Does Lume Deodorant Work? 4 Reasons Why You Will Love It

All-natural deodorants are so popular these days they are almost always a best-seller may it be offline or online stores. It’s because people like you and me are starting to become more conscious about the products in the market. Everybody is starting to read the labels and the ingredient list in everything they buy as well. Some even make their own deodorants.

Lume keeps you smelling good all day.
Natural deodorants like Lume can help keep
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So it’s no surprise that deodorants like Lume are so popular. A lot of people have been recommending this brand because it is all-natural. but the real question is, does Lume deodorant work? Does it do what it claims to do for you? Will it work despite all the sweat?

In this deodorant review, you will learn more about Lume, how to use it, and what I like and don’t like about this product. Keep on reading to learn more.

What Is Lume?

Lume is unique. Let me start with that because it’s true. The brand is so straightforward with what it can give you and I was amazed because it’s not only meant for your underarms but also for your private parts.

That’s why their tag line goes “for everyone’s pits and stinky bits” creative and straightforward, which a lot of people like nowadays.

Lume pronounced as “Loo-Me” was started by Dr. Sharon Klingman, an OB/GYN. The good doctor noticed in her residency that most women were incorrectly diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis when the problem (she discovered) was really external.

A lot of women (or anyone) lose their confidence because of the stink they can’t seem to get rid of, furthermore, people aren’t that open about the smell of their crotches as they think that it’s not normal and that people don’t understand them.

Reality is, a lot of people can get stinky, especially people who suffer from excessive sweating or what is commonly known as hyperhidrosis. This condition makes a person sweat too much. It’s not just sweating like you’re at the gym, it means sweating so much even when you do nothing or even if you’re in a cold room.

Lume didn’t start because someone was dissatisfied with the products in the market, it started because of a simple realization that most problems associated with odor are externally caused.

Dr. Klingman decided that external problems need external solutions so she whipped up the first version of Lume in her kitchen where she knew she was onto something really good.

Lume markets itself as a pre-odorant rather than a de-odorant because their formula prevents the smell from ever happening as compared to deodorants that cover up or eliminate the smell. Lume goes straight to the point when it comes to addressing your odor problems.

How To Use Lume

Using Lume is quite simple. here are the steps you should follow when using this all-natural deodorant.

1. Use Like Your Old Deodorant

Lume has the deodorant sticks and tubes available for your every need and they want you to use their products like the old stuff you used. This means that you can use the stick like how you used your old deodorant sticks.

Start off by taking a bath as I’d always tell you to do the same with your regular or all-natural products. It’s better to have a “blank canvass” when it comes to applying anything so that you have the upper hand in beating the bacteria that causes the bad smell.

2. Use As A Lotion Everywhere Else

Lume has a gel/cream variant that is easier to apply on your private parts and even on the feet. This also a more sanitary option as you wouldn’t want to use the stick deodorant that you regularly use for your underarms to be used on your feet too (yuck, I know).

Use as a lotion and smell the difference later on. Believe me, you’ll be thankful you tried Lume.

3. Let it Dry

When using any product, I always tell people to let the product set and to not wear their shirts immediately after. Although Lume doesn’t stain shirts, it’s a waste if the product ends up on your shirt instead of your skin. You would like to have the maximum effectivity of your deodorant and the best way to go is to let it dry first.

4. Wear Your Shirt

After you let the product set on your skin, you may now wear your shirt (or not) and enjoy the rest of the day without any foul odor coming from your underarms, crotch, or even your feet!

Before I share what I like and don’t like about Lume deodorants, please watch a fun video about what this product can do for you. I found it so entertaining I could not help but share it with you.

What I Like About Lume

1. 72-Hour Protection

Lume is different from your ordinary all-natural deodorant. It can keep you protected for up to 3 days after application. This is important as many people are on the go and very busy so the lesser need to apply it, the better it is because you save lots of time.

2. Can Be Applied on Your Private Parts

Yes, you can apply it to your buttocks and in your crotch area. Other deodorants aren’t mild enough to apply on those areas as they can burn your skin, but Lume won’t.

After all, an OB/GYN invented this product and it was originally made for women who were misdiagnosed due to the bad smell on the area. Imagine the embarrassment when they had to deal with the smell and the wrong diagnosis for it? Lume solves that issue because your crotch and butt area will never smell bad again after using their products.

3. Does Not Have Baking Soda

Yes! Lume does not have baking soda, the leading cause for rashes and burns for most people who make the switch to using all-natural deodorants.

Many people don’t realize or never knew that they were so sensitive to baking soda that they can cause more harm by using products with it than just using their old deodorants.

You can be at ease because now you have an all-natural deodorant that is multi-functional and has no baking soda.

4. Mild Ingredients

Lume is so mild it’s safe to use even by pregnant women! It has mandelic acid, which may sound harsh to the skin but is actually very mild because this ingredient gently helps your underarm loose the dullness and fine lines. It’s basically an anti-aging ingredient.

The deodorant also has aloe leaf juice that helps rehydrate your skin. The other ingredients are tapioc starch to keep a bit of moisture at bay but the rest are binders that help make it look cream-like.

I love this brand because even their fragrance is indicated and they’re transparent about their ingredient list. For the full list, click here.

What I Don’t Like About Lume

1. Smells Bad

Some people (I literally mean some because these reactions are only 1% of all the other good reviews I read on Lume) have reported that their new deodorant smelled really bad.

Some people said that it smelled sour and that they really couldn’t stand it that they had to immediately rinse off the product. This can be because of excessive sweating as Lume can’t stop that and the sweat might be washing off the product off their skin.

Funny thing is, they only complain about the smell, most of the people complain only about the smell but have rave reviews on how effective the product is, how it is so moisturizing, and how they do not stink after using it.

Perhaps you can try the other variants of Lume and see (smell) what you like best. Then your problem is solved and you have found the product you can use for a very long time.

2. Doesn’t Work

Some reviews say that they even got stinkier after making the switch to using Lume deodorants. My only comment on this is that perhaps they should do an underarm detox first and see if they still smell bad after 30 days.

Underarm detox isn’t like the detox you hear about people who drink stuff to lose weight. Underarm detox is just getting your body used to not having all these pore-blockers and chemicals on it.

You will definitely stink for a bit but as the weeks go by you will smell really really good.

If after 4 weeks you still smell bad after completing the detox, Lume has a money-back guarantee because they believe that if you’re not satisfied, then you should definitely get your money back. Take note that this is not applicable to their soaps and mini deodorant tubes.

3. Doesn’t Stop Sweat

It’s not really about what I don’t like about it but more of what it can’t do for you. I’d like to remind you that Lume is a deodorant therefore it will not stop the sweating at all. It will only stop the bad odor from ever seeing (smelling?) the light of day.

If you really want to stop the sweating entirely, sadly you will have to go back to using clinical-strength antiperspirants. But if you don’t really have an issue with sweating, but want to avoid smelling terrible, then Lume is perfect for you.


All-natural doesn’t have to be so inaccessible or hard to find. Brands like Lume always do their best to provide quality and effective products that will address the problem immediately.

I’m also happy that you learned more about deodorants that you can actually put on your private parts (not directly but near those ares). Who knew right?

As one of the only brands who are transparent with their ingredients, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know everything that goes into your natural deodorant. It makes you trust the brand more and for you to know if you’re ever allergic to anything in the products you use.

May it be the stick or the cream deodorant, this brand stands out among all the different natural deodorants in the market because of how it is so mild and because of its multifunctionality. Now you have more options when looking for an organic and all-natural deodorant.

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I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my review. I’m sure you’ve learned a ton about Lume and what the brand stands for. if you have any questions about this deodorant, or if you have your own Lume story, please leave a comment below.

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