Organic Island Deodorant: 4 Reasons Why You Should Love It

Probiotics and deodorant are two words you don’t often see in the same sentence. Ever. But with organic Island Deodorant, expect the unexpected. As a vegan for two years, I have always wanted to find the perfect product for me. A product that is cruelty-free and doesn’t test on animals and most importantly, a product that works. 

Deodorants protect you from sweat-loving bacteria.
Exercise or any activities that will make you sweat is okay because you’re wearing the best organic deodorant.
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My friend Oscar and I write all about sweat-related stuff including products you can use to beat the sweat and bad body odor. Learn more about how you can successfully live with excessive sweating by reading Oscar’s story here.

Island Deodorants are so amazing because they were able to come up with a product that uses only a few ingredients that people are already familiar with. I will definitely let you know more about this as you read more. Also as we all know, deodorants are way different from antiperspirants, so I won’t be commenting on this brand’s sweat-stopping features. 

In this review, you will appreciate Island deodorants through the brand’s history and you will also know the pros and cons of using this product. 

What are Organic Island Deodorants?

Started by a mother of 3, organic Island Deodorants were started in Florida in 2013. As a mom, the inspiration began years ago when she had her first child.

The entire family decided to start eating more healthy food and got into the habit of using mild and all-natural body products. So one afternoon she suddenly had this sudden idea to make deodorant for her husband.

After using the deodorant, her husband started not smelling bad (as not using deodorant at all would mean that at the end of the day you’ll most likely stink), so she decided that she was on the right track and started making more of these products.

People started trying her deodorant out and they had amazing results saying that it worked for them. Now, organic Island Deodorants are so popular worldwide.

Now, they even have more body care products available like lip balm and body creams that I’m sure are made from all-natural and very mild products like their deodorant.

Pros of Using Organic Island

1. Not Tested on Animals

Yes! Island Deodorants have never been tested on animals. The brand wants to stay vegan as they do not use any animal byproduct as well. So for animal lovers like me, this product is definitely something I’d buy.

2. Has Only 6 or 7 Ingredients

Organic Island deodorants only have six or seven ingredients, depending on the type of deodorant you get. The sensitive deodorants have no baking soda. The ingredients are jojoba oil, candelilla wax, baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, corn starch, and probiotics.

I love this deodorant because they are paraben and sulfate-free, and they only use the best ingredients that are not so hard to find in the market.

3. Has Different Types of Deodorants

They have different deodorants, they have the regular ones that have baking soda, they also have the sensitive one that has zero baking soda and the extra strength baking soda that is the same as the sensitive type but with only a third of baking soda than the regular type.

My personal favorite is the sensitive one with no baking soda because most people tend to have bad reactions to it being present in their personal care products. I’d recommend that you start with this and if it works then you’re all set if not there are more to choose from.

The regular ones are the most common you’d see in stores but because of the baking soda content, a lot of people (customers) requested a milder version and thus the extra strength sensitive was made. It is different from the regular deo because it has more probiotics and essential oils but less baking soda than the regular variant.

4. Uses Eco-friendly Packaging

From the processing of the product to the packaging and even the shipping materials, Island Deodorants make it a point to use only biodegradable or refillable containers. The plastic used for their deo stick can be refillable and some of their products have cardboard packaging.

They use Greenwrap, an eco-friendly paper replacement for bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can be a big source of waste because people throw it away after receiving the package so finding a solution for this is amazing!

Cons of Using Organic Island

1. Sandpaper Consistency

You will find a lot of rave reviews on this deodorant but a lot of people have found the consistency of Island Deodorants to be on the hard or tough side. Some even say that it’s so rough and “sandpapery”.

The deodorants are made in small batches and most people say that the deodorants they get are inconsistent and that the baking soda is not mixed in properly and are in rough clumps that can scratch the skin.

2. You Still Stink

Many reviewers say that you should skip buying this product because it doesn’t keep you from smelling bad. This may be because Island Deodorants don’t have any antiperspirant component in it, due to it being all-natural.

Another factor is that your body chemistry does not react well to the ingredients of this product. So you might want to find another natural deodorant that can work better for you.

But also take note that this product is still a best seller online so it is also working for a lot of people. My theory on that is that those people went through the proper underarm detox before making the switch to all-natural products. Let me explain more.

The bad smell could also be because your armpits are still adjusting to the lack of chemicals from the old products. This is called the armpit’s detoxification process. It takes approximately 5 to even 30 days before your underarm gets used to the all-natural deodorant.

There are many ways to speed up the detox process. You can exfoliate and cleanse your armpits before applying your deodorant. The detox still varies per person and there is still a chance that the product doesn’t work for you.

3. Can Burn or Peel Your Skin

I took the time to read different good and bad reviews to make sure that before you buy your Island Deodorant, you are fully informed and that you are absolutely sure about your purchase.

Sadly, a lot of bad reviews are on the inconsistency of this deodorant and how a lot of people have developed rashes and peeling skin after application. Some of them were really sad because the product was working for them but their skin was peeling. There is also a lack of response to the end of Island Deodorants, which I find disturbing.

The inconsistency happens because they make their deodorants in small batches and they do not standardize the mixing method. This can be a problem in the future especially if many people already experience adverse effects.

4. Stains Your Shirt

Most people avoid antiperspirants and make the switch to all-natural products because their old products would leave terrible yellow stains on their shirts. All-natural deodorant doesn’t have aluminum chloride which your sweat reacts to that forms these ugly stains.

The bad news is, some people who have bought this deodorant have had to throw their clothes out due to the nasty yellow stains. Now we know that it isn’t the aluminum chloride, it puzzles me why these stains still appear.

I checked all the ingredients and I have a theory on what may cause these stains to stick. My idea is that the oils and the shea butter make it easier for the stains to stick on the clothes.

A good solution is to try and soak your shirt in a vinegar-water solution. See if it helps, if not sadly you may have to repurpose or throw away that shirt.


The craze for all-natural products especially deodorants doesn’t seem to end. More and more products are now being made for people who want to ditch their aluminum chloride- filled products.

Aside from learning more on Island Deodorants, you now know if you want to try this product out for yourself. After all, reviews are helpful but at the end of the day, it is up to you, and your body’s reaction to the product, that will determine if you will end up buying it again. That’s why I always say: “why not?”

Organic Island deodorant definitely is worth the try because it does work for many people, else it would not be selling. As with every new product, you need to give it some time and not judge by the first 2 days of application.

I love writing about these products and sharing them with you because I believe that the future is bright for people who sweat excessively and also for those who want to tackle a healthy lifestyle if they know the best products to use that can make them feel comfortable, sweat-free and healthy.

On the other hand, if you choose to use all-natural deodorants and if you’re okay with sweating (albeit profusely), then I also think I should be here to provide you with amazing and affordable choices that you can use.

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