5 Best Moisture Wicking Pants For Women: Stay Active and Sweat-Free

Going out and having fun is an essential part of being alive so it can be frustrating when you miss out because of an excessive sweating condition. It’s no joke living with any form of hyperhidrosis. From wearing sweat-proof tank tops to cooling towels, anything that will help keep the drenching sweat at bay is a blessing.

So I decided to share the best moisture wicking pants for women because working out or being active shouldn’t be so hard. I know for a fact that most activewear isn’t really sweat-wicking at all so I made sure that in this article you will not only find sweat-wicking pants but you’ll also learn a thing or two about hyperhidrosis and why it makes sense to get a pair of these pants.

Wearing the right pants can totally change the way you feel about your day.
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Are you in a rush? Here‘s the editor’s choice of moisture-wicking pants.

What is Hyperhidrosis and How Do You Treat It?

Hyperhidrosis isn’t life threatening but it can have terrible effects on your social life.
Photo by Dylan Sauerwein on Unsplash

As promised, I will give you things you should know about hyperhidrosis. You will know what it is and why this condition can be socially debilitating to anyone suffering from it. Even though it isn’t a life-threatening illness, I never take it lightly and I do my best to help come up with solutions that really work.

So what is hyperhidrosis? It is simply the medical term for excessive sweating. This condition affects about 3% of the population, although I honestly think that there are far greater unreported numbers because most people don’t even know that they have it.

Most people go unchecked and still sweat buckets for the longest time before they realize they have it. Some people don’t even know they have it their entire lives. That makes me shudder a bit, just thinking about it.

Take me for example. I didn’t know there was a term for my excessive sweating problem on my palms until I did lots of research. I’ve had this since I was in my teens but it never quite stopped. I was already in my 20s when I figured that had palmar hyperhidrosis.

It took a long while because in my country, there is a folk belief on these illnesses and i wasn’t really sent to a doctor because it wasn’t really serious. What people didn’t know was that the sweating was such an inconvenience for me and I had a hard time socializing because of it.

When I discovered about this condition and that it was called hyperhidrosis, I decided to read a lot of articles about it because I was not only curious but was also amazed at the many other comments on people who have the same thing. I wasn’t alone after all (and it definitely wasn’t a folk disease).

I learned that hyperhidrosis is categorized into two— generalized or secondary hyperhidrosis and focal or primary hyperhidrosis. What makes them different? It lies in the cause of the excessive sweating problem. Let’s start with generalized hyperhidrosis.

This type of sweating is caused by an underlying medical condition or is the result of the side-effects of medication you take. These disorders are usually related to infections, cancer, hypoglycemia, and even menopause (or andropause for men).

When it is identified that the sweating is caused by another condition, it is called generalized or secondary hyperhidrosis and is easier to treat compared to primary hyperhidrosis, which I will explain further. The key to stopping secondary hyperhidrosis is to treat the medical condition. Most often than not, the sweating is stopped completely, and you’ll have no more problems.

Primary or focal hyperhidrosis is different from the previous type I explained because it is idiopathic in nature. This means that even after your doctor recommended different kinds of tests, there is no medical condition to explain the excessive sweating.

How do you treat hyperhidrosis? Well as far as a cure goes, there is still nothing that can permanently stop the sweating but there are different treatments to reduce or stop it temporarily. These procedures should be done only if the doctor rules any other medical condition out.

You can opt for minimally invasive surgery that clips the nerves and reduces the sweat, or some minimally invasive ones like Botox. There is still no 100% guarantee that you’ll be sweat-free though so most doctors advise their patients to use clinical-strength antiperspirants as sort of a supplement to the procedure(s) done to you.

For some people, they actually just use antiperspirants, and they discover that it works well for them so they don’t go for the other procedures. It’s also way more affordable to spend on antiperspirants. Botox can cause you a couple of thousand dollars, and it’s not even permanent (so you’ll have to repeat this process).

To lessen the sweating episodes naturally, you can go try to de-stress and try breathing exercises. Stress can be a very big sweat trigger for some people, just like nerves. You can also exercise more as these activities help the body cool down, avoiding any heat-triggered sweating episodes. Avoid eating spicy food, and avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages.

Why Do I Need Sweat-Wicking Pants?

It’s all about getting what you need, as I often believe that just buying items that you want is okay but it often ends up stuck in your closet. More often than not, these things never get to see the light of day. You end up giving them away or worse, throwing them away.

I decided to write about things, clothing, and even products with the intention of helping people find things they need, and if these products work for them then it would be something that they can buy for themselves constantly.

I guess you can say I was inspired buy a bit of Marie Kondo and I stand buy her saying of getting things that give you joy and discarding things that do not. I can assure you though, that these pants will definitely give you so much joy because they are so versatile.

So the question is, why do you need sweat-wicking pants? Why do you have to buy one? Well, I’m here to answer that and more. Let’s start with the function of these pants. These pants are not just for show, they’re meant to keep you dry despite lots of activities.

Sweat-wicking pants are perfect for on-the-go people because they are stretchable and easy to pair with any shirt or crop top. Although they can’t really be used for formal or even semi formal events, these pants are useful for errand days, a trip to the gym, and other activities you do outside your meetings or work.

Again, the main function of these pants is to keep you dry. Most pants like denim are terrible wardrobe choices for summer (or on hot days in general) because when wet, they get so heavy. If you sweat so much like I do, denim is a nightmare (based on personal experience).

That said, I love sweat-wicking pants because they dry so fast and I use them for my rugby games or even for hot yoga. I even wear them on hot days, or when I have a lot of stuff to do and I want a laid-back look. I have a lot of these pants at home and they all come in different colors. Black is the standard but I have some prints and even some bright colorful ones.

They’re the perfect travel companion because they can be folded or rolled and barely adds any weight to the luggage. If you’re a backpacker or just someone who travels light, a pair of these will serve you well because they can be worn as casual wear (pro tip: choose nice black ones).

Get yourself a pair (or two) if you sweat a lot, love working out, or if you have lots of activities that require you to be everywhere in one day. You’ll thank me later after you discover the best brands I gathered for you to check out.

What Do I Look For In Sweat-Wicking Pants?

I want you to be equipped with all the knowledge about these pants before buying them. There are so many brands out there so it can be tough but with the guide below you will be able to narrow it down by a huge amount (this is based on personal experience), not to mention my recommendations below have all of the best features sweat-wicking pants can have.

I still decided to put these here so that when people ask you why you bought your pants or what makes it a good buy, you can answer them with facts and some tips that can also help them get a good pair. You can also treat it as a guide when buying, and it would lead you to the perfect pair you want and how you want it to compliment your body shape (you’ll know what I mean as you read more).

1. Flat Seams

Always check the stitching and the seams of your pants. Since you most likely will wear these pants a lot, you wouldn’t want something that may irritate your skin. Flat seams will help keep any irritation away since they are barely there.

If you have raised stitches, these may cause redness and irritation when there’s friction, and believe me, there will be a lot of that since you’re busy every day (I mean, that’s why you got these pants in the first place, right?). Seams that are raised can also cause chafing (which is way more complicated than it would seem).

As a person who doesn’t have a thigh gap, it can be very hard when doing all sorts of activities. Chafing is a big problem and the best solution aside from chafing cream would be wearing the right pants. Some people think that chafing only happens when you wear shorts but the reality is that if you wear any pants with raised seams, you will chafe.

Spend less on chafing cream (which will run out in a month) by investing in a good pair of these sweat-wicking pants. You’ll also learn to buy shorts with flat seams after this works out for you. Cheers to whoever invented this!

2. Gusset

The gusset is the triangle or diamond-shaped pattern you see in some of the crotch areas of clothes most especially activewear. Gussets help prevent riding up or “wedgies” and they help prevent tears on the fabric especially when you stretch or even do splits (or any movement that needs to stretch your legs).

Below is an example of a gusset. For some it is a triangle, for some it is diamond-shaped. Pants with gussets are way better than those without. Some people end up buying pants without gussets and have to make ones themselves (which can be a hassle), so I’d save time and effort by looking for this feature after checking if all the seams are flat.

If you really want to do it yourself, who am I to stop you, right? Here is a link on how you can put a gusset on yuor pants. Adding a gusset will definitely improve how the pants fit around you by reducing the risk of it bunching in the middle.

Gussets help prevent your pants from riding up or “wedgies”

3. Fabric

I’m not about the type of fabric but more of the opaqueness of it. Of course, different brands will have their signature fiber blends to make up their sweat-wicking pants, but for some brands, I find their pants too thin and see-through, which can be awkward when you do squats or any bends at the gym.

To test it out, you can do what they call the knee test. First, wear your pants, then bend your knee and see if you see through or if you see your skin. If you don’t, then it passes. If you see some skin, then expect it to be see-through (which might be uncomfortable). If you want slightly opaque pants, there are designs that show some skin without it being too awkward.

4. Length

The length of your pants are more important than you think. It affects how it flatters your body. An example would be wearing cropped leggings if you are a person on the petite side. Cropped pants give you an illusion of length, which make you look taller.

Two-toned leggings with a lighter bottom part can also make you seem taller. Full leggings are perfect for taller people as it gives emphasis on their long legs and can give you a sleeker look. Who says you can’t be stylish with these pants, right?

5. Prints

Prints may look good online or when you first look at them but let me give you a fair warning— they are hard to pair with anything. So I’d tread with caution as you’d like something you can wear with anything and not something that will most likely get stuck inside your closet.

Prints can also make your legs look a bit bigger than usual so if you’re very conscious about that you may want to reconsider the type of print you buy. Plus the fact that it would

Sweat-Wicking Pants For Women

I wanted to make sure you only get the best sweat-wicking pants in the market so I did heavy research and came up with the five best ones in the market. before reading each brand, here is a simplified chart of what to expect:

Qualities of Each Brand Nike Underarmor Manduka Lululemon Baleaf
Rolls/Bunches No No No No No
Slimming Look No Yes No Yes No
Sweat-wicking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gusset Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1. Nike Running Leggings

Nike Running Leggings
Click image for more details.

As one of the leading sportswear brands in the world, Nike is at the top of the list for obvious reasons— they make the best clothing for sports and the durability of their stuff is amazing. anything you buy will definitely last you for years.

Before going into a lot of details on this product, let’s first learn about the roots of the brand—after all, everything has its beginning and it would be interesting to know why it became the sports giant that it is today. Things like this aren’t an overnight success, right?

It all started in 1964 when Bill Bowerman and his former student Phil Knight launched their shoe line, Blue Ribbon Sports, which was a huge hit among a lot of people. They loved the idea and the classiness behind the design so people couldn’t help but buy their products.

Years later, in 1971, Bill Bowerman had an “aha!” moment and used his family’s waffle iron and poured melted rubber on it. This ended up as the first prototype of the Nike waffle sole. Him and Knight decided to rebrand and came up with the name “Nike” after the greek goddess of victory.

The waffle sole was a bigger hit than their old brand and Nike became a big company in no time, they ended up buying lots of other companies like Cole Haan, Converse, Umbro, and Bauer. Nike became a giant multinational company that was solely focused on anything sports-related.

In the early 2000s, their logo, the swoosh symbol (basically a check mark that’s pointed sideways) was so recognazible they didn’t even have to do any marketing. They came up with a slogan, “Just Do It” in 1987 but to this date, if someone hears or sees that phrase, they know it is Nike.

Although they had been selling clothes since 1979, launching their Nike Air technology, it was only till the early 2000s when Nike release their sweat-wicking pants that were predecessors of the product on this list. As usual, it was a success because their pants were not only very durable but they dried fast.

Another fun (and not so fun) fact about Nike’s Dri-Fit technology is that they have had to trademark this name several times in a span of a decade because other brands (that I won’t mention) tried to copy this name to attract customers. Some went even as far as buying website domains with the “dri-fit” name on them.

It must mean that you are the standard when other companies try to copy your idea but Nike is too unique to copy, in my opinion. This is why I recommend their running leggings. The Nike running leggings are one of the best products they have on the market because of how it fits and as usual, because of their patent Dri-Fit blend.

These pants have no zipper, like most leggings, and is an 82% polyester/ 18% spandex blend. This makes these pants quick-dry and stretchy. yes, this has a gusset so you’ll definitely have no uncomfortable crotch bunches or riding up.

So what makes these pants unique? The answer is… Pockets! Yes, it should be a big deal because most pants intended for activewear never has pockets. This one does and they have a zipper, keeping your small items safe. It is perfect for earphones or even energy gels during a 3-4 hour run.

For a secure fit, Nike put inner drawstrings to help your pants create a snug fit on your waist (yes! perfect high-waisted pants). I picked black because it is stylish, simple, and can be paired with almost anything. If you’re looking for a brand that has always been intended for active people, then Nike is what you look for.

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2. UnderArmour HeatGear Leggings For Women

UnderArmour HeatGear Leggings For Women
Click image for more details.

Who knows more about the uncomfortable feeling sweat gives to the body more than an athlete, right? They know firsthand the icky discomfort when all that sweat covers you after the game. This is exactly how Under Armour, another sports giant, started their business.

You might be familiar with this brand because of NBA players wearing their shoes, or Steph Curry releasing his line of Under Armour (UA) shoes with the bible quotes and even giving it to his fans. I mean, a lot of athletes wear UA because they choose the best teams.

Let’s just say that in the mid-’90s, a 24-year old Kevin Plank knew excellence when he sees it in a team. He was, after all, a former football player himself. He was the pride in his school and he knew all about the struggles athletes face when they sweat.

Lots of sports attire were made out of thin material, but they often felt really weird and itchy on the skin. Others were even made out of the wrong fabric and would weight them down (quite literally) when they were playing because of the amount of sweat on the clothes.

So Kevin noticed one thing, during their practice of football, their compression shorts always stayed dry, while the shirts they wore, did not. It baffled him, what were these shorts made of? He did his research and had a brilliant idea—why not make a shirt that had similar materials so that they’d dry fast?

When he graduated from University of Maryland, he was able to gather enough money to make his first prototype of his quick-dry shirts. His friends from the team bought this and used the shirts to play in the NFL. Soon after, many more people ordered his shirts which gave him more funding for research.

He was able to save enough to release a newer version of that shirt with built-in microfiber that not only dried fast but also kept the athletes cool. A lot of people were amazed and this was essentially what made Under Armour the multinational comany that it is today.

What made them gain more popularity was a feature on USA Today when a famous quarterback wore their shirts which had people asking about the new brand in town. One team, Georgia Tech, decided to trust Under Armour and ordered 10 shirts, which later on made Plank earn millions.

Woah, 10 shirts costing that much? Let me explain. These 10 shirts quite literally, changed the future for Under Armour because after this sale (which seemed so small at first), more and more teams and even companies requested to have shirts made with this drying technology that plank discovered.

Within just a year, Plank had to hunt (yes, really) for a factory because he had over 100,00-USD worth of orders to complete, and his small production team wasn’t enough anymore. Under Armour had to be a full-scale sportswear manufacturer real quick because of all the orders.

A few yers later, Under Armour was contacted by Warner Brothers to feature the brand in their films, with some actors wearing their products during some of the scenes. Sales boomed after these movies and Plank decided to invest more on advertising as it seemed to help his company generate bigger sales.

He purchased an ad in ESPN and generated over 750,000USD in sales because of this. What I really admire about UA is the perseverance. Kevin Plank literally started from being a college graduate, a curious 24-year old to a company owner which would later become one of the most popular sportswear brands in the world.

That said, i just had to include an Under Armour product here. Not because of the brand alone, but also because of the sweat-wicking technology, plus the hard work that went inot producing all these clothes. I really admire the humble roots of this brand.

The UnderArmour HeatGear Leggings for women are not your ordinary moisture-wicking pants. As I mentioned above, it is a must that you find leggings that won’t show too much skin when you do bends, squats or even yoga poses. You can do the knee trick to make sure it isn’t transparent when stretched.

No need to do that for the UA HeatGear leggings, because they’re guaranteed squat-proof. They fit you so well but they have a better purpose than just making you look good and not being transparent—these leggings have the Under Armour compression technology that helps your muscles when doing activities by increasing the oxygen your legs receive, decreasing the likelihood for fatigue.

These pants have a gusset, which means you get a four-way stretch, no tears on the fabric no matter what activity you do, even splits or parkour won’t rip the crotch area of your pants. As a person who owns some Under Armour sportswear, I can personally guarantee that you’re buying a good and durable brand. If you’re looking for something squat-proof, choose this pair.

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3. Manduka Women’s Essential Leggings

Manduka Women's Essential Leggings
Click image for more details.

When it comes to heavily sweaty activities, you might be thinking about basketball, football, rugby, or other sports that require a lot of running and a lot of movement. Not many people consider yoga to be an extremely sweaty practice. They think it is too gentle and slow to ever make you break out into a sweat.

But that’s where most people are wrong. Yoga can make you sweat so much that you can wring your clothes after, and you’ll be literally mopping your sweat off the floor. This is just a regular class, what more if it is hot yoga? I remember that I had a puddle of my own sweat in front of me when doing my practice.

What made it bothersome was me slipping a lot, or my clothes just being very heavy, because I never quite wore the right attire for it. I soon discovered sweat-wicking shirts and even tank tops that stay dry (or just dry fast) after just a few minutes. Later on, I discovered that there are also sweat-wicking pants to complete the set, and it was so convenient for people who sweat a lot, most especially yoga students.

These pants are lifesavers for people who are so active because we often move around a lot and we usually end the day soaked in sweat. Well, not anymore because of microfiber/ sweat-wicking technology. But why trust Manduka? Why this brand?

Well, Manduka has always had its roots in yoga, so they completely understand what sweat-wicking should be. Unlike other brands, Manduka puts an emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. They even plant a tree for every purchase of some of their other products, like mats.

We are all too familiar with Manduka yoga mats. They are one of (if not the best) yoga mats in the market, but they’re also one of the most eco-friendly companies that really focus on making products that will not add to the waste that ends up in landfills.

Manduka promises the same environmentally friendly production practices with their leggings as well. So I chose one of their simplest designs—the Manduka Women’s Essential Leggings. These pants will surely brighten up your day not only because they’re chic but also because they are eco-friendly.

These pants are GRS certified (Global Recycle Standard) which means that part of the materials used to make them are from recycled materials. Well, let me be more specific. These pants are actually made from 45-50% recycled plastic bottles, depending on the design. Therefore, Manduka pants help reduce landfill waste by a lot. Of course, I’d still tell you to avoid drinking bottled water and to bring a tumbler or reusable bottle instead.

Most clothes that are made from recycled materials feel weird or they don’t feel comfortable at all. But these Manduka pants feel like cotton and most people enjoy wearing them all day. Of course, Manduka would know all about comfort since they’re a yoga-related brand, so they’d want comfort to be part of what you’d feel when using their products.

These pants are the complete package because they’re shrink proof and machine-washable. Just make sure to use very mild soap (I use baby clothes detergent) and no fabric conditioners. Always put your machine settings on gentle to prolong your pants’ lifespan. If you’re looking for simple yet comfortable pants that lowkey save the planet as well, choose the Manduka Women’s Essential Leggings.

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4. Lululemon Wunder Under Pants

Lululemon Wunder Under Pants
Click image for more details.

I remember when I first set foot inside a yoga studio. It was unbelievable bright with yoga apparel on one side, and the other side with the hallway leading to the different rooms for the different classes that I was possibly signing up for. I really didn’t know what to expect.

So I did sign up for a month at that studio and I had one of the best hot yoga sessions in my life. It was a relatively new studio and mostly catered to students. I was so excited but I honestly had no idea what to wear, so I often felt so heavy because my clothes were usually dripping in sweat.

I was thinking about yoga/ sports clothes but I didn’t know what to get. I noticed though, that most of my classmates wore these chic clothes with an omega sign on it. I noticed they not only looked cool they also stayed cool. Their clothes never quite dripped with sweat!

So I decided to go on the hunt for that same brand and discovered that the iconic omega symbol belonged to a very popular brand called Lululemon. I already heard of it but at that time, I wasn’t really an active person and I wasn’t really into those brands so I went researching on it and loved it.

What is Lululemon and how did the brand start? It was started by Chip Wilson in 1998 and the popular (and iconic) logo was a result of a survey he handed out to people for them to choose the brand and the name for his business. The votes were in and Lululemon won.

Chip Wilson actually started out by having a location that had two roles. Design studio by day and yoga studio at night. After Lululemon started and the business was growing. It soon became a standalone store, selling hundreds (now millions) of clothes worldwide.

You might be asking why I recommend their Wunder Under Pants. I love it so much because it is a high-waisted pants, so it gives you an overall slimmer look. High-rise pants can also be paired with crop tops and shorter tops. Don’t worry! The Wunder Under never rolls down and isn’t too tight nor too loose. Lots of people say that this brand is definitely true-to-size.

If you’re looking for high-waisted pants that give you a sleeker look, then the Lululemon Wunder Under pants are the best purchase to make in this list. This brand gives proof that going simple doesn’t mean you’re boring, it can be fun and stylish too!

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5. Baleaf Women’s Leggings

Baleaf Women's Leggings
Click image for more details.

As a person who’s been practicing yoga on and off for more than 2 years, the main problem I have is not with the clothes I wear but the durability of the clothes I buy. I usually get the ordinary non-branded ones but in a few months, I discovered the importance of buying stuff from reputable sources. It’s all about the quality of the clothes they produce.

Baleaf started way back 2009 with innerwear and other intimate wear because they wanted to produce quality clothes without sacrificing comfort. Many people loved this brand and supported it so Baleaf soon became a big brand in China (and now worldwide).

Fast-forward things to 2015, there was a boom in athletics and sports as people got addicted to working out. This “workout culture” gave Baleaf a pivot in what clothes they produced. They decided to not only focus on innerwear but also produce comfortable sportswear for cycling, yoga, swimming, and other sports.

From simple innerwear, they innovated to even producing sweat-wicking underwear and even developed their own airflow technology that kept you cool even though you wear thick fabric. Now, they’re even developing compression wear for sports like running and are even producing very lightweight fabrics that are unbelievably sweat-wicking.

I also love what they stand for— they are a slow fashion brand so they not only focus on the environment, but they also pay attention to safe and humane working conditions down to waste-management and the safe usage of chemicals. Basically, they care for the people, their product, and the environment.

They now work with top designers to maximize the fabric they use in clothes and even produce clothes out of recycled fabric, reducing their overall carbon footprint. I don’t know if you have seen the horrors of the fashion industry, where waste generated from clothes are so much they also pollute our seas. Hard to believe right?

Sustainable fashion is the way to go nowadays and Baleaf proudly says that they were one of the first brands to practice this. That’s why I am a fan. Another reason why this brand is on this list is because most of the reviews on their clothes say the same thing—their clothes last long!

That’s why I love the Baleaf Women’s Leggings— no-frills, plain and simple and yet this pair will last you for more than a year. That’s a huge deal if you train or practice your sport daily, as you tend to literally wreck your pants a lot. If you’re going to use the pants for daily wear, then it will even last you longer.

What I love about Baleaf is the fabric they use for their pants. it’s thick without being too heavy and it still dries quickly because of their fabric blend. These pants are 87% nylon and 13% spandex which gives it a perfect stretch for any activity. If you are looking for one of the best slow fashion pants in the market, then the Baleaf Women’s Leggings are perfect for you.

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Finding the best pair of pants can be a daunting task before you but with the list above, i bet it was way easier than you thought, right? I love t=all these brands and I know you’ll love them too! It’s all a matter of choosing what you want in a a pair. This will determine which among them you’ll buy (or why not buy everything?).

Thank you for reading this article. It makes me happy when people learn more about products that they can use and probably tell people about. If you have any questions or even stories to share, leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them immediately.

Don’t forget to share this article with friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below. I hope you are a having great day and I’m looking forward for the next review I’ll be posting.


1. What makes sweat-wicking clothes dry so fast?

It’s science! Contrary to popular belief, sweat-wicking stuff doesn’t repel water at all. Wicking means, drawing something up (yes! just like the candlewick drawing melted wax upward) and out. The clothes you wear wick the moisture off your skin and make it evaporate faster.

To make things more fun and easier to explain, here’s Justin from Hip Science to explain the “magic” behind our sweat-wicking clothes.

2. What activities can I wear these pants for?

Let me start with the activities/ events you can’t wear them to— formal events and meetings. That’s all! If anything requires you to be dressy, there are different pants that you can’t wear, but not these ones.

Now let’s move on to where you can wear them. These pants are perfect for workouts. You can wear your sweat-wicking pants to the gym as it is very flexible and stretchy that you will never have a problem with rips or tears. I suggest, like what I mentioned above, to look for leggings with gussets on them.

These gussets are the diamond pattern you may have seen in some of your shorts, tights, or leggings. They help make your pants more stretchable and less prone to tears. All the leggings you saw above had gussets on them, but just in case you have to buy one at a store someday, at least you know what to look for.

3. Are sweat-wicking pants machine-washable? Are there any specific care instructions?

Sweat-wicking pants are usually machine-washable but the problem is that if you don’t put the settings on gentle and you wash them with your other pants, you might have pants that pill easily or pants that teat after some time.

To avoid destroying your pants faster than usual, I highly suggest hand washing your sweat-wicking pants so that you don’t wear out the fabric that much when cleaning it. Let me teach you the basics.

Always use mild detergents on your pants and wash with warm water. Sometimes I soak my pants beforehand so there is less scrubbing action and the pants are easier to clean. Also, do not ever use fabric softener because it blocks the spaces between the fibers that give it its sweat-wicking abilities (and you wouldn’t want that right?).

Never use heat or a dryer when drying your pants. You can use a tumble dry setting or a spin dryer, but it would be best to air dry it to prolong the lifespan of your clothes. I always take pride when my sportswear lasts me more than a year, because it means that it was worth the purchase.

4. How many pants do I buy?

How many should you not buy? I will definitely not tell you to hold yourself back but I’d probably recommend three pairs first as you can rotate them and it’s not like you’ll be in these pants daily. But if you really love these kind of pants and you want to buy more, then go ahead! Make sure you get stuff that you’ll use though.

Also, it’s best to get more than two so that you don’t wear off your pants fast. Having many pairs also gives you options. Plus, not all pants look the same, there are so many styles out there that you might love. If you notice, the pants above look different from each other.

Some have pockets, some have shimmer, while others are squat-proof. If you want some style you can even check pants that have sheer fabric strategically placed on the design so it shows skin in the right places without making it too awkward for you. I have one or two that have sides that are transparent. They look so cool.

5. How long do these pants last? How do I know if I should get a new one?

If you take good care of your pants and if you don’t gain or lose too much weight, then with proper care a pair can last you for about two to three years. In my case, I had to change all my sweat-wicking pants because I had lost so much weight. My old pairs lasted me for three years, which was amazing.

Always follow the cleaning instructions I gave you. It is very essential in prolonging the lifespan of your clothes in general. To check if you need to replace them, look at the stitching. If the stitching seems to be undone in some areas, you may have to buy a new one soon

Another would be too many pills on the surface. Fabrics tend to do this a lot when they get old, worn, and frayed. These pills can be irritating to the skin and may look weird on your pants. Check if there are any holes and if the pants still stretch well. If they are loose in some parts, you may have to replace them.


Ready to Make a Change Now?

My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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