Dermidry Reviews: The Natural Approach to Hyperhidrosis

Dermidry Reviews

Hey guys,

I am going to share with you another review of a novelty product for all of those searching for a solution to hyperhidrosis.

People that sweat excessively, like I do, are often desperate for a solution. I remember how I often tried my best to avoid social gatherings like Birthday parties, weddings, among others just because of my sweating problem.

However, when I knew that I had to go, I was hastily looking for the best and appropriate shirts to wear to minimize the ugly look of huge armpit sweat stains. The only problem was that I was not very successful at finding the correct shirt. You must know that when people sweat excessively in their armpits, there is no regular shirt, undershirt, sweater, or jacket that can cover it up effectively. read more

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Schmidt Natural Deodorant Review: Stop Awful Odor From Your Pits

Schmidt Natural Deodorant Review

Hi everyone,

today I am going to share with all of you the Schmidt natural deodorant review. Honestly, we all want to smell pleasant whenever we leave the house (oops… at home too!).

We all need deodorants to achieve that. There are so many bacteria living in our armpits that enjoy sweat to the fullest and then they produce the gasses which smell very bad when they break down sweat.

Sweat itself does not smell bad, although in our armpits it contains proteins and fats that could smell bad over time. However, the bacteria that feasts on our sweat enjoy the proteins and bacteria multiply rapidly. So if we don’t do anything with it, we smell bad after only after a few hours. read more

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Crystal Deodorant Review: A Non-Toxic Product That I Love To Use

crystal deodorant review

 When I first learned about the Crystal deodorant, I was still in my early teens and just starting to use deodorants. However, back then I still did not give deodorants much thought and my mom brought this product home one day and asked us to use it. Little did I know what effect it did have.

In this Crystal deodorant review, we will look a little closer at the product, where it was born and what it has to offer. I will share what I like about this product and what I do not like that much.

Although I am not passionate about a holistic style of life, I do get thrilled when I see “organic”, “natural”, “non-toxic”, among others words on things that I buy. As I say, it is not my passion to learn all the details about natural products and the bad sides of non-natural products. However, I am always watching what I bring into my house for the family. read more

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Best Undershirts For Sweating: Here Are My Picks

best undershirts for sweating

The time of year that is coming around in these months for we that live in the northern hemispheres are the hot summer months. For those living south, that time is coming around pretty soon again.

In this summer season, we sweat more naturally, especially if you live in tropical climates or where the weather is humid.

When we sweat more in our armpits than we normally do, sweat stains start to show up and it can cause some embarrassment. Especially for those that are living with hyperhidrosis, a condition in which you sweat excessively without a known cause. read more

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10 Best Antiperspirants For Men: Stop Sweating Today!

Hi guys, its Oscar again from  Today I want to tell you about products that we guys all look for: Antiperspirants.  Let’s face it, we all sweat and it is not something we do like too much.  Whenever we go on a date, or to a meeting, and we sweat, it somehow interferes in our functional life.

Good news is that there are products that stop our sweating so we can avoid the awkward moments when we lift our arms and …ups… ugly sweat stains.

This list of 10 best antiperspirants for men will help you decide which one is best for you and what to make of your sweating problem. read more

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What Is Certain Dri? Another Great Product To Stop Excessive Sweating

what is certain dri

If you have been sweating excessively for many years, like I have, I know that you have been looking for a solution to the problem.

You might even have started to believe that there is no such thing as a solution. A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that excessive sweating was something that I could not do anything about, except for watching what to eat and drink more water.

I just thought that I would have to live my whole life with the embarrassment that it always caused me. Who likes to run through the store with large armpit stains, or wet foreheads in the middle of the cold winter? Or who likes to be invited to a formal dinner and having wet clothes, that you try really hard not to touch anybody with your arms because they could feel it. read more

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What Is Underarmed: The Best Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant Stick

what is underarmed

Hi everyone,

I am back to present to you a great product that I found: Underarmed, the best natural aluminum free deodorant stick that is effective and has excellent reviews from verified customers.

A Little Background On Deodorants

But first of all, why do we need deodorant? Is it really necessary? I have met with people that do not put on deodorant for safety reasons. They claim that deodorants are detrimental to your health, so they prefer to smell bad a few hours after taking a shower.

I chose the the picture to the left because it is allusive to nature.  And deodorants try to fight a natural process that is smelling bad after sweating.  But then again, there are natural solutions to the problem. read more

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What Is ZeroSweat: The Great And Effective Armpit Sweat Stopper

what is zerosweat

There are so many great products on the market nowadays that help people that suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which your armpits, groin area, feet, hand or forehead sweat unstoppably for no known reason.  These great products are made to help people regain their confidence in themselves since their self-esteem goes down over time.

Have you lived through the terrible experience of sweating heavily in your armpits, your clothes drenched in sweat for no reason?  If you exercise, you will sweat!  But sitting on a Sunday afternoon on the chair in your porch, trying to relax, and having wet clothes because you cannot stop sweating?  That is exactly what around 2% of people go through on a daily basis. read more

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Best Rated Antiperspirant Of Clinical Strength: Stop Excessive Armpit Sweating Today!

best rated antiperspirant

Hi everyone,

thank you for stopping by and taking the time to learn new exciting things about sweating.  What is exciting about sweating, you ask?  For those of us that sweat excessively and seem to find no cure for it, learning about sweating can be an exciting journey because you will likely find a solution to the problem and view it from a different perspective.

In this article, you will find out about the best-rated antiperspirant that stops your annoying underarm sweating for good!  You will say goodbye to drenched clothes and sweaty armpits!  The million-dollar question is: Is it possible to stop sweating excessively?  You have lived with this for so long and never have you found a lasting solution? If that is so, you are in the right place. read more

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What Is Sweatblock? The Answer To Excessive Underarm Sweating

Hello to all of you,

I am so glad you came across my site.  Chances are that you are suffering from excessive sweating and you are looking for a solution.  You have been battling awful sweat stains for years and you have not been able to find a solution that merely helps for odor.

Just like you, I have been living with hyperhidrosis ever since in my early teens.  For many years I thought that I would have to live with this for my whole life if I would not go for surgery and remove my sweat glands.  Even though I hoped for change, I was disappointed again and again.  Sweating did not stop! read more

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