Sam’s Natural Deodorant: Smell Me Not

Sam's Natural Deodorant

In this polluted day and age, people tend to have lots of problems with how to stay fresh all day while avoiding all the bad chemicals in their personal care products.

You think that you have to say good bye to the long-lasting effects of your old products when using natural, plant-based alternatives when in reality, there are many good products outh there with all the best ingredients that are as long-lasting as your old stuff.

Sam’s Natural deodorant is what you’re definitely read more

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Primal Pit Paste Deodorant: Stay Fresh All Day, Naturally

Last updated on November 23rd, 2019 at 05:19 am

In this day and age, switching to all-natural deodorants isn’t that hard at all. There are so many new and effective alternatives available in the market.

You just have to find the best products that not only fits the budget but also produces the best results. 

Primal Pit Paste deodorant is a good example of these kinds of products. It is so affordable and people love using this product so much that I just had to read more about it.

In this product review, you will learn more read more

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ItsDri Undershirt Review: Good-Bye Sweat Stains!

ItsDri Undershirt Review

Undershirts have been a life saver for you especially if you’re somebody who has excessive underarm sweating. Although there have been tips on how to reduce sweat in this area, you still want to find the best brands out there just in case your antiperspirants fail to keep you dry for the day. 

In this ItsDri undershirt review, you will learn more about why this brand is different from the rest. I will be sharing a brief history on the brand and the pros and cons of using this read more

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Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt Review: Wearable Confidence

Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 04:18 pm

Ejis sweat-proof undershirt

Excessive sweating can be unpredictable to those who have it. On some days, you’re absolutely dry, on other days you sweat buckets despite the antiperspirant you put on.

It can really be frustrating especially if you love going out and this sweating problem has caused embarrassing sweat marks that are hard to hide. You are so limited to wearing dark colored shirts to hide this fact.

Reading on different advice on sweating like using antiperspirants, I was also informed that there read more

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Numi Undershirt Review: Sleek and Discreet Defined

Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 04:08 pm

As a woman, I often find myself getting embarrassed when I know I have to attend gatherings or when I have to go to parties. It’s not because I’m a shy person, people often know me as someone who socializes well. I find it hard to attend these meetings because I often sweat too much and it ruins my clothes and makeup.

I currently live in a humid, tropical country and I guess it may be normal for people to sweat more than usual. That’s when I read on products like the Numi Undershirt. read more

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Nivea Stress Protect Spray Review: No More Sweating?

Last updated on November 17th, 2019 at 09:51 pm

nivea stress protect spray
Click image for details

Do you have a big day tomorrow? Perhaps you’re going out for an interview, or you have a public presentation and you’re worried about nervous sweating. You don’t know what to do and just thinking about excessive sweating makes you sweat. It may sound funny but you know you have to find a solution very soon or risk getting embarrassed.

This is when you may have read about Nivea stress protect spray. This antiperspirant is also a deodorant making it a perfect 2-in-1 product. It read more

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Secret Deodorant Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Last updated on November 13th, 2019 at 10:33 pm

Secret Deodorant

Are you still on the hunt for an antiperspirant that can reduce or stop excessive sweating on your armpits?

I can just imagine how hard it is to deal with primary hyperhidrosis. Especially underarm sweating. It can be embarrassing at times and can limit you from a lot of activities. 

I really believe that it’s all about finding the right brand that you like and most importantly, your body likes and reacts well to. 

In your search for an antiperspirant/deodorant, someone must have recommended read more

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Does Drysol Work: A Dab-On Antiperspirant Review

Does Drysol Work
Living with axillary hyperhidrosis can be difficult at times. You do your best by using the necessary products for sweat reduction, but they don’t quite stop the sweating. Now you are on the hunt for a stronger antiperspirant that can help you with this problem. I recently read about Drysol and how it is much stronger than most antiperspirants in the market. Many people have tried and tested it and have positive feedback on this brand. Does Drysol work? Is it effective? I was so curious so I decided to read, research and share my honest review on this product with you. I would want you to purchase this product knowing that it is truly the right brand for you In this article, I will share some facts about Drysol and how to use it, and if I do or do not like this product. Stay tuned for this honest review.

What is Drysol?

I was reading on hyperhidrosis and different products when I stumbled upon a link to try this antiperspirant named Drysol that has 15-30% aluminum chloride. I have been using products with only 12% and they weren’t quite working for me so I was curious about it. Does Drysol work? I just had to learn more about it. Drysol is a clinical strength antiperspirant that goes under different names like Hypercare or Xerac AC. As I have mentioned above, it has a stronger formulation of aluminum chloride compared to a lot of products in the market. This is why the strongest formulations need a prescription from a doctor before you’re allowed to buy it. It is very unique because unlike other brands, it’s applicator is a dab-on type that I’ve never really seen on my other antiperspirants. It is a flat surface covered with a thick mesh-like cloth. It covers a lot of area on the underarms without having to wipe it on. Instead, the instruction is to lightly pat or “dab” it on the area you want to cover.

What I Like About Drysol

1. It Is Stronger Than Most Antiperspirants

Drysol has different variants ranging from 15%, 20% and even 30% of aluminum chloride to keep you from sweating. This means that unlike other antiperspirants, you only need less product for better results than your old over-the-counter antiperspirant.

2. It Lasts Long

Drysol can keep you dry for 2-5 days so your bottle lasts you for a long time before you have to buy a new one. This is why I always recommend stronger antiperspirants compared to the regular antiperspirants because although they’re cheaper, you end up buying more bottles because you have to keep on reapplying it within the day.

3. You Can Use It On Different Area

The dab-on applicator makes it easier to apply to different body parts. I’d like to warn you about applying it on your face though. It would be safe to test it in a small area before application. A lot of people apply the product on their backs, armpits, groin, and even their chests. This makes this an all-around antiperspirant, unlike others that are in the form of a stick or cream that may be sticky and uncomfortable if applied to other areas of the body.

4. It Boosts You Confidence

Yes, I know it may not be the effect of Drysol per se, but I’d like to add this. Let me explain why. People who often have hyperhidrosis also have anxiety or vice-versa. It will definitely boost your confidence when you wake up and go about your day without worrying about excessive sweating because Drysol solved that problem for you.

What I Don’t Like About Drysol

1. It Is Hard To Find (Offline)

I have read a lot of online discussions and watched a video, that people have been having a hard time getting Drysol from their favorite stores. Apparently, this is happening to a lot of people. It would be inconvenient if this product does work for you but now you’ll have a hard time finding a steady supply. Luckily, it is easily available on Amazon and you can have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

2. You May Need A Prescription

Because it has more aluminum chloride than most products available in stores, you may be required to present a prescription before being able to buy a bottle stronger than 20%. This means it’s harder to get because you’d have to go to a doctor first. Don’t worry, it is quite rare that you would need the strongest type of Drysol as most reviews say that they’re happy with the 15 or 20% bottles that they’ve ordered.

3. You Cannot Use It After Shaving

It is included as a warning in the bottle that you should wait 2 days after shaving because your skin is a bit raw and Drysol can cause itching and redness. Most reviews and how-to videos often show them using their products a day or two after they shave and they always mention that you should do the same. This can be so inconvenient because other products are so mild you can use it after a shave and you won’t have to worry about any red marks or itchiness. It also means you have to arrange your schedule in such a way that you don’t go out much on shaving days because you wouldn’t be able to use Drysol and you may sweat buckets.

4. It Can Cause A Bad Skin Allergy

Does Drysol work for most people? I’d say yes but sadly, if you have overly sensitive skin it may be a problem. Aluminum Chloride can cause itching and redness and can rarely cause your skin to peel. This is why you need a prescription to get the variants above 20%. Remember, if any itchiness, dryness, or peeling occurs please see a doctor immediately. An allergic reaction should always be taken seriously and you would want the discomfort to go away as soon as possible.

How To Store Your Drysol

Clinical/Prescription-strength antiperspirants like Drysol have to be handled and stored properly. Mishandling can lead to your product going bad and may lose its effectivity. It would be a waste to throw out a full bottle just because you didn’t know what to do. Here are some things to remember:

1. Store At Room Temperature

Do not freeze or refrigerate your product. Remember that sudden changes in temperature can cause a reaction to your product. Also freezing may destroy the bottle and may result in it cracking.

2. Store in a Cool, Dry Place Away

read more

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How To Remove Yellow Underarm Stains? Your Complete Guide

How to remove yellow underarm stains?
Removing yellow underarm stains can be really difficult.

Don’t you just hate wearing white or light clothes? Sometimes you just need to look fresh all day and the inability of these shirts to stay clean can be very bothersome. But more often than not, the real reason is these yellow armpit stains that are so tough to remove.

People with hyperhidrosis may find that their white shirts are often stained yellow after several months of use. You read more

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Can Anxiety Cause Excessive Sweating? What To Do When This Happens

Can anxiety cause excessive sweating?
People notice increased sweating in their palms or scalp when they’re nervous.

With mental health being discussed more openly these days, people are starting to be more honest about some conditions that they have but have never really spoken about.

I remembered that being nervous is often associated with cold or clammy hands. We often hear the term “cold feet” which usually means nervousness or backing out of a decision due to feelings of uncertainty. It makes me wonder, can anxiety cause excessive sweating?

In this article, you will learn more about hyperhidrosis, read more

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