Numi Undershirt Review: 3 Different Shades of Nude To Choose From

As a woman, I often find myself getting embarrassed when I know I have to attend gatherings or when I have to go to parties. It’s not because I’m a shy person, people often know me as someone who socializes well. I find it hard to attend these meetings because I often sweat too much and it ruins my clothes and makeup.

I currently live in a humid, tropical country and I guess it may be normal for people to sweat more than usual. That’s why I will share this Numi undershirt review.

Undershirts can save you when wearing regular shirts.
The truth is, you can’t always go sleeveless to battle sweaty underarms. That’s why undershirts are very important.
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Check out how to live with excessive sweating daily by reading my co-writer Oscar’s story here!

Social anxiety can be part of the daily life of someone living with excessive sweating. That’s why I dedicate my time writing about different products like these to make sure that people know that there are many different solutions to this not so uncommon problem.

I will be making this short and simple review of this great product. Why choose this brand? What’s different about their undershirts? I will answer these questions and even try to recommend some alternatives you can use hand-in-hand with your undershirt.

What is Numi?

Numi is not just your ordinary brand of undershirts. They have a classy and luxurious line of sweat-stopping shirts for women.

Proudly a Canadian brand, the brand was started by Michelle Shemilt back when she was working in Toronto as an equity trader. She would often be frustrated about the piling costs of her dry cleaning and laundry bills due to changing clothes throughout the day due to sweat.

Another problem was sweat stains which she would be so anxious about because she would often wonder if people were noticing them on her clothes.

Michelle did her best to find solutions to this problem through stick on sweat pads and similar products. She also found that most undershirts were too bulky and would show whenever she’d wear them underneath her clothes. Most existing brands at the time were also only made for men.

That’s when she had an “Aha!” moment and decided to start an undershirt line for women designed by a woman who truly understands the struggle of excessive underarm sweat.

Originally named Nudy Patootie in 2013, the brand soon renamed to NUMI to be a brand dedicated to its consumers. Pronounced as “new me”, you’ll definitely feel like a whole different and confident person after wearing your undershirt.

Watch the video below for real testimonials from people who experience the same problems due to excessive underarm sweating.

How to Creatively Wear Your Numi

1. Wear Underneath Your Favorite Cardigan or Leather Jacket

Do you have this favorite leather jacket or even cardigan? Well, Numi has black or white shirts that you can choose from and use as a shirt to wear inside these jackets or cardigans. I call this the “partial outerwear” since you don’t have to layer it with another shirt (unless it gets too cold in your area and it becomes a necessity.

2. Wear as an Outershirt Covered By a Navy Overall

If you like the easygoing look and want to look chic with your Numi shirt on, you can pair your sleek undershirt under a denim overall or if you want to wear a splash of color go ahead and mix and match your shirt with red overalls, the choice is yours.

3. Wear Under a Gown

One review I read is of Nora Taylor, a writer at Man Repeller who said that when she wore her Numi it felt like she could wear it under a gown because of how thin the material was.

Also, take note the Numi has different styles like the lace or the crop top undershirts that are available in nude. So you can definitely pull it off when wearing it under dresses or even formal wear like gowns.

4. Experiment with The Nude Shades For Transparent Blouses

Do you like wearing sheer blouses but have stopped due to sweating? Well now is the time to “revive” them and pull them out of the closet because you are definitely gonna use them soon.

Numi’s lace capped undershirt or even the crop top will make sure that you can wear it under any sheer shirt and make it look classy and give the “barely there” appearance to your sweat-stopping shirt.

What I Like About Numi

I know I have probably raved enough about this brand but honestly, I can’t stop saying good things about Numi. So below is a list of why I love these undershirts and why you should try them out for yourself:

1. Sleek

If you have watched the video I shared about, Numi is indeed sleek and barely noticeable after you’ve put on your outerwear. This may not be much of a good point about a product but it is actually important for me because most women’s clothes aren’t made like men’s shirts.

Most materials are smooth and sleek which can make bulky undershirts show if you ever decide to wear one. The founder of Numi knows exactly what I mean because she probably bought an undershirt after someone recommended it and after wearing one decided that she couldn’t wear her usual blouses due to the fabric being too bulky.

Being sleek and discreet makes sure nobody even knows you’re wearing an undershirt. Most women even forget they’re wearing one. Numi is so amazing.

2. Pads are Well Sewn and Hidden

As a continuation of the first number, the fabric is already sleek which makes Numi a barely noticeable undershirt. So the same goes with the sweat pads. Most undershirts have pads that are sewn in such a way that you know that they’re wearing a padded shirt.

Numi, being a brand created to make you feel as comfortable as you can, makes sure that the pads on their undershirts are also barely noticeable. This makes most women want to wear it as an outer shirt.

I won’t blame them though, as you have noticed that I suggest the usage of the shirt as semi outerwear.

3. Many Different Designs

Many undershirts in the market are made in the typical shirt style that may be hard to hide when wearing blouses with shorter sleeves. Numi made sure that they have different styles to cover your every need.

They have cap sleeves, they even have a crop top for when you decide to wear a crop top as outerwear, or even a cropped sari. I highly recommend this brand because of the many available styles they offer to their customers.

4. Has Three Shades of Nude

Last but not least, I love Numi because of inclusivity and proper research on skin tone. The brand offers nude in three shades: espresso, caramel, and almond.

The brand made sure that women of various shades and sizes can buy their own version of nude undershirts as they can use them for sheer tops or even some light-colored blouses.

What I Don’t Like About Numi

1. Leaking

I only have one complaint on Numi undershirts. Due to the discreet pads, you may have to adjust where the padding rests to make sure that there will be no leak. Most reviews are happy with Numi despite minor leaking because they often say that other brands leak as well.

They say that Numi takes the same time before leaking despite having smaller and thinner looking pads than the other brands.


I know that you are probably so excited to make your first purchase of a Numi shirt. Don’t worry, I feel like it would be with every cent. The brand is not only stylish and chic, but it also was made to help women with their sweating problem, especially to those whose antiperspirants may be failing them or for those who may want to use all-natural deodorants.

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Have you ever tried Numi? Would you consider trying their undershirts? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to update yourself with the latest news and products on sweat-stopping by clicking the follow button below. Don’t forget to hit share on the buttons below to share with friends or family who may need to read about Numi.




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