History of Deodorant And Antiperspirant: Learn About It Here

history of deodorant

Hey guys,

today I am back to talk a little about history. Who likes to hear that? Often time people tell me that history sucks and there is no use in it. To a certain degree we live today and what lies a hundred years behind might not be appealing to hear. However, there are interesting facts about many things that we do not even think about today.

So, I am going to talk a little about the history of deodorant and antiperspirant. Why is that relevant?

150 years ago people did not use deodorant at all. They did not use anything to keep those terrible armpit odors away. In fact, they even did not wash their clothes after wearing them for a long time. I have often wondered how such a thing is at all possible. I feel uncomfortable wearing my shirts for more than a day, especially because I sweat excessively in my armpits. read more

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Crystal Deodorant Review: A Non-Toxic Product That I Love To Use

crystal deodorant review

 When I first learned about the Crystal deodorant, I was still in my early teens and just starting to use deodorants. However, back then I still did not give deodorants much thought and my mom brought this product home one day and asked us to use it. Little did I know what effect it did have.

In this Crystal deodorant review, we will look a little closer at the product, where it was born and what it has to offer. I will share what I like about this product and what I do not like that much.

Although I am not passionate about a holistic style of life, I do get thrilled when I see “organic”, “natural”, “non-toxic”, among others words on things that I buy. As I say, it is not my passion to learn all the details about natural products and the bad sides of non-natural products. However, I am always watching what I bring into my house for the family. read more

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Is Sweating Healthy For You? These Benefits Will Surprise You

As embarassing as sweating can be, there are some awesome health benefits that I will share with you.

I think sweating is something that has not yet been understood completely.  Although I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for more than half my lifetime, I seem to learn new things all the time about sweating.  And sometimes I have asked questions for which I have not found an answer yet.

It is only in recent years that more and more research has been done and amazing things have been found about sweating. read more

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Do Herbs Stop Excessive Sweating? Find Out Why And Why Not

do herbs stop excessive sweating

Excessive sweating (aka hyperhidrosis) is a condition that affects around 2-3% of the population, which can be higher because it stays widely unreported.

Only individuals that have experienced drenched clothes, embarrassing sweat marks, sweaty hands, and others, know how uncomfortable sweating can get. Excessive sweating is very disruptive. It affects your self-confidence and your social life to the extent, where it dominates your everyday activities.

While looking for natural remedies, the question arises if herbs stop excessive sweating. Nowadays, we tend to opt for conventional solutions to everyday problems like excessive sweating. And there is a good number of products and procedures available that will stop excessive sweating. read more

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Why Am I Not Sweating And Why Do I Sweat So Little? Hypohidrosis explained

why am i not sweating

Seldom have I met people that actually never sweat even though they feel they should.  When everybody else is sweating, they are not sweating at all, or very little.  So, when I am in the gym, the question arises, why am I not sweating when everybody else does even though I work out really hard?

Although I suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which you sweat excessively, I have met people that have this not so rare condition in which they do not sweat.  This condition is not very common but can occur in a small percent of individuals.  There are several factors that can cause hypohidrosis, of which I will go more into detail in this post. read more

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Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Exercise? How To Reduce And Stop Excessive Sweating

When summer comes around the corner, I like to be outside in the heat.  I love to go swimming, working in my garden, going for a walk, or doing other activities outside.  Nevertheless, exercising is something I prefer to do inside.

For many people, exercising in the heat of the summer is not optimal either, they prefer to exercise in the cooled-down room.  They would rather do their fitness program outside in the cold winter months.

Preferences to exercise outside or inside has to do in part with sweating.  We tend to sweat much more when outside during the hot summer months than in the cold winter months.  And sweating is not comfortable, therefore, we prefer to do the exercise routine where we don’t sweat too much. read more

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