Mission Cooling Towel Review— Stay Chill And Beat The Heat

Don’t you just hate it when it’s too sunny and then you start sweating buckets? Or when you’re in any sports activity and you end up soaking your towels? Another challenge is if you just sweat a lot, more than the average person or if you have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis.

So what would you do if I told you that there is such a thing as cooling towels? What makes me happy is that I found a brand, Mission, that is not only cooling to the skin but super lightweight.

In this Mission cooling towel review, you will learn more about cooling towels, the history of this brand, and what to like and not like about this cooling towel.

When the sweat is too much to handle, cooling towels will be your best friend.
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Tips to beat excessive sweating

Sweating is a normal bodily function, but when it gets in the way of your day to day life, and when you seem to be sweating too much, then it’s time to go and check if you have hyperhidrosis.

What is hyperhidrosis? Should you be worried about it? Let’s start with the second question. Before you panic, I want to let you know that hyperhidrosis is manageable and that there are different ways (which I will share later) to reduce or stop sweating completely. Please take note that I will only be sharing non-invasive and surgical methods.

What is hyperhidrosis? it is a condition where a person produces more sweat than an average person. What makes it unique is that different things can trigger it, like the smell or even just thinking about food. People with hyperhidrosis can also experience sweating in cold places, like a fully airconditioned room or even in winter.

Hyperhidrosis can be divided into two — primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis, the difference between the two is that primary means that the excessive sweating is not caused by any medical condition and is symmetrical, meaning you sweat on both sides of your body.

Examples can be the armpits or the feet. If there is no known cause then it is definitely primary hyperhidrosis. If excessive sweating is caused by another medical condition or medication that you have been taking, then it’s secondary hyperhidrosis.

Is there a cure for this condition? No, there is not, there are only methods to alleviate the excessive sweating. A good friend of mine has lived with hyperhidrosis since he was a kid, but I learned that he is actually quite okay and doesn’t really sweat as bad as he did when he was a teenager.

Before I share some steps you can take to reduce or stop sweating, watch this video that explains what hyperhidrosis is all about.

Now, what can you do to stop sweating? Here are some non-surgical and non-invasive things you can do:

1. Use antiperspirants

Yes, and I don’t mean those ordinary antiperspirant/deodorants you find in the market. I mean the heavy-duty stuff, like clinical antiperspirants. After all, this is your first line of defense and if this works for you as it works for most people with hyperhidrosis, then all will be well.

If you have excessively sweaty hands or feet there is a brand called Carpe, which is a lotion and many people have raved about this brand not only for its effectiveness but because it is one of the only products in the market really made for hyperhidrosis sufferers.

The two founders of the brand were actually university classmates and they didn’t know at the time that they both suffered from primary hyperhidrosis. Many of the products in the market were made only for the armpits and that really didn’t help if you had sweaty arms and feet.

Lucky for people today, Carpe is specifically designed and formulated for the hands and feet. After application, there is instant relief and a lot of customers have gushed about not being embarrassed to shake hands at a meeting or to hold their date’s hand at a party.

That being said, you can try Carpe but there are other brands out there that you may try. Read more below because there will be some recommendations that you may want to try. So stay tuned and keep on reading.

2. Iontophoresis

I sometimes think that this is a word made to twist my tongue. But no, it is actually an interesting procedure done to people to alleviate excessive sweating in the hands or feet. I find it somewhat weird but at the same time fascinating.

Iontophoresis is done by soaking your hands or feet in the water and running a very low electric current on it. A lot of people have reported less sweating but it is still considered an alternative method and I’d most likely go with antiperspirants. Also, people with heart problems will most likely not be allowed to do this procedure.

3. Medication

Anticholinergics are the medication given to people with a problem with excessive sweating. These drugs block the actions of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is responsible for involuntary reactions such as sweating.

Take note that taking medications is last on this list because people opt for this option if the ones above didn’t help at all. There can be serious side-effects to this medication so I usually recommend it last.

A recent innovation on anticholinergics was that a manufacturer was able to turn it into wipes. Qbrexza is an anticholinergic wipe that you apply once daily on the affected part. An instruction included is to make sure to clean hands thoroughly after application, if it were me, I would use gloves as this can affect nerves.

What is Mission cooling towels?

Actually, Mission is a brand of different cooling gear like headbands, gaiters, and towels (like this cooling towel we are reviewing). This brand has a short but sweet history as not much was mentioned about the founders.

This brand was made for athletes so that they can perform better, as their tagline goes: “Cool more. Do more.”. That is true though because as a person who plays rugby, I can really overheat because it involves a lot of running. Cooling towels can be a solution to reducing sweating a bit and to improve overall performance in the field.

What I like about Mission cooling towel

1. Dries fast

Since Mission cooling towels are made from a microfiber blend, so the drying time for this towel will be very quick. This is not only convenient to use at the gym but can also be used when traveling abroad. Especially if you’re one to backpack and are out for a real adventure.

2. 30° cooler when wet

According to the brand’s description, Mission cooling towels (when wet) cools the water 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than a minute. Amazing right?

3. Lightweight

Mission cooling towels are made from 90%polyester and 10%nylon which are very light materials. This towel is so compact that it can easily fit inside your gym bag without you noticing that you’re even bringing a towel. As I mentioned above this is really convenient when traveling because it barely weighs anything, compared to a regular cotton towel.

What I don’t like about Mission cooling towel

1. Does not work in humid environments

Some reviews have reported that they tried using this towel in places where the humidity is high and they got no cooling at all. I always say, it can cool the water by just a bit but if the heat is too much it’s completely natural if it can’t cool anymore. I suggest putting a bit of ice if the heat gets unbearable as this towel is made for temporary relief.

2. Seams fray fast

Some people say their Mission towels’ seams get frayed and ripped a few times after using. I highly suggest contacting them as they can definitely replace your towel with new ones. After all, there is no perfect brand and sometimes there may be manufacturing defects. To prolong the lifespan of your towel, it would also be best to handwash your towels instead.

3. Does not feel like a regular towel

Since Mission towels are made with microfiber, expect the texture to be a bit thinner. So if you’re used to your regular cotton towels, you might be a bit disappointed when you purchase this towel (or any microfiber towel).

I really think that it takes a bit to get used to but I’m overall happy with my microfiber towels because they dry so fast and they are compact and easy to store. Another thing to take note of is that these towels are really made to use outdoors, so they are built for the function of drying fast.


Mission cooling towels are definitely a cool towel to own, literally and figuratively speaking. I’m happy knowing that you know more about hyperhidrosis and more about this brand as well. I highly recommend Mission cooling towels as an affordable solution to keeping you cooler during warm days. It is definitely a cool (pun intended) way to stay dry all day.

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After all, I love writing about anything that can help make excessive sweating easier to bear. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read through this review to learn more.

That said if you have any questions on hyperhidrosis, any product I mentioned, or about Mission cooling towels, please leave a comment below and a well-researched reply will definitely be made to help you out.

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