Nuud Deodorant Review: A 10-Ingredient Natural Option

Are you sick and tired of using your bulky and messy deodorants? You want to use all-natural stuff but you find yourself in a (literally) messy situation all the time, from spilling cream to broken deodorant sticks, it can indeed be very stressful.

You can now reach up with confidence knowing that there won’t be bad smell from your underarms.
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Want to learn more about why a friend and I write all about these products or anything sweat -related? Read my friend and co-writer Oscar’s story here.

I decided to make this Nuud deodorant review so that we all learn more about this product and why this deodorant made waves when they launched recently.

In this review, you will learn about the different types of deodorant, what Nuud is and what makes it unique and what I do and don’t like about this brand. Stay tuned and read more.

Types of Deodorant

Many of us grow up to believe that there are only a few types of deodorants in the market, what we don’t know is that there are so many options out there. I am here to share with you the different types of deodorants.

1. Cream/Gel

Cream/gel type deodorants often come in a jar. You apply this deodorant using an applicator or you can use your fingers. Some people may find it sticky but for me, it’s so easy to wash my hands after, so it’s no problem for me at all.

Some of these deodorants come in tubes, just like Nuud Deodorant, which makes everything better as you just have to squeeze a little bit of product out and apply it directly.

2. Spray

Spray type deodorants are commonly seen in gym locker rooms as it is light to carry inside a gym bag and many people can share it. Most gyms have one in every bathroom for their members to use as there is no skin contact because you only need to spray it on.

3. Stick

These are the deodorants I grew up using and I would like to believe that this is the most common deodorant found in the market aside from roll-ons.

The stick deodorant is a solidified mix that is inside a paper or plastic container that has a knob at the bottom that pushes the product upwards. Stick deodorants melt a little bit when applied to the skin, leaving a protective layer that neutralizes odor.

4. Roll-on

Roll-ons are another popular type of deodorant that you usually see. It’s almost impossible to not know what a roll-on is. It is in liquid form inside a plastic or glass bottle with the top having a plastic ball that evenly distributes the deodorant on your skin.

The only downside of using a roll-on deodorant is that if you drop it and the holder of the ball gets a bit loose, then the chance of spillage is high. Especially if you travel with your bottle, and it lies down sideways.

My advice is to be careful of dropping your roll-on and avoid the glass bottled ones when traveling.

5. Crystal

A relatively new concept in some countries but in Asia, crystal type antiperspirant is already a norm, so the launch of crystal antiperspirants isn’t much of a new idea.

Crystal deodorants come in the form of a clear rock/crystal that you slightly wet before lightly rubbing it on your skin. The water-crystal mixture becomes a thin layer that neutralizes bad odor and makes sure you have a stress-free day, not worrying about the smell.

What Is Nuud Deodorant?

Nuud launched in 2018 and is a Dutch company dedicated to reducing the carbon footprints of the products available in the market. They came up with Nuud as a sustainable option for deodorants (yes, even the existing all-natural ones) that people have been using for years.

Nuud Deodorant
Nuud is very sure about the product they offer

“But why make Nuud if there are all-natural alternatives already?”. Nuud is way different than your average deodorant. Aside from having unique ingredients like almond oil and micro silver, Nuud’s packaging (their signature pink tube) is made of recyclable bioplastic from sugarcane.

To make things better, their box is also made out of sustainable materials making the entire product, as they say, “carbon neutral”. Greta Thunberg would definitely approve.

This means that Nuud is way better than your usual all-natural brand. Most brands you use have with unrecyclable cardboard packaging or a plastic bottle that will have no use after you use up your product.

Nuud also has a few ingredients. As I’ve mentioned above it has almond oil and micro silver. But it has a lot more than those two, but a lot less than your average deodorant. It has mineral clay that helps keep your underarm dry, and other oils for added moisture.

This product also has no added fragrance so you will definitely not have any smell after applying. Other people, if they want a good smell on their armpits, combine Nuud with their other natural deodorants made with essential oils. Most people prefer not smelling like anything (especially those with skin problems) and that’s okay as well.

They only use the best ingredients and I must say it can totally be worth the wait (and the international shipping). The fun part about Nuud is their customer service, offering to educate and hear out everyone with questions or possible complaints about the product.

So far most if not all reviews have been awesome and Nuud has kept 400,000 (and counting) armpits free from the bad smell.

Watch the short video below to see another honest review by Naturally Malika, a YouTuber who tries out cruelty-free and vegan stuff and informs her viewers on the effectivity of these products. Take note that she has hyperhidrosis, a condition that makes one sweat more than the average person.

What I Like About Nuud

1. Compact

Nuud is so small! You’re basically lugging a 20ml (20g) tube with you that will last you for more than a month. So no more traveling with a big deodorant stick, spray, or roll-on that all have a high chance of spilling.

This deodorant does not spill because of its awesome tube packaging, won’t weigh much and will guarantee you free from bad smells by magically (it’s the micro silver) removing the bad smell.

2. Lasts Long

Nuud is unique because of all the deodorant brands I’ve encountered, they are the only ones who have said that their product is so good that it can keep a person smelling good for 3-7 days.

Also, less is more when it comes to Nuud. You only need a bit (pea-sized amount) to make it work. That is why a tube lasts for several weeks or even more than a month.

3. Effective After A Scrub

Using your Nuud before any sweaty activity won’t do anything with the effectivity of the product. Scrubbing or sweating won’t just erase the benefits you get from this deodorant.

This is probably because of the product being highly concentrated and the skin absorbing it right away after application. Either way, this just makes Nuud more awesome than your usual deodorant brand.

4. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Nuud claims to be CO2 neutral which means that they do not add to the carbon emissions when they make Nuud. They only use bioplastics for the tube and recyclable cardboard for the box.

If you’re looking for the literal “complete package” I guess Nuud would definitely fit this description. Nothing makes me happier than a product that works on me and is also working for mother earth by not adding to the clutter that destroys it.

5. It works and has only 10 Ingredients

Nuud deodorants have been getting rave reviews because everyone is so surprised that it works despite being in a small tube. The fun fact is that Nuud has 10 ingredients. No joking around here as Nuud is made up of micro silver, arrowroot powder, almond oil, mineral clay, a vegetable-based emulsifier, zinc oxide, propylene carbonate, hydrogenated castor oil and castor oil, and carnauba wax.

It works wonders because of their special formulation, just make sure your underarms are fully detoxed (and clean of course). Also, make sure that you test the product on the inside of your elbow so that you know you aren’t allergic to anything in this product.

What I Don’t Like About Nuud

After reading tons of reviews, I was not surprised to find mostly good reviews. There are some disappointed and sad reviews but I noticed that those reviews are of people who have tried Nuud cold turkey without going through the usual 4-week underarm detox period before actually smelling better.

1. A Bit Pricey

Nuud retails for a bit higher than your usual deodorant and is a bit expensive if you’re based outside of Europe (like me). But I always say that spending on your underarms is ok because I’d rather have an expensive product that works for me rather than a cheap product that I’d have to reapply.

The effectivity also balances out the price because one tube lasts longer than your usual deodorant stick and you really maximize all the money you’ve spent because reapplication is only once or twice a week.

2. White Mark

The only problem most Nuud users had was that after applying just a bit, it created this really white mark where they spread the cream. It even stays after an hour of application. It can definitely be a bit odd if you raised your arms and people see a bright white mark on your underarms.

The solution that most people suggest is to make sure they properly massage the product on the underarm until it “disappears” or blends in with their skin. There, you can try this and see if it does blend in after thoroughly massaging it in.

3. It Won’t Stop Sweating

Always remember that Nuud is an all-natural deodorant therefore, it will never stop you from sweating. Instead, its only job is to make you smell good without all the bad ingredients that were in your old products.

If you’re really looking for a product that can stop sweating then you definitely cannot find an all-natural alternative for that and would have to use store-bought clinical strength stuff. But if you’re happy and that sweat isn’t an issue, then Nuud is the perfect product for you.


Keeping it simple is always the mission of Nuud deodorants. I’m really happy that you’re joining me in my deodorant reviews and hopefully, we’ll all be able to discuss each and every deodorant that is effective and cost-efficient.

I love Nuud because of the simplicity it claims to have are also reflected in its ingredients and on how you use it. That said, I’d definitely purchase Nuud because I trust the brand and because it would be an amazing travel essential especially on an overseas trip. This brand would definitely be hassle-free.

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