Do Herbs Stop Excessive Sweating? 6 Best Plants To Use

Excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis) is a condition that affects around 2-3% of the population, which can be higher because it stays widely unreported.

Only individuals that have experienced drenched clothes, embarrassing sweat marks, sweaty hands, and others, know how uncomfortable sweating can get. Excessive sweating is very disruptive. It affects your self-confidence and your social life to the extent, where it dominates your everyday activities.

Herbs can alleviate excessive sweating.
Herbs aren’t just for cooking, they can also help you with sweating problems.
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You’re not alone in dealing with sweat-related problems. I have been managing and dealing with hyperhidrosis for over 2 decades now so I do know how hard it is. Read my story here.

While looking for natural remedies, the question arises: “Do herbs stop excessive sweating?” Nowadays, we tend to opt for conventional solutions to everyday problems like excessive sweating. And there is a good number of products and procedures available that will stop excessive sweating.

But before I talk more about herbs and their effect on sweating, let me talk a little about excessive sweating in general.

Why Do We Sweat?

Sweating is a natural body function that was given to us to regulate the temperature of our body. Every time our body is warming up by different activities, such as workout, working hard, being in the sun, among others, our brain triggers the eccrine sweat glands to produce sweat to get the body temperature down.

This is the main function of sweating: Controlling our body temperature. However, we also sweat when our endocrine system is on alert and stimulated. Anxiety, stress, fear, nervousness, fevers, various diseases, among others are also triggers of sweating. Our endocrine system sends out triggers to the apocrine sweat glands to show that something is “wrong”. In some cases, something might be wrong, and in others not

Sweat is therefore released when our body is under stress, be it emotional or physical.

However, there are cases when sweating tells you that something is wrong in your body. There are diseases that have abnormal sweating as a symptom, in which case you want to see your doctor and find the source of the problem.

Why Do Some People Sweat Excessively?

There are people that suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is terribly uncomfortable and embarrassing. I have dealt with this problem for many years and I know exactly how it is to be at a social gathering and before you get there, you have huge sweat marks, be it under your armpits, on your back, your neck, or your hands.

Doing paperwork, like signing a paper, writing a paper-based exam, and others can be a hassle if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. Not only palmar hyperhidrosis is a problem, but axillary hyperhidrosis is very bad as well. As said, your confidence is taken away and sweating is very disruptive to your social life.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis, namely, primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis refers to those individuals that sweat excessively without a known reason.

Since the apocrine glands are the ones that are responsible for hyperhidrosis and are connected to the endocrine system, there could be a hormonal imbalance in people suffering from primary hyperhidrosis. However, research has shown that it could be an imbalance, but it is not clear why the sweat glands never stop sweating.

Primary hyperhidrosis starts to show up in early teens or early adulthood and does not diminish over the years.

Secondary hyperhidrosis has a medical reason. It can be caused by different diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many others. It can also be caused by other non-illness related issues such as obesity, pregnancy, aging, and others.

This type of hyperhidrosis does not start at a specific age but can affect anybody over their lifetime. However, when the reason is found and the problem solved, this problem stops.

As you can see, there are different reasons why people sweat excessively. The question now is what natural remedies can have a positive effect on this problem?

Do Herbs Stop Excessive Sweating?

The Bad News

Unfortunately, herbs do not stop excessive sweating, but yes, they can reduce excessive sweating to a certain degree.

It all depends on how and why you sweat. If you don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis, it is likely that herbs be enough for you to fix the problem.

If you sweat mildly and moderately only on some occasions, you might find herbs effective. However, if you sweat excessively all the time for no reason (primary hyperhidrosis), let me assure you that herbs may reduce sweating, but not enough for you to feel a difference.

A few years ago, I was extremely frustrated with my sweating problem, that I went online to do research and see if there was a solution. It made me so happy that I found natural ways to reduce sweating and I was eager to try them. I bought an e-book, which promised to give lasting relief and stop sweating completely.

I tried some of the things mentioned in that book but to my dismay, none of the things that I tried helped. Yes, sweating might have been reduced by some degree, but not enough to not still make huge sweat marks on my clothes.

If you want to stop your sweating completely, look for clinical strength antiperspirants that reduce your sweating drastically and some even stop sweating completely.

The Good News

I am not trying to be negative about natural remedies for excessive sweating, but in my experience natural remedies are only for people that do not suffer from hyperhidrosis, but for individuals that sweat mildly or just slightly more during summer.

Natural remedies are something worth looking for and worth trying.

The good news is that herbs can reduce your sweating, although they will not stop it completely. You want to look for herbs that calm you down. Since sweating is often caused by the nervous system, if you take herbs that tranquilize you, it will have a positive effect on your sweating.

Which Herbs Reduce Excessive Sweating?

1) Sage

This is the best-known herb to reduce sweating because of its high content of thiamine and magnesium, both minerals that soothe our nervous system, and by defect, our sweat glands. Sage also contains rosemarinic acid, which is known to have good antibacterial properties.

Although sage can hardly be eaten in large quantities because of its strong taste and smell, if you sprinkle generous amounts over your favorite foods like omelets, pizza, beans, and other foods, you could experience a reduction in your sweating.

2) Witch hazel

Although this herb is known to provide relief from insect bites, sunburns, bruises, and others, individuals have reported that it reduced their sweating.

Since witch hazel is an astringent, when applied in liquid form directly to the areas that you sweat most, it will tighten the pores in the area which can help relieve some sweating.

3) Schisandra

These small berries were used by the Chinese for many thousands for years because of its healing properties. It improves adrenal function overall, which is great for your sweat glands because sweating can come from a hormonal imbalance, although it does not seem to be the case with primary hyperhidrosis, it can be the problem with secondary hyperhidrosis.

Eat these small berries in small quantities daily (not exceeding 3 grams daily, since it is powerful medicine.

4) Chamomile tea

Chamomile, a powerful herb reduces stress and anxiety by affecting the nervous system. Therefore, it can reduce nervous sweating, which is sometimes considered social anxiety.

Drinking this tea every night before bed could give you relief from sweating, although the effect is likely insignificant. You might experience a better effect when applying directly to your underarms. Read more to know how to do this.

5) Black tea

Known for its high content of tannic acid, an astringent, and antiperspirant, black tea has a positive effect on sweating.

There are many more teas that you can use that have tannic acid, but black tea has the highest amount. You prepare your teas as you would normally. Let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then take a cloth and dab them to your completely dry underarms and let air dry. As simple as that!

6) Aloe Vera

Have you put aloe vera to your sunburned skin? It had a cooling effect. That is exactly what aloe vera will do if applied to your sweating skin. It will cool it down and reduce sweating.

However, aloe vera is more effective for the eccrine glands, which are triggered by heat. If you exercise and sweat very much, just apply some aloe vera juice or gel directly to your skin as a lotion and you should see an effect in no time.

Apocrine glands will not be affected by aloe vera because they are triggered by the nervous system and not by heat.


As you can see, sweating can have all kinds of causes and because of that, herbs will only be effective when used for the right cause.

Personally, I am not impressed by the results of herbs for excessive sweating. I love to wear sweatproof undershirts to protect my clothes and also to make sweat marks invisible. Also, using clinical strength antiperspirants has been very effective for me and I rather use these products and do not worry about using herbs for excessive sweating.

However, if you sweat mildly, why not use herbs? They can do the trick and besides, they will give you many health benefits. That is probably enough reason to use herbs.

This list of herbs for sweating is not limited to the mentioned herbs. There are others, but this gives you a good overview of what works and whatnot.

Have you tried to stop excessive sweating with herbs? Were you at least able to reduce it? Share your experiences with herbs by commenting below.

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As always, stay dry and dry.


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I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

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