Reduce Sweating Naturally: Drink Plenty Of Water

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reduce sweating naturally

As a kid, I did not like to drink water at all. You would not see me drink water very often. Juice, sodas, and all kinds of sweetened drinks were my favorite. However, as I dealt with excessive sweating, I also learned that there is a great way to reduce sweating naturally.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help you reduce sweating, but it does not stop it.

Check out this cool infographic about why drinking water is necessary in the first place.

Where Did I Learn To Drink Water?

I did not learn to drink water just because of my excessive sweating problem. It was years before that problem started, my mother had serious issues with her kidneys and she had to drink lots of water with lemon. That is where I understood that water must be healthy and you should drink it consistently.

After I met my future wife, I figured that she would rarely drink anything else than water, not because she wanted to be healthy, but because she just liked water. After we married, I tried to continue with my sweet drinks.  Eventually, I got tired of it, and before I knew, I would drink water for all meals and even started drinking water between meals.

The taste of water was not so bad anymore, as I had thought before.  In fact, water does not have a taste.  Now, I wanted to drink water. This completely new habit was one that I did not think possible. After almost 10 years of marriage, I still drink my water rigorously. Rarely would you find other drinks in our home. Water is what we have learned to drink and our children seem to agree with that “policy”.

This might sound impossible for you, but it is worth a try. Think about it.

Ok, but my personal story aside. Let me share that I learned after some time that water is a great way to reduce sweating naturally.

How Does Water Reduce Sweating?

In order to understand sweating, we must understand the difference between the eccrine and apocrine glands. The apocrine glands are the ones connected to the adrenaline, per se. The eccrine glands control our body temperature.

Hence, controlling your body temperature will help you control your eccrine sweat glands. If you stay hydrated, your body does not have to work so hard to maintain its temperature and that will reduce sweat gland activity.

If you drink water regularly, your eccrine glands, which are located all over the body, except in your armpits, palms, feet, and other places, will not be as active as if you do not drink water throughout the day.

For you that are suffering from hyperhidrosis, please do not think that drinking water will reduce your heavy sweating problem. The apocrine glands, which are the ones responsible for hyperhidrosis will not be stopped by drinking water. However, if you are doing physical activity, your overall sweating will be reduced if you drink plenty of water.

In the years, after I learned to drink water regularly, I found that sip here and there throughout the day does reduce my heavy sweating problem little to nothing.

The benefit of drinking plenty of water for people suffering from hyperhidrosis is that your sweat will not smell as bad as if you drink too many sweetened drinks or if you do not drink much at all. And that is a plus for heavy sweaters. It seems to be impossible to stay fresh for more than only a few hours, so drinking plenty of water really helps.

Although drinking plenty of water will not stop your excessive sweating problem, there are so many health benefits in drinking lots of water. It is well-known that water is healthy, yet it is easily forgotten.

9 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

1) Water has no calories

Drink as much water as you want, without adding calories. That means, no fat storage for the people struggling with their weight. However, water fills you and leaves you satisfied.

Look at a few drinks with their calories. Consider that some of these drinks make you sweat, and water reduces sweating.

One 8 oz cup of: Milk has as many as 148 calories, soda has 91 calories, a margarita has full 541 calories, cranberry juice has 137 calories.

I prefer to drink water over these sweetened drinks that make my body work hard in order to digest and that can even cause me to sweat more.

And this also leads to the next reason why you should drink water.

2) Drink water to lose weight

Water has no calories, so if you drink plenty of it, you will stay full, as stated before, and you will lose weight.

Did you know that those excess pounds can cause you to sweat? I lost around 40 pounds recently and I found that there is a relation between sweating and weight. Yes, I know, it is not only that.

Consider drinking water to lose those extra pounds and reduce sweating naturally by losing weight.

Water does not help you lose weight, it only helps you to not overeat. 2 cups of water at least 30 minutes before each meal leads to a 44% increase of successfully lose weight, according to studies.

3) Maintain a good balance of fluids by drinking water

As said before, by staying hydrated, your body does not have to work too hard to maintain body temperature, because the fact of the matter is that blood, which is made up of water, transports all nutrients to each and every cell in our body.

Water is, therefore, a medium of transportation. It carries the nutrients to the cells and takes away the wastes that are left in the body, including toxins.

Toxins are constantly flushed through your sweat glands, urine, and breathing, so why not drink enough water to maintain this healthy balance of fluids in your body?

Blood circulates through our body and reaches the cells that are in the farthest corner and provides them with oxygen.  This process is easier when provided with enough water and fluids.

4) Water Energizes Muscles

Muscles that are not given fluids, shrink down. And that can hurt. Doing exercise frequently, but not drinking enough water causes your muscles to become stressed and fatigued.

Give your muscles a break with a sip of water if you sit long hours in front of your computer. Tone up your muscles.

It is even recommended to drink at least 2 cups of water around 2 hours before you go to the gym to do your workout. That helps with your muscles. Also, drink water during your routine.

5) Rejuvenize your skin

Stay young by drinking water. Wait, don’t expect to have your face look like a 15-year-old if you will drink lots of water. However, the skin is made in part of water, so getting enough water, makes your skin shine and look good.

If you have dry skin, it could have to do with the weather, as it is commonly believed. However, don’t forget that drinking water regularly means a lot to your skin. It can take weeks and months before you will see a difference, but if you stick to drinking water, expect your skin to improve.

Many people complain of sensitive skin, especially when it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants. Could drinking water play a role in it? Just a little food for thought.

6) Improve kidney health

I think I do not need to say much about this. I stated before that my mom had to drink lots of water to improve her kidney health. By drinking lots of water, we help our kidneys to flush down all the wastes that they have to get rid of.

It is said that if you do not drink water chronically, your kidneys will eventually have stones. There is lots of research about kidney stones and studies have found that people that do not drink water have a higher risk of having kidney stones.

So drink water frequently to improve kidney health.

7) Bowel movements improved by drinking water

Our colon pulls water out of the food wastes that we eat in order to function properly. And we ask we are constipated? If there are too little fluids in your intestines, that will lead to hard stools.

Our digestive system needs lots of fluids to use the fiber which acts as the broom in your intestinal tracts.

Who wants to be constipated? Nobody. Water, which has no calories will do the trick in many cases.

8) Water prevents headaches

Just like water reduces sweating naturally because you have enough fluids going through the body to keep you hydrated, water makes your circulatory system more efficient.

Blood has to be replenished all the time because the nutrients carried to the cells reduce the volume. Headaches are well-known to be caused by a lack of circulation through your head because your body is so busy looking for fluids that will replenish the blood volume, that it cannot circulate properly.

There is not enough evidence to prove that headaches go away by drinking water, but many people have reported that migraines or headaches were less intense and decreased significantly in length, especially if they were linked to bad circulation.

This is a simple recipe to avoid headaches in the first place, but also reduce their strength and length if you get them.

9) Drinking Water Has A Major Effect On Brain Health

As I said previously, if you up to your water intake, you can reduce headaches, and therefore better your brain health.

Concentration levels are boosted by drinking water frequently. Why else do we have bottles of water standing on the tables during meetings? Is it just polite to put a bottle of water for each participant? Staff members need to stay concentrated and active during the meeting.

Give your brain enough water and it will be vitalized all the time and filled with nutrients that help the connections to stay alive and working.

Tips To Drink Water More Frequently

Now that you know about the benefits of drinking water frequently, it sounds easy to go and drink more water.  However, it is not as easy to do that every day.  We tend to get out of the routine easily.

The hardest thing to do is to drink water frequently. Often we drink a cup of water in the morning and one in the evening before bedtime. But what happens during the day? We tend to forget. However, drinking water throughout the day is probably the time our body needs water more.

Consider that you need to up your water intake to receive the mentioned health benefits, but also to help you reduce sweating naturally.

Here are some tips to help you stay on track with your daily water intake.

  • Vegetables and fruit are made up of water mostly. Eat them and you already get lots of water.
  • Drink plain water all the time, but also drink unsweetened juices, teas, sodas or other favorite beverages so you get the most water possible. Try to avoid those empty calories that you find in these beverages, but you have the option because they are all made of water primarily.
  • Your water bottle needs to travel with you all the time. It is like your phone! Take the keys, phone, wallet, and bottle of water with you everywhere you go.
  • Setting goals can help you up to the intake of water. A new habit is formed within a month, so set goals, stay true to them and in no time you should have a new habit formed.

As you see, water does not only help you reduce sweating naturally, but it also brings you all these health benefits and many more.

I have said before that water helped me reduce my sweating on hot days when I work physically, but it also helped me reduce bad odors. So why not give it a try?

How To Stop Sweating

Since drinking water was not enough for me to stop my excessive armpit sweating problem, I will share with you how I fixed that problem.

I found Sweatblock to be a great clinical strength antiperspirant that you apply approximately once a week to your armpits.  Aluminum chloride will completely block your sweat glands for a few days and you will be able to go completely dry.  I love this product, although I sometimes forget to put it on because I have to do it before bedtime.

If you have a serious sweating problem, it is probably unclear why I can forget to use a product that stops my sweating completely.

That is because I also found the Thompson Tee sweat proof undershirts which have a think pad sewn into the armpits, which soak up all the wetness throughout the day.  And since I have no sweat stains anymore in my armpits, I tend to forget to block my sweat glands in order to go dry.

Both products have been life-savers and I am now more confident than I ever was just because I do not have to fear embarrassing sweat stains.

If you learned something new, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or even a question. I love to hear about your experiences and what you liked about what I just shared with you. Or do you know of someone who might want to read this, please click the social media buttons to share it with them.

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Author: Oscar

Oscar has suffered from excessive underarm sweating for more than half of his life. He struggled for many years with social anxiety because of the embarrassing sweat marks that he always had on his shirts. Nothing helped. He thought he would have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. After years of struggling and even giving up on searching for solutions, he found a solution to his problem. Now he wants to help people around the world who suffer from hyperhidrosis by informing his readers about their condition and showing them what to do about their problem.

4 thoughts on “Reduce Sweating Naturally: Drink Plenty Of Water”

  1. Could you offer any advice on why my hands sweat insanely mainly at work?

    Don’t get me wrong my hands are reasonably clammy most of the time but at work, people don’t really want to use the mouse after me as its soaked in my hand sweat.

    I drink plenty of water and I’m not nervous. Been to the doctors and theve recommended botox. however, I would prefer to have a natural remedy

    1. Hi Steven,

      I am sorry to hear what you are going through.  Having wet hands all the time is very uncomfortable and also embarrassing, as you state.  

      A natural remedy for excessive sweating in your palms is probably not viable.  Sorry that I have to say that.  

      Nevertheless, I do recommend that you do not do Botox injections.  There are other great products that will help you!

      I will provide you with a few links to articles that could be helpful to you:

      Best Alternatives For Botox: Stop Sweating Without Medical Intervention

      What Is ZeroSweat: The Great And Effective Armpit (and Palms) Sweat Stopper

      If you want a quick solution, and do not want to read through these articles, you can go over to the following link and buy a product that is going to stop your palm sweating for good.

      Sweatblock Antiperspirant Lotion for Hands and Feet.

      If you should have any other questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a message.

      I understand your situation very well because I have lived similar experiences over the years.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Oscar!

    I have to admit, I learned something new from your article. I haven’t studied the endocrine system well enough to learn all of the glands and their functions. I also thought (prior to reading) that if you don’t drink enough water, then you wouldn’t have liquid to sweat. I guess I had my philosophy a little backwards. What you’re saying about balancing your temperate to prevent the body from working so hard definitely makes alot of sense.

    Great post. Thanks for teaching me something new.

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      I am always glad to share my knowledge with others.  Since I have lived with excessive sweating for many years, I like people to understand the whole sweating process a little better.  It would have definitely helped me if I had known more about it before.

      And yes, drinking lots of water can definitely help reduce sweating.

      Happy to help,


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