Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Review: Top 4 Reasons Why You’ll Love This Brand

It’s often thought that commercially available deodorants can’t ever be all-natural and safe for the environment. Makes you wonder, right? With all their innovations and resources, why can’t they produce something wholesome and easy to find like their other products?

Even after being informed about the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants, more and more people have decided to ditch their old products and just use all-natural deodorants despite the sweat. 

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Check out how you can live a stress-free life despite excessive sweating episodes. Read my co-writer and friend Oscar’s story here.

This is why I began researching and you will be surprised to find out all about the product in this Tom’s of Maine deodorant review. I found that it could be something that I’d want to use, so stay tuned as I explain why that is.

As a person who often writes blogs or reviews on anything related to hyperhidrosis, I decided to check this product out and see if it can really help someone who wants to make the switch to all-natural products despite the excessive sweat. 

In this review, I will share with you the interesting history of Tom’s of Maine, how they started out, and the pros and cons of using this product. 

What Is Tom’s of Maine? The Brand’s History

Tom’s of Maine was a brand started by a couple, Tom and Kate Chappell after they made a big move to Philadelphia from Maine in 1968. They wanted a simple life but had big dreams of making all their household products all-natural.

They were able to get a loan from a friend to start building the dream they had in mind. They started out with detergents and slowly moved up to other naturally derived products.

In 1975, they were able to launch an all-natural toothpaste in the market and was a big hit as they were sold out wherever they put their products. When they started making a profit, they started giving back to communities and organizations dedicated to protecting the planet.

By 2006, they soon felt they needed to expand as a brand. They joined the multinational giant Colgate-Palmolive in 2006 which made the brand’s sales skyrocket.

I really love this brand because despite joining a bigger “mainstream” company, they never let go of their goals and all-natural approach to making household products.

To this date, the brand Tom’s of Maine has been a crowd favorite. It has been a favorite because of the quality and the brand’s contribution to environmental protection and the overall health of its consumers through its products.

How to Use An All-Natural Deodorant

1. Detox

Yes! Your stomach isn’t the only one that needs thorough cleaning (and yes, I was surprised at first too). Most beauty and skin experts say that before transitioning to all-natural deodorants, you must make sure that your skin is completely clean from all of the old products you used on it.

Detoxing can actually help your underarm lighten and even smell better. Remember, a full detox can take from 5-30 days for your underarms to get used to using all-natural products. So you have to be patient if you really want to make the switch.

To start your underarm detox is pretty simple. You only need three ingredients — bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and water. Mix these together to form a thick paste and voila, you have your homemade underarm detox cream.

Apply this mix for 5 minutes on the first week slowly increasing the time per week until you complete all 30 days. Please make sure you don’t miss a day of an application so your detox can possibly end faster than 30 days.

You may experience some lumps and bumps along the way (quite literally), as your underarms are now getting used to not having any clogged pores and it will cleanse itself, so expect some bad days, and please be patient.

2. Use After A Bath

Like most of your old products, always use your all-natural deodorant after a bath. Since it doesn’t have the stronger chemicals that you’re used to, applying it on sweaty or dirty armpits may just produce bad smell or in some cases, the deodorant might not work at all.

3. Put Suggested Amount on Underarms

Most deodorants have a suggested amount that you should apply on your underarms for the full effect of the product. In my opinion, I either work myself to using more than the suggested amount or even less at times.

The amount I put depends on how my skin reacts to the baking soda in the product as most all-natural deodorants have this ingredient and our skin can have different reactions to it, I tend to get a burning sensation if I put on too much. So test your skin out and don’t overapply.

4. Smell Fresh All Day

Lastly, since you followed all the steps above, you can now be confident to smell fresh and clean the whole day. In some cases, you may still have to reapply the product, but that’s not a problem for you since you already know that it’s all-natural and that it is really part of the process.

Pros of Using Tom’s of Maine

1. You’re using An Eco-Friendly Product

Unlike other brands in the market, Tom’s of Maine has a promise to its consumers that it would give part of its sales to charity and to causes that can help save Mother Earth.

It matters because they are such a big brand now and by doing their part to help with the movement to protect the environment, we have a better chance of lessening the harsh effects of climate change for future generations.

Talk about being badass and saving the planet while using a product that makes you and your underarms happy. A complete win-win for you and the environment.

2. Easy To Find

Going all-natural can be such a hassle for some people because they find it hard to buy the next tube or deodorant cream they ordered somewhere. Lucky for us, Tom’s of Maine can be found just about anywhere.

If you’re having problems finding it in the local stores near you, you can always order it online and you can relax while the product is being shipped straight to your doorstep.

3. All the Ingredients are Safe and All-Natural

Compared to other deodorants in the market, Tom’s of Maine kept their promise even after joining a bigger company. They keep all of their ingredients transparent to the public. You can search for all the ingredients in their deodorant and not worry about any side-effects or allergies.

Aside from that, they make sure that all of their ingredients are sustainable and as much as possible, locally sourced. Most reviews are of people who have shared how much they love this all-natural product and how mild it is to their skin.

4. Vegan, Halal, and Kosher

For our Muslim and Jewish brothers and sisters who want to make sure that the products they used are up to their standards, worry not because Tom’s of Maine has both Halal and Kosher certifications.

For vegans around the world, this is good news because this product is not and will never be tested on animals. As veganism is a movement that wants to lessen animal suffering, this product is perfect because it does not support animal testing in any way.

Using deodorants may not help you with your sweating problem.

Cons of Using Tom’s of Maine

1. It’s Not for People With Hyperhidrosis

I have researched well and have read and watched most deodorant reviews on Tom’s and most of them say that it doesn’t provide the protection it promised (24 hours).

Most reviewers say that if you sweat more than usual, the product becomes useless and that you’d have to reapply several times throughout the day. This can be very stressful if you have a really busy day and if you don’t have much time to take breaks to just reapply your deodorant.

Don’t worry, read on to find out my secret to sweat-free days. I will definitely share it with you as I know it can be so tiring, trying to find the best product to stop sweating. Well, Tom’s of Maine can help with the smell but not the sweat.

2. It Can Darken or Even Peel-Off Skin

Some people who have used Tom’s of Maine have complained of their underarms getting darker or the product causing peeling of the skin after applying it. There have been so many bad reviews saying the same thing I made sure to include them here.

The video below is of a review of someone who has tried Tom’s of Maine and her honest review:


Using all-natural deodorants has never been so hard because of products like Tom’s of Maine. Now you can be at ease knowing that big brands are starting to be more conscious of what they put in their products. After all, their consumer’s loyalty to their brands is what keeps them alive.

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Some Tips:

If this product works out for you then it’s perfect. But if it doesn’t I’d like to make sure that you are still fully covered. After all, I make it my mission to bring good products that you may be able to use to either stay sweat-free or to just smell good.

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