Nivea Stress Protect Spray Review— 1 Whole Sweat-Free Day

Do you have a big day tomorrow? Perhaps you’re going out for an interview, or you have a public presentation and you’re worried about nervous sweating. You don’t know what to do and just thinking about excessive sweating makes you sweat. It may sound funny but you know you have to find a solution very soon or risk getting embarrassed.

This is why you need to read this Nivea stress protect spray review. This antiperspirant is also a deodorant making it a perfect 2-in-1 product. It claims to protect you from heavy sweating due to stress so it piqued your curiosity.

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Sometimes, sweating can make you feel like you’re in a pool of your own sweat.
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It’s amazing to discover that you’re not alone in dealing with sweat problems and that there are always people who are willing to help you out. Read my co-writer and friend Oscar’s story and how he successfully stopped his excessive sweating episodes. Check out his story here.

In this article, I will be discussing the history of Nivea, how to use this product, and the pros and cons of using this product. Excited to stop sweating? Just hang in there, because this honest review will let you know more about this stress protect spray and if it really works.

A Brief History of Nivea

First, the name Nivea was taken from the Latin word nix/nivis which when literally translated, means “snow white”. It was started in Germany by a pharmacist named Carl Paul Beiersdorf in 1882.

Eight years later, it was sold to Oscar Troplowitz, a renowned pharmacist and entrepreneur. years later, after working with the best people, he would come up with the key ingredients to their ever so popular moisturizers.

This key ingredient was called “eucerit” a stable oil and water emulsion that was originally extracted from sheep’s wool. This is what they called the “mother of all creams” and is still in their moisturizers in the market today.

In 1914 Nivea slowly started sending their products abroad via ships and soon, almost half their sales were already from all their overseas stores.

In the mid-’20s to the’30s, they then moved on shaving creams, as they wanted to expand their market to the male population. Meanwhile, they also made tanning lotions, shampoo, cleansers, and toners.

Nivea is also one of the first brands to put sun protection factor in its products, making it the leading brand for sunscreens in the ’50s.

It was only in the ’80s that Nivea expanded it’s line and started making more products for men. They made an aftershave balm to soothe the skin and prevent swelling.

It was only in 2011 when Nivea started producing antiperspirants and deodorants. They launched their first line, the black and white, which leaves no marks or yellow stains on clothes. These products became an instant hit and now the antiperspirant/deodorant line has grown so much in just a few years.

How to Use an Antiperspirant Spray

As I’ve always written on roll-ons or antiperspirant wipes, I’d like to put a step-by-step guide on how to use your spray-on product.

1. Apply on Dry Underarms

Make sure you apply your new Nivea antiperspirant spray on dry armpits. The product if mixed with water can create white streaks that can be embarrassing for you. On the other hand, applying it to wet skin can also diminish the effectivity of the product.

2. Spray After a Bath

I always suggest applying antiperspirants after a product to ensure that the product doesn’t mix with sweat and dirt as this can cause a reaction. Taking a bath also makes sure that you feel fresh and clean at night as this is the best time to apply any antiperspirant because you generally sweat less.

3. Spray a Few Inches Away

Make sure that you put a few inches between your antiperspirant spray and armpit. Spraying it too near may cause white marks. Also, the distance helps with the even application of the product on your skin. Spray-ons are actually the best type of antiperspirants to use as they cover a lot of area without using much product as compared to roll-ons.

4. Spray For a Few Seconds

Most online reviews would say 10 seconds but I think that’s too much. What I do is I spray it for two seconds then I stop then I spray it on again for another two seconds. The first spraying is to cover the general are and the second as a just-in-case if some parts weren’t hit by the first spray.

5. Let it Dry

Always let your antiperspirant dry before wearing your shirt and going to sleep. This makes sure that enough aluminum chloride blocks the pores temporarily. This stops the sweating and is what keeps you dry all day.

Pros of Nivea

1. Long-Lasting Fragrance

People love Nivea because the smell of the product lasts all day on your underarms. No matter how many activities you did the whole day, you can be sure to come home to your skin smelling good. No hint of the sour sweaty smell at all.

2. Available Everywhere

Nivea is such a brand that is recognized at a global scale that it is possible to get Nivea products at any pharmacy, supermarket or even at the mall. Their antiperspirants are also very popular that most stores have their Nivea products displayed in front.

3. Both an Antiperspirant And a Deodorant

Most products I’ve encountered are either antiperspirants only or just plain deodorants. Nivea has the best of both worlds by providing a product that stops sweat and makes you smell really good all day long.

4. Works for as long as 48 Hours

Unlike most mainstream antiperspirant deodorants, your Nivea spray keeps you fresh for up to 48 hours. No need to worry about your smell during layovers or trips where you’re out the whole day.

Cons of Nivea

1. May Cause You To Smell Bad

There have been reviews on the fragrance mixing with their sweat creating a foul odor. I really think that it’s all about finding the smell that matches our natural scent. If this happens to you, you might as well explore other options.

I can suggest that you try using antiperspirants first and see if you’re comfortable with the odorless ones. But if you’re looking for both an antiperspirant and deodorant, I would suggest using Certain Dri, as they have a nighttime antiperspirant but the set has a morning roll-on deodorant that leaves a pleasant powdery smell.

2. Does Not Really Stop Sweat

Most reviews say that Nivea stress protects only reduces sweating for them, I guess it’s better as a deodorant but not as an antiperspirant. If you’re looking for an antiperspirant, I can suggest the best one I know which is SweatBlock, antiperspirant wipes that have done wonders for so many people suffering from excessive sweating.

3. White Marks After Application

It doesn’t necessarily leave white streaks or marks all the time. In several reviews, I noticed that most people use it after a shower without properly drying their underarms. As I mentioned above, applying antiperspirant on wet skin can cause marks. So the best solution is to always follow instructions on the proper application of antiperspirant.

4. Expensive

Nivea is an awesome brand but its prices come with a slightly more expensive price tag compared to other brands. This can be a problem for people who suffer from excessive sweating as they use up products faster which means they’d end up spending more money than if they bought another antiperspirant/deodorant.


I’m glad you had the time to sit back and read my product review. I enjoy sharing my knowledge on antiperspirants/deodorants like these in hopes that I can help you find the “one” when it comes to products that will help you stop sweating.

Despite having some downsides, you might want to try out this product because this antiperspirant/deodorant might just work out for you. I always say that you never really know until you’ve tried it.

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Do you use Nivea products? Have you used some of their other antiperspirant/deodorants? If you have any story to share or questions on this product, please feel free to post a comment below. Don’t forget to click the share button below to spread the word to those who need to read this review. Cheers to a better, sweat-free day.


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I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

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My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

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