Each and Every Deodorant Review: Enjoy 10 Different Scents!

I am sure you have been looking for “the one” in the all-natural deodorant department as you haven’t been satisfied with what’s in the market or you probably tried making your own deodorant, and that didn’t work out either.

It gets tough finding something that will keep your underarms from smelling bad without all the harmful chemicals, you might also be experiencing yellow stains that are tough to remove.

Deodorant can make you feel carefree.
Being carefree is part of smelling good all day, thanks to your deodorant.
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You don’t have to struggle with all the sweating thinking that you’re alone. That’s why my good friend Oscar and I write all about sweat and anything that is related to it. Learn how Oscar lives with hyperhidrosis by reading his story here.

Each and Every Deodorant is a brand that promises so much more. In this review, I will help you out on how to remove the yellow stains on your shirts because of your old products, I will explain how to properly detox your underarms to make the switch to your all-natural deodorant, and I will share what I like and don’t like about this deodorant. Stay tuned for more information!

Underarm Detox

You must have heard about underarm detox being mentioned by bloggers testing out their deodorants or you might’ve heard it from a friend. You must be wondering what this kind of detox is and why it is necessary.

Underarm detox isn’t like the juice fasts that you’ve heard people do after the holidays. This type of detox helps your skin readjust to the lack of chemicals you used to put so that it has time to heal and recover.

It is actually very easy to go through the entire underarm detox process, the only thing you need (aside from the ingredients) is a lot of patience. An entire underarm detox cycle can last from 5-30 days depending on how fast your underarms heal.

I made this simple guide on your underarm detox followed by a video. Here are the following steps:

1. Prepare your ingredients

To make the process simpler and easier for you, it would be best if you prepared all the ingredients you would need for your detox. Prepare calcium bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and water. Make sure that you have a glass or plastic bowl to mix the paste in because you don’t want any metals to react with the ingredients.

Mix one tablespoon of all the ingredients and make it into a paste. It should have a very thick consistency similar to yogurt. Please take note that you must make a fresh batch of this every day (yes, no shortcuts!).

2. Apply on underarms daily

Apply the paste that you made onto your underarms. Start by keeping the paste on for 5 minutes, slowly increasing the time per week. The purpose of doing it this way is because you want to get your skin used to the paste and you would want to take it slowly just in case you have extra sensitive skin.

3. Use your all-natural deodorant

Always remember to not use your old chemical-filled deodorants or antiperspirants in the middle of the detox process! This will defeat the purpose of going on the detox in the first place. It’s like eating a bag of chips while you are on a juice fast.

It may be weird at first and you may stink a little (or a lot), but have faith and keep applying the paste. It may take a bit of time, but all will be well and you will definitely start smelling better.

4. Be patient

Be patient. I know it’s a bit of odd advice to give on an underarm detox guide, but hear me out. The entire detox can be as short as 5 days and as long as 31 days, so it may take time.

Most people complain and quit by the third day but remember what people say about developing a habit, it takes 21 days. So think about this entire process as a cleansing and as a new habit of using only natural products.

This way, you wouldn’t be discouraged and it wouldn’t be too tough for you, especially on days where you may stink. It gets worse before it gets good.

Another tip given to me by these bloggers is to pack cotton pads and alcohol to “refresh” your underarms when the smell gets really bad. You can wipe your armpits with the cotton and alcohol and reapply your deodorant.

Watch the video below to see how to apply the paste and how to naturally detox your underarms.

Types of Deodorant

I always jokingly say that not all deodorants are created equal. Well, that might be true because there are many different types of deodorants out there in the market.

Yes, not only roll-ons or sticks (which surprised me at first as well). I’m here to share a few types of deodorants that you may see in stores or in online sites.

1. Roll-on

This list will have the most common products down to the ones that many people aren’t familiar with. The roll-on is what most of us used (or still using) when we started to buy deodorant.

The bottle is either glass or plastic with a plastic ball on top that distributes the liquid evenly on the skin. Roll-ons are really good, just make sure you don’t drop your bottles because if the holder that keeps the ball in place becomes loose, the product might spill, especially if you bring you bottle everywhere or when you travel.

2. Stick

Stick- type deodorants are another common type of deodorant. These are deodorants that are solid but when swiped on the skin, melts a bit to leave a protective layer that keeps you smelling good for hours (or even for days).

3. Gel/Cream

Gel or cream type deodorants often come in jars or tube containers and is applied using your fingers or in some brands, an applicator stick is provided. These deodorants are good but some people find it messy. In my opinion, it’s easy to wash my hands after using any gel or cream so it’s not a problem for me at all.

4. Spray

Spray-type deodorants have always been popular due to sports. There is no contact from the bottle to the skin, therefore, making it easier to share or even have a bottle in locker rooms.

Spray type deodorants have to be sprayed a few centimeters away from the skin because it can leave a white mark. Among all the types of deodorant, it is the one that evenly spreads the product without having to apply a thick layer.

5. Crystal

A bit of a new concept for a lot of people but this type of deodorant has been very popular in Asia. In the Philippines, they have unscented types called tawas that people use to keep themselves from smelling bad all day.

Newer versions of this are solidified mineral salts with natural scents that is easy to put on the skin. You just have to put some water on the top part of your crystal deodorant and wipe it on your underarms.

Of all the types of deodorants, crystal ones are usually the cheapest and the ones that will last you for a year or more.

What is Each and Every Deodorant?

Each and Every is a deodorant brand that started in 2017 with the goal of having people use good products that make people feel good about themselves. This deodorant is so popular because of their list of stuff that they don’t put in their products.

It was started with two women, Lauren and Mikah who worked in the beauty industry. They realized that not many deodorants in the market made with their standards. It was simple for them — a deodorant with all-natural ingredients that would make anyone worry-free.

They also took a long time before launching this product because they had to make sure that it meets all the safety standards and their personal standards when it comes to stuff that goes in this deodorant. It is sulfate, paraben, and even baking soda-free. Aside from that, they make sure that the ingredients they source are all fair-trade and environmentally friendly.

They also kept it at six ingredients! Their ingredients are coconut oil, tapioca starch, piroctone olamine (an antioxidant that fights bacteria), dead sea minerals, ozokerite (natural earth-derived wax), and essential oils (depending on the scent you choose).

What I Like About Each and Every

1. Does not stain clothes

Yes, you got that right. Each and Every does NOT stain clothes at all. Some people make the switch to all-natural deodorants only to be so disappointed to find out that their new product is environment-friendly but sadly, ruins all their clothes. So now, what’s the point of having used a “better” product?

Each and Every is made with 6 ingredients only, therefore, making it simple and yet effective. They do not use artificial colors so your deodorant will leave no stains on your clothes.

2. Not thick

Most people complain that their natural deodorants usually are thick when they apply it on their skin. Not only does it get sticky, but most deodorants are also very uncomfortable when used in warm places, or if you’re into sports.

Each and Every applies thinly on the skin, is very smooth and does not have the sticky feeling even when used before playing any sports or in any place where it is warm and humid.

3. 10 different scents

Unlike most deodorants, Each and Every has 10 different scents like citrus and vetiver, lavender and lemon, cedar and vanilla, coconut and lime, cardamom and ginger, rose and vanilla, cannabis and green tea, black spruce and fir, juniper and mint, and last but not least, the unscented variant.

These options are available for anyone who wants to try something new that will make your underarms smell fresh all-day.

What I Don’t Like About Each and Every

1. Itchiness

Sadly, a lot of people have reported that they itch when they use their Each and Every deodorant. Itching is pretty bad because when you scratch it can cause broken skin which can start an infection.

My theory on why people itch is probably because of the essential oils used in their deodorant. My suggestion would be to make the switch to Each and Every unscented because that has only 5 ingredients and is the mildest variant.

2. Terrible smell

Some people say that they smell worse after using this deodorant, or that it smells terrible when mixed with their sweat. They probably did not do a full underarm detox (which everyone needs before switching to these products).

The best solution is to either find another variant that reacts well to their sweat or to go through an entire underarm detox cycle and see the (good) results.


Finding the right deodorant isn’t that hard after all. With Each and Every easily available online, you will have this amazing (and effective) product in no time.

Check Price Here!

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