Little Seed Farm Deodorant Review— 4 Reasons Why It’s Awesome

Have you ever wanted a deodorant that inspires a feeling of a fresh breeze or something that relaxes you? Most people do. We often look for products that are good for our skin and make us smell great.

As a person who goes out a lot (and who’s always active), I am always on the hunt for the best products out there, be it antiperspirants or all-natural deodorants.

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Sweating but smelling great? Is that even possible, you ask? Yes, it is and my co-writer Oscar shared his story. Learn more about how to live with hyperhidrosis by reading Oscar’s story here.

I was surprised, just like you will be surprised when you read this Little Seed Farm deodorant review. I was amazed because I haven’t really seen this product in stores near me. I decided to read more, research more, and make a review just for you.

In this article, you will learn more about what Little Seed Farm is, why they started making these products, and what I like or don’t like about their deodorants.

What Is Little Seed Farm

It started in 2012 when Eileen and James Ray moved from their busy life in New York City to a more laid-back, relaxed, and peaceful environment in Tennessee.

Both of them had dreams of starting a sustainable business that would support their living expenses on their farm. Little did they know that people fell in love with their products and now the brand has grown from just two people to a small team that is behind the “magic” of their deodorants.

What I found amazing with Little Seed deodorant is that their entire farm is now 100% sustainable because they went fully solar-powered in 2015. I find businesses that value eco-friendly manufacturing processes an example to bug companies out there. More and more business owners should really make it a point to be more conscious of the environment.

Before this all started they had their principles in mind. They wanted to make better products by making sure that everything is chemical-free, safe, and nourishing to the skin.

They also wanted to make an example to others by making a sustainable business model and a good work environment for all their employees, plus providing a humane and clean home to all of their farm animals.

They do their best with waste management, they minimize their trash by practicing composting and different methods to reduce wastage that ends up in landfills.

Little Seed Farm also supports different organic farms by sourcing some of their ingredients from them, which in turn is spreading positivity from business to business.

I’m sure you’re amazed by this already. I really made sure to know more about any brand I support and I hope you’ll be the same way too. After all, we are the reason these brands exist and it’s our responsibility to choose good brands who help save the planet.

Read more below to learn more about Little Seed so you can decide whether this brand is the best one for you.

How to Use Deodorant

Before I start with the steps on the proper application of deodorant, I’d like to clarify that deodorants are not antiperspirants. Deodorants are made to only stop the bad odor from ever seeing (or smelling?) the light of day.

Proper application of deodorants is not a common practice for some people, so I wanted to share how to properly put your product on for maximum effectivity. after all, you are using these products so that they’ll work, right?

All these steps are as easy as 1-2-3 (literally).

1. Apply on clean skin

As I always tell people who ask, always apply your deodorant after a bath. Remember, you are now using all-natural products and it means that it takes a bit more time to work on your skin as compared to those harsh chemicals on your old products.

By making sure your skin is clean, you avoid the mixture of sweat and your deodorant, which can lessen the overall effectivity of the product. If you want to make the most out of your product, this is the best way to do it.

2. Use the suggested amount

Check the labels, read your deodorant’s packaging for the suggested amount you should put on your skin. I discovered that unlike my old products, all-natural deodorants are more effective if you put less. I found it mind-boggling at first but when I tried using less, it did work.

3. Air dry

Now that you know how to properly apply your all-natural deodorants, please watch the video below on how to use Little Seed Farm’s bamboo applicator. Unlike other cream deodorants, this brand makes it easier for you to apply their product on your underarm.

Here is the video:

What I Like About Little Seed Farm

1. Sustainable brand and product

As mentioned above, Littles Seed farm practices environment-friendly product manufacturing. They also use clean energy, as they went 100% solar.

Aside from their manufacturing processes, they also use glass jars (yes, not plastic) for their deodorants. For their other products, they make sure to use only recycled materials for packaging.

If you go online, they even have the option to ship your orders in an eco-friendly way or zero-waste. It makes you curious as a buyer when you see this as many other brands have a lot of plastic when shipping their items.

2. Bamboo applicator

The complaint of most people using cream-type deodorants is that it is messy to put on your underarms because you have to use your fingers. People hate it when they get some product stuck underneath their nails. it gets a bit tedious to have to find something to remove it.

Little Seed made it easier for everyone. They even made it eco-friendly. They have a free wooden applicator in every purchase of their deodorant, but if you want a sturdier version of the applicator, they have a bamboo one for sale. It is affordable and sustainable.

Bamboo is better compared to using wood because no trees have to be cut down. It is very sustainable because bamboo grows fast and it regrows quickly after you cut it, unlike trees that take decades to recover.

3. All-natural ingredients

Little Seed Farm deodorant has only seven ingredients! organic arrowroot powder, food-grade magnesium hydroxide, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, beeswax, organic vegetable glycerine (non-GMO & kosher), and organic essential oils depending on the scent you choose.

I love the fact that they keep it under 10 ingredients and that they’re very clear on the fragrance they use because some people like me have really sensitive skin. So far, I haven’t noticed any harsh ingredients and I know you’d love the fact that there are no ingredients that can clog your pores.

4. Baking soda-free

Yes, your all-natural Little Seed deodorant is baking soda-free! Instead, they formulated their deodorant with magnesium hydroxide, a safer substitute to aluminum or baking soda which can cause redness or a bad allergy for people with sensitive skin.

Magnesium hydroxide neutralizes the odor by balancing the PH levels in your armpits, without stripping your skin off any moisture like what baking soda does. For people with sensitive skin, this is the perfect brand to use.

What I Don’t Like About Little Seed Farm

1. Messy

People are always on the go, rushing from one place to another and therefore, they need something fast and effective when it comes to personal care products.

Although Little Seed Farm provides an applicator, what if you lose it? You’d then have to use your fingers to put the product on and that can be a very messy process.

This is the reason why people like roll-on or sticks better than cream-type deodorants. It’s because they don’t want to have problems removing the cream stuck underneath their nails.

2. Clumping

There are some complaints that the product clumps on their armpits, even after smoothly applying a thin layer on their underarms. My theory is it’s because of the sweat mixing with the product.

Don’t fret, because I find it easier to wipe off these clumps compared to blocking my pores with antiperspirants. People should know this before they stopped using their old products.

3. Does not work

There are a few complaints of people saying that their new all-natural deodorant did not work for them. Some say that the smell is terrible or others say that the essential oil blends are too strong.

My answer to that is, people are unique and our bodies react to products differently. The best solution to this is to find the scent your body reacts well to.

For the foul odor, I suggest going on a full underarm detox for four weeks and get rid of the old product blocking their pores while making the switch. People find that their deodorants work better after going through the whole process. So try it out and see (smell) the difference.


Sustainability and environment-friendly business practices are possible in this day and age. It’s up to you to find these brands and support them. I’m so happy that there’s a deodorant that has only 7 ingredients that work wonder’s on keeping the underarms fresh all day.

It’s really hard to find good cream deodorants these days and this brand makes it so easy because they’re very transparent on their ingredient list and they also provide an eco-friendly spatula for mess-free application on your skin.

I’d like to thank you for reading my review. I know that you’ve learned so much and that you are very curious (and possibly excited) to try Little Seed Farm deodorants.

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If you have already tried this brand or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to click the social media buttons below to share this article with people who may want to try all-natural deodorants like this one.

Until the next review!




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