Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt Review: Get 100% Sweat Mark-Free Shirts!

Excessive sweating can be unpredictable to those who have it. On some days, you’re absolutely dry, on other days you sweat buckets despite the antiperspirant you put on.

It can really be frustrating especially if you love going out and this sweating problem has caused embarrassing sweat marks that are hard to hide. You are so limited to wearing dark colored shirts to hide this fact.

Reading on different advice on sweating like using antiperspirants, I was also informed that there are undershirts specifically designed for excessive sweating. This is why I will share this Ejis sweat proof undershirt review.

No more sweat marks with an undershirt on.
No need to hide when wearing an undershirt, which would save your shirts from sweat marks.
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My friend and co-writer Oscar has a “life hack” when it comes to dealing with hyperhisrosis in his daily life. Learn more on how to do it by reading about his story here.

This undershirt was specifically designed to hide the horrible sweat marks on the shirts you wear, therefore reducing the embarrassment when you’re at social functions or even meetings.

Ejis is the perfect backup to use in the event your antiperspirant fails to keep you sweat-proof. Believe it or not, there will be days that it can happen to you. It’s good to be prepared, just in case.

In this review, you will be reading about Ejis as a brand, the history of undershirts, and what I like and don’t like about this sweat-proof undershirt.

Here is a short video on how an Ejis Undershirt works:

What is Ejis?

I like Ejis as a brand because it started with a selfless purpose — to help a friend who had a real problem with his excessive underarm sweat. As friends, they noticed that he would often be embarrassed about his conditioned and was having a hard time hiding the sweat marks.

Changing shirts can only do so much, as you would sweat through the next one anyway. The piling laundry and sweat stains can be tough to handle. So these friends decided to sit down and talk about finding a solution for their friend.

They came up with the idea of Ejis not just to solve the sweat mark problem but also to help their friend regain his confidence. They then came up with the tagline “wearable confidence”, which has inspired many people who have the same or even similar problems, to try this brand out and have the best sweat-proof protection they thought they’d never have.

History of Undershirts

There is no exact date of when undershirts were invented. There have been early recordings of Roman soldiers wearing an “undershirt” in the form of thin tunics underneath the armor.

The closest form of undershirts can be the long underwear that became popular in England in the 17th century. These were called Long Johns. These were popular at first at home but then soon were used as sleepwear.

Long Johns were also used to make the person wearing it look slimmer. So a theory was that somehow, this innerwear was a predecessor of the undershirt we have today.

In World War 2, Soldiers were given a white shirt to be worn under their uniforms, similar to that of the Romans. It replaced Long Johns especially on soldiers sent to warmer, tropical countries.

These soldiers started to wear these white shirts as outerwear due to the heat and soon, it became a trend. This is how the modern t-shirt was born.

Pros of Ejis

1. Keeps Sweat Away

Using your new Ejis undershirt will keep the sweat away and will hide any traces of it on the clothes you wear. This is what people love about wearing this undershirt.

Imagine going out and not having to worry about raising your arm in the middle of a room because there would be no sweat marks? Ejis’ wearable confidence really works when you start using this undershirt.

2. Prolongs the Life of Your Shirt

Prior to using undershirts, you tend to sweat through your shirts. This would mean that you often change your shirts to avoid bad odor and the embarrassment of people noticing your sweat marks.

Prolonging the life of your shirt means no more piles of laundry. It also means you can wear grey shirts without the fear of the marks on your underarms.

3. Silver Infused Fibers

Ejis, unlike other brands, has silver ions infused into the fibers of their undershirts. Silver helps control the bad odor and keeps you fresh all day. The silver ions pierce through the bacteria and destroy them. So you don’t have to worry about having bad body odor or “B.O”.

Another function of these silver ions is that they help regulate body temperature. They pull the heat away from your skin when you’re warm but they also insulate well to keep you warm during the cold.

4.Large Waterproof Pads

Other brands of sweat-proof undershirts have small paddings. This means less coverage and higher chances of your sweat to seep out on the sides. Ejis makes sure that that doesn’t happen. They put larger pads on the underarm area to fully back you up when your antiperspirant fails you.

5. Large Selection of Products

Who said you’re only limited to sweat-proof undershirts? Ejis also has socks and underwear for you to complete your arsenal of sweat fighting gear. They also have a line for both men and women in different styles like crew neck and v-neck shirts that are in different types of fabric to match any occasion.

These sweat-proof clothing can really help you stay confident throughout the day. Now you don’t have to worry about bringing extra pairs of clothes wherever you go just because of your sweating problem.

Cons of Ejis

1. It Doesn’t Stop Sweat

Sadly, this undershirt doesn’t stop your excessive sweating problem. It can help protect you from the sweat getting on your shirt as the underarm pads absorb the sweat.

Don’t worry, keep on reading because I will be making suggestions on what you can do to stop sweating. There are some available solutions so don’t lose hope.

2. Small Sizing

There are not many complaints on the Ejis sweatproof shirts. The only ones I have read so far are those on the sizing. If you order your regular size it might be too tight on you and can make it uncomfortable to wear.

Some comments are saying that it’s so tight it might as well be compression wear. The good news is, as far as sweat protection, it does the job. Perhaps you just have to order an undershirt a few sizes larger to avoid discomfort.

3. Crumpling Noise

There have been many comments on this shirt having a great concept but poor execution. It has been compared to other brands because of the sweat padding.

Some Ejis users noticed that their pads make this crumpling plastic sound that makes it uncomfortable. The noise the pads make basically announces that you’re wearing an undershirt.

This defeats the purpose of an undershirt because they are supposed to be discreet. I would not recommend Ejis if they still have this problem. Hopefully, the newer versions don’t have this problem.

4. Shrinking

Aside from the sizing being too small, another problem with the Ejis shirts is that they haven’t been preshrunk like other clothes. Therefore, it would be better if you get a shirt several sizes larger on you because you’d end up with an undershirt that fits a toddler.


I’m glad that I was able to make this brand new review on Ejis undershirts. I have shared with you all you need to know about the brand and how it can help you with your journey to fight excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating may be a serious problem, but always remember that there are so many creative solutions that exist to help you out. Undershirts like these are definitely a life-saver and have helped so many people suffering from hyperhidrosis.

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However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

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