ItsDri Undershirt Review: Good-Bye Sweat Stains!

ItsDri Undershirt Review

Undershirts have been a life saver for you especially if you’re somebody who has excessive underarm sweating. Although there have been tips on how to reduce sweat in this area, you still want to find the best brands out there just in case your antiperspirants fail to keep you dry for the day. 

In this ItsDri undershirt review, you will learn more about why this brand is different from the rest. I will be sharing a brief history on the brand and the pros and cons of using this read more

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Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt Review: Wearable Confidence

Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 04:18 pm

Ejis sweat-proof undershirt

Excessive sweating can be unpredictable to those who have it. On some days, you’re absolutely dry, on other days you sweat buckets despite the antiperspirant you put on.

It can really be frustrating especially if you love going out and this sweating problem has caused embarrassing sweat marks that are hard to hide. You are so limited to wearing dark colored shirts to hide this fact.

Reading on different advice on sweating like using antiperspirants, I was also informed that there read more

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Numi Undershirt Review: Sleek and Discreet Defined

Last updated on December 3rd, 2019 at 04:08 pm

As a woman, I often find myself getting embarrassed when I know I have to attend gatherings or when I have to go to parties. It’s not because I’m a shy person, people often know me as someone who socializes well. I find it hard to attend these meetings because I often sweat too much and it ruins my clothes and makeup.

I currently live in a humid, tropical country and I guess it may be normal for people to sweat more than usual. That’s when I read on products like the Numi Undershirt. read more

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Why Do My Armpits Sweat So Much? Here 3 Scenarios Why

why do my armpits sweat so much

Hi everybody,

I think the question “why do my armpits sweat so much?” is a great question and I am happy that you asked it.  It tells me that you are having a real problem and you are looking for a solution.

Did you know that I asked that same question for many years?  I rarely ever asked this question to anybody else, but to myself thousands of times.

I always felt ashamed that my armpits sweat so much and always left huge, I mean huge, sweat marks behind.  It took me years in finding out what clothes and in which colors I could wear to make the terrible sweat marks less visible.

And yet, I do not live in a humid or very hot climate.  Ok, it gets really hot during summer time, but not humid.  But most of the people living here do not sweat so much.  At least that was my perception for many years.

I waited for that day to find somebody with sweat marks.  And you know what?  Shhhh…. although I never saw them again, I remember some faces and some people that had large sweat marks.  What a relief that was for me.  But that did not solve my problem.

You see how sweaty armpits can become an obsession?  Everything seems to go around it.  Whenever someone invited me, usually the first thought was: Who is going to be there and see my sweating and what am I going to wear?

That was plain crazy.

I did my research to stop this problem, but it seemed as if nothing helped.  I even bought an e-book that claimed to stop armpit sweating, but none of the methods that were explained worked.

Let me reformulate what I just said.  It is not that these methods were not effective, they were some great ways to reduce sweating naturally, but with someone suffering from hyperhidrosis, it was not enough.

What Do We Sweat For?

Have you heard the term primary hyperhidrosis?  It is used to describe a condition where you sweat uncontrollably for a  known reason or a non-known reason.

if you sweat moderately every time you get warm, then sweating is a completely normal body function.

You see, our whole body is filled with sweat glands (except in our ears, under our finger-and toenails) that sit right under our skin and are ready to get into action.

Yes, sweating has a specific function: Maintain our body temperature.  Our body comes equipped with the most effective cooling system ever found: Sweating.

Whenever our body’s temperature goes up the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, our brain quickly sends signals to our sweat glands to start producing sweat as the body is getting warmer.

Sweat glands kick in and do their job by pushing out sweat, which evaporates when coming out of our pores and takes a little heat along.  That is the way our body maintains its body temperature.

Therefore, sweating excessively in your armpits, in the first instance, is great!  It does exactly what it was thought for.

But… Our Body Has 2 Types of Sweat Glands

The eccrine sweat glands are located over your whole body, except where your apocrine glands are found.  I will describe that in just a moment.

The eccrine glands lie just underneath the skin and the watery liquid that comes out is mainly made up of water with few salts and minerals.

These glands come into action as soon as your body is generating more heat, due to external factors such as weather, exercising, working, etc. or internal factor such as dehydration, fever, cardiovascular diseases, among others.

And then we have the apocrine glands which are found in your armpits, groin, palms, feet, and forehead exclusively.  These glands are located a little deeper than the eccrine sweat glands.

These glands produce a thicker yellowish liquid that is made up of water primarily but also carries proteins, fats, minerals, and salts along.

The apocrine glands are not linked to the part in your brain that controls body temperature.  They are linked to our hormones, adrenalin to be more specific.

These glands kick in as soon as you are stimulated because of stress, fear, anxiety, sex, danger, among others.  And they kind of cool down these stimulations.

Interesting fact though is that in some people, these sweat glands have no “off-button”.  Science has not found why in some people the apocrine sweat glands are overly active.  One thing is clear, it is not necessarily due to a hormonal imbalance. It “just” happens for no known reason.

At second glance, if you sweat excessively all the time, even though you are not working or in a warm room, sweating becomes a not-so-great thing anymore as it seemed in the first place.

2 Types of Hyperhidrosis

If you sweat uncontrollably in your armpits, then you a potential candidate of one of the following types of hyperhidrosis:

1) You have primary hyperhidrosis.  Commonly individuals start to develop primary hyperhidrosis during their early teenage years or even in early adulthood.  It never develops in the later stages of life.

The only thing that you know about it that suddenly you start to sweat a lot, but you feel as healthy as before.

After I did my research years ago, I found that I suffer from hyperhidrosis.  Healthwise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a condition like primary hyperhidrosis.  There are no long-term effects other than the ones that I mentioned: Your confidence and self-image is greatly affected.  And that is enough to look for a solution.

If you suffer from primary hyperhidrosis you can usually tell because it does not follow a pattern.  You can be in the hot sun on some days and will not sweat a drop, and then you can watch a movie in a cold room and still sweat as if you were a leaking container and vice-versa.

2) You have secondary hyperhidrosis.  There is another form of excessive sweating which is not only uncomfortable but needs immediate medical attention in some cases.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is when you sweat excessively but for a reason.  It can happen to anybody at any age.  It comes suddenly and it will go away once you find the cause and you get a cure for it.

If you have only recently started to sweat excessively and you are over 25 years old or you know of somebody that is not even a teenager yet, watch sweating closely.  It could mean diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, fever, cancer, tumors, hyperthyroidism, obesity, etc.

However, most of the time, sweating will not be the first sign of these diseases, but it will be a symptom along the way.

Also, secondary sweating usually has a pattern.  For example, you sweat only on the right side of the body, or just in your armpits, or at certain times of the day, or under certain circumstances, whereas primary hyperhidrosis does not follow a pattern.

Is There Something I Can Do About My Sweating?

Definitely, there are things you can do that will give you relief.

However, first figure out why you sweat excessively.  Is it just because the weather is becoming warmer and you work outside or because you do not have air conditioning?  Or is it that you are sweating uncontrollably in your armpits for a long time already and there is no reason for it?  Or is there an underlying health issue that you are aware of or maybe even unaware of?

For each of the above-described types of hyperhidrosis, there is something you can do.  Let’s find out what exactly.  I’ll describe three different scenarios.

Scenario #1

You are doing your exercise routine and you sweat a lot in your armpits.  But once your body cools down, your sweating ceases and will not come back until your body gets warm again due to thick layers of clothing, working, doing chores, running errands, warm and humid climates, or others.

If that is the case, you can do one of the following:

1) Wear appropriate
read more

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Why Do Men Wear Undershirts Or Should Men Wear Undershirts At All? Find Out Here

Last updated on July 25th, 2019 at 04:28 am

why do men wear undershirts

Traditionally, undergarments were worn to protect clothes from touching the skin. Since taking a bath was commonly done once a week, you would expect strong odors on your skin which, if touched by expensive garments that weren’t washed, could spoil them.

My grandparents grew up in the 1920s when washing clothes and bathing was not common. Also, buying new clothes was not an option. Many times, clothes were worn from one generation to the other. And in order to keep them in good condition, they were not washed, especially those that were worn for special occasions.

For instance, clothes that were worn to a church were never washed. They put them on just for the church, and religiously changed right after church.

Undergarments were very practical to keep the outer layer of clothes in good condition and clean since the outer layer was usually the more expensive one.

Ever since Adam and Eve, garments were used to cover the sense of shame. When they sinned against God, the Bible says, they were aware that they were naked and therefore covered up in large fig leaves.

So the purpose of undergarments serves various purposes, from covering our sense of shame to holding our private parts in place to preventing expensive outer clothes to be spoiled.

In this article, I am going to discuss the question: Why do men wear undershirts and share some interesting facts about it.

But Why Do Men Wear Undershirts? History Of Undershirts

There is not a known history behind the undershirts. However, Roman soldiers used a lightweight fabric under their military uniforms. That could have been the starting point.

Hundreds of years later, the well-known union suits were released and became a trendy fashion for men. As time went by, undershirts, like we know them today, were released.

After WWII, the undershirt became very popular, even to the point that it was worn in public without an extra shirt on top. At first, this was not well accepted, but after public figures started doing it, it became widely popular. From there, today’s t-shirt has become a daily garment for millions of people.

Undershirts serve a few good purposes:

1) Protect clothes. We men sweat a lot every single day, especially those that are physically active outside or that are working physically. These men tend to sweat even more than those that work in an office setting or the ones that have more intellectual jobs.

Our outer layer of clothes easily gets worn off if we do not use undershirts. And we all know that our shirts get very gross if they are exposed to sweat all the time without protection.

2) Hairs poking out. On certain types of fabrics, thick body hair and commonly breast hair often poke through the surface, if we do not wear undershirts. Although body hair is natural, it does not look nice when it comes poking out of our shirts.

3) Provide an extra layer of warmth. Undershirts certainly provide an extra layer of protection during the colder months of the year. Instead of wearing thick jackets or even multiple jackets, an undershirt comes in handy and it does give protection.

I have been using undershirts for many years and I think I can safely say that they even provide an extra layer of protection against the heat.

4) Chafed skin. Some shirts and their fabrics are stiff, which is why they can cause chafed skin. Ideally, men wear an undershirt when wearing these types of fabrics, for example, fronted evening shirts with tie or bow.

5) Prevent stains. After deodorants became popular in the 1950s, the need to use undershirts to protect shirts from yellow stains has become inevitable. Although stains do not only come from deodorants but from sweat as well, wearing an undershirt gives at least some sort of protection.

Heavy sweaters know exactly how often they have to exchange their dress shirts because they become so gross after a few uses.

Should Men Wear Undershirts? The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wearing Undershirts

Historically, elegant and noblemen did not use undershirts. It was only later with the union suits that it became widely popular and accepted.

Wearing undershirts is a must! Because of these mentioned purposes and others, men should always wear an undershirt. However, there are a few things to do and a few things not to do when wearing undershirts.

1) Wear an undershirt. If you wear an undershirt, make sure that it is an undershirt and not a t-shirt. T-shirts come in different colors and the fabric is slightly heavier, which does not make it a good option for an undershirt.

Undershirts should be comfortable and not constrict your movements, therefore, chose lightweight undershirts.

2) Wear fitted
read more

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Best Undershirts For Sweating: Here Are My Picks

Last updated on July 15th, 2019 at 03:54 am

best undershirts for sweating

In this summer season, we naturally sweat more, especially when living in tropical climates or where the weather is humid.

When we sweat more in our armpits than we normally do, sweat stains start to show up and it can cause some embarrassment. Especially for those that are living with primary hyperhidrosis, a condition in which you sweat excessively without a known cause.

I have suffered this condition for many years and I know exactly how embarrassing social events can be when you have your armpits drenched in sweat. You can take a shower, change your clothes as much as you want, but nothing changes. In no time you are completely drenched in sweat.

After the search for many years for a solution, then eventually giving up because I did not find anything, I miraculously found products that changed my days completely.

I found the best undershirts for sweating, that I never even dreamed about seeing one day. It did not take me long to buy a little over a week’s stock because they immediately solved my problem of wearing dark and baggy clothing immediately, without compromising my health.

In this review, I will talk about the best undershirts for sweating that you will find on the market. Make an informed decision before you buy, because these products are not cheap. I am doing my best to show you the positive and negative about each product so it is easier to choose and live with dry armpits for the rest of your life.

1:  Thompson Tee Undershirt

The Thompson Tee is a life-saver for anybody sweating excessively in their armpits. This shirt that hides your stains completely; your clothes will stay dry even though you sweat.

If you don’t mind excessive sweating in your armpits, and you prefer not to use antiperspirants because of health-related issues, you can rest assured that not one drop of sweat will come through this undershirt.

I have loved to wear sweat proof undershirts for a few years already and I feel uncomfortable when I don’t wear one.

You can be confident in whatever clothes you put on. Sweat will stay in those patented pads.

The Good About the Thompson Tee

1) Hydro-Shield Technology: The Thompson Tee has thick patented pads in the armpits with hydro-shield technology. Wetness is soaked up and kept in place. No leaks and stains on your outer layer of clothes.

Sweating becomes second nature to you. I focused so much on my excessive sweating, which made matters worse. After finding sweat proof undershirts, I have stopped thinking about sweating in my armpits, because sweat stays in place and will not leak through.

2) Comfort: I have found the Thompson Tee to be a comfortable undershirt. Although individuals might object to the thick pads, I got used to them in no time. It did not take more than a few days to really start to love these undershirts.

I started to love sweat proof undershirts and I find them comfortable because they give me so much freedom and confidence, that they do not seem to be a problem for me at all.

3) Durability: Just like other undershirts, these are very durable. I used my first set of these undershirts for a good 2 years. I washed them every single week, each one of them, and I used them all the time. You could see that they had been worn, but not to the point where I needed to replace them with new ones immediately.

The great thing is that the sweat pads are also durable. Sweat has never leaked through, and it continues like that. The undershirts are very expensive when compared to non-sweat proof undershirts, but they are well worth it.

4) Colors and shapes: The Thompson Tees are sold in various colors, available for both genders, and you can find them in v-necks and crew neck.

That is very practical since you can use them for whatever outer layer of clothes that you want to. Especially the v-neck is a deep cut, which is great when you like your button-down shirt open at the top.

read more

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How To Stop Nervous Sweating Today: How I Stopped It Completely.

Last updated on September 11th, 2018 at 02:01 am

how to stop nervous sweating

Has it happened to you that you are invited to your best friend’s wedding and you just wonder what you should put on because you know ahead of time that you will have huge sweat marks in your armpits because of excessive sweating?

Things are even worse for you when you are asked to wear a specific color of a dress shirt or dress. Let’s assume you are the groom’s best man or the bride’s maid of honor. You will have to wear whatever the bride and groom will choose for you.

Not only to weddings but also to all kind of social events, excessive sweating in your armpits, forehead or palms is highly embarrassing.

That presentation that you have to give, and you know that you will want to show something, and immediately thoughts like “…but everybody will see my sweat marks”, or “… I cannot do that because I sweat too much and that is awful” flood your brain and off are you are to a vicious cycle.

If you tend to sweat excessively when you go to social gatherings, you have a condition called nervous sweating.

Nervous sweating is when you sweat because you get nervous. But how to stop nervous sweating?

Understanding Nervous Sweating

Nervous sweating affects people greatly because it is a condition that makes them insecure and very nervous about themselves.

When you dread sweating the most, that is when it happens the most. All the time you have to give a speech, meet new people, meet well-known people, go to weddings, funerals, church, etc., your fear about sweating triggers your nervous system and that again triggers the sweat glands.

Some consider nervous sweating a social phobia. However, I do not think that this is the case. If you sweat excessively when you get nervous, I can only guess that you always sweat easily and even excessively.

I have faced nervous sweating for many years, but I consider it to be a case of primary hyperhidrosis and not so much a social phobia.

What is nervous sweating? Find out more here .

What Is Primary Hyperhidrosis?

The term primary hyperhidrosis is used to describe a condition where a person sweats excessively for no known reason. That means that you could not find a cause for this sweating.

Yet hyperhidrosis only happens in your armpits, palms, feet, groin, and forehead. You do not sweat all over your body when you have hyperhidrosis. That is because there are the apocrine sweat glands, which are connected to your endocrine system.

Sweating is actually for controlling body temperature, but especially in people suffering from primary hyperhidrosis, the apocrine sweat glands apparently have a different view of that important body function. Nevertheless, everybody that gets into a serious predicament will start to sweat at some point because of these sweat glands.

Adrenaline triggers these sweat glands and they go into production. Research is not sure what causes hyperhidrosis, but one thing is sure, in people suffering from this condition, the sweat glands do not regulate this sweating function correctly.

It is known that people suffering from hyperhidrosis produce at least 6 times more sweat than the body requires cooling down.

There are more causes of excessive sweating.  Find out here .

How does primary hyperhidrosis relate to
read more

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What Is A Thompson Tee? A Powerful Tool To Hide Excessive Underarm Sweating

Last updated on July 10th, 2019 at 03:20 am

Click the image for more details

Hi everyone,

today I am back with another great blog where I will answer the question: What is a Thompson Tee.  It is my absolute favorite undershirt with awesome technology that hides your sweat stains completely.

When you suffer from excessive underarm sweating and there is apparently no way to stop it, you will certainly look around for all kinds of products that could be the solution to the problem.  That is exactly what I did.

I had been looking for natural methods that would finally hide or stop my sweating.  Everywhere I went, every single day, my shirts were drenched in sweat and nothing seemed to help.

I came to the point where I was considering surgery or botox to stop the problem, but that was too expensive at the moment, so I had to search for something else.  One day, I stumbled across sweat pads on Amazon and I thought that they could be my longed-for solution.

However, after reading all the reviews, I was not sure if it was something me.  Also, I was tight on budget, so I decided it was not the best thing to buy something that I really did not trust.

In the middle of all my research, I stumbled over this undershirt, and I decided to give it a try because of many positive reviews, that claimed to help a person with suffering from excessive sweating.

I am very happy that I bought the Thompson Tee.  It has been a life-saver in the past years.  I can hide my sweat stains completely.  My shirts stay 100% dry, even after heavy sweating.

I love to give my body as few chemicals as possible because we all know that our surroundings nowadays are full of chemicals and toxins. So why give your body a chemical to stop sweating? Although aluminum chloride, the key ingredient of clinical strength antiperspirants, might not be as unhealthy as believed for many years, you are probably not too eager to put it into your armpits.

And why do it when there are other options available?  Why not let your armpits sweat as much as they want and find a solution so it cannot be seen?

The Thompson Tee undershirts are the best option for those who don’t want any added chemicals applied to their body and for those who don’t want to undergo expensive surgery of sweat gland removal and spend a lot of money on expensive antiperspirants.

What I Love About The Thompson Tee.

Here is my honest Thompson Tee review which I have used since November 2016 pretty much every day!  And I love them so much!  I have never worn better undershirts than these, especially because of my excessive sweating problem. Here are a few reasons I love these undershirts so much:

1) Hydro-Shield Technology: These shirts have thick pads in the armpits that have the hydro-shield technology. They soak up all wetness and keep it in. No more leaks and absolutely no more ugly stains on your clothes.

These shirts get the job done extremely well. I don’t mind sweating now anymore, because my shirts never ever get wet again under normal circumstances. If I work outside for really long in the hot sun, it could be that after hours of excessive sweating, some sweat would come through, but that takes a long time.  However, it hasn’t happened to me more than twice in these years.

2) Comfort: The undershirts are comfortable, although you will have to get used to them. I started using undershirts regularly at the age of 17 because my sweating was so extreme that I needed something to protect me from stains for at least the first 15 minutes of that presentation, concert, or meeting. Therefore, switching to the Thompson Tee was not a problem at all. At first, the thick pads seemed uncomfortable, but only after a few days, I did not think about it anymore because I was SOOO happy that I didn’t have sweat stains on my shirts anymore.

3) Durability: At first, I bought only 1 undershirt to see if it would really work. After trying out many things for my excessive sweating problem, I was not sure if this would work at all. Only after wearing a few times, I stocked up. I now have had 7 undershirts for a good time already and I wear them every single day.

They are not worn yet. Look at the picture.  This XL slim fit Thompson Tee has been used by me weekly for good 18 months at the time of this image.

They didn’t get loose as I expected it would after time and as the picture looks like.  Compared to shirts that I used before, like Hanes, they would get baggy very soon; these longer until they get loose.

They have no holes in them yet and they continue to do their job 100% all the time. I have tested them so much, it gets washed at least once a week and it has stood the test.

4) Colors and shape: When I first bought these shirts, they were still new on the market, so it had a few options available. However, as they are growing in popularity, the company offers more options. There are a few colors, of which white and black continue to be my favorite. I also like the V-neck option so people will not see that you have undershirts when you have a few buttons open on your shirt.

They also have round-neck and the deep V-neck if you like to have your buttoned shirts open at the top.

5) Material: The materials of these undershirts are great. They are made 95% of ultra-soft rayon from bamboo and 5% spandex. The spandex helps that the shirts don’t shrink nor expand after washing and using. My shirts still fit pretty much the same after 18 months of regular using as they did when I bought them. And they are very soft and comfortable.

6) Extra length: At first, I did not like that these shirts were extra long because I thought it was uncomfortable. However, after using them, I found that this was actually not a problem, but a huge plus. My undershirts stay tucked in the whole day. They don’t come out all the time as my Hanes undershirts always did. This point could be argued by some, but for me, it is a huge plus.

7) No chemical treatment: I absolutely love the fact that the shield guards are not chemically treated and yet it doesn’t become ineffective after many uses. I can sweat now as much as my sweat glands want and yet not stain shows up.

8) Stay dry: Even though you sweat, the shields will not get soggy or too wet. Yes, it gets wet after heavy sweating, but not to the point where it is too uncomfortable to wear; not to the point, where you feel the need to change into another shirt.

On workdays, I put on my undershirt in the morning and get out of it in the evening and, yes it is wet, but I never again feel the need to change immediately after coming home or even during the day because everything is wet. Somehow, with this technology, the wetness is locked in, which is great.

On the left, you will see a close-up of the underarm, the thick pad that shields you from sweat.  It is really hard for sweat to come through.

Also, in this image, you see again, how strong the shirts are.  As mentioned, this shirt has been used for around 18 months weekly and you can tell that it has been used, but it is in good condition.

9) For both genders: The good thing about these shirts is that you can get them for women for men. When they were launched started, if I don’t recall incorrectly, they were only for men. After the time, it has proven to be effective, so you can now get them whether men or women.

Now you can find many different ones for both, men and woman.

Buy your best undershirt today!

What I Don’t Like About the Thompson Tee.

Every product has its good sides and its bad sides. And the Thompson Tee is no exception. There are many good sides to the product and the best is that I finally have my “sweat freedom” back. I can sweat, but my confidence is not compromised. The negative sides of the products will never outweigh the positive ones for me.  Here are a few things that I do not like:

1) Hard to dry: The pads on these shirts are extremely hard to dry. If you hang it out overnight, you cannot expect it to be dry in the morning. The pads soak in the wetness so well that you can hardly get it out again. Therefore, having a few of these is highly recommendable. Even if you throw them into the dryer, it takes longer for them to be completely dry. I always turn the inside out and hang them out for a day or two if I don’t want to use the dryer.

2) Price: These shirts are well worth the cost, but it is a bit pricey when you consider buying undershirts for a full week. However, since they last longer and can be used daily for a long time, the price is not that high. When I first came across them and they worked so well, I was so tight on a budget that it took some time until I could buy a full week’s stock.  However, the 7 shirts I have will last for some more time (although I have lost much weight in the past months, which could lead me to need new ones in the near future.  However,  if that would not be the case, I can see that they will possibly last a few more years).

3) Stains on the pads: Although you will not get another stain on your shirt, the pads on your undershirt will still get the ugly yellow stains from the inside over time, because you still sweat.

It is kind of nasty, but as a heavy sweater, I am used to wearing sweat-stained clothes, so it doesn’t bother me because nobody sees the sweat stain and they are only from the inside of the shirt.

Plus it is only on the inside, where your armpits and undershirt touch, never on the outside of the pad.  Check out the images of my shirt.

As you can see on this picture of the same undershirt that I posted above, I just turned the inside out.  You can see how much deodorants and sweat stains are on it.  But in the picture above, you can see that it doesn’t come through.

Let me tell you that this shirt has not been treated for yellow stains once.  I have not once used Oxiclean, direct sunlight or other methods to remove sweat stains.  Don’t you think that this shirt has done its job really well?  I do and I am so happy to have these to put on.

Tip: Let me suggest that you buy a slim fit. When I first bought them, I was at least 70 pounds overweight, which means that I am not slim at all, but have excess belly fat. After reading many comments, I decided to try the slim fit even though I doubted it would fit. However, I was SOO happy that I had not bought the original fit.

I think the more fitted it is, the better it soaks up your sweat without letting it seep through.

The slim fit was perfect for me, although I never dress slim fit shirts. I have not tried the original fit, but I assume that it must be quite loose, for which I highly recommend wearing the slim fit. The Thompson Tee undershirts are my #1 recommendation if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. You will not go wrong when buying these shirts.

 Buy your best undershirt today!

My Verdict Of This Undershirt

As you must have noticed during my post, I am very excited to own Thompson Tees, since they have given me back sweat-freedom and confidence, that I lacked.  Can you imagine having a teacher that sweats excessively?  Well, that is just me. I had to worry constantly about what to put on.

I found out that darker clothes did not show the sweat stains so well.  Also, jackets and sweaters covered them really well.  Multiple layer clothing was also nothing uncommon.  Wintertime was the best because I could use jackets without having to find excuses, like in the hot summer days.

The past few years have been wonderful because I am wearing whatever shirt I want, whenever I want and for as long as I want.  I recall only once when the sweat stains showed, even though the Thompson Tee.  I must have sweat extremely because that does not happen to me normally.  And believe me, I sweat a lot!  It was strange how once little sweat stains showed up.  But you know what?  They did not show up where the pad was but around the pad.

That was kind of an awkward picture on my armpits, but I am grateful it has not happened more than once.

I can finally focus on the things that I have to do.  Before I owned these shirts, I did my job, but I always worried about the sweat stains, and when to find a chance to run home to change or shower.  Now, I confidently wear whatever I want and it is effective throughout the day.

On a final remark, I highly recommend the Thompson Tee over any clinical strength antiperspirant.  Why?  That is a routine issue for me.  I forget to put on antiperspirants in the night before bedtime and the next day I will likely sweat.  However, I am used to putting on undershirts daily, so I only have these available now.  I can go sweat-free with or without antiperspirants.  Not that I do not use antiperspirants here and there, but not on a regular basis.

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