ItsDri Undershirt Review: 3 Layers That Make Sweat Stains Go Away

Undershirts have been a lifesaver for you especially if you’re somebody who has excessive underarm sweating. Although there have been tips on how to reduce sweat in this area, you still want to find the best brands out there just in case your antiperspirants fail to keep you dry for the day. 

In this ItsDri undershirt review, you will learn more about why this brand is different from the rest. I will be sharing a brief history of the brand and the pros and cons of using this product. 

Undershirts will help you avoid nasty sweat marks.
Look classy and stay dry as undershirts are totally hidden from view!
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Want to learn more about anything to help stop sweating? Well, you’ve come to the right page. To learn more, read about my co-writer Oscar’s story as he is quite successful at keeping these sweating episodes at bay. Check out his story here.

What Is An Undershirt?

Before we read more about ItsDri, I want to briefly explain what an undershirt is and what it does for you.

Undershirts have no clear history or inventor. Roman soldiers had tunics underneath all their armor and most soldiers in World War 2 even had white shirts issued to them to wear underneath their military uniforms.

The primary purpose of undershirts is to keep the sweat away from your outerwear. It keeps it fresh therefore it helps you save on clothes because you won’t have to keep on changing.

Most hyperhidrosis patients have had problems with bringing extra sets of clothes which could be extremely cumbersome, especially if you’re the type of person who loves to travel light. Some people just really sweat when they’re nervous so it’s best to wear these under your office clothes especially for meetings.

Nowadays people just use undershirts to make their appearance look sleeker as it provides light compression that makes a person look slimmer. ItsDri does just that and it also keeps your outerwear dry by locking in the sweat in the pads. Read more below to learn more about ItsDri and what they are as a brand.

The ItsDri Mission

This brand was started by Carol and Robert, long-time hyperhidrosis patients. They went through all the trouble of changing shirts multiple times a day until it became so unbearable. Existing brands weren’t working for them, so they decided to make their own sweat-proof shirts.

ItsDri claims to do more than just preventing sweat marks. Unlike other brands, they also claim to prevent sweat stains from forming on your clothes. Even on the undershirt itself.

This made me more curious so I continued to read more about it and I learned that Carol and Robert wanted to make a more affordable and sleeker undershirt for people. They had this goal because, during their time, you just knew if a person is wearing an undershirt because they looked bulky and were not made for a tight fit at all.

Read more below to learn more about why I like ItsDri and why I can recommend this product to you and your friends who are looking for a good undershirt.

Some Tips on Selecting Your New ItsDri Shirt

ItsDri was made as a body-hugging shirt. This means it is made to be tight enough as a second skin. I included a basic sizing chart so you would have a guide when purchasing online. If you want your shirt to be a bit looser, you might want to order a size (or two) higher.

Pros of Using ItsDri Undershirts

1. Three Layers of Protection

Unlike other brands, Itsdri has a seamless 3 layers inside the sweat-proof pads. You won’t even feel that it is three layers because they made it so sleek.

The inner layer is copper infused which adds to the sweat-wicking properties of the pads. It also helps eliminate foul odor. The second layer is made with bamboo cotton and is a back up to ensure that the sweat doesn’t get to the outer layer. The last layer is made of extremely soft modal fabric, which makes it a sleek and smooth fit. Modal is also an awesome material because unlike other undershirts, it is resistant to shrinking.

2. Copper Infused Inner Pad

I focused on the copper-infused padding because it’s something that other sweat-proof undershirts don’t have. Copper is known to have natural antibacterial properties. ItsDri used these properties to create a pad that doesn’t only keep away sweat from your shirt, but also kills the bacteria that can cause bad odor.

3. Sleeker Than Other Brands

A review made on different undershirts caught my attention. I had been reading on ItsDri and what people say about it so I can share it with you. People love this brand because it’s sleeker and less bulky than other brands, so you’ll be tempted to use it as an outer shirt.

One person did just that and discovered that it was so sleek and light that it could pass off as a regular t-shirt. I would still suggest you wear an outer shirt though because the paddings can be a bit noticeable.

4. Longer Shirt

Compared to other brands, ItsDri is 3 inched longer. This means that your shirt will remain tucked in no matter how much you move during the entire day.

This lessens the stress of having to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom just to adjust your undershirt. This is one of the best qualities that I love about ItsDri.

5. Available in Nude

Yes! Nude is a color not all undershirts have, and it can be very stressful. Most brands just offer their signature sweat-proof shirts in black or white. This makes your shirt selection pretty limited as some outerwear can be a bit transparent and would call for nude or beige undershirts.

Nude undershirts come in handy if you want your undershirt to be less noticeable as black or white can be a “pop” of color, especially if you like wearing colorful shirts.

Cons of Using ItsDri Undershirts

1. Pads Leak

If you sweat excessively your ItsDri shirt may leak on the sides. As sad as this may be, I read multiple reviews complaining about the sweat-proof qualities of this brand. Perhaps it may be due to the sleeker design? perhaps not.

a suggestion by a friend was to buy a bigger size as the pads are a bit bigger than the smaller ones. It may cause a bit of discomfort but in the long run, you’ll get used to it.

If it still doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, ItsDri gives you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with your undershirt within 60 days of using it. You don’t even have to pay for the return shipping.

2. White Shirt Looks Transparent

If you’re deciding to use your ItsDri shirt as outerwear, think twice. Most reviews are of it being too transparent. This means that it is too thin and may not protect you at all on windy days and may show too much skin if you’re not the type who likes to.

3. Pads are Too Small

Leaking can be partially due to the pads being thin but overall reviews say that the pads should be a bit wider so that they do not have to adjust them during the day.

They have a point because you are getting a sweat-proof undershirt because you need the convenience of not worrying about excessive sweating. Where is the convenience if you have to keep adjusting the pads?


Never give up on anything to do with fighting excessive sweat because people like me will always be here to help you out by recommending the best products you can use.

Sweat-proof undershirts like ItsDri are one of the most amazing things invented to beat hyperhidrosis. It is nice to think that there are more solutions being created for people with this sweating condition.

You are now equipped with the best products you can use to fight sweat. Don’t forget to click the social media buttons below to share this article with people who would benefit from using sweat-proof undershirts. Add us to your bookmarked sites to be in the loop on the latest products that can keep you dry.

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