanks for passing this on to your friends,


  10. Men don’t always seem to care if they smell bad or they just think it is good to smell like a hard working man.  Why do a lot of men not want to wear deodorant and smell better to the people around them?My ex uses the Old Spice, most often, but the arm and hammer and the speed stick also work great.  He has also tried Axe, It works well enough for him.

    1. Hi,

      thanks for leaving a comment on my website.  I love to hear from my readers.  

      No idea why some men don’t care about their body odor.  I have always been very picky about smelling armpits.  I hate when I can smell my own, and I find it disgusting to come near people that have not used deodorant.  I guess they think that it is natural and ok to stink.

      There are many deodorants that work well. 


  11. Hey, Oscar, I really enjoyed reading your post.  I had no idea that there was so much that we needed to know about “Under-arm Deoderants” and I also learned that they are different from Anti-perspirents.  I used to think that they were one in the same.

    I have an issue with sweaty pits and I decided that I would try one of these underarm sticks thinking that it was an anti-persperant but, based on what I have learned here today I am going to have to try again.

    My only issue with underarm deododerants is that they smell so I really can’t use them.  They irritate my sinuses.

    Based on that, what would you recomend in the way of an anti-persperant.  Actually… I will jsut read you post about these products.

    Well done, very informative.


  12. It is funny that they are trying to link cancer to the usage of deodorants. 

    The closest thing I have ever experienced as far as healthy hazards is concerned are skin itches and small skin bumps. I have considered that maybe it was just a matter of the deodorant that I chose and that I may be allergic to something within it. 

    Could I also be putting on too much of it?

    1. Hi Jessie,

      first of all, thanks for stopping by at my website and leaving a comment.  Yes, there were studies that came out in the 1950’s that claimed that deodorants and antiperspirants caused cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  However, in recent years, it was found that those theories lacked proof.  

      Yes, skin bumps and itching is the most you can get, but that usually has to do with what type of deodorant you use.  

      Natural and organic deodorants tend to irritate your skin if you put on too much because of the essential oils.

      Synthetic deodorants do that because of alcohol (in some cases).  If you have sensitive armpit skin, then this can cause you irritation.  I have that problem, which is why I use the ones without alcohol.

      Hope that helps,


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