Crystal Deodorant Review: 6 Facts About The Brand

When I first learned about the Crystal deodorant, I was still in my early teens and just starting to use deodorants. However, back then I still did not give deodorants much thought and my mom brought this product home one day and asked us to use it. Little did I know what effect it did have.

In this Crystal deodorant review, I will look a little closer at the product, where it was born, and what it has to offer. I will share what I like about this product and what I do not like that much.

Crystal body deodorant.
Crystal body deodorant will definitely change your life.
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You’re not alone in dealing with sweat-related problems. I have been managing and dealing with hyperhidrosis for over 2 decades now so I do know how hard it is. Read my story here.

Although I am not passionate about a holistic style of life, I do get thrilled when I see “organic“, “natural”, “non-toxic”, among others words on things that I buy. As I say, it is not my passion to learn all the details about natural products and the bad sides of non-natural products. However, I am always watching what I bring into my house for the family. Why cause unnecessary danger from products that have questionable long-term effects, right?

That is where the Crystal body deodorant jumps in. Let me give you a little more detail about this product.

What Is Crystal Deodorant?

Over three decades ago, the maker of this product (who had been very interested in finding a natural, cruelty-free, and toxin-free product), traveled to France.

On this trip, he encountered a water purifying facility which was working with mineral salts. That gave him the idea that if mineral salt could be used to clean water, it must have an effect on bacteria living in our armpits as well.

Crystal deodorant

He was amazed at the results when he was able to prove his theory.

When applied to the armpits, a small layer is formed, which eliminates bacteria that are living there. Since sweat itself does not smell bad, when removing bacteria that produce the awful smell coming from your pits, you will stop smelling bad.

When the maker found that his theory worked, the first Crystal deodorant was born and has proven its effectiveness again and again.

Is Crystal Body Deodorant Safe?

With many emails and notices going around for years about the dangerous lasting effects of aluminum chloride, anyone would be happy to use products that don’t cause breast cancer and many other illnesses.

Also, many are worried about using parabens, aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, and other products that are believed to cause harm.

Although new recent studies contradict these beliefs, why not be on the safer end and avoid them altogether?

With that said, I am happy to tell you that the Crystal deodorant is a 100% natural product that is safe to use for the whole family.

Is Crystal Deodorant Effective?

When I started to use this product (which is around two decades ago), I was already sweating excessively. Little did I know about hyperhidrosis, the condition that I have. I was told that this product would reduce sweating, so I started to use it, believing that I would not sweat anymore.

I was completely mistaken. Back then, I did not know the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants, else I would have liked this product very much.

Deodorants do not stop sweating; they are made to stop you from smelling bad. Antiperspirants are the ones that address your sweat glands and block them, thus they stop sweating.

Although I did not smell bad after using this product, I did not stop sweating, in fact, I sweated even more than I did before. Why? Very simply because I had been using a deodorant/antiperspirant, which would reduce my sweating a bit.

I gave up on this product after maybe a year of using and started searching for another product, because I believed this was nothing for me.

Now that I have learned all about deodorants and antiperspirants, I know that this is one of my favorite deodorants because of its properties.

To answer the question if the Crystal deodorant is effective, I can say that this deodorant stops your armpits from smelling bad. Although this company offers variously scented deodorants, the scent-free deodorant sticks out because you will not smell bad from your armpits, and neither will you have a good smell – only neutral, which is great!

What I Like About It

The Crystal deodorant has many things that I really like and why I recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap, natural, and effective deodorant.

1) No stains and sticking

Do you hate yellow stains on your shirts as much as I do? Since I sweat excessively, I do waste many undershirts and shirts because they will get so many stains from all the deodorants that I put on.

Neither will this deodorant leave a white powder in your armpits as many deodorants do. Also, this one is not sticky.

Whenever I buy deodorants, the first thing that I look at if they will make my armpits sticky. I strongly dislike when I feel as if I have glue in my armpits, and need to constantly lift my arms to be comfortable.

With the Crystal deodorant, you will not have this problem.

2) No irritation

I have highly sensitive skin my armpits and I have tried many deodorants but had to throw most of them out after a week of using because they would irritate my skin so badly that I sometimes had to walk with my arms lifted because of a bad rash.

Usually, deodorants contain alcohol, which causes irritation.

Since the Crystal deodorant is a natural, alcohol-free mineral salt, it never irritates the skin. As said, I used this product for well over a year and I never had any problems with those mentioned.

Definitely worth using if you have sensitive skin.

3) 100% natural product

Did I have to mention that? Of course. I have to mention the fact that this product is 100% natural, cruelty-free (which means that it has not been tested on animals), and toxin-free.

If you are worried about what you and your family put in their bodies, rest assured that this product is something you will not regret having bought because you know that this is even beneficial to use.

4) The price.

No deodorant have I found that beats the price of the Crystal deodorant.

But trust me that this product lasts very, very long. In fact, it will probably fall to the floor and shatter to pieces before you can even use it up.  I have only bought one of these in my life so far and it lasted for the year that I used it and it would have lasted even longer.

This deodorant does not look like deodorant at all because when you open it looks more like a stone than a deodorant. You are more likely to break the stone before you use it up.

5) Quality of this product

When I buy a product, I always look for honest reviews, which will tell me more about the quality of the product.

In this case, I am telling you that this product is a great one and recommended for both men and women. However, I am not the only one. With a very high rating from thousands of happy users, this is probably a hidden gem among deodorants.

6) The variety

I love to smell fresh from my armpits and that is why I love the fact that this company has launched a number of products for every user. Nowadays they have different versions of this product, from sprays to scent-free to scented deodorants that all serve the same purpose.

Click here to get a glimpse of the long list of products this company currently offers.

What I Do Not Like About it

As with every product, there are downsides. Having experience with this product, there are two things that I do not like that much about this product, but they honestly do not stop me from buying Crystal deodorant again.

1) This product slips out of your hands

Before you apply this product to your armpits, you have to moisten it with water. Else, you can hardly apply it.

Holding a slippery moist “stone” in your hands is not the best idea. And be warned, whenever it falls, it will most like shatter to small pieces, in which case you have to buy a new one. You can rarely ever go 100% through this deodorant. It is more likely to fall and shatter.

As said, it happened multiple times in my family, since other family members were also using it. We had to buy new ones every so often because of that problem.

I think I used mine until it fell and broke. That is when I looked for an alternative just because I did not stop sweating. Now that I understand that the Crystal deodorant addresses the smell and not the sweating, I know that it is something for me as much as it is for you.

If you want to solve this problem, a good idea is to put rubber bands around the stone, which helps you to have a better grip on it.

2) A bit unpractical

The fact tact that you have to moisten this product to be able to use it is another negative for me.

I usually run a bit on the later side for everything and the last thing I can use is another thing to do to get ready. So, taking the deodorant, moisten it and being very careful to not let it slip out of your hands, makes it a bit unpractical for me.

Nevertheless, that is a minor issue that I can handle and does not make such a difference.


As you can see, I currently do not use this product, but I can highly recommend it to anyone because I have used it and know how it works. I have gotten used to other products that I found after learning how to stop my sweating completely, which is why I have run through a long list of deodorants and antiperspirants and switching around to learn more about each one.

Beware of when you first start to use this product, you have to go through the detoxing process which always has to be done when switching from conventional deodorants to natural deodorants.

You should be noticing the difference anywhere between day 5 and day 30 before it will be effective. So, do not give up after if you smell bad after the first application.

As you can see, this natural product really works well and will solve your smelling problem well through a natural approach.

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If you have used Crystal deodorant, please share your experiences. I would like to hear how it worked for you. Also, if you have any questions regarding this review and Sweatblock, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below and ask the question.

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