Lavanila Healthy Deodorant Review: The No. 1 World-Class Deodorant

New generations, new products. In the world of deodorants, competition is tough as companies come up with something new almost every year and it’s up for different brands to try to keep up.

Deodorant is an essential part of anybody’s personal hygiene kit because some people really need added protection when it comes to fighting bad body odor. I’m here to recommend a brand that you would want to try out — Lavanila healthy deodorant, an award-winning product that has changed the way I see (and smell) natural deodorant.

Raw materials for deodorants
The best natural deodorant compete through the quality of their raw materials.
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My friend and I write about everything sweat-related, including products you can use to stain removals (and other interesting things). Learn more about how one can live with hyperhidrosis by reading my friend’s story here.

In this review, I will be sharing Lavanila’s story, what underarm detox is and its importance, and what I like and don’t like about this deodorant. Before I continue, please watch the video below that briefly explains what a healthy deodorant is all about.

Prepare yourself: a guide to underarm detox

In any situation you’re in, preparedness is key — this is what sets you apart from everyone else in the room. Being prepared always gives you an advantage especially if you’re in a situation where it’s not as good as you expect it to be.

An example would be making the switch to an all-natural deodorant and then noticing the bad odor. Fortunately, you’re reading this so you will know what to do.

Changing your products abruptly is not only a shock to you, but is also a shock on your underarms. You have been using “deodorants” which turn out to be a mix of antiperspirant and deodorant so you have been blocking your pores for quite some time.

Imagine suddenly removing the blockage — floodgates open and there comes the sweat. Ugh. You must be so disgusted by the amount of moisture your underarms suddenly produce. But what’s more worrisome is the odor. Yikes, right?

Good thing there’s a solution, a simple paste you have to apply daily to help speed up the process of getting rid of the blockage which in turn helps your underarms get used to the natural products you’re using so it will stop sweating too much.

Please take note that if you finish the detox process and you still sweat buckets, I highly suggest that you go to your doctor and get checked — because you may have an excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis.

Let’s get to business and learn the basic instructions for a full underarm detox. Did you know that aside from helping your underarms get used to its unblocked pores, detoxing can also reduce the sweat a little? So you can also do this in the summer, where you may sweat a little bit more than usual.

You only need 3 ingredients — calcium bentonite, apple cider vinegar, and water. Instructions are to mix equal parts of all three but sometimes you may add a bit more calcium bentonite until the mix is a bit more like yogurt, which is thick and a bit cream-like.

Start by preparing the mixture. Apply it on the armpits daily for 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time every week. For some people, by the last week of their detox, they can leave it on for 15 minutes!

Always be patient because a detox often lasts for 5 to 30 days. It can be a bit tedious but it will surely pay off. To make things a bit easier, you can watch this video by AmazedByKay, a vlogger who posted her experience on underarm detox and how this has been helping her out.

Types of Deodorant

There are different deodorants out there in the market. I want you, my readers to not be limited in your options when it comes to choosing products that can help you feel good. I made this list so you can learn more on the different types of deodorants:

1. Stick deodorants

Stick deodorants are really common in stores since forever so I’m sure that you may have used this type of deodorant at some point in your life. These deodorants are in a twist-up plastic or cardboard bottle.

Twist the bottom part and up comes the product. One or two swipes and voila, you have already applied a thin layer of product on your skin — enough to keep you fresh the whole day.

2. Roll-on deodorants

Roll-on deodorants are the next on this list because it is quite popular like the stick deodorants I mentioned above. These deodorants come in either glass or plastic bottles, with a plastic bottle on top that distributes the product evenly on the skin, making sure your entire underarm is lightly coated, protecting you from bad odor.

3. Spray deodorants

Spray type deodorants are pretty simple and easy to use. Although they were invented in the ’40s, it was only briefly a hit in the early ’50s. It made a comeback recently because athletes started promoting the usage of spray deodorants because it is hygienic and easy to apply.

Of all the deodorants in this list, sprays use the least product when covering the entire underarm area. If sprayed on properly, the product takes a second or two to apply, and when you’re finished. It also dries faster because you didn’t put a lot of deodorant liquid in the area.

4. Cream/gel deodorants

The new craze among natural deodorants, cream or gel does either come in jars or tubes. You usually apply using your fingers or an applicator (for those in jars). The only thing that people complain about is that the product can be a bit messy so I always tell people, always wash your hands after applying the cream or gel.

5. Crystal deodorants

I call these types of deodorants lifesaver because they work wonders, they smell good, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. They’re also the most innovative types of deodorants because they’re made from mineral salts and oil blends, sans the harsh chemicals.

A lot of people don’t know about this type of deodorant but surprisingly in Asia, a rougher form has already been existing for ages, in the Philippines, there’s an odor-free product called tawas which works the same, but in my opinion, the new crystal deodorants are way better because they’re smoother which means that it won’t scratch the skin as much as tawas would.

What is Lavanila Deodorant?

It all started when Danielle Raynor, Lavanila founder, and CEO was on the hunt for a deodorant that can promise long-lasting protection, nourishing ingredients, and a scent that is natural and is unique to the brand.

Sadly, she couldn’t find the product that had those all together so she came up with an idea to make her own brand that will have all the best features she wants in her products.

Lavanila has won awards from Allure in 2013 and 2015 of being one of the best deodorants in the market and is now currently a very popular brand among people who want to use all-natural deodorants.

What makes Lavanila unique is that they bring scents to life by using natural ingredients. Their products have no aluminum, no parabens, no sulfates, and no propylene glycol. An all-natural product with a transparent ingredient list is what you should expect in every purchase.

Lavanila does not limit itself to just deodorants! They have reef safe sunblock, detox paste, baby products like lotions, and baby butter. Lavanila truly makes you feel good inside and out knowing that what you use comes from the best sources of organic ingredients in the world.

Watch the short clip below to learn more about Lavanila’s story:

What I like about Lavanila

1. Vegan and Cruelty-Free (and more!)

Lavanila is not only free from any animal byproducts, but it is also cruelty-free so it never tests on animals. It is clinically tested as non-irritating so you can be sure that you’re using a mild and safe product.

Aside from being vegan and cruelty-free, it is also free from sulfates, parabens, aluminum, and baking soda. Overall, Lavanila removed possible irritants and made sure to give you the best deodorant you could ever use.

2. Only the best ingredients used

Lavanila sources its raw materials from only the best sources in the world. An example is their vanilla beans which they get the best quality which is produced in Madagascar.

Aside from premium vanilla, your Lavanila contains aloe leaf juice, propanediol, corn starch, sodium stearate, silica, carrageenan, stearyl behenate, lemon peel oil, inulin, saccharomyces ferment, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, yeast beta-glucan, honeysuckle flower extract, lichen extract, valerian root extract, goldenseal extract, tea tree, goji berry extract, and plant-based fragrance.

All these ingredients are sourced from the best places in the world and are completely fair-trade. Fair-trade products support small communities worldwide which means that every time you buy deodorant, you’re not only keeping your body smelling fresh all day, but you’re also helping a lot of people from far away.

Aside from being fair-trade, knowing that my deodorant has the best ingredients makes me feel really good and really special (not to mention I feel safe knowing that they don’t use low-quality stuff). This brand really makes you feel like royalty, without paying so much.

3. All-day protection

Lavanila protects you all day. No more blocking your pores because this brand’s unique formulation guarantees that you will smell good the entire day without using anything with aluminum or worse, anticholinergics. Just make sure you apply the product correctly (and after a bath).

What I don’t like about Lavanila

1. Bad odor

Some reviews on Lavanila (sadly) say that the product gives them bad body odor instead of making them smell good. This is quite bad, I must say because you do buy a deodorant to avoid smelling bad. If Lavanilla has this effect on you, you may want to try other options. Another solution would be to go through a full underarm detox for 4 weeks.

2. Red rash

Some people have reported a red rash on their skin after using Lavanila deodorants. If this ever happens to you, please stop using the product immediately — this can be a sign that the product has an ingredient that your skin doesn’t agree with.

Since this is a baking soda-free product, that can be ruled out as a cause of the itchiness. I highly suggest contacting their customer service line for a refund and going to your dermatologist to get proper treatment for it.

3. Doesn’t work

Having a bad odor is different but not having any effect on you is worse. You feel like you wasted your money and that you will have to go through the hunt for a deodorant that will actually work. I know the feeling, trust me.

Before you panic though, have you tried a full underarm detox? If not you can follow the steps in my detailed guide above and see (smell) the difference after 4 weeks, this usually solves the problem for most people.


Lavanila is luxury in a bottle (or in a stick). Truly, they bring us quality products that can make us feel good without all these harsh chemicals that we used to put on our bodies.

I would definitely recommend Lavanilla not only for its high-quality ingredient list but also because I know that this brand works for a lot of people and I bet that after a detox, it will definitely work for you too.

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I’m glad that you, my readers, are interested in learning more about holistic and natural products like these. I promise to write more about organic and natural products that I think you will love. So be on the lookout and check out my latest blogs.

If you have any questions on Lavanila or if you have any questions on underarm detox (or related topics), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I or my friend Oscar will do our best to reply as soon as possible, with well-researched answers.

Don’t forget to click any social media buttons below to share this review with a friend or family that will be happy to read (and discover) a product like Lavanila.

Thank you for reading and until the next review.




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