Hygiene Kits for Teens: 8 Kit Essentials

Having a child who is a teenager can be very fun to see as a parent. Your son or daughter has more friends now. More milestones are reached. He/she may be spending lots of time outside the house due to new social circles.  

Your child may also show interest in sports like volleyball, basketball, or even tennis. Perhaps you wonder sometimes, “How does one make hygiene kits for teens” or “Why is a hygiene kit necessary?”

Wondering how beat the heat and excessive sweating episodes? Check my co-writer 9and good friend) Oscar’s story here.

A hygiene kit is a pouch or a bag that contains products to maintain a person’s cleanliness. You may think that it is not necessary to give this to your child at this point, but always remember that being active means that there is a high chance of him/her having a bad odor.

In this article, I will share what hygiene kits are and what they are used for. I will also talk about the history of hygiene. And lastly, I will show you my list of favorite items that I think should go in a hygiene kit, especially if it is for your teen child.

And if you deal with excessive sweating, I will share what I do about that to keep my body fresh and clean. So stay tuned.

Why are Hygiene Kits Necessary?

Cleanliness isn’t just about the smell or the appearance of a person. Cleanliness can help stop the spread of a lot of diseases and bacteria. The bacteria present on your skin which reacts to sweat causes bad odor. 

There are places in this world where people have no access to clean water, which is why in many countries people are dying of diseases that could have been easily prevented by good hygiene.

If you live in one of those countries where you have access to clean water, you are very fortunate.

However, we still need to focus on good hygiene practices as you never know where you will go next and what you will face or what you might need.

That is why hygiene kits are a must-have in any bag you pack.

History of Hygiene

Hygiene is a word that originates from the name Hygeia which was the goddess of health of the ancient Greeks. In the story, Hygeia was the daughter of the goddess of medicine. The name is fitting as hygiene and health have always been hand in hand.

Throughout history, there has been a great struggle to maintain cleanliness as it helped prevent illnesses from spreading.

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians took regular baths? Cleanliness to them meant that a person was closer to the gods and goddesses they worshipped.

An old document called the Ebers Papyrus showed that they combined salts with fat to make a paste to use for treating some skin conditions. Amazing isn’t it?

The Greeks, on the other hand, did not bathe for the sake of cleanliness. They were concerned about aesthetic and their appearance. They would put oil on themselves and scrape it using a strigil.

It was also the ancient Greeks that started public baths and the usage of chamber pots.

In the 1600s the concept of personal hygiene wasn’t that developed. An example would be that barbers (yes, those who cut hair) were also considered dentists. They removed teeth⁠—without novocaine or an anesthetic so it was a painful and unsanitary procedure.

Nowadays, hygiene is an essential part of our daily lives. We are more educated on the importance of it in relation to our health.

People do their best in maintaining cleanliness even when outside. Therefore, having travel-sized versions of the cleaning products in your bag would really help. So when making a hygiene kit for your teenager, make sure to have him/her choose the products inside it.

What is in a Hygiene Kit?

The list you will find below is my personal recommendation for a basic hygiene kit. The focus is not too bulky as he will have to take it with him wherever he goes.

But this doesn’t mean you should make an incomplete kit. This is why I am sharing a list of things that I think every basic hygiene kit should have.

Take note that some hygiene kits or toiletry bags have first aid kits and sewing kits inside them but it is really up to you or your child to decide. The main function of the list below is solely for cleanliness.

Also, make sure that some specific products like ointments or specific lotions for skin conditions should be placed inside the kit.

Here is what you and your teenager will need for a simple hygiene kit:


Shampoo is essential to clean your hair after a long day at school or work. This is essential to avoid scalp problems in the future due to the build-up of dirt.


One of the most important products in this list as this can be used for washing hands, face and body. To make it easier for your kid, you can opt for liquid soap to avoid the horrors of having to clean the soap because it was accidentally dropped.


You need wipes just in case there is no available water in the area. Especially if you need to freshen up or even use the restroom. Always bring one in a kit as you’ll never know when you need it.


As I usually write about sweating and hyperhidrosis, this is always essential for me in any hygiene kit. So if your teen notices that he/she sweats a lot you may consider getting one of the best antiperspirants available in stores.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Teeth and gum health should always be prioritized as dental procedures can cost a lot of money and I always think that prevention is better than the cure itself. So why not maintain the cleanliness and fresh breath vs developing cavities due to poor tooth brushing habits?

Dental Floss

It is always advisable to have dental floss to make sure the small spaces between your teeth are clean. These food particles that go between those spaces are often the cause of bacteria buildup which leads to rotten teeth and cavities.


Tissue paper has multiple uses, to using it to wipe off dirt, wipe sweat, or when using the restroom. Remember, moisture can cause bacteria build-up at times.

Isopropyl/Ethyl Alcohol

Basic necessity your teenager should have in his/her kit. The alcohol should be used to sanitize the hands especially if no water is present in the area. Always remember that it is always better to wash your hands than using alcohol, but for emergencies at least you have something to clean your hands.

hygiene kit
Basic Hygiene Kit

Purpose of a Hygiene Kit

Travel Essential

Your hygiene kit is solely for the purpose of traveling. Out of town or out of the country will definitely affect the size of your hygiene kit. I suggest that you also check TSA requirements for liquids or toiletries.

Never forget one when leaving for a trip as the place you may go to may not have the products you usually buy.

Recreational Activities

This is a hygiene kit for going to the gym or any other sports-related activities. This is also why I highly recommend teaching your kids at a young age to be mindful of body odor and even cleanliness. This knowledge will be very useful to them in the future.

Disaster preparedness

As I mentioned above, hygiene is important so you don’t spread illness and disease. So during a calamity or a disaster, it is a must to maintain cleanliness so that the situation doesn’t get worse.

Most kits made for this purpose may go side-by-side with a first aid kit and may be placed in a go-bag.

Can Proper Hygiene Help with Excessive Sweating?

If you are dealing with excessive sweating you might have considered if proper hygiene practices could reduce your sweating.

There are books that I found that talk about how simple products and hygiene practices can reduce sweating. You can read more about sweating problems and how they affect everyday activities here.

I found that the tips that these books give unfortunately do not reduce sweating at all, which is a real disappointment.

Our bodies need to sweat since sweating is a natural bodily function which it uses to stay cool. You can sweat when you exercise, you can also sweat when eating spicy food. So there is nothing to be worried about sweating unless it happens at times when you’re not supposed to sweat—like in cold places or even when you think of food.

During activities like going to the gym or after physical education classes, expect that your child has been sweating and may have a bad smell. That’s why I recommend teaching your kids at a young age so that they can be more conscious about what’s going on with their bodies.

Proper hygiene will only help you with bad and foul odors. However, as I said before, it will not reduce your sweating.


Despite the fact that hygiene has come a long way and has improved over the course of the years, it is still crucial that we keep working on it personally.

Parents and educators need to teach teenagers and children about the importance of staying fresh and clean, regardless of the activities they are doing.

The good thing is that there are so many high-quality products on the market, readily available for good prices to make your own toiletry bag and put in the desired products.

Now I would like to hear from you. Are there products in my list that you do not like in your hygiene kit? Or which products do you think I should have added?

I always like to hear from my readers. Please drop me a comment or question below and I will be back to you. And if you found this article helpful, please share it with your family and friends on social media.


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