Top 6: The Best Natural Deodorants For Men—Debunking The “Caveman” Myth

It’s always a HUGE misconception—men should smell like a “man” and not some perfumed stuff. But what should a “man” smell like? Should they necessarily smell bad? I don’t think so, and many men in the world may think the same way as I do. Fun fact did you know that depending on your jeans (for males), your sweat can actually smell like onions or can smell like vanilla, according to a study.

So I decided, why not make a list of the best natural deodorants for men? I mean, let’s all start by creating a fun and nature-friendly list that men can love and enjoy, fully debunking the caveman myth or what I’d like to call “the myth of the stinky man”. I’m sure many people would love that, right?

For starters, I’ll discuss everything there is to know about deodorants and the preparation you have to take when ditching your old products for these new (and awesome) natural products. In this article, you will discover the wonders of underarm detox, types of deodorants, and all the best products that you can use to prevent the dreaded body odor.

men running
Men sweat a lot too, whether it be exercise or just because it’s a warm day.
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Are you in a rush perhaps? Here is one of my top picks on this list.

Are Antiperspirants Dangerous? Are They Also Deodorants?

There has always been this scare going around the internet or even offline on the scary and undesirable side-effects antiperspirants allegedly have on your body. Truth be told, there is still not enough proof to link these horrible illnesses to antiperspirants at all.

That’s why I wanted to put this thought and explanation here because I do understand we want to all use natural and eco-friendly products but we don’t want to do this based on stuff that has absolutely no proof yet. The best way to make the switch is to simply think that you’d want fewer chemicals on your skin, and that’s alright.

I respect everyone’s decisions so I will support your journey towards more natural products so here you go, a list that will only be filled with the best stuff. I mean, I’d only really put the stuff that not only works but has really good benefits that your skin can get when you use these products.

What makes antiperspirants “harmful”? Why do people scare us about these ingredients? Well, upon researching, I found that people often point to aluminum chloride being the dangerous component behind ever over-the-counter antiperspirants. What I find more dangerous is the nasty stains they can leave, to be honest.

There are always simple and easy solutions for yellow stains, as long as you address the problem immediately. Now going back to aluminum chloride, many people say that this ingredient can cause dementia, Alzheimer’s, and many more frightening medical conditions.

I read some articles that even claim that the aluminum poisons you as your body absorbs it. But the reality is, you get aluminum from other sources and there is no chance of poisoning when using these products. The clogging of pores is only temporary, you just have to stop applying for a few days and you’ll notice that you’re sweating again.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with using natural stuff too. Some people just don’t want to block their pores and that’s fine. Some people who have hyperhisrosis end up using these products to help stop the sweat, because it gets in the way of their day-to-day lives, plus overly sweating can be quite embarrassing.

That said, many people have been looking for a solution to speed up the process, to help their bodies adjust faster, or to simply provide a cleansing ritual that can help lessen the bad smell when transitioning as it is part of the entire process. Thank goodness there’s underarm detox. Read more below to learn more about this method.

What Is Underarm Detox and Why You Should Love It

There are many different things that come to mind when you say “detox”. It has been a trend in different circles both offline and online, with lots of people getting into it like a fad diet (which it really is, by the way). But what does it mean when I say “underarm detox”? Does this mean you have to buy these expensive equipment like slow juicers?

Of course not! Compared to the traditional knowledge of what detox is, underarm detox is way different than your typical juice cleanse. In fact. it may be one of (if not) the cheapest detox programs you’ll ever get yuorself into. No medications, no juice cleansing, no expensive equipment. In fact, you only need three ingredients.

Below is the step by step process of how to go through your underarm detox successfully:

1. Buy the ingredients

It may sound funny but I really meant detailed when I said I would make the instructions this way. Before starting any detox program, it is essential to have all you “equipment” ready. In this case, you only three ingredients! You have to get calcium bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water.

Now getting a bit of those is one thing. You have to get enough ingredients to last you for a month to save you time and energy from having to go to the store. I suggest getting 500 grams of bentonite clay, 1 liter of apple cider vinegar, and a few bottles of distilled water. That’s it, really simple.

Bentonite clay has many uses aside from your detox. You can make facial masks that help tighten your pores. You can use it on your legs to have smoother skin (just mix it with rose water) and even use it to make all-natural toothpaste. You don’t have to worry about anything going to waste.

Apple cider can also be used for cooking, for making your morning fat burning drink, and many more. Anything you use for this detox has other purposes and can be used for a lot of things. That’s what I love about underarm detox. Unlike fruites that can go bad, nothing in the ingredient list will rot.

2. Make the paste

Now that you have all the ingredients as I have suggested above, it is time to make the paste. It’s really simple, you have to mix all the ingredients (well not literally everything, just a bit) in a plastic or glass/ceramic bowl and apply on your skin. Some people even apply it on their feet because why not, right?

So prepare your glass or plastic bowl (never metal because it might react to the mixture) and mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of distilled water, and a tablespoon of calcium bentonite clay. Mix them well so that there are no clumps and make sure that the consistency is similar to yogurt. You may add a bit more clay if it’s too watery.

Always throw away the leftovers (or use them for a foot mask or something). never reuse your mixture for the next day as this might affect the quality of your detox mix and it may be exposed to other factors like dirt and dust which can ruin the effectivity of the mixture. Don’t worry, that ration is usually enough for your underams and you wouldn’t really waste anything.

3. Apply Consistently

The secret to a successful detox is not really the bentonite and vinegar mixture. It is the consistency of applying it everyday that really guarantees a smooth transition to more natural products. For some, they continue this process ever other week even after the prescribed four-week program just because of the benefits they get from applying the paste.

You may only do the once-every-other-week applications after you have successfully done the detox because there won’t be much stuff to clear anymore. You’d probably do this as a healing routine for your underarms as the mixture also helps tighten pores. It can also help deep clean the area especially if you grow your underarm hair.

Types of Deodorant

yes, there is more than one or two kinds of deodorants in the market, and I think it would be best for you to know about each and every single one of them and why it’s good (or bad) to use them. So I made sure to do research so I explain everything well. You’ll notice that you will see all these types on the list of natural deodorants I made for you.

1. Roll-on deodorants

Roll-ons are always top of my list when it comes to deodorant types because it is what you see first in malls or wherever a deodorant is sold. It’s that or sticks but that’s for later. We have to stick to roll-ons (pun intended). Roll-ons are pretty simple—they’re glass or plastic containers with a rolling ball attachment on top that thinly distributes deodorant liquid on your armpits.

Roll-on deodorants are perfect for first-time deodorant users as it is usually mess-free, easy to use, and they’re often affordable. Since I promised I won’t sugarcoat and give you some cons on each type, roll-ons can be a problem when dropped because the ball can get loose (due to the sides of what keeps it in place having cracks) which can cause leaks and spilling.

2. Invisible solid or stick deodorants

The second most popular deodorant award goes to the invisinle solid or stick deodorants because they’re usually side-by-side with roll-on deodorants and can actually (arguably) be the top of the list as a lot of people love sticks more than roll-ons because there will never be any fear of leaking or spills.

Stick deodorants are literally just tubes of deodorant with a knob at the bottom that you twist to lift the stick up and use the tip on your underarms. It’s a good travel companion because sticks are usually light. Natural deodorants usually use less plastic for their packaging which is a bonus because the overall product won’t be bulky at all.

These stick deodorant are really good except when they’re about to run out because they are prone to cracking and crumbling ehich is really a waste in my opinion. Towards the end of my usage, I usually have the next stick ready because you never know with these deodorants, some crumble some don’t but you never want to not have any deodorant on so it’s better to be safe.

3. Gel or cream deodorants

Gel or cream deodorants are basically what I call the melted invisible solid deodorants. They are similar to the touch when applied on the underarms and when it sets but the difference is, these deodorants are creamier, they come in tubes or jars, and can be applied with your fingers or an applicator dedending on the brand you get.

Gel or cream deodorants are the perfect travel companions because they come in thin tubes and are usually very light and spill-proof so you won’t have to worry about leaks and deodorant cream all over your luggage. The only not so good thing about cream deodorants are the ones that you have to use your fingers to apply. It can be messy and the cream get get stuck under your nails. The easiest solution is to just wash your hands after putting on the deodorant.

4. Spray-on deodorants

The recent game-changer in the world of deodorants, the spray-type deodorant is popular among athletes because it has no contact with the skin when applying so it can easily be shared. I notice that most yoga studios and even gyms have this deodorants available for its members to use in the locker/changing room.

Why I love these deodorants? easy. These deodorants are very light, you only need a spray (or two), and despite the bulkiness, they can fit most gym bags and not add on too much weight. Con would be if you drop the bottle and the applicator broke or if punctured, the bottle will not work anymore.

5. Crystal deodorants

In Asia, (especially in the Philippines) they already have stuff they use on their underarms which is called tawas. This type of deodorant comes in the form of a translucent rock or in powder form, is odorless, and is very cheap. So it’s safe to say that among all types of deodorant, the crystal ones are the cheapest.

The best part of having a crystal deodorant is that they literally last you forever, they’re affordable, and the modern versions of these deodorants actually have a scent ranging from citrus notes to floral ones that people can choose from. A single deodorant has more chances of breaking than you actually being able to finish a whole pack/bottle.

Best Natural Deodorants For Men

It’s only fair that men get the best deodorant like women too. All these natural deodorants are loved by men both offline and online and this list is a result of research and reading tons of review online because I only want the best for my readers. Here are my top picks:

1. Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

People can be very sensitive to scents, yes, even from essential oils. So more and more people are now making the switch to more natural and unscented deodorants. This is because they want to avoid the horrible allergic reactions they experience when using these scented deodorants.

Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant
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They get rashes, boils, bumps, and even dark spots from all the scratching when they use other deodorants. That’s why I highly recommend Nasanta Deodorant and is also the same reason why it’s at the top of my list. It is one of the best deodorants to use as it is so mild even if it is odor-free.

There is sadly not much information on the history and the founders of Nasanta online. The brand seems to only be focused on the benefits their deodorant can give to their customers. I only found tons of reviews on this deodorant, which helped me decide if it was indeed list-worthy. The reviews were mostly (if not all) positive and everyone couldn’t stop raving about Nasanta.

From what I’ve researched and read, Nasanta is an Australian brand and comes in a simple glass bottle with a glossy gray sticker on the bottle. Nasanta is not only mild because they claim to be mild, but they are also clinically tested and certified, plus the fact that this brand is odor-free. Nasanta is free from any aluminum chloride or related chemicals so there is no pore-plugging involved, just killing the odor-causing bacteria.

This product id also baking soda free. Why? Because baking soda is one of the leading causes of allergies for some people. Nasanta didn’t want to make different “strengths” of deodorants. They wanted one variant so they skipped and ditched the baking soda and instead used milk of magnesia to fight off the bacteria.

The enitre deodorant ended up a milder version than their competitors, easily making the brand earn five-star reviews from people who test out different deodorant brands to bloggers who have really sensitive skin. They are also very honest with their product and tell their consumers that because their stuff is mild, it might not last long on the skin and has to be reapplied.

Nasanta claims to protect your underarms for only 12 hours. It doesn’t give you any ridiculous claims like 1-week protection which your old store-bought antiperspirant/deodorants often guarantee (and always fail) to protect your underarms from bad odor.

At a minimum, assuming you have a 9-5 sedentary lifestyle, you only ever have to apply Nasanta twice a day. if you’re a gym bug and always goes to the gym before and after work, you may have to reapply after every bath to ensure that you won’t stink. Because it is chemical-free, Nasant doesn’t “stick” to your skin, it is easily scrubbed and washed off by soap and water.

Nasanta is an awesome brand to choose because it is aluminum chloride-free which means you have no clogged pores, but you should rejoice because you won’t have any yellow stains because antiperspirants usually stain your clothes because the chemical’s reaction when it mixes with your sweat. No more throwing out your favorite shirt and no more using tough stain removers!

If you are trying to find a very mild aluminum and baking soda-free deodorant, Nasanta is a good choice. Just make sure you complete your four-week detox program and you’re all set in using this amazing deodorant (or any product on this list to be honest). Nasanta is one of the best deodorants for very sensitive skin.

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2. Real Purity Deodorant

Real Purity Deodorant
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When it comes to the “OG” or the original organic deodorants, Real Purity is surely old but gold. This is one of the, if not the first brand of natural deodorant in the market. They have been the favorite of many for decades and I don’t see the love for this brand ever fading away because if one thing, this product (and their other products), work.

Real Purity has been a popular brand since the ’80s (yes, they are older than some millennials). It is definitely a time-tested brand because no natural deodorant would be alive and popular for decades if their formula didn’t work. Actually, production became an issue at one point because people couldn’t stop hoarding their products.

This brand was all started by an innovative woman, Virginia Easterling, who was a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician. She used beauty products regularly for herself and her clients and often wondered if there were more chemical-free options that weren’t as bad for the skin.

At that time, this thinking was unusual because nobody really cared or thought about “prganic” or “natural”. Starting Real Purity from scratch was a gamble for Ms. Easterling and a gamble she won, because this family-owned business is thriving decades after she put it up.

Virginia started making basic products, she launched some personal care products and their ever-famous roll-on deodorant. It took them a long while to launch new products because they didn’t have any need to. They decided to make an invisible solid stick deodorant in 2013 which became a hit as both new and old customers loved it.

There’s no sense in being the first in the market if you’re not an effective product. This is what sets Real Purity apart from other “OG” or original brands. It also isn’t about having “natural” or “organic” printed on the brand’s label. Real Purity proves all their claims with lab tests and clinically certified formulas. people nowadays really do their research before buying products, so these certificates and proven claims are everything.

Real Purity won (and is still winning) the hearts of these well-researched consumers because of their high standards and their commitment to providing only the best products by their strict selection of ingredients that they use for their deodorants (and other products of course).

This brand doesn’t use artificial scents or perfume in their deodorant, because these types of artificial stuff are the main cause of a lot of bad allergic reactions like rashes, sneezing fits, and even yellow stains in clothes, which are so hard to remove.

Real Purity only uses pure essential oils. What makes them unique is their detailed ingredient list, as they really put into detail their ingredient list, not saying just “essential oil” or “added fragrance” on the back of the bottle. You’ll actually see what essential oil was used as they want full transparency on their stuff.

This deodorant doesn’t have an overpowering smell, it has a subtle and calming scent that is perfect for people who love wearing their favorite perfume. Your deodorant will not blend with the perfume your wearing but it will definitely protect you from smelling bad.

it would be best to buy more than one bottle when it comes to Real Purity because they always run out of stock because love hoarding (which is sort of an understatement) bottles of this deodorant because they work wonders on not only keeping you smelling fresh but also because it keeps you smelling good despite the sweating (because of no clogged pores).

Remember that before you start using Real Purity, you have to make sure you have fully read, followed, and finished your four-week detox program because this will help improve the effectiveness of any natural deodorant you use, especially Real Purity.

Since this product doesn’t have any aluminum chloride or related chemicals, Real Purity will not clog your pores, so expect all the sweating to happen when you’re off your old product. Just don’t expect any body odor because this brand (literally) has you covered.

If you have hyperhidrosis or if you sweat a lot, I suggest using sweat-proof tees to help you with sweat marks. Waffle knitted shirts can be perfect too because the shirt’s structure can keep you naturally cool and dry all day. You can also opt to use antiperspirants the night before. But if you don’t want all those chemicals, it’s fine as well.

Choose Real Purity if you want to use a mildly scented and very effective deodorant that has been time-tested and has been (and still is) the favorite of a lot of people around the world because of their organic and all-natural approach in making deodorants.

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3. Nuud Deodorant

Great gifts come in small packages and that’s how it is with Nuud Deodorant, plain and simple. This deodorant is every traveler’s dream because of the power it packs in such a small reddish-pink tube. Never underestimate this brand, I tell you.

Nuud Deodorant
Click image for more details.

Are you on the lookout for a good deodorant brand that you can bring on your travels? Especially on times where you have to go backpacking? Well, I’m sure that most of you are looking for this type of deodorants so the answer I have is Nuud. Main reason why this little guy is on this list.

This 20ml tube will bring you an odor-free day that you will love using it and forget your old products a month into adjusting to your new Nuud deodorant. It is spill-proof so no worries about leaks in your bag and it is so small it passes airport safety standards worldwide.

How does a 20ml tube fit my month-long vacation? A friend asked me this same question after I talked to him about Nuud and my answer was simple and direct—Nuud is the only deodorant in this list in a concentrated form. It is as effective as your regular deodorant but in very small doses.

You, therefore, save on space but save your pits from smelling terrible as well. Who says go big or go home? When it comes to deodorants, being compact and travel-friendly is everything. One application of Nuud will last you a long time. Some people, claim that they only reapply after 3-7 days even with regular showering and sports.

Showering and stuff don’t affect the effectiveness of this deodorant because of all the ingredients they use. This deodorant, by the way, was produced in the Netherlands a couple of years ago and is quite an innovative brand in the market, which made me want to have it in almost all of my deodorant recommendation lists.

If you haven’t been convinced yet, imagine this, compare your 20ml Nuud tube with your stick or jar deodorants which can both break and spill in your bag when travelling. Nuud is definitely the better and more compact option here. I’d definitely choose Nuud over other brands (or my old checmical-filled brands) any day.

What makes Nuud uniques is the micro silver they put as part of their ingredient list. Compared to other brands, Nuud decided to ditch the baking soda and other chemicals and go for micro silver which kills lots of odor-causing bacteria without having harsh effects on the skin.

Micro silver acts as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial component in Nuud. So much goodness and is a total wholesome ingredient if you ask me. The other ingredients Nuud added are mainly for healing dry and broken skin due to hair-removal procedures. If you like growing your underarm hair, then the other ingredients will just make your skin softer.

The other more moisturizing ingredients Nuud has are almond and castor oil which not only moisturizes your skin but also leaves it very soft and smooth. Nuud also adds zinc oxide which protects your skin from any allergic reactions like rashes or red burning spots. Zinc oxide protects your skin by creating a protective layer when applied on your underarms.

If you are looking for a travel and specifically backpacking-friendly deodorant, Nuud is the way to go. This tiny red tube packs a big punch in fighting bad odor and dry skin on your underarms. I highly recommend this brand when it comes to gel/cream type deodorants.

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4. Primal Pit Paste (P3)

Primal Pit Paste (P3)
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Primal Pit Paste or also known as P3 is a very popular brand especially when you visit different sites that promote natural deodorants. If you haven’t heard of it, then you must have been late to the news of this awesome deodorant. Now is the perfect time for you to “meet” Primal Pit Paste.

All-natural deodorants at times, like the essential part of launching their products—they don’t quite explain how each of the ingredients in their products works. So for most people, they don’t quite understand how baking soda works and why they add to their deodorants. Baking soda, in plain and simple terms just neutralizes the odor and never masks it.

P3 never makes any fake statements on their products. I love the pit paste because it perfect for people who really want to go chemical-free. Primal Pit Paste is not only all-natural, but they are also certified non-GMO and organic and has added Vitamin E which not only acts as a stabilizer by preserving your product but also moisturizing your skin whenever you use the paste.

On the packaging, Primal Pit Paste comes in a jar with a black twist off lid. It is, as I mentioned above on cream deodorants, the type you use your fingers to apply on your underarms. The consistency of this pit paste is similar to a more “melted” version of a balm or salve but is not too watery because of the beeswax added to the paste itself.

Primal Pit Paste does not limit you when it comes to their variants. They have different “flavors” as they’d like to call the different scents and although they have a lot of feminine scents like lavender, jasmine, and rose. But don’t worry! All their stuff can be used by men too (who says you can’t enjoy lavender, right?).

They have seaside, which would make you feel like you were at the beach, under the shade, and enjoying a cooling drink. It is a refreshing “flavor” I highly recommend. They have Wild Woods, which is earthy and would give you a feel of nature, which is calming, grounding, and comforting.

They have some unique “flavors” too. They have a palo santo blend which is the essence of palo santo mixed with vetiver and frankincense which has a woodsy scent to it with some sweet notes naturally coming from the scents itself.

Some summery favorites are either orange-vanilla or coconut lime. Coconut lime makes you feel like you are on a tropical island sipping from a freshly opened coconut or probably a mojito, or both. It really feels so refreshing when you put it on your skin.

Orange-vanilla is a pretty interesting variant because it makes you feel like your primal pit paste is more of a dessert than a deodorant you’re not supposed to eat (please don’t try). it literally smells like a creamsicle and is popular with both male and female customers of this brand.

They have a tea-inspired flavor, which actually reminds me of Japan. This “flavor” or variant is called Mellow Matcha. Matcha flavored stuff usually (and not literally) hits you in the face screaming “I AM MATCHA”. But not this one though, (and thus the name mellow) because the matcha is subtle, like a warm cup of comforting matcha tea.

Primal Pit Paste also believes in keeping things simple so for people who don’t like scents or who have very sensitive skin can choose to buy their unscented variant. Even though everything is organic, some people have really bad reactions to essential oils and don’t want to take the risk so they gave them this option.

aside from having many flavors, P3 has different kinds of each depending on the amount of baking soda used. They have light, regular, and stong vaiants of each flavor, regular being the first one everybody should buy as it is sort of the “baseline” you’d need when switching to P3.

Primal Pit Paste recommends using the regular variant to check whether your skin can take the amount of baking soda present in their paste. If you feel any itchiness or see redness on your underarm, it is recommended to use the light variant. For some that feel like the regular isn’t doing much work at all are recommended to get the strong variant. Most people actually stick to the regular.

Primal Pit Paste is perfect for those who want a salve-like deodorant which has many variants to choose from. Aside from being natural, this deodorant is also non-GMO and organic certified so if this is what you’re looking for, try this brand out. I’m sure you will have no regrets.

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5. Lume Deodorant Lotion

Lume Deodorant Lotion
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I never laughed so hard after watching a commercial on Lume deodorants. I can safely say that their wacky antics truly make them a unique deodorant. They really never fail to emphasize that some people don’t only have stinky underarm problems, they also have the dreaded body odor down south in the crotch area or what they call “stinky bits”.

So what I say is always the same—if you want to try a natural and unique deodorant, try Lume. I’m that straightforward because I believe that every natural deodorant should be that direct too. That’s why i really loved how they advertised Lume. Musical and artsy, but always straight to the point.

This brand doesn’t give you a colorful description of what their brand is, they only tell you that they aim to address the root cause of your odor issue—which is killing all that bacteria up here or down there without harming your skin. Lume is definitely on this list because it works but also because I love how they deal with a problem so simply and so directly plus it is a multifunctional deodorant after all.

Most deodorants are only limited to using them for your armpits, and I would never recommend that you try them on other parts of your body because you might get a bad allergic reaction. Who would want that right? Lume can be used not only on the crotch but also on your feet too!

The crotch and the feet are not really “target” areas by deodorant manufacturers so people are forced to be creative in masking the odor. Some use foot powder which can smell very bad plus all that white powder when you remove your shoes. It can be awkward because everything is caked in powder but it can be embarrassing when in public.

So to be able to use Lume in different areas, it is definitely formulated and tested to be so mild you can put it near your privates and you butt with no fear of any burning sensation or checmical burns or rashes. That’s why their funny tagline goes: “for everyone’s pits and stinky bits” because Lume really addresses your stinky bits and really eliminates all that (bad) odor.

Lume is not pronounced as “loom” like weaving loom but is pronounced like “loo-me” with me sounding like me in “you and me”. This can be confusing but it’s fun letting people know how to pronounce this brand correctly. Nevermind how you pronounce it though because the brand speaks for itself because of its effectivity.

This brand was actually started not by an angry person who was sick and tired of deodorants not working for her but was started by a gynecologist (what?!). Dr. Sharon Klingman, who was treating lots of women who were misdiagnosed with vaginosis, wanted to find out why these women had stinky bits and how she could help to solve this problem.

She did a ton of research (as many doctors would do) and discovered that if the bad odor isn’t caused by vaginosis (as many women tested negative for it and yet had a “stench”), it is most likely caused by the same or similar bacteria that causes bad underarm odor.

Imagine these women given all these antibiotics or even topical medication to treat something that could’ve been treated by something way simpler? Dr. Klingman thought so too and that’s why Lume exists and thrives as a brand— because simple problems should always have simple solutions.

She then went home and started thinking, what can she do as a person and especially as a doctor to help these women (and possibly men) out of this horribly stinky situation. She started making the first prototypes of deodorant cream in her kitchen, turning her family members into her human lab rats by testing her formulations out.

After a lot of tries and many comments and suggestions later, people (mostly her friends and family) were satisfied with her formula. She then registered her business, started making small jars of her product, and called it Lume. Now, these jars don’t exist because Lume comes in a tube that you can easily squeeze to apply Lume wherever you want to apply it.

This small business that started in her kitchen became a unique deodorant in the market because no one really made an all-around deodorant. People end up buying three different products for their underarms and feet, and no one quite made anything for the crotch area. Lume was (and still is) truly a revolutionary deodorant.

Lume is not only popular online, offline they are still famous because people can’t stop talking about how effective their deodotant (Lume) is. They can’t stop raving about their crotches not stinking anymore and that they never have problems with stinky feet as well.

This brand also has a unique way of marketing themself. They tell people that they should be called a “pre-odorant” and not a deodorant because they aim to be applied even before the bad odor exits and kill the bacteria so you won’t ever stink, unlike deodorants that neutralize the bad odor. Basically Lume says that they kill off the bacteria and keeps your skin bacteria-free so that there is no bad odor to fight anymore.

Lume is clinically tested safe and mils and is baking soda-free because the founder, Dr. Klingman, knew that most people have a sensitivity to baking soda and that putting this in her products would raise the risk of people having rashes, red marks, burning sensation, and even boils.

Since you apply this near your privates, you wouldn’t want boils or anything burning there would you? Another thing I love about Lume is that it lasts long. One application can protect you for 12-72 hours with no reapplications needed. For busy people, this is a plus because they can’t be bothered to take breaks just for deodorant applications.

If you’re looking for a brand that makes using deodorant so much fin, I suggest that you try Lume. You’ll have absolutely no regrets and no bad odor too. Totally a win-win situation, if you ask me.

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Crystal Body Deodornat
Click image for more details.

6. Crystal Body Deodorant

This is an amazing deodorant that started because a man suddenly had a “eureka” moment on one of his trips abroad. It all started when this man decided togo to France and while he was there discovered that a water treatment facility was safely cleaning their area (and water) by using mineral salts.

The Eureka moment happened and this “aha” turned into a full-blown business that Crystal Body Deodorant is today. He thought that using similar mineral salts on the skin can kill bacteria without harming the person using it at all. So he then went home with this idea and did lots of research.

He researched and later on developed a formula on a solid, crystal-like deodorant and asked his friends if they were willing to test his new product out. It ended up being so successful that his friends started buying more and more until he had to decide to mass-produce his natural deodorants.

He never looked back and kept improving his formulation. Aside from that, he also decided to add more scents into the mix, giving people a lot of options to choose from. Pretty cool, huh?

Small fun fact, in the Philippines, where I gre up in, there’s a similar odorless deodorant called tawas. This deodorant came in crytal or pulverized form but was often too tough and coarse that it can cuase wounds. So it really made me happy when I saw Crystal Body Deodorants because it is a highly-improved version of what I grew up with.

Crystal has similar ingredients but they added natural oils and ammonium alum, the mineral salt responsible for creating a protective layer that shields your skin from odor-causing bacteria. This bacteria is the source of the dreaded “b.o” or body odor nobody wants to have.

Essential oils are used to add the scent and are there to not only make you smell good but are also used for their cleansing and antibacterial properties. Orange peel extract is added for that fresh scent and it also helps make your skin glow as it has a lot of anti-aging properties.

It’s easy to use Crystal Body Deodorants, Just get the tip wet and simply apply on the skin. Let your skin dry and you’re all set to go about the entire day without the fear of smelling bad. You will notice that there is no sticky feeling at all, this is because it doesn’t have any creams, it’s water-based. Plus you smell good because of the essential oils.

The best part of trying out Crystal is that it won’t break the bank. It is the most affordable deodorant in this list and will last you forever. You’d probably end up dropping and breaking your deodorant before you even finish the entire thing.

If you’re looking for an affordable deodorant that will simply keep you smelling good, no-frills, then Crystal Body Deodorant is what you’re looking for. This deodorant will last you two to three years depending on how frequent you use it.

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Being a man isn’t any excuse to be stinky or even not use natural products. We are all human after all, and we all want to not only feel good but also look good. Sometimes, it helps to use these products to feel better the whole day. Using natural products just ensures that you lessen your carbon footprint and that you don’t have all those chemicals on your body (or skin to be exact).

I’d like to thank you for spending time and reading my article. I always do my best to recommend the best products that you will (definitely) love using because it’s not only natural and most-likely plant-based, but it also works wonders on your skin and how you’ll smell the whole day, you basically just have to take your pick.

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This section is created to answer the questions you may have on anything about natural deodorants or anything related to the products above. As I always say, ask away! Don’t hesitate to ask questions as you’ll need all the information when making the switch to more natural products. Also, leave a comment below if you have stuff that you don’t find in this section.

1. Can I make deodorants at home?

Of course, you can! Making your own deodorant is quite easy, but only if you have all the ingredients and a wax melter (or anything similar). You have to get your choice of oils, baking soda (if you’re not sensitive to it), and a wax that will bind all the ingredients together.

Many people opt to buy beeswax, but for vegans who strictly don’t use any animal (or insect) by-products, they replace beeswax with candelilla or carnauba wax. I personally love candelilla wax as it binds everything together, it’s pretty close to the ratio of beeswax used, and it’s not that tough.

It’s simple, you melt everything, mix all the ingredients together, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’re done! Just be very careful with the essential oils because it can cause chemical burns, especially tea tree or any citrus essential oils. Proper dilution is always the key to making awesome homemade deodorants.

2. Can I skip my underarm detox sometimes?

It’s fine for a day, but I really wouldn’t recommend skipping a day when trying to complete your underarm detox because this only lengthens the entire process. After all, the main reason why you wanted to do this detox is to speed up the process of your body adjusting to the natural products, right?

The best thing to do is to set an alarm on your phone daily and making the underarm detox part of your routine so that it’s harder to forget plus just think about all the benefits this detox will do to your skin—tighter pores, no more foul odor, and lighter skin.

3. How do I know if the deodorant truly works? I smell really bad when using my natural deodorant.

Well, you can’t expect overnight results. Natural products don’t work that way because they don’t have harsh chemicals like your old stuff, the exact reason why detox is recommended. Always make sure you did a full detox when switching to any natural deodorant. Only after that can you truly say that the product did not work, in which you can probably get a refund.

Don’t worry, most brands have a 30-day money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work after the four-week detox you can contact them and get all your money back and find another brand that will work for you. All the brands above are effective, but as I always say, it’s like a pair of shoes, you have to find something that will match your body chemistry. It’s all different for everyone as no two persons are the same.

4. How does using more natural stuff reduce my carbon footprint?

It’s true and slightly untrue in some cases. Let me explain. Some all-natural companies claim that you reduce carbon footprint by purchasing their products when in fact, their manufacturing processes contribute to a lot of the pollution too. Some companies fail to inform their consumers of this (conveniently).

Don’t worry all of the brands that I recommend all comply with environmental safety standards and either use recycled paper or plastic for their packaging. All their ingredients are also ethically sourced and fair-trade because we’re also concerned about exploitation that goes beyond our natural resources.

You always have to go beyond the “all-natural” signs on stuff. Like I always tell my vegan friends, not all vegan or cruelty-free stuff is really environmental-friendly. An example can be palm oil or even soy, which causes lots of deforestations in different countries in South America and in Asia.

5. How many times do I apply my deodorant?

Less is more when it comes to natural products because you have already finished the entire detox process and therefore you wouldn’t really smell that bad anymore. At most, you’ll only have to reapply (depending on the brand) after every shower so if you’re an active person, you would most likely have to reapply more than once.

If you are an office-based or if you live a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll most likely apply your natural deodorant once or twice daily because you don’t have to take multiple showers a day and you’ll probably be in an airconditioned room which means not much sweat and not much body odor to fight.

6. Will waxes clog my pores like aluminum chloride?

Absolutely not. The waxes are safe and will never clog your pores, instead they will only help moisturize your skin and also keeps the product stable and solid, which is the main reason it is used anyway. Be it beeswax or any plant-based wax, rest assured you will no longer have clogged pores.

Also, that is why there is always a warning with natural deodorants on sweating. They always say that you will smell good but the sweating will stay the same. So if you have hyperhidrosis, be prepared fo all that sweat to come back when switching to more natural and plant-based deodorants.

7. Since there’s no more aluminum chloride in these deodorants, is there still a chance that it can stain my clothes?

Yes, but not as bad as the aluminum chloride-caused stains. The stains can be caused by the natural oils used in the product and can be easily washed out with soap and water. Like any clothin with stains, always soak the shirt right after using it and make sure to soak it iwth a bit of soap in warm/hot water.

After soaking you may put more soap and use a brush to scrub the underarm area on your shirt, you’ll notice that the stains are barely there and are easily removed. Wash normally, rinse, then dry. That simple! Don’t use bleach as this can turn any white clothes to yellow.


Ready to Make a Change Now?

My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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