What Are The Best Natural Deodorants For Women: The Organic Revolution

In the past few years, people (especially women) have made the switch from using their own deodorants to buying more natural and organic alternatives. Some people even go far as making their own deodorant. But what has caused this change? Why do people go out of their way to switch out all their products?

Surprisingly, even people who have hyperhidrosis opt-out of their usual products to take “breaks” by using all-natural deodorants. So I decided to do some research and come up with a list of the best natural deodorants for women. I’m sure we can all use a detailed list to help us on our next shopping trip.

In this article, you will learn more about deodorants, underarm detox, and many more. Stay tuned for more information as you will definitely learn lots of tips and tricks on these natural products.

Busy woman walking
Using deodorant makes you smeel good, keeping you fresh the entire day.
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Are you busy? Here is my personal pick for an affordable deodorant that won’t leave stains on your clothes.

What is deodorant?

People have always used “deodorant” as a general term for what you put on your underarms to keep it either sweat-free or just to keep you from having the dreaded “b.O” or body odor smell. But what is a deodorant, really? What is it made of usually? Is it safe for the body?

We will definitely answer all those questions here and more information will be shared because why not, right? It is always fun to learn about new things. Let’s start with the term “deodorant” which we will later compare with the term “antiperspirant”.

First, try to go back to the old products you used before. Did you notice if it stopped or reduced sweating when you used it? If your deodorant did that, then it might have been a hybrid of sorts. Many products in the market are not simply deodorants or antiperspirants. They’re usually deodorants and antiperspirants.

Don’t worry or be confused because I only realized this later on, when I decided to be more serious about which products I wanted to use on my underarms. I did a lot of research and I was floored— how could I have missed it?! Going back to the aisles in the supermarked and checking the labels did wonders.

I discovered that they had antiperspirant/deodorant marked on them but people just end up calling them deodorants because saying the whole thing can be too long. This “shortcut” ended up confusing a lot of people, so may nowadays don’t even know the difference between the two, and only later did I learn that there are actually some products in the market that only have a single function (like antiperspirants only or deodorants only).

Cool, right? Now that we know the reason for all the confusion, let us now go to what is a deodorant and what are its functions. Well, it’s pretty simple— deodorants exist to neutralize the smell by killing the bacteria that causes it in the first place. It doesn’t stop sweat though, so you can still sweat buckets but not smell bad at all.

Deodorants are usually made of chemicals that can kill these bacteria, but nowadays are being trumped by all-natural brands that have plant-derived chemicals that work as well in killing all these bacteria. Some even add (plant-based) butter and oils to help moisturize the skin because we women love removing hair in the area, which can cause dryness.

I did mention that deodorants don’t stop sweating. Using this product will only guarantee that you smell good, but you can still sweat buckets, unfortunately. Some people are perfectly fine with htis but some don’t like sweat or sweat too much (if they’re diagnosed with hyperhidrosis).

This is where antiperspirants come in. These products are literally what the name means, “anti” and “perspirant”. Basically, these products are formulated to temporarily block pores so that the sweat stops coming out, leaving your underarms dry the entire day (well, depending on the brand as some can last for days).

These products are made with aluminum chloride or a form of this chemical, which is very controversial for some because of some groups claiming that this ingredient allegedly causes cancer and Alzheimer’s. After years of studies, there is still no proof and there has been no proven correlation between aluminum chloride and these diseases.

Antiperspirants can be bought over the counter and even in any supermarkets you go to, but some antiperspirants have high concentrations of aluminum chloride so they ask for a doctor’s prescription for you to be able to get them. There are even some that have no aluminum chloride at all but instead have anticholinergics on them, which needs a doctor’s prescription as well.

Anticholinergic antiperspirants are usually the last resort when it comes to products recommended by doctors because this drug usually has lots of side-effects which isn’t always pleasant like nausea, vomiting, numbness, and many more. I personally do not like anticholinergics but, some people have successfully used them so I don’t say much except to follow the prescription very closely and to keep it away from pets (anticholinergics can be deadly to them).

Going back to deodorant/ antiperspirants, these products are very common and are usually what people get when buying personal hygiene products. The only difference that I notice is that these mixed products don’t have the strength people need especially if they want to stop the sweating completely.

Since this article is all about deodorants, most likely you don’t have a sweating problem or you don’t mind all the sweat, as long as you smell good. Either way, let’s find out all the necessary information for you to learn so you will have the best product that will keep you smelling really good the entire day.

Since we’re talking about switching products (which most likely will happen after you read the list below), I want to take the time to explain the process of detoxifying your underarms. Yes, there is such a thing and yes, it will really be an essential part of the product switch. Read more below!

Underarm Detox Explained

Underarm Detox
Detox is often mistaken as simply herbal mixes that you drink to flush out toxins.
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There is always this fanatic following on detox programs in any social media platform, believe me. From fad diets to juice cleanses, name it, and you will see lots of stuff written about this topic. But what if I told you that there is another type of detox, one that wouldn’t invlolve juice cleanses, expensive equipment, or sacrificing solid food?

Well, in the world of deodorants and anything to do with your armpits, there is a method of cleansing your skin which not only helps heal broken and dry patches, but also helps your body transition to more natural products. This method is called underarm detox and it is one of the best ways to smell better in no time.

As we all know, suddenly making switches in diets or anything in general isn’t recommended because it causes big changes that you might not like. For your underarms, switching to natural products overnight can cause some unusual smells which are not always that pleasant.

Some experts say it’s your body detoxing all that clogged up pores but I honestly think that these natural products don’t block sweat so the bacteria will feast on the fresh sweat and cause the bad odor. Either way, the reality is that your body needs an adjustment period and it won’t hurt to try a simple detox program to speed things up a little bit.

1. Prepare ingredients

Preparation is key to any detox, so just like buying a ton of fruits before juice cleanses, it would be best to buy all the necessary ingredients for a full underarm detox. This can last as short as five days to even a longer 4 weeks (or more) for some people, depending on how their body reacts to the change.

The key ingredients (well, the only ingredients) of this detox are bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and (preferably) distilled water. Yes, only those three ingredients! Make sure you have a glass bowl and a non-metal spoon for mixing these ingredients.

I would suggest buying a liter of apple cider vinegar, two pounds of bentonite clay, and probable a few small bottles (or a gallon) of distilled water. It might seem too much at first but this would be just enough for 21 days (or even more) detox mixes. You can even use the excess bentonite clay for facial mask and other stuff. Nothing goes to waste.

2. Create mixture

This detox mixture is very simple and easy to make. Since you have prepared all the ingredients necessary, you just have to set aside 5-20 minutes daily for your detox program. This is enough time for you to make the mixture that will literally change your life (or just your underarm’s smell).

Mix 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay and 1/2 tablespoon of water. Make sure you mix the ingredients very well until no clumps are formed and the consistency is similar to yogurt. If you find the mixture a little “thin” you may add a little bit of bentonite clay to turn it into the paste-like consistency that you’d like.

3. Apply Consistently

After making the mixture, you can apply the product evenly on both armpits and wait for a few minutes before wiping/rinsing the mixture off. Personally, I’d recommend doing this before a bath so that you’d have no trouble rinsing the detox mix off.

During the first week, apply the paste and keep it on for only five minutes. Although the maximum is really 20 minutes, I often say that you have to gradually increase the time per week to avoid redness and irritation because your body isn’t used to the mix after all.

So the first week it will just be five minutes, the next would be ten, until the last week where you can already go a full 20 minutes on the mix without any worries that you’d get any redness. A warning though, you may have to decrease the time if you have super sensitive skin. The only downside though is that due to the decreased time, I highly suggest extending the detox by a week after the recommended four weeks.

4. Be patient

This may sound like an odd instruction but you’ll soon realize that this is an essential part of the entire process! Although you sound very sure at first, there will be times when you just don’t want to apply the detox mix and you just want to take a break.

But as many people may have told you, consistency is the key to successfully completing the entire detox cycle. After all, results won’t just happen overnight. It will be the result of the combined effort of the detox paste and you putting it on for four weeks straight.

How to Use Deodorant

While you may be using your old products and may be well familiar with deodorants. I still want to take the time to discuss step-by-step on how to properly use deodorant, who knows, this might help improve the effectivity of the product or you can use this as a tool when teaching young girls how to apply deodorant.

1. Clean your skin

Always make sure that your skin is clean when applying deodorant. That’s why I recommend using these products after a bath. Clean skin prevents the product mixing with sweat and dirt which can produce bad smell or just generally reduce the effectivity of the product.

Also, since you’re using a product on your underarm. Make sure that you exfoliate well once or twice a week using a scrubber or an exfoliating body gel.This will make sure that the dry skin or product stick on some open pores can be cleansed out.

2. Follow application instructions

Although you want to put on more than the desired amount, it would still be best to follow the application instructions because they tend to be exact and correct. There are even times when I read of people lowering the suggested amount, which is totally fine too.

It’s just a good baseline I guess. You may add a little bit more (or apply it frequently) when you’re just starting out and haven’t completed a full underarm detox. This happens because your body will sweat a lot and you have to constantly clean your armpits and reapply the deodorant.

After detox, you’ll discover that you need to apply less and less deodorant (often close to the recommended amount). Sticking to this application method also ensures that you won’t waste any product which in turn will save you lots of money (it’s similar to the pea-size toothpaste discussion).

3. Let product dry

Always let the product dry before wearing anything! This will prevent stains on your clothes and will ensure that the product “sticks” and has set on your skin, protecting you from any bad smell. Some people lie down for this process with their arms up to let the deodorant air dry faster.

Another tip I can give you is to keep your underarm hair short or fully shaved. Cutting or removing hair means less used products and faster drying time. Also, you won’t have an issue with deodorant clumping on your hair (like with some men).

Types of Deodorant

1. Aerosol Deodorants

These deodorants are pretty popular among sporty people or those who generally live an active lifestyle. This type of deodorant is easy to share and sanitary to do so because no applicator or ball gets into contact with the skin. You don’t even have to touch it (like with cream deodorants).

These deodorants are kinda bulky but the plus side lies on the weight as aerosol bottles are (almost) as light as a feather. Honest con for me is that this deodorant runs out real fast especially when you work out a lot which means several reapplications as the product gets removed when you shower.

2. Gel or Cream Deodorants

One of the up and coming (or shall I say rising star?) among all the deodorant types, gel, or cream deodorants are those that you see in cute little jars (with a separate applicator) or in small compact tubes that you can bring with you anywhere you go.

These types of deodorants are perfect “healing creams” as I would call the mbecause they are usually made to have two purposes. One is to make your underarms smell good and the other purpose is to heal broken or dry skin caused by any hair removal procedure.

The only downside in using this type of deodorant is that it can be a bit messy when applying as some of the products can get stuck underneath your nails but there is always an easy solution for that— just wash your hands!

3. Invisible Solid or Stick Deodorants

One of (if not) the most common deodorant types in the market, the invisible solid stick comes in a paper or plastic tube with a knob that you twist at the bottom to make the product twist upward for you to apply on your underarms.

The stick is usually white or cream in color but is almost invisible when applied (just don’t over swipe!). Pro-tip on using this type of deodorant— always make sure to apply invisible solid sticks on dry skin to prevent white streaks or marks from appearing.

Pro-tip on the stick, like all types of deodorant, do not drop it as it may crack the stick inside and the whole thing may crumble and go to waste. Another thing to take note of is that this type of deodorant is a solidified cream-like substance so it is best to store in a cool dry place to avoid melting.

This reminds me when it gets very warm where I live. I remmeber leaving my stick in the bag and when it was time to use it, it was partially melted. I had to use my fingers to apply it and that was one of the messiest applications ever and I had to switch to a roll-on for obvious reasons.

4. Roll-on Deodorants

Another common type of deodorant (competing with the stick deodorant, in fact), the roll-on is one of my favorite deodorants to use. In fact, my deodorant right now is a roll-on. So what makes a deodorant like this unique?

Roll-on deodorants usually come in a plastic or glass container with a ball applicator that gathers a small amount of the deodorant liquid and thinly applies it on the skin. I love this deodorant because it always applies the product evenly and doesn’t miss a spot.

What most people love about this product is that it is very hassle-free and easy to use. Just make sure that you avoid dropping the product (especially those with glass bottles) because it can affect the ball applicator. Dropping it may loosen the grip on the applicator ball which can cause leaks and uneven applications when used.

Natural Deodorants For Women

Deodorants were one of the best things invented in my honest opinion, so I decided to put the brest brands that I know of. Before you read each brand I made a simple overview of each so that you have basic knowledge and an idea of which brand you’ll most likely get. Sit back, relax, and read on.


Deodorant Brand Deodorant Type Yellow Stains? Aluminum Chloride? Baking Soda?
1. Lume Gel/Cream No No No
2. Nuud Gel/Cream No No No
3. Crystal Crystal No No No
4. Schmidt’s Invisible Solid No No Yes
5. Malin+Goetz Invisible Solid No No No

1. Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant
Click image for more details.

I always choose the best deodorants and I love the fact that I get to recommend this brand to you through my articles. Let’s just say that I trust brands not only because they’re effective but also because of the experts behind the production and formulation of the deodorant itself. This is the case with Lume deodorant.

Okay, hold up. Before you say “loom” (like weaving loom), I’d like to start by saying that this brand is pronounced “loo-me” and is always at the top of any all-natural deodorant list I’ll make because of many reasons. This deodorant never ceases to amaze me when it comes to quality and well the entire product (even the packaging too!).

Lume is straightforward. It cuts to the chase and tells you exactly what it’s for. So if you want to know if it works, my straightforward answer will be yes, it really works. But it’s not all there is to this product. I believe that knowing more about something can really help you decide whether or not to buy it. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money, right.

So I won’t give you dazzling comments or anything overdone. I will give you facts, real statements, and of course, the brand’s (brief) history which can help you somewhat trust this brand as much as I do. I’ll do my best to share everything I know about Lume so you know and understand why many people across the globe buy (almost hoards it to be honest) Lume.

Lume is simple really. They explain things so well and tells you everything about their ingredients. After all, any product claiming to be “natural” shouldn’t be afraid of people knowing their ingredient list, right? They tell what’s in and what’s not in their deodorant/s.

They clearly mention in their video and print ads why you’ll never get any rashes from using Lume. They mention that they skipped the baking soda in all their products. Not that baking soda is bad, but there are some people that are extremely sensitive to it (which causes peeling, rashes, and even boils).

But what really started Lume? Was it originally just for underarms? The answer is no. Dr. Sharon Klingman, a gynecologist and the founder of Lume had a brilliant idea to make Lume in the comforts of her kitchen. “But why?” ask. It all started with her patients who were usually misdiagnosed with vaginosis.

Vaginosis is a result of bacteria growing in the vaginal area causing bad discharge and foul-smelling odor. They (her patients) usually go to her with this diagnosis due to the bad smell but when she inspected further, she discovered that it wasn’t vaginosis at all. There are other bacteria that just cause a bad smell.

So she started Lume (even before it was called as such) with one goal in mind—to solve a simple odor problem with a simple cream that can kill the bacteria, be mild enough for privates, and keep their crotch and vagina smelling really good all day.

Now you know that Lume is not just for your underarms. It is so mild because it started as a deodorant for your private parts. It might sound funny for some but the bad odor can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort for lots of women and Dr. Klingman understood that right away (and she really wanted to help).

I love the witty tag line of Lume: “for everyone’s pits and stinky bits”. As you can see, they can be funny but they’re very straightforward which I think every brand should be. You don’t ever have to worry about stinky bits when you have Lume though. Now imagine using this on your underarms, the mild formula will be wonderful because you don’t fear any rash or allergic reaction.

Another fact about this brand, they market themself as a pre-odorant rather that a de-odorant. They say that they’re pre-odorants because Lume stops the bad odor from ever existing by killing the bacteria in the area and you put it before the bacteria ever gets there. Let’s just say that Dr. Klingman wanted to deal with the main cause of the smell, and she found out that it’s not really the sweat, it’s the bacteria that love sweat that produces the bad smell we all hate.

Last but not least, this deodorant is so easy to use and can be shared because it’s not directly coming into contact with your underarms. Just make sure you clean your hands before putting on Lume! It’s a lotion-like cream and will lather thinly if you massage it well on the skin. Plus side? It will protect you for 72 hours, even after showering! Lume is pretty easy to use. Just apply like lotion on your crotch area and also apply a thin layer on your underarms. Yes, it’s that simple. The best part? It protects you for 72 hours!

Buy Lume if you want long-lasting protection for your pits and bits. Get this brand as it is the best baking soda-free deodorant on this list.

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2. Nuud Deodorant

Nuud Deodorant
Click image for more details.

These days, people really travel a lot. Exploring new cities, new countries, and getting to know a different culture outside yours is definitely an eye-opening experience. I do recommend that everyone try it even ov=nce in their life as it can change everything from how they see life to what they want to do in the future.

That said, a person traveling a lot would need the best traveling essentials. From shampoo and soap to one of the most important items in any hygiene kit— a deodorant. If you are looking for something compact and complies with airport security standards, then Nuud is a good deodorant to consider.

This deodorant packs a punch even in a small 20ml tube that is guaranteed spill-proof. You might ask how this is possible for such a tiny deodorant, and I will explain why as you read on. After all, Nuud is the only concentrated deodorant on this list and is far more effective than your old products,.

It all started in 2018, when a Dutch company decided to formulate a deodorant that didn’t need to be bulky, would reduce carbon footprint and be appealing to consumers worldwide. It took them time but when they finally released Nuud to the public, it was a huge success. Currently they have over more than half a million Nuud converts worldwide.

Nevermind the international shipping, as some bloggers would say (because it comes all the way from Europe), because this brand works! It not only keeps you (bad) odor-free but it also heals the damage cause by plucking or shaving. Talk about big things that come in small packages, right?

How long would Nuud last? Won’t you need to bring many tubes just to go on a short trip? Nope. You don’t need to bring a ton of Nuud! At most, you’d only need to bring two tubes but that will honestly last you a month and a half (six to seven weeks). A little really goes a long way with their formulation.

Of course, you have to complete the full detox first before you can fully say that it works. Some people expect overnight results and the reality is that things like these don’t just suddenly work. It really takes time for your body to adjust. After the detox, Nuud can last very long even after scrubbing and bathing. No need to change your shower routine for this deodorant.

Knowing what you know now, imagine going on an overseas trip with this small 20ml tube. I can just feel the happiness thinking of all the space you’ll save because of this product. I’d always choose Nuud as I am very practical and will choose a high-quality product that saves me a lot of weight on my luggage as I’m always on the go.

Like other deodorants, Nuud has similar ingredients like plant-based butter (almond to be exact) and other coincidental vegan ingredients. What makes Nuud stand out from all of these products is that it is specially formulated with micro silver.

It’s not just any formulation as Nuud has a patented micro silver formula that effectively kills bacteria, is a known anti-inflammatory and acts as an antiseptic while keeping your skin moisturized. All this goodness packed in a small red tube.

The almond oil is not the only moisturizing aspect of Nuud. It also has castor oil that is processed to leave your underarms soft and smooth and castor oil also heals the damage done to your pores, making sure that you get no ingrown hairs that can cause a lot of pain. They also threw in some zinc oxide which protects you from any rashes by coating your skin with a protective layer when you apply Nuud.

If you are looking for a small and travel-friendly deodorant that works its wonders for days, choose Nuud! I would.

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3. Crystal Body Deodorant

At the end of the day, even if given the best deodorants in the world, all you’re on the lookout for is something that works but is also affordable and is perfect for your budget. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to break the bank just for deodorant.

Crystal Body Deodorant
Click image for more details.

You must be thinking and wondering right now, “where can I find cheap deodorants that work?” and if there is such a thing as affordable deodorants because so far, you keep seeing good ones that cost too much. I honestly put affordable ones on my lists all the time but I took it a step further to include one of the most affordable (and effective) brands I know of—Crystal Body Deodorant.

This deodorant isn’t a new brand at all. Several decades ago, the inventor and founder of Crystal traveled to Europe (France to be exact) and discovered that a water treatment facility used mineral salts to safely clean their entire building. This started a “seed” in his mind which led to him starting Crystal.

After that “aha!” moment, he asked more about these mineral salts not only purified their area but also the water itself without causing any bad side effects, just simply killing bacteria and neutralizing everything. He then thought of using similar stuff on the skin to prevent bad odor.

This idea is the deodorant that Crystal is today. This deodorant is baking soda, paraben, and sulfate-free which in return, gives your skin room to breathe and keeps it completely stress-free and moisturized. Chemicals can cause so much damage after all.

This deodorant uses ammonium alum, a mineral salt that is so skin-friendly that it never blocks your pores but instead creates a very thin layer when applied. I go back to an old Asian thing our parents gave us as kids to protect our underarms from body order, it was called tawas but was too rough on the skin so I barely used it.

There is a huge difference between Crystal to ordinary tawas. Crystal is smoother, more refined because it is meant to be used for the entire body (that’s why it is called Crystal Body Deodorant). This deodorant also uses orange peel extract which not only smells amazing but also has this refreshing smell that helps kill bacteria.

Using this product is also very easy. Open the bottle, get the tip of the crystal wet, and gently apply it on your skin. You can apply it on any part of your skin because it is very mild, although I’d suggest getting another deodorant for other parts as you’d want to be very sanitary about these things.

After applying it on your skin, make sure that it dries first before wearing anything to get its maximum effects. This allows the product to “stick” very well to your skin and provide it with a thin layer of protection. As I mentioned with all-natural and organic deodorants, always go through an underarm detox when using and switching to these deodorants.

Sweating is a normal bodily function, and switching to natural products will cause any blocking made by your old products to go away completely. You may notice that you can either smell bad or sweat a lot more than usual (or both) in your first week off your old antiperspirant/deodorant. A full detox can last for five days to four weeks so this will help your body adjust so you won’t smell bad anymore.

After your detox, you will notice that you smell way better despite the sweat which means you don’t have to use so many products on your armpits. This doesn’t just mean fewer applications within the day, this also means fewer swipes and more product saved. That’s why less is more in the world of natural deodorants.

If you are looking for a deodorant that will last you forever (no joking on this one because just one of these will last you for years), choose Crystal Body Deodorant. You will have both a long-lasting product and you would definitely save a lot of money. To read the full review on this product, you may click here.

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4. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Deodorants were first invented in the 1800s and gave rise to the current conventional (also known as chemical-filled deodorants) that we have today. People loved these deodorants because they represented a then “quick fix” solution to a problem that they could’ve solved naturally in the first place.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
Click image for more details.

Honestly, I think that those deodorants were simply a “band-aid solution” to their problems. When they stopped using those conventional deodorants, they noticed that they smelled even worse than they did when they didn’t use the problem at all. But what could they do? They already used it and had to keep using these products. It was indeed a consumerist trap.

So there came a time when women (and probably a lot of men too) were sick and tired of smelling good but having really terrible, foul-smelling underarms. This is where Janie Schmidt comes in with her practical solutions. She wanted something simple that could solve the odor issue without all those harsh chemicals.

She spent years researching and finally, in 2010 she came up with a truly unique (revolutionary) plant-based formula that literally created and filled a gap in the market for vegan and natural deodorants that had the same results as conventional deodorants without all the stains and nasty smells and side-effects.

In 2015 Janie met Michael Cammarata, an entrepreneur who helped build Schmidt’s Deodorants to what it is today. They became the unstoppable duo, reformulating and improving the original formula that Janie made. Later on, they would make Schmidt’s into a deodorant empire that was supposed to be a simple kitchen experiment.

Schmidt’s natural deodorant has seven ingredients — arrowroot or cassava powder, shea butter, baking soda, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, and vitamin E. I included Schmidt’s because all their ingredients are plant-based and all of these work wonders on sensitive skin. Plus the fact that nothing on the list clogs pores.

Cassava or arrowroot powder is an ingredient used in many Asian dishes but is also used in cosmetics to absorb excess moisture. This is the “secret” as to why Schmidt’s deodorants are popular for reducing the sweat plus the sticky feeling as a result of all that moisture. All-natural setting powders use arrowroot to give you a matte, oil-free look after you apply makeup or cream foundations.

Shea butter comes from the nut of the shea plant and is predominantly sourced in different parts of Africa. This nut butter helps heal your skin, especially if you love hair removal procedures that can cause dry and broken skin or even dark spots for some people.

Baking soda is added to this deodorant. Although many brands claim that redness and rashes come from this ingredient, it’s all about how much of it is added to the product. Schmidt’s found the perfect ratio and a lot of people have had no problems with using this deodorant even if they have very sensitive skin.

Baking soda doesn’t cover up the smell like the chemicals in conventional deodorants. Instead, it neutralizes the smell by killing all the sweat-loving bacteria and leaving your skin clean and odor-free. Of course, Schmidt’s Deodorant adds a natural fragrance so it’s up to you to choose how you want to smell and what best suits you.

Since this brand is fully plant-based and vegan, they use candelilla wax which is an excellent dupe for beeswax. This wax (just like beeswax) makes sure the product stays solid and keeps all the ingredients well-mixed and intact. It also adds to the moisturizing qualities of the deodorant. The same goes for the jojoba and coconut oil added into the mix to help moisturize the skin.

Last but not least, she added vitamin E to these deodorants as an antiaging ingredient also to help make your deodorant look tight and supple, as all the plucking can cause a little bit of sagging. Vitamin E is also used as a natural preservative just like vitamin C.

Janie Schmidt really did her research and her genuine concern for her family’s health shows in the overall concept and ingredient list of her brand. She made sure to not only focus on the odor stopping function of deodorant but also took into consideration the damage our underarms get when we go through hair removal procedures.

If you are looking for a plant-based stick deodorant, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant is a brand you should check out. I’d love to tell you more about why Schmidt’s is amazing but it would be an endless thing and I would like to share more with you. If you want to read the full review, click here.

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Malin + Goetz Deodorant
Click image for more details.

5. Malin + Goetz Deodorant

As a favorite brand of many people for decades, I just had to understand what the craze was all about. all top picks on deodorants, be it male or female, always had Malin and Goetz as one of (if not the) top picks on their publications (online or offline like magazines).

Don’t get me wrong, as you may wonder why I included a slightly expensive brand on this list. Well, I decided to keep this list balanced and have the best of the best with a full range of prices. Malin and Goetz is still affordable, but not as cheap as other brands.

Some brands (not on this list of course) often have flashy, colorful, and uniques marketing for their deodorants but is usually a flash in the pan because as soon as you use them, they end up a failure and gets thrown straight to the bin. This brand is unique. It takes everything a step further by being simple yet posh and it works (which is the most important thing for me to be honest).

I put Malin and Goetz on this list because they have been a tried and tested brand that has been here for more than a decade and has a solid customer reach, most of which are return customers. Plus the fact that there are lots of reasons to love this brand. Read more as I will explain.

Aside from using the surnames of its founders as the name of their brands, Malin and Goetz is unique because their translucent stick is so smooth that it glides on your skin, leaving it fresh and cool all day. Most deodorant sticks I’ve tried are so hard (they’re not on this list of course).

This deodorant leaves your skin cool all day because of the unique eucalyptus blend that doesn’t sting at all! This is the perfect deodorant to use during summer because it can get hot and sticky during this season. It’s best to use cooling products.

This brand is also honest with its costumers. No lies, no “more-than-one-day” protection nonsense (as most don’t really stay on that long). Malin and Goetz guarantees that their deodorant will keep your armpits smelling good all- day. They also remind you that if you are an active person, you might have to reapply it especially after you clean up and bathe.

If you’re looking for a good cooling deodorant, try out Malin and Goetz. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed. To read my full review on this product, please click here.

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Now that you’ve read the different natural deodorant brands, I’m sure you won’t have such a hard time choosing the perfect one for you. I love that I get to find all these brands to recommend to you because at the end of the day, I just want you to use the best products that won’t harm your skin.

Going all-natural and making the switch isn’t that hard after all. I’d like to thank you for reading and for learning more about the different brands I included on the list above. If you have any questions, please feel free to check the FAQ section below or to leave me a comment that will be answered as soon as possible.

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1. How do I reduce “chicken skin” and black marks on my underarm?

“Chicken skin” is what people call the bumps that have ingrown hair or dirt inside that is formed when you pluck or shave your armpit hairs. The easiest solution is to change the hair removal procedures you do on that area. I can say this from personal experience.

When I was in my early years in college, I used to have a lot of ingrown hairs and I even had to undergo minor surgery because at one point, an ingrown hair caused an infection and the doctor had to remove it. So I said “what am I doing wrong?”.

This was not even the least of my problems. I also had chicken skin plus some dark spots caused by all that plucking. I then (slightly embrassed at this point,) asked the doctor what I could do to “fix” my underarms.

Her answer was to either get laser hair removal instead of plucking or shaving, or try sugaring which is similar to waxing but no heat is applied. The was is just warm and stretchy and is able to remove hair without messing up with the growth.

After two months of sugaring, I noticed that everything (no jokes here) changed. Everything improved! From the color of my skin to all the black marks, all gone! Just because I listened to my doctor. My advice to you would be the same, scrap the shaving and plucking and try other methods of removing hair.

2. I feel a lump on my armpits after using natural deodorant. What should I do?

Usually, those lumps are caused by clogged pored or ingrown hair, so the best thing to do is to not use any products at least three hours after any hair removal procedure. This allows the pores to rest and for the swelling to subside. Also, if this continues after you follow this advice, then it must be something in your deodorant. Stop using it immediately and go to your dermatologist.

I am not a doctor so I will never tell you to do home remedies especially if it is a bump because the last time I had experienced something similar, I had to have minor surgery due to pus buildup on the affected area. Not really the best experience, but at least I learned a lot.

3. How many times do I apply deodorant in a day?

When using organic and natural deodorants, you’ll end up using more at first then gradually less and less product as yuo go through the complete detoxification process. This is because your body would’ve adjusted to the new product and would generally smell less than it did before even with all that sweat.

Remember, deodorants are made with ingredients that help neutralize the smell by killing the bacteria that feed off sweat and produce the foul odor we know and hate. The difference between over-the-counter deodorants and the natural ones I recommend is the ingredient list they have. The stuff on this list is natural and plant-derived (although not all are vegan).

4. What type of deodorant is the best to buy and why?

It really depends, to be honest. I love cream deodorants because they have multiple purposes (like Lume) and they can be shared because there is almost no skin contact with the applicator. You only put a bit on your finger and spread it on your underarms.

The best travel companion would be the compact stick deodorants because they do not leak, spill, or break. Stick deodorants are generally lighter although not all people like this type because it can lather thick on the skin.

It really depends on what you are comfortable using. Check all the deodorants out and see which one your body loves. Another thing to check is if the packaging complies with your airport safety standards because you can’t have your deodorant confiscated right before you go off to a place where you might not be able to get the same brand.

5. Can deodorants prevent excessive sweating too?

As I explained above, the main difference between deodorants and antiperspirants are their functions. Deodorants can help reduce sweating by adding ingredients that can absorb moisture, but it can never do the same job as an antiperspirant does. If you’re going for no sweating at all, then (sadly) you have to get a mix of the two products as antiperspirants are usually chemicals that plug pores temporarily to stop sweating.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with using any antiperspirants as studies show that there is no correlation between the aluminum chloride and the diseases these “natural” websites say that cause serious diseases like Alzheimer’s or even cancer. There is no truth to those claims and there is little to no correlation at all.

6. Do I also apply natural deodorant as thickly as I applied my old products?

Do you know what’s interesting? When it comes to all-natural products, the “less is more” approach seems to be what works for me and for anyone who makes the switch from their old over the counter stuff. Contrary to what people believe (that natural products are “weaker”), these organic deodorants work wonders after a detox and are as effective as their old stuff.

The only difference is, no aluminum and other potentially “harmful” chemicals. Although I personally did my research and can say that there is no harmful effects when using those antiperspirant/deodorants, who am I to stop you if you want to use natural products, right?

It your body and it is your choice on what to do and what products to use so I will support any decision you make and do my best to recommend the best products you can use. As a person who is kinda obsessed with my underarms smelling good, you’ll discover that most (if not all, it depends on the person, really) of my recommendations work 100%.

7. Why is detox really important? Why can’t I skip it?

Never skip detox! Never! Although it might sound like I am exaggerating, I really mean it. Detoxifying your underarms help your body (you underarms, mainly) adust to the lack of chemicals that plug your pores. Some people discover that after detox, they barely even need deodorant.

Never skip this process because it works wonders on the skin and on the smell in general. You will find that this detox isn’t hard at all, you just have to be very consistent for a month. It is always worth it. I have never heard any complaint from anyone who detoxed their armpits.

8. Can natural deodorant stain clothes?

Sadly, yes. I am very honest when it comes to my reviews and opinions because I never want to mislead anyone. I always make it a point to be “real” because we can always find solutions to these stains. It’s all about acting fast and washing your clothes very well after you’re done using it.

Some natural deodorants can stain the clothes because of how your sweat reacts to their ingredients, or it can be that some ingredients (especially those on natural stick deodorants), trap dirt and body oils so it forms a yellow layer on the clothes that may be unnoticeable at first, but can lead to you throwing your shirt out later.

The solution to this is soaking your clothes in warm water after using it and putting a bit of stain removing gel or solution directly on the clothes itself. Check out the link above as I have recommended the best methods that you can do to make sure you never have yellow stains on any of your clothes.

Another simple solution (but kind of complicated too) is to change the product you are using. The problem here is that you have to go through the process of hunting for a product that works as well as your old one but without all those stains. It’s a bit of a tedious process and that’s why I mentioned that it is kind of complicated too.

9. Can I still use antiperspirants with my deodorant sometimes?

Who says you can’t? You can use them together because antiperspirants are usually applied at night while deodorants are applied in the morning so there won’t be any risk of the two products mixing. Also, if you sweat a lot or have hyperhidrosis, using these antiperspirants are inevatable. But if you are ok with sweat but want good smelling armpits, then you can choose to stick with deodorants.


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I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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