3 Reasons To Love Lavilin Bio Balance Underarm Deodorant Cream

Not all deodorants are created equal. Some deodorants work and are made to keep you smelling fresh all day while some, don’t really work and can even darken your underarms. Some even leave yellow stains.

It’s not easy to select the best brand for you, that’s for sure. It’s a bunch of trial and errors and a lot of products thrown out. This is why I wanted to make a review on Lavilin bio balance underarm deodorant cream before you decide to order one for yourself.

Deodorant helps with self confidence.
Have you ever felt that your deodorant helps you feel fresh and confident?
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Ever felt alone when it comes to dealing with sweat problems? Well, I want to let you know that Oscar and I write all about these things to help people like you live with it successfully and to know how to deal with it on a daily basis. Read and learn how Oscar has lived with hyperhidrosis successfully here.

I want to let you know more about this product, how to use it, it’s the effectiveness of it, and if overall, it’s a good deodorant to get for your underarms. Remember, this is a moisturizer and a deodorant in one so do not judge it so badly as it is definitely not the same as other deodorants.

Types of Deodorant

There are more than one type of deodorant existing in the market. I’m sure you’re familiar with most of these but I’ll still give a brief description so you will know the difference of each. Growing up I was only familiar with one type,but I soon discovered different kinds of deodorant as I looked for the brand perfect for me.


One of the most common deodorants in the market, the roll-on is a regular bottle with a plastic ball on the tip that rolls and distributes the liquid when applied onto the deodorant.

This is the type of deodorant I was accustomed to, and I soon outgrew it because of leaking and it sometimes would get stuck and not distribute enough product on my underarms.

It is also pretty difficult for men who have hair as it may get stuck on the applicator and the roll-on ball which can cause a bit of discomfort.


It was invented early on but didn’t really catch the public’s attention till recently. these types of deodorants are amazing because no applicator comes into contact with the skin which makes it the cleanest and has the least chance of irritating the skin due to contamination.

Also, the spray evenly distributes the product onto your underarms ensuring that you don’t miss a spot. This type of deodorant also saves on a lot of products as 2 sprays are enough to cover the entire area.


The stick is the deodorant I used after moving on from the roll-on, it has two main types, the soft solid and the invisible solid. The soft solid is the ones you find where the cover has smaller holes that make the deodorant come out in tiny dots (or noodles if you over twist the bottom).

The invisible solid is a whole stick that doesn’t leave a trace on your armpit or the clothes you wear. Sadly, if you over apply the invisible solid there may be white marks on the fold of your skin which you may have to wipe off in the middle of the day.


These deodorants come in jars like Lavilin. These types are usually very strong and need only a small amount to apply to your armpits. Sadly, the application of this type of deodorant can be messy because you use your fingers to do so. Other people use a small spatula, others use a brush.

Why Is Deodorant Necessary?

If you’re a person that smells bad after just a bit of sweating then you definitely need a deodorant. I would only recommend this product to anyone who wants to smell good all day.

If you’re not the type who stinks really bad then you’re lucky and you wouldn’t really need a deodorant. All-natural is always the way to go so another reminder for me is that if you’re used to these over the counter stuff, then you definitely need a full underarm detox.

What Is Lavilin?

Lavilin is rooted in a group of scientists dedicated to making products that are all-natural and aluminum-free. This brand is one of the first to ever promote making the switch to your regular products to more wholesome plant-based products like these.

They first developed their underarm cream and have developed more than 10 products that people know and love. All their products are tested by international and reputable international laboratories so effectivity is guaranteed.

Before I share what I like and not like about Lavilin, please watch an honest review by someone who has tried their cream deodorant:

What I Like About Lavilin

1. Moisturizes and Heals

Cream type deodorants are so underrated, they’re not given attention as they should have, in my opinion. Lavilin deodorant cream not only makes you smell good despite sweating, but it keeps your skin moisturized because they only use the best ingredients for your skin.

Moisturizing your underarms is important because dry skin can cause itching which could lead to wounds caused by scratching the area. My advice is to always choose a deodorant that won’t dry your skin and it would be a plus if it has moisturizers.

2. It Is So Effective

Lots of Lavilin deodorant cream users have raved about this product, the main reason being that it has never failed them and that they never had to reapply after the detox process.

For me, effectivity is the number 1 reason I get a product. Yes, it may have all-natural ingredients, but if it doesn’t work for me, why would I bother spending on it? Well, Lavilin will not fail you as most people say that you just have to make the full switch to this all-natural deodorant and you’ll have the best results.

3. Lasts Long

Yes, you got that right. A lot of people have said that their swollen pores due to shaving were not as bad after using this product. Not only does it heal your skin but it also lasts longer than any other all-natural deodorant.

You can apply your Lavilin cream today and reapply after 5-7 days! Some people said that they still sweat normally, yes they scrub, but they smell really good and that’s because of this product.

What I Don’t Like About Lavilin

1. White Marks

Cream type deodorants make it a bit hard to thinly apply the product. If you are a person who sweats a lot, then you might have a problem using Lavilin deodorant cream because the cream might leave white marks on your armpits that may be embarrassing if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt.

2. Messy

Complaints about Lavilin cream have always been that the application of the cream is messy. Most people use their hands and they don’t like the cream underneath their nails and they don’t like the sticky feeling and the time they have to take just to scrub the product off their hands.


Cream deodorants can be a really good product to try especially if you want to go all-natural. Lavilin is a tried and tested brand and you’ll definitely not regret trying their deodorant cream out.

If you are satisfied with the effects then you have found a product that you can use for years. If not, try other products that I have reviewed by clicking here.

Before I end this review I’d like to remind you to always do a proper underarm detox before making the switch to your natural deodorants because at first, it may seem that these products don’t work but after your underarms heal, it may be a different story.

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Do you have any experience while detoxing your underarms? Have you ever tried Lavilin deodorants? Do you have any questions on all-natural deodorants? Please share your story below, and I’ll do my best to answer and share my own story as well.

Until the next review!


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I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

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