Myro Deodorant Review: 1 of The Most Eco-Friendly Products That Exist

The all-natural craze has been up and booming for the past few years that it is impossible for you not to have heard of the natural deodorant craze. Aside from people trying to make their own deodorants, more and more brands have been popping up, claiming that their formulation is not only all-natural but also the best there is for you to buy.

In this Myro deodorant review, I share why I decided to read about this brand and why it has caught my attention enough for me to decide to make a review about it. This brand looks posh and is the only brand (so far) that has claimed to send you some refill “pods” that can lessen the carbon footprint.

Wearing deodorant
Wearing deodorant will always keep you smelling good all day, just pick the best brand in the market.
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Amazing isn’t it? But amazing won’t just cut it, and I really believe I should read and look further into the brand and discover what Myro has to offer. Join me in this review to learn more about this brand and to see what there is to like and (possibly) not like about this deodorant.

How To Use Deodorant

1. Use on clean skin

Since you’ve made the switch to all-natural deodorants, you must know that it is always best to use your products after you’ve had a shower. You would want the full effectivity of the product and this is always the best way to do it.

If you try applying your deodorant after you’ve sweat so much, you don’t give any room for the deodorant to “stick” and to get rid of the unwanted smell. Remember, the only reason you’re using a deodorant is that you want to avoid any foul odor. So better use it after a shower, before you leave for the day.

2. Follow application instructions

Since there are many types of deodorants, you might want to explore the best type you want to use. For example, there are spray types and then there are soft solid deodorant sticks that you usually use.

After finding the type of deodorant that suits you best, always read on how to properly apply the product on your skin for maximum effectivity. Later on, you may discover that you can adjust the amount of deodorant you put on your skin.

Most people say that they lessen the deodorant, especially after they go through a full detox.

3. Air dry

After applying your deodorant, air dry and let the product “stick”. Then you can wear your shirt and go out and enjoy your day. It is important to let your product dry to avoid staining on clothes.

Don’t worry, staining is not that much of a problem if you know how to remove them, or better yet, avoid them. So always make sure to let your deodorant fully dry.

4. Enjoy your day

After you’ve used your deodorant, you can be confidently happy with the knowledge that you will not smell bad throughout the day. Make sure though, that you did apply the product properly, not missing a spot. Also, make sure that you’ve completed your underarm detox.

What Is Myro?

Myro is considered a breakthrough in the all-natural deodorant world. From packaging to product, this brand will definitely not disappoint you.

Established in 2017, Greg Laptevsky wanted to meet all the (high) standards people had for their deodorants, from having natural ingredients to having eco-friendly packaging. He even took a step further by using 50% less plastic (recycled of course) for the deodorant pods.

He also avoids a lot of natural ingredients that can cause any allergic reactions so Myro is baking soda and gluten-free, making it a good deodorant for people with severe gluten allergies.

It is baking soda-free as this ingredient often causes red rashes or even bumps on the skin for people with extra sensitive skin. So, Myro decided to do away with it and just use probiotics and a blend of good plant-based ingredients.

What I Like About Myro

1. Vegan

Yes, plant-powered is in the slogan of Myro everywhere. they’re proudly vegan, which means that unlike your normal deodorants, this one does not have to test on animals to prove to you that they’re mild, safe, and definitely effective.

Why are vegan products important? Well, being vegan for years, I know that my lifestyle is not for everyone. So instead of going all-vegan (even diet-wise), most people opt to use vegan products.

I really believe that we can help save the planet one step at a time and using products that are helping out can be one of the ways you can do it. So why don’t you give it a try (if you haven’t already) for a greener planet? You won’t only smell better, but you’ll also feel good knowing you’re using a product that doesn’t support animal abuse or cruelty.

2. Refillable

All Myro products are refillable. and not only that, you can choose from 6 different variants! They have Solar Flare, a citrusy mix of orange peel, juniper, and a hint of sunflower. The Big Dipper is a scent that invokes refreshing yet calm vibes with a mix of lavender, bergamot, and vetiver.

If you’re looking for a summery and cooling deodorant, you may want to try their Chill Wave, which is a mix of cucumber, floral hints from jasmine, and a cooling sensation from spearmint.

If you want a floral deodorant, reminding you of bathing in different petals, you may want to try Pillow Talk which has the smell of sweet ylang-ylang, violet leaf, and wild Amyris.

Cabin No. 5 is a scent that reminds me of walking in the wood during fall, all the earthy and sweet fragrances in the air while watching the sunset. This variant has vetiver, patchouli, and a mild floral hint from geranium.

Last but not least, they have Open Air, which is unscented/fragrance-free. This one is for people who have extremely sensitive skin, or who just don’t want to smell like anything at all (yes, believe me, some people prefer scent-free stuff).

3. Lesser carbon footprint

Have I mentioned that Myro has a refill subscription available to all their customers? They have this option so that you have reduced packaging and you’ll have fewer fees. This option is extremely convenient but don’t be surprised when I tell you that it is not the only feature of Myro that lessens the carbon footprint you make for every purchase.

All Myro deodorant casings (or pods as they call it is made of 50% less plastic) than most deodorants casings you see in the market. It is also made of recycled plastic, which makes it way better than most of the natural brands you know of.

4. Travel-friendly

Every time I travel, I see that most people have their deodorants confiscated (or they tell people to have their baggage checked-in instead) at the airport because they don’t meet the airport’s standards or guidelines for products you put on your carry-on.

Myro deodorants are not only travel-friendly but they meet TSA standards. So this means you’ll have an easy and stress-free time at the airport because you won’t have to think about the possibility of your deodorant not going with you on your trip.

5. Baking soda and Gluten-free

This might not sound like an amazing thing but I just had to include it in the reasons why I love Myro. Lots of people don’t know how hard it is to live with Celiac’s disease. This means your body cannot take gluten and it can be life-threatening for some people.

Therefore, products that are gluten-free exist just in case there’s the accidental intake of the product, ensuring that there is nothing on your skin that can trigger the allergy.

With baking soda, as mentioned before, this is a common ingredient in all-natural deodorants. Sadly, it also is the ingredient being pinpointed as the cause of red, burn-like marks or even bumps on the skin.

What I Don’t Like About Myro

1. Doesn’t stop sweating

Not something that is totally bad, but I’m just a bit sad that Myro doesn’t stop sweating. After all, it is a deodorant, and these products only deal with the bad odor, not the sweating.

If you have an excessive sweating condition, also known as hyperhidrosis, Myro might work for you but you may have to reapply it more than once a day. If you’re really looking for something to stop the sweat, you may be on the hunt for antiperspirants, not a deodorant.

2. Doesn’t work

Some people have said that they wasted money on Myro because the product didn’t work. I always check with these people, especially if I know them if they have completed their underarm detox before switching to Myro.

If the answer is no, I tell them to give it a month and to follow the detox process and see the difference. Most of the people I give this advice to stick to their new deodorants. They discover the wonders of a fully detoxed underarm and how they don’t need harsh chemicals to smell good.

3. A bit pricey

Myro can be a bit pricey at first. But in my opinion, it has that price tag because of the reusable pod. After that, you won’t have to spend as much because you’ll just buy the refills. if you’re really on a budget though, I’d suggest Crystal deodorant, an innovative and inexpensive deodorant that will last you for a year (or more).


Being eco-friendly in the deodorant department isn’t so hard anymore. With Myro products, you are ensured that you have lessened your carbon footprint and used 50% less plastic (and all plastic used are recycled). You are also using a chemical-free deodorant that is good for the skin and good for the environment.

I’d choose Myro over my old deodorants because I’m sure that my carbon footprint is reduced but I get a product that is truly mild on the skin (plus the zero-waste refill options!). I also love the fact that I won’t burn or damage my skin because it is baking soda-free, perfect for people with super sensitive skin.

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If you love Myro or if you have any questions about this deodorant, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to click the social media buttons to share this review with friends and family.

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