Odaban Review: Another Effective Sweat Stopper?

If you have suffered from hyperhidrosis for many years, like I have for almost 2 decades, and have looked for a solution to your excessive sweating problem, look no further. I got you covered with this honest and full Odaban review.

In this review, I will talk about the history of Odaban, what it is, pros and cons, and how to use it. And of course, I will share my favorite product that has stopped my excessive sweating problem.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Before I share all about Odaban, I need to tell you who should use Odaban and who should not use it. read more

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History of Deodorant And Antiperspirant: Learn About It Here

history of deodorant

Hey guys,

today I am back to talk a little about history. Who likes to hear that? Often time people tell me that history sucks and there is no use in it. To a certain degree we live today and what lies a hundred years behind might not be appealing to hear. However, there are interesting facts about many things that we do not even think about today.

So, I am going to talk a little about the history of deodorant and antiperspirant. Why is that relevant?

150 years ago people did not use deodorant at all. They did not use anything to keep those terrible armpit odors away. In fact, they even did not wash their clothes after wearing them for a long time. I have often wondered how such a thing is at all possible. I feel uncomfortable wearing my shirts for more than a day, especially because I sweat excessively in my armpits.

That is why the history of deodorant and antiperspirant is relevant for me. I like to share a bit how they did it back then and how they managed with armpit odors because they did not have antiperspirants to stop them from sweating nor did they have deodorants to help them smell better.

But before I go more into the history of deodorant and antiperspirant, I will tell you a little about what deodorants and antiperspirants are.

What Are Deodorants?

Although few people don’t sweat at all, most people sweat on a daily basis, some a lot and others less. Sweat is a watery liquid that is produced in our sweat glands. Various triggers make these sweat glands to work and produce sweat, mainly to regulate our body temperature.

Sweat from our apocrine glands, which are located in different areas of our body, including our armpits, rarely smells bad, but bacteria that live in these regions thrive on sweat. The breakdown of sweat caused by these bacteria causes the bad odors.

Deodorants are used to control the bacteria living in warm regions (where they multiply at an incredible rate) to stop bad odors.

Contrary to the belief of many people, deodorants to not stop sweating; they only reduce bacteria to avoid sweat breakdown, which smells bad. If you can control the bacteria effectively, you can sweat a lot and still not sweat.

What are Antiperspirants?

Many people have overactive sweat glands that produce excessive sweat, which these individuals cannot control. People suffering from this condition have what is called hyperhidrosis. There are 2 types of hyperhidrosis and each one of these types can have different causes.

People that sweat a lot have a harder time to find the correct deodorant because they cannot catch up with the rate of multiplication of bacteria. Whatever deodorant they put on, it will have an effect for only a few hours and they will smell bad again.

So, often people that sweat a lot opt for an antiperspirant, that usually contains aluminum chloride, to reduce the sweating, so deodorants will have an effect. That again helps them to have pleasantly smelling armpits.

Therefore, antiperspirants affect the sweat glands directly by blocking them and preventing a person from sweating.

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Life In My Community 50 Years Ago

I grew up in a place where people lived without electricity and cars until the 1970s. My grandparents were even shunned by the local church because they were too progressive when they bought their first car.

It took many years of hard work on behalf of community members to progress.

What does that have to do with deodorants? Maybe a lot. Let me show you.

My parents grew up when all radical changes in the community took place and modernization started to kick in. My parents often tell stories about the way they grew up and it is hard to believe that one generation can make such a big change.

Let me record a few of things that I believe are relevant to the history of deodorant and antiperspirant.

How Could People Live With Armpit Odor?

Back in the early 1970’s, people were poor and the wardrobe was extremely small, things were often handed down from older siblings to younger ones, and sometimes even generations down the line.

Church clothes were worn exclusively for church and they were never washed. Baths were taken only once a week, where the whole family shared the same water (unbelievable for me).

In all this, people did not use deodorant. My parents often tell me that back then nobody was offended by the extreme odors people would spread.

Can you imagine a whole week without bathing? The interesting thing though is that they worked physically hard out in the sun. Life was similar to life in a small frontier town. Everybody owned a little piece of land, a few cows, pigs, horses, and chickens, and of course, a small garden. By the weekend, people would not be fresh anymore and definitely needed a bath. Because water was not readily available like we have it today, people were more careful with it.

Growing up in families with 10+ children was not an easy task and cost an awful lot of money, which most of the times was not available. That explains why the wardrobe was scanty and would not be washed. That would keep it new for much longer.

I often wonder if people did not feel dirty after working without being able to take a bath. They must have been used to it, or maybe (just maybe…) nowadays we live too high expectations.

Nevertheless, body odor can become offensive when not tended to in time, but probably they did not notice.

Ancient Deodorant History

If we look to the Greek, Egyptians, Romans and other ancient cultures we find that they already had a notion of masking body odor.

Perfumed baths were very common, for those who could afford. The perfume was also used in armpits, which would help reduce the odors from sweating.

Also, different concoctions from oils were made by these cultures to help with body odor (not only pits). However, most of the perfumes and concoctions that were made did their job partially.

The problem was that most of these did not address the bacteria living in the armpits so it would not be effective for body odor. Perfumes would help more with covering the odor by smelling fresh.

However, we can imagine that it was not effective, except if baths were taken daily (which is not very likely).

After the church took control over everything, people were taught that being naked was really bad, so they even stopped taking baths at all. The last resource of smelling as pleasantly as possible was taken from them.

Life A Few Hundred Years Ago

If we go back in wardrobe history, we will find that people wore thick layers of clothing, especially people from the high society.

If you look at what a noblewoman was dressing for a ball in the 1700s, you will be amazed at how many layers of clothing she had to put on before she was ready. When you think the dress is now complete, there are more layers to follow.

Also, for middle-class men, they did not just wear simple underwear, a pair of jeans and a shirt and done. There was so much to put on before one was ready.

The interesting thing is that they wore many layers of clothes as a nightgown, also for work, and for social activities. There was always so much to put on.

Don’t you think that that was part of the trick to mask bad smells? That also explains, why most of the wardrobe was never washed. It would simply not get dirty, sweaty, or smelly after wearing because there were simply too many layers of clothes.

People back then were aware of the bad odors from the armpits could be nasty. Would you go dancing with a partner that was not fresh? Therefore, they had to find ways to deal with these odors, and they did so by using lots of clothes.

When Were Deodorants Born?

Although there is not much to be found about deodorants that were used before conventional deodorants came to life, I firmly believe that some families must have tried through natural approaches to stop sweat from smelling.

In fact, since there are natural ways to reduce sweating and also natural ways to eliminate bacteria in armpits, methods could have been used long before conventional deodorants came to life.

My grandma used milk as a gel to comb her daughters. That was an easily available resource to fix everyday problems. Too bad she is not here anymore to tell me what she did with body odor.

Back in the late 1880s, in the USA, the first deodorant was developed by Edna Murphy and patented later on. It seems that no other deodorants were patented and invented after this first one for nearly half a century.

However, it was years after WWII that Helen Diserens made the first ball-point deodorants, which was a newly invented technology back then. However, it was still the same deodorant that was invented by Mrs. Murphy.

Deodorants were initially made for women only, and only in the early 1950s, they were also made for men.

From there, it only took a few years before deodorants were a multi-million industry and over 50% of the adult population was using deodorants.

And today, not many cultures can be found that don’t know about deodorants. It is common sense today to use deodorants.

When were Antiperspirants born?

Jules Montenier patented the first antiperspirant in 1941, but it had been formulated since 1903.

Aluminum chloride was used at first, but since it is highly acidic, many people were not able to use it because it caused skin irritation.

Mr. Montenier was able to neutralize the product by using soluble nitrile, which made it more accessible to people.

Nevertheless, in the early 1960s tests were performed on animals. Science and medicine wanted to determine if there were side effects of antiperspirants.

Studies showed that cancer, dementia and other diseases could be traced back to the use of aluminum chloride.

When the light was shed on these facts, antiperspirants became more and more rejected, regardless of the positive effect they had on people that suffered from hyperhidrosis.

Today, around 95% of Americans use deodorants, from home-made to organic, to natural, to conventional, to dab-on, roll-on deodorants. The whole deodorant and antiperspirant business has become an $18 billion dollar industry.

Are Deodorants and Antiperspirants Really Unsafe?

As said, throughout history, researchers have done their best to determine whether aluminum chloride (used in antiperspirants) and parabens (commonly used in deodorants) are detrimental to health.

Do you remember the emails that you received back in the early 2000s that told you to stop using any of these products because you could get cancer and other life-threatening diseases? I do recall those, but I never stopped using deodorants, because I did not know what else to do.

Smell bad all day long? Or continue to use deodorants? It was like a necessary evil, as we use to say.

However, recently, light has been shed on new research that has not found enough evidence to prove the theory spread back in the 60s.

It is believed that either zinc, parabens, aluminum chloride, and others cause as much harm as was once thought. Our skin was designed to protect our body from outside harm. Our skin does everything possible to not let harmful things in. Therefore, research believes that very little of the ingredients found in deodorants and antiperspirants actually comes into our body.

More harm is done to our body by what we smell, eat and drink.

As said before, the history of deodorants and antiperspirants is not only important but also interesting to read about.

It is interesting to see how people have dealt with body odor over time and how it has evolved into something so effective that we have today and is readily available whenever we want and need it.

Are you in need of a great deodorant, please check out my favorite deodorants and antiperspirants.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you found this article helpful. If so, please share with family and friends by clicking the social media buttons below.

Also, I would love to hear your comments and questions. Any thoughts about the history of deodorants and antiperspirants are appreciated.

As always, I am happy to help,



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Is There A Deodorant That Stops Sweating? Find The Answer Here

Last updated on July 18th, 2019 at 04:40 am

is there a deodorant that stops sweating

We all sweat in our armpits, some more and some less. However, we all hate to get wet in our armpits because that is so uncomfortable.  I have lived it for years and have wondered how to stop it.

So, all we that sweat want to know if there is a deodorant that stops sweating.

Sweating is very important to our bodies because it regulates our temperature. In fact, if we would not sweat, our body temperature can rise to dangerous levels. But sweating gets in our way when we get all sticky, stinky, and uncomfortable.

When our clothes become drenched and have sweat marks all over, or when our armpits begin to smell so bad, sweating also makes us feel socially unacceptable. But there are people, around 2-3% of the population that have this problem day in day out.

These individuals suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition when people sweat excessively either in their armpits, their head, neck, groin, palms, and feet, but they cannot (at least not in all cases) do anything about it.

There are people that suffer from secondary hyperhidrosis, which is a condition that is caused by health issues, in which cases, sweating is a symptom of a more serious problem. For example, people with heart diseases tend to sweat excessively because their heart has a difficult time getting the blood supply around.

Also, cancer patients often report excessive sweating. Obesity is another common trigger of excessive sweating.

Then there are people, like me, that sweat excessively for an unknown reason. It seems to be a hormonal imbalance, yet no doctor can prescribe medicine that is completely effective. These individuals sweat more when they are nervous, but it seems to happen all the time, no matter what time of year, what climate they live in, or in what circumstances they are.

This condition is called primary hyperhidrosis. The good news is that this condition does not affect your health in any way, nor does it cause any other problems related to our bodies. However, primary hyperhidrosis can be a serious social blocking stone! You have to be really strong to get among people because your focus is on all those ugly sweat marks and how you can see people thinking crazy about you.

I have lived with this condition for many years and shopping for clothes is not even fun because there are only certain colors that you can wear, only certain fabrics if you want to hide your problem.

In short, either primary, secondary hyperhidrosis or just normal sweating can be uncomfortable and annoying to the point where you are looking for a solution.

Is There A Deodorant That Stops Sweating?

For years, I looked for a solution to my problem. I went through the stores and looked at their deodorants and antiperspirants to see which one would work. Some products, like Arm & Hammer, which I have used for years, claims that it controls your sweat and last for long.

But that is simply not true for sufferers of hyperhidrosis. For people that sweat mildly and only when it gets hot or when they do fitness training or similar activities, this deodorant/antiperspirant can be effective. But for me, it never helped.

And I wondered for many years why this product would not help when it claimed to be effective.

After years of living with the fact that no deodorant gave me relief from excessive sweating, I found the answer and I am going to share it with you.

Deodorants Do Not Stop Sweating – Antiperspirants Do

As simple as that: Deodorants do not stop sweating. They contain chemicals (in conventional deodorants) and essential oils (in natural deodorants) that only control the bacteria living in your armpits.

Sweating itself does not smell bad. The bacteria that live in our armpits, feasts on the proteins, salts, and minerals that sweat contains. Gasses produced by these bacteria leave behind the unpleasant smell.

Therefore, there are no deodorants that stop sweating because they were not meant to stop sweating: They were meant to stop the stinking.

However, antiperspirants contain aluminum components that form a gel-like substance in your armpits which block the sweat glands.

If you are looking for deodorants that stop sweating, unfortunately, you will not find one. There are many deodorants- antiperspirants that do help to reduce sweating, but they will not stop it, because these products do not contain enough aluminum chloride to stop sweating.

The difference between deodorants and antiperspirants is that one stops the bad smell and the other one stops the sweating.

If you buy a product that is both deodorant-antiperspirant, then it will likely reduce sweating and control bacteria so you can smell better.

Which Are The Best Deodorants?

1) Underarmed A personal favorite 100% natural deodorant that is gender-neutral. This deodorant is made of only top-grade natural ingredients that do not irritate your skin easily because of a correctly balanced pH. When you use it though, you might experience very bad odors at the beginning, but that will go away after some time if you stick to it.  Full product review.

2) Bali Secrets Natural DeodorantA 100% natural organic deodorant stick. With seaweed extract, mineral salt, distilled water, and many other great ingredients, that leave no stains on your clothes, this is a must-try deodorant stick.

3) Crystal Body Deodorant StickThis deodorant is a stick that was made of mineral salt which purifies our armpits and stops the bad odors. This is a product I used a long time ago and loved it very much! Although it is scent-free, you will smell fresh in your armpits. Full product review.

4) Primal Pit Paste Deodorant This gender-neutral product for the whole family contains only the best natural products available for deodorants were used to create this unique blend that stops your armpit odor. This family-owned business is dedicated to bringing outstanding products to your home.

5) Green Tidings Deodorant – After facing personal challenges, the maker of this product was convinced that there must be natural options for deodorants, instead of conventional ones. Not only can you enjoy good-smelling armpits, but also a product that has no contraindications because it is made of only natural ingredients that do their job well.

6) Organic Islands Deodorant Made in Florida where sweating is daily because of the humid weather, the maker of this product embarked on a journey to find a way of living with natural alternatives for everyday use. She tested her new-found product on her husband and perfected it until it was effective. Check our her product here.

7) High Endurance by Old Spice This conventional blue gel deodorant, a long-time favorite for many individuals, will make you smell good in your armpits, although the protection is not long-lasting if you sweat excessively. But for mild to moderate sweaters, this product is an excellent and cheap option.

8) Arm & Hammer – Made from the company that has provided me with deodorants for many years, this conventional option uses baking soda, a moisture-wicking product, along with natural products to stop bad odors. This deodorant stick is also a cheap option but reduces sweat odors very well.

9) Speed Stick by MennenA list of favorite deodorants is not complete without this all-time favorite conventional deodorant. This product has been trusted for years and you can find it literally in every store that has deodorants. However, this product is a synthetic product, which means that it has little to no natural ingredients. However, a great option for anybody seeking a quick fix.

10) Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick – This awesome all-natural product is also a great option for those seeking to fix their bad odors the natural way. From ingredients that absorb wetness to the ones that eliminate bacteria, to the ones that make you smell good – this an all-in-one deodorant. Although on the pricier side, it is a very trusted brand. Full product review.

Which Are The Best Antiperspirants?

1) SweatblockThis highly effective clinical strength antiperspirant contains aluminum chloride in a high percentage, which makes it the best option for individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis, like me. This is one of my personal favorite antiperspirants that has helped me many times to stay sweat-free for up to 7 days. You only need to dab the small towelettes to your completely dry armpits and let air dry and you are done for the next few days.  Full product review.

2) Duradry – Made by a young guy who had been fighting with excessive sweating for many years and had found no solution, Duradry is the effective non-irritating formula. It comes in PM and AM. The first one is applied only every 3-7 days before bedtime, while the AM is applied every day since it is a deodorant. Full product review.

3) ZeroSweat This roll-on product is more practical than small and messy towelettes can be. ZeroSweat also contains aluminum chloride which gives you protection for up to 10 days, depending on your body’s reaction to the product. This trusted company also offers a product that stops palmar sweating. With many people having positive experiences, this product is a trusted antiperspirant.  

Full product review read more

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Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Exercise? How To Reduce And Stop Excessive Sweating

Last updated on July 18th, 2019 at 04:04 am

When summer comes around the corner, I like to be outside in the heat.  I love to go swimming, working in my garden, going for a walk, or doing other activities outside.  Nevertheless, exercising is something I prefer to do inside.

For many people, exercising in the heat of the summer is not optimal either, they prefer to exercise in the cooled-down room.  They would rather do their fitness program outside in the cold winter months.

Preferences to exercise outside or inside has to do in part with sweating.  We tend to sweat much more when outside during the hot summer months than in the cold winter months.  And sweating is not comfortable, therefore, we prefer to do the exercise routine where we don’t sweat too much.

However, you still sweat when exercising, no matter where you do it.  You might ask, “Why do I sweat so much when I exercise?”  That is the burning question.  Let me tell you a little more about sweating in general, before I answer this question.  So keep on reading to find out why you sweat so much while exercising.

Since I suffer from primary hyperhidrosis, I sweat very much all day long, be it winter or summer, but when I do a fitness routine, or just do my daily chores, I sweat so much that it becomes uncomfortable and almost always embarrassing.

You have sweat drops rolling down your cheeks, your neck, and your whole body.  And it gets so sticky and uncomfortable.  And did I mention all those sweat marks for everybody to see?

I have not just asked this question after I did exercise, but also after a nervous sweating breakout.  It bugged me for years.  Only until I started to understand what sweating is and why I sweat so much, and after I found a solution to the problem, is when it made more sense.

Let’s first look at what sweating is.

Why Do We Sweat?

The primary function of sweating is to cool down your body temperature.  At 98.6 Fahrenheit degrees (give or take depending on your body, gender, age, etc), our body temperature is just right.  When it goes up from there, our air-conditioning system turns on, which is sweating.

The eccrine sweat glands, which are all over the body, push out sweat and each sweat drop takes a little heat along, which helps the body to maintain the ideal temperature.  Our bodies can heat up very quickly and if we wouldn’t be able to sweat, we would quickly overheat, which in severe cases could cause fatal heat strokes.

As soon as sweat comes out, it evaporates, which is exactly what helps your body cool down.

Why Do We Sweat More When Exercising?

When you exercise, your heart rate goes up, and since you move all body parts, heat is generated.  In theory, the harder you work, the more heat is generated, and the more you would sweat.

However, this is not the case.  Sweating does not show how hard you work, in other words, you cannot measure the calories you burnt by the amount of sweat.

The amount of sweat that you produce during exercise is different from person to person.  Typically, men tend to sweat more.  In fact, a study was done on fit men and fit women found that both had the same number of sweat glands.  However, women produced less sweat than men.

Also, sweating depends on your genetics.  Some families just sweat more under certain circumstances than others do.  If your family is well-known for sweating a lot, don’t be surprised if you sweat more during exercise than others do.

Sweating also depends a lot on age.  Younger people tend to sweat much more than older people because your the functionality of your sweat glands decreases as you get older.

The cooling system also seems to be better developed in fit individuals than non-fit individuals, which means that fit people will sweat quicker and more during a fitness routine than others that don’t do fitness regularly.

If you sweat very much when you exercise, don’t be surprised and don’t worry too much about it.  Sweating is a very important body function.  It cools down your body to protect the inner organs from being overheated.

Did I forget to mention that sweating also has to do with room temperature and hydration?  Indeed, when you exercise in the warm weather outside, in a small and warm room, you will naturally sweat more.  Also, if you forget to drink enough water during your workout, sweating will increase drastically.

A Function Of Sweating That Is Often Overseen

Sweating has another very important function: Removing toxins and built-up chemicals.  But this is often forgotten and we just think of how uncomfortable it is.

In fact, sweating is a great way to detox your body.  But don’t get me wrong, you will not get rid of many toxins through sweating.  Research claims that only around 1% of toxins released are released through sweating.  That is not very much, but it helps and it is an important percent.

Nevertheless, even if that number is low, sweating does unclog the pores of your skin and gets rids of built-up chemicals from deodorants, creams, lotions, make-ups, etc.  Sweating is a great way to clean your skin.

However, if you want that build-up of chemicals removed, you will want to shower before exercising and right after exercising.  Since sweat is made up of water, primarily, when it comes out of the pores, it will carry along whatever clogged the pores.  And if you let your sweat dry on your skin, these chemicals will go back into the pores.  Therefore, showering after a fitness routine right away is very important.  Thus, showers can be found in most gyms and fitness studios.

What Can You Do To Reduce Sweating While Exercising?

As said before, sweating can become very uncomfortable.  Especially during a fitness routine, when you sweat excessively, you cannot even focus very well on your routine.

Also, palms can become overly sweaty and can make it difficult to work with the necessary fitness equipment.

However, there are some things you can do to reduce sweating while exercising:

1) Exercise in a cold room: The most obvious one is that your body stays cooler from the outside.  If you exercise in a cold room, that will definitely help to reduce the heat coming from the inside of the body.

Find a fan and circulate as much air in the room as possible.

2) Drink cold water: When exercising, it is very important to stay hydrated, which helps your body to maintain its body temperature better.  It is highly recommended that you drink at least 2 cups of water 2 hours before exercising so your blood can get thinner and be pumped around better.

In addition to drinking lots of water during exercise, you can reduce your sweating by drinking cold water.  You want to cool off from the inside out.  However, if you drink cold water, take only 1 or 2 swallows at a time and do it frequently.  Contrary to common belief, cold water when you are hot will not cool you down, but it can reduce sweating.

Just make sure you don’t wait until you are very dehydrated and then drink lots of cold water.  That can cause your body into shock and leave you unconscious.  If you drink water frequently during exercise, it doesn’t matter if it is cold.

3) Use an antiperspirant.  Antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride, which is the best-known chemical to stop sweating.  If you use traditional antiperspirants before you exercise, you will reduce your sweating, but only in your armpits.  You do not want to put an antiperspirant all over your body since your sweat glands need to do their thing.

So when you stop your sweating in your armpits, your body is likely going to find a way to sweat it out somewhere else.  However, sweating in the armpits is not very comfortable, and it really helps when you reduce it there.

There are many good antiperspirants on the market that will do the job really well.  Apply it at least 2 hours before you exercise and immediately after you are done and have taken a shower.

4) Use baby powder.  One thing you can do right after showering is applying a generous amount of baby powder to the parts where you sweat most, for example, armpits, groin, palms, feet, neck, etc.  After a workout, your skin is probably irritated in some places, which makes baby powder a great suppressant of sweat.

Baby powder helps your skin stay dry, and irritated skin tends to sweat easily, so it is definitely worth a try.

5) Use proper clothes.  Use natural fabrics that soak up the sweat.  Synthetic clothes only make things worse because they do not promote evaporation.

One good and breathable fabric to wear is cotton.  Just remember to wash your clothes every time you finish your fitness routine.  Never wear them 2 times for a workout without washing.

6) Use a clinical strength antiperspirant.  Another way to stop sweating in your armpits completely is to use a clinical strength antiperspirant that has up to 15% aluminum chloride, for example, Sweatblock.

Antiperspirants work best when applied before bedtime on completely dry skin.

Although I am not a fitness guru, neither can you see me exercising frequently, but since I sweat excessively every single day, I have had success with using a clinical strength antiperspirant which blocks my sweat glands for up to 7 days and I will not sweat.

If you stop sweating in your armpits, you will have compensatory sweating, which means that you will sweat more on other parts of the body.  That might be uncomfortable for fitness training, but it is still better than having your armpits drenched.

Click here to read more about Sweatblock.  Look up the price for Sweatblock. read more

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Is Aluminum Chloride Safe? The Chemical Used In Antiperspirants Examined

Last updated on July 18th, 2019 at 03:48 am

is aluminum chloride safe

Many questions have been asked regarding the safety of aluminum chloride. Nowadays, much effort is done to reduce chemicals in all the products that we use daily.

Organic and natural options are sought to reduce hazardous chemicals that have caused an outbreak of many diseases and have claimed the lives of uncounted individuals.

Aluminum chloride has been on the list of chemicals that may have side effects and leave a long-term negative impact on your health.  So, the burning question remains: Is aluminum chloride safe?

In this article, I am going to share what research says about aluminum chloride and how it is used in antiperspirants.

But first of all, check out a very informative video from Dr. Oz.

What Is Aluminum Chloride?

Aluminum chloride, a chemical element from the non-ductile metal group of boron, is used in rubber, to treat water, paint, among others.  It is used in the form of salts.

However, the most noticeable use for aluminum chloride is in antiperspirants. This silvery-white and soft metal form a gel-like substance that plugs the sweat glands and closes the pores of your skin temporarily.

This metal is the best-known solution for individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis. Although it gives temporary relief, it prevents sweat marks on your clothes and helps you gain back your self-confidence.

In literally every synthetic antiperspirant/deodorant you will find this chemical and you have likely used one of these at some point in your life. Maybe you are still using it.

Side Effects

Aluminum chloride has a few well-known side effects. People that have used clinical strength antiperspirants know a few of them very well.

When applied to your skin, and especially in your armpits, which are highly sensitive, it can cause tingling, mild to severe itching, skin irritation and sometimes even severe rashes.

In rare cases, research has found that trouble with breathing, swelling of tongue and throat can be traced back to the use of aluminum chloride.

However, when used as an antiperspirant, it is combined with other substances and used only in small portions so you will not have to fear any serious side effects.

If you ever experience abnormalities after using antiperspirants, do not hesitate to see your doctor.

Aluminum chloride in its pure form should never be eaten because it would burn the tissue of your inner organs and leave behind serious damage. Also, breathing this chemical can cause a series of problems, like vomiting, headaches, trouble breathing, among others. Also, avoid contact with eyes.

Whenever aluminum chloride comes in contact with moisture, it starts to have a chemical reaction, and then it starts to burn.

Therefore, when applying clinical strength antiperspirants to your armpits, palms, etc., you want to make sure that the affected area is completely dry and stays dry for at least 4 hours after application in order to prevent irritation.


When using aluminum salts, there are few precautions you need to take. First of all, if your skin becomes irritated or you get a severe rash, consult with your doctor immediately.

Also, let your doctor or pharmacist know if you have any other allergies. Other allergies you may have, can be affected.

However, these cases are very rare and I am just outlining this so you get the idea. I have used clinical strength antiperspirants for some time, and I have experienced the tingling, and mild irritation and itching, but it happened more when I left a trace of moisture before application.

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before as well. It should only be used if necessary. If you do not have a serious sweating problem, you should clearly not use this product while pregnant.

While there is no proof that aluminum chloride goes into breast milk and no data to the moment that it can have side effects on you or your baby, it is highly advisable that you don’t apply while breastfeeding either.

Other than that, there are no specific precautions to be taken. Use as described and you are good to go.

Is Aluminum Chloride Safe?

Now to the burning question regarding the safety of aluminum chloride.

The earliest aluminum chloride therapy dates back to 1916. Over the years, many studies have been made.

I remember the email with a PowerPoint presentation that I got around 15 years ago where antiperspirants and deodorants were under examination. It said that aluminum chloride caused cancer, Alzheimer, and other diseases.

The question only remained: What should I use then for my sweating and bad odors? Back then, I had no all-natural options available and we did not know how to make something at home. So we continued to use them, against better knowledge.

The matter of the fact is that in the 1950s and 1960s, studies were done on mice and rabbits. The research concluded that cell damage was done with the application of aluminum chloride, which was a precursor to dementia and cancer.

However, these studies were never able to prove their theory. In theory, it sounded true, but no evidence was there to prove it right.

Also, through the foods that we eat, we consume more aluminum than we apply to our underarms. Food would then have to be considered a risk factor as well.

Around 15 years ago, this myth was finally debunked by the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimers Association. Studies were done on thousands of patients and not enough evidence was found that the use of aluminum chloride in antiperspirants would have been directly linked to any of these diseases.

In fact, it was found that only a 0.012% of aluminum chloride was absorbed by the body, which is such a small percentage, that the chance of building up in your body or cause cell destruction would not be able to happen.

Your skin is there to protect the inner organs of the body from dangers that can be found outside. As with other chemicals, sweating brings them out and will not let them in. That is not to state that nothing comes into your body through your skin, but your skin is there to protect you.

Therefore, not many chemicals used in antiperspirants can be absorbed by your body.

I do not suggest that you overdo these chemicals. Use them as needed only. I would never expose my body to more chemicals than clearly needed.

After extensive research is done by honorable institutions, there is not much doubt left that aluminum chloride is safe to use. Just be cautious of side effects, as described above.

How Is Aluminum Chloride Used?

One thing that sticks out is that this chemical is highly effective when treating excessive sweating. It blocks the sweat glands. In one study done by Scholes, patients were treated with 20% aluminum chloride in alcohol and all treatments were successful. All patients were completely dry in their armpits for the next few days, while others were sweating tolerably.

Today, most formulas for underarms contain between 12-15% aluminum chloride, as it has been proven to be as effective as 20%. Only that it is more tolerable because of skin irritation.

However, palmar hyperhidrosis seems to not be relieved by 15% of aluminum chloride. Only up to 30% will reduce or stop palmar sweating.

Never attempt to use palmar antiperspirants on your underarms because it could cause severe skin irritation, depending on the product used. Also, palmar sweating will not stop completely when using antiperspirants for your armpits.

Which Antiperspirants are Most Effective?

In recent years, many different and effective antiperspirants have made their way into the market. There are those that reduce moderate sweating, which is the norm for most people.  Many people should not even be using antiperspirants because they sweat so little that they would not need it.

Then there are those people that sweat moderately and need stronger antiperspirants.

And lastly, you find people like me that sweat excessively in their armpits day-in and day-out.  If you are one of those, I highly recommend using clinical strength antiperspirants like Sweatblock.  Sweatblock has changed my life completely and I was able to get my self-confidence back by applying a considerable amount of aluminum chloride once per week and my sweating is totally gone and I can enjoy wearing the clothes that I like.


Is aluminum chloride safe? On a final remark, aluminum chloride is safe and very effective in treating hyperhidrosis. If you live with hyperhidrosis, you know how embarrassing it can be, and how your social life always spins around the fact that you sweat excessively.

Having experienced it myself, I am so glad that there is a safe solution for me. I have been using it in the past years and I am extremely happy with the results. The clinical strength antiperspirants have given me back my confidence, and my social life has improved ever since.

Did I answer your questions regarding the safety of aluminum chloride? Did you know that there were studies that state there is a lack of evidence that aluminum chloride causes Alzheimer, cancer and other diseases? What do you think?

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. Also, I invite you to share this article with friends and family. Maybe they are stressed about the deodorants and antiperspirants they use because they were misinformed. Spread the word.

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How To Stop Nervous Sweating Today: How I Stopped It Completely.

Last updated on September 11th, 2018 at 02:01 am

how to stop nervous sweating

Has it happened to you that you are invited to your best friend’s wedding and you just wonder what you should put on because you know ahead of time that you will have huge sweat marks in your armpits because of excessive sweating?

Things are even worse for you when you are asked to wear a specific color of a dress shirt or dress. Let’s assume you are the groom’s best man or the bride’s maid of honor. You will have to wear whatever the bride and groom will choose for you.

Not only to weddings but also to all kind of social events, excessive sweating in your armpits, forehead or palms is highly embarrassing.

That presentation that you have to give, and you know that you will want to show something, and immediately thoughts like “…but everybody will see my sweat marks”, or “… I cannot do that because I sweat too much and that is awful” flood your brain and off are you are to a vicious cycle.

If you tend to sweat excessively when you go to social gatherings, you have a condition called nervous sweating.

Nervous sweating is when you sweat because you get nervous. But how to stop nervous sweating?

Understanding Nervous Sweating

Nervous sweating affects people greatly because it is a condition that makes them insecure and very nervous about themselves.

When you dread sweating the most, that is when it happens the most. All the time you have to give a speech, meet new people, meet well-known people, go to weddings, funerals, church, etc., your fear about sweating triggers your nervous system and that again triggers the sweat glands.

Some consider nervous sweating a social phobia. However, I do not think that this is the case. If you sweat excessively when you get nervous, I can only guess that you always sweat easily and even excessively.

I have faced nervous sweating for many years, but I consider it to be a case of primary hyperhidrosis and not so much a social phobia.

What is nervous sweating? Find out more here .

What Is Primary Hyperhidrosis?

The term primary hyperhidrosis is used to describe a condition where a person sweats excessively for no known reason. That means that you could not find a cause for this sweating.

Yet hyperhidrosis only happens in your armpits, palms, feet, groin, and forehead. You do not sweat all over your body when you have hyperhidrosis. That is because there are the apocrine sweat glands, which are connected to your endocrine system.

Sweating is actually for controlling body temperature, but especially in people suffering from primary hyperhidrosis, the apocrine sweat glands apparently have a different view of that important body function. Nevertheless, everybody that gets into a serious predicament will start to sweat at some point because of these sweat glands.

Adrenaline triggers these sweat glands and they go into production. Research is not sure what causes hyperhidrosis, but one thing is sure, in people suffering from this condition, the sweat glands do not regulate this sweating function correctly.

It is known that people suffering from hyperhidrosis produce at least 6 times more sweat than the body requires cooling down.

There are more causes of excessive sweating.  Find out here .

How does primary hyperhidrosis relate to nervous sweating? read more

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How Can I Detox My Armpits? Ways To Get Rid Of Built-Up Chemicals

Last updated on July 10th, 2018 at 05:55 am

how can i detox my armpits

Hey guys,

so you’ve been thinking of living cleaner by ditching products that are chemically loaded? Are you sick and tired of all the chemicals that are seemingly in every product that you buy?

The natural and organic living styles have been promoted very much in the past decade because of so many toxins that have made ways into our bodies and clearly impacted our health negatively.

Some products that we use on a daily basis are deodorants/antiperspirants. You know that the conventional synthetic versions are the ones that you find in every single store and they are by all means the cheapest options as well.

However, you have thought about changing things in your household and that has included getting rid of conventional deodorants/antiperspirants.

But since that is a process and you might encounter some problems along the way, I will give you a few tips on how to do this effectively.

Why Do We Sweat?

The first thing is to understand why we sweat and why we use deodorants and antiperspirants at all.

Sweating is a very important body function that regulates not only our body temperature but also serves as a means of transportation for toxins.

Yes, your body is triggered to sweat when your body temperature goes up, be it through fitness routine, working, being outside in the sun, living in humid and warm climates, among others. By sweating, your body can cool down again and prevent severe health problems like heat strokes.

Even if the first and utmost function of sweating is to regulate body temperature, our skin was designed to protect all our inner organs from outside dangers that are awaiting the correct moment to attack. Therefore, your skin has fighting properties, which help it to keep dangers out.

Sweating is just one of the ways that your skin keeps dangers away. It washes bacteria trying to enter away through sweating. Also, there are certain toxins that build up inside the body that can only be gotten rid of through sweating.

When sweat is pushed out of the pores, lots of salts, proteins, toxins, and others come along. Hence, sweating is an important body function and should not be underestimated.

Why Use Deodorants and Antiperspirants?

The whole idea behind deodorants is to smell good from your armpits. If you are “old-school”, you will recall how deodorants were never used, how they were not even available.

But then somebody along the way found that smelling bad from your armpits is just not cool.

The truth of the matter is that bacteria live in your armpits and feast on the contents of your sweat. The gasses these bacteria release is what makes you smell bad.

Deodorants reduce and kill bacteria living in your armpits and carry scents that give you a fresh smell all day long. Deodorants do not reduce or stop sweating, as many people believe.

And antiperspirants do not make you smell better, they reduce or stop your sweating.

More: What is the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?

So, why would we use these products? The answer is very simple: We use deodorants to smell fresh and antiperspirants to sweat less.

Individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis (say excessive sweating) often wish to stop their problem and they opt for a clinical strength antiperspirants that stop their sweating completely. That is the cheapest and easiest way to solve an every-day problem.

Because these individuals sweat excessively, putting on a deodorant will not last for longer than a few hours because one application cannot keep up with the excess sweating.

Are Conventional Deodorants And Antiperspirants The Only Option?

Yes, I get it, if you want to smell fresh, you do need something to reduce the bacteria that live in your armpits. Also, if you sweat excessively every day, you want to look for something that will stop your problem. But is that the only option?

As for antiperspirants, natural ways have not been discovered that stops your sweating completely as clinical strength antiperspirants do. Although there are claims that certain herbs and foods do the trick, I have tried multiple things myself and none was effective.

You must know that I have suffered from hyperhidrosis ever since I became a teenager. I have not found a natural remedy that would stop my problem.

If you sweat mildly to moderately, natural options to reduce your sweating are available, but if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you will not find a natural product to stop your sweating.

As for deodorants, there are many natural products that will do the same trick as conventional deodorants. You want to look for something that will make you smell good and reduce the bacteria living in your armpits, but also for something that is natural and organic at the same time.

In recent years, different pastes and creams have been tested and they have proven to be effective. Check out my lists of the best deodorants for women and men, which feature many 100% natural and organic options.

So, there is more than just conventional deodorants.

Why You Want to Switch To Natural Deodorants

There have been doubts about the safety of deodorants and antiperspirants. Studies conducted 60 years ago claimed that chemicals enter the body and alter cells which can cause diseases, including Alzheimer’s, cancers, and others.

Studies were done on animals. However, these studies were not conclusive because they were only theories that did not provide a strong foundation. They found that chemicals used in deodorants and antiperspirants could potentially cause diseases.

However, in recent years, these theories have been debunked with studies on cancer and dementia patients. With over 4,000 patients studied, not enough evidence could be found that the use of these products was a cause for these diseases.

In fact, the American Cancer Association and the Alzheimers Association, leading institutions in research, have stated that links antiperspirants/deodorants and these diseases lack evidence to claim these products unsafe.

More: Is aluminum chloride safe?

However, even if these products might not be unsafe, why would you want to fill your body with toxins that in some alter the microbiome of your body and change your sweating?

Ditching conventional deodorants is a great way to start living cleaner and healthier. Therefore, I am an advocate of makes small changes like these, and if it were only to save our planet by using natural products. And ultimately, it will make a positive impact on your health in different ways.

How Can I Detox My Armpits?

Now that you have the bigger picture of sweating, deodorants and antiperspirants and their safety, the burning question is: If I want to ditch conventional deodorants and use natural products, how can I detox my armpits?

The detoxing process is something that will not happen overnight. It takes time and patience. And there is more than one thing that you can do. Here are 6 things that you can and should do.

1) Stop The Use Of Conventional Deodorants. You can stop using conventional deodorants immediately without taking any precautions. And you should stop to use them right now if you want to go in the natural and organic direction with this.

To completely detox your armpits, you do not want to apply conventional deodorants for at least 2 months, since this process can take longer.

2) Watch your food. Did you know that food plays an important role in your sweat? The composition of your sweat depends much on what you eat.

If you want to detox your armpits, stop drinking coffee and alcohol. These influence the odor coming from your armpits greatly. Also, foods like meats and foods fried in unhealthy oils change the composition of your sweat.

Leafy greens counteract the bad odors in your sweat. In fact, all fruits and vegetables (except for onions and garlic) are great to aid the detoxing process. The more you eat of these and less food from the other groups of foods, the quicker the process.

3) Drink generous amounts of water. read more

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10 Best Antiperspirants For Men: Stop Sweating Today!

Hi guys, its Oscar again from stop-sweating-now.com.  Today I want to tell you about products that we guys all look for: Antiperspirants.  Let’s face it, we all sweat and it is not something we do like too much.  Whenever we go on a date, or to a meeting, and we sweat, it somehow interferes in our functional life.

Good news is that there are products that stop our sweating so we can avoid the awkward moments when we lift our arms and …ups… ugly sweat stains.

This list of 10 best antiperspirants for men will help you decide which one is best for you and what to make of your sweating problem.

Understanding Sweating

Before I go into this list of best antiperpirants, I want to talk a little about sweating.

Sweating is a bodily function that keeps you cool.  All over your body, you have sweat glands scattered, which work really hard to maintain the temperature of your body.  Often when you sit outside in the sun, your sweat starts to drip down your forehead.  You may wonder why you sweat when you don’t do anything.

Well, sweating is the natural function of your body to prevent you from dehydrating to quickly or preventing your body temperature going up to dangerous levels where all kinds of problems can occur.

A person that has fever also tends to sweat.  Why?  Your body temperature is going up and one way to keep it down to normal levels is by sweating.

Not only does our body sweat to maintain body temperature, but also to get rid of toxins.  Your skin is exposed to toxins every single day, and sweat prevents it from coming into your body.  It also helps your kidneys, gall bladder and liver to get rid of toxins that are in your body.

So, if sweating is something you strongly dislike, just think of it as a necessary “evil” so you can stay healthy.

Sweating is not only uncomfortable, but can be downright embarassing.  There is a medical term called hyperhidrosis that some people develop during their teens.  Around 2-3% of the population suffer from this condition.  It is when you sweat excessively without any reaon behind it.

Everybody sweats, but some people’s sweat glands have not “stop button”.  They sweat even in air-conditioned rooms while sitting and drinking a coffee.  They will also sweat when going out for a date, when doing a presentation.  Learn more about it.

If you are one of those, the 10 best best antiperspirants is definitely something for you!  You might have always looked for a solution to stop excessive sweating in your armpits.

And if you just sweat a lot when doing a fitness routine, or when working in the sun, or maybe your job requires a lot of physical movement and you would like to reduce sweating in those hot days, this post is for you.

What Is An Antiperspirant?

People often get confused when looking for antiperspirants.  Deodorants and antiperspirants are often thought to be the same, but their function is completely different.

More: Difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.

We have bacteria living in our armpits that feast on the proteins contained in the sweat we produce.  These bacteria pass gasses which leave behind a terrible smell.

Now, deodorants are the ones battling with this terrible smell.  If you put on your deodorant, you can rest assured that the population of bacteria stays within the normal range and that the produced gasses are suppressed by the active ingredients of your favorite deodorant.

More: Top 10 deodorants for men.

Antiperspirants, to the contrary of deodorants, do nothing with this terrible smell, they only block your sweat glands.  When you apply antiperspirants, you will not sweat or at sweat less, which naturally avoids strong odors because bacteria can not feast on proteins.

If you are looking for something to smell good through the day, you need to buy deodorant, and if you are looking for a product that will stop your sweating, you need to buy deodorant.

10 Best Antiperspirants For Men

In recent years, a number of products have been formulated to stop people from sweating.  As I said before, people that are sweating excessively are always looking for a solution, and let me tell you that this solution has been found.

Having suffered from hyperhidrosis for more than half of my lifetime, I know exactly how embarrassing sweat stains in your armpits can be.  But I have also found that the solutions that I am about to share with you are very effective.  They claim that you will stain completely dry in your armpits, and I can testify to that.  Some of the products in the following list of 10 best antiperspirants for men, will stop your sweat glands temporarily for good.

Take a look at the products and see for yourself.

1) Sweatblock

As I said, if you are looking for a product that completely stops your sweating, you are on the right place here.  I will present to you the best of antiperspirants that you can find on the market today,

The first best option is Sweatblock.  This is a clinical strength antiperspirant that blocks your sweat glands completely and will give you up to 10 days of protection.

I have used this product multiple times effecively.  You need to be careful when applying on your armpits, but I can guarantee that you armipts will be completely dry.  Not a single drop seems to find its way out of the pores.

The active ingredient in Sweatblcok, aluminum chloride, which has been discovered as the most effective sweat block, has been used in other products for years.

Doctors say that it is the #1 recommendation for people who sweat excessively.

Things I Like About Sweatblock

1) Effectiveness: When I first bought this product, I was very skeptical.  I mean, how would a product stop your sweating, when you had been living with this problems for many years?  I bought one pack of 8 towelettes and carefully applied it for the first time.

Next day, I had to feel my armpits constantly, and to my surprise, they stayed completely dry.  I could not believe what was happening to me.  A dream come true: Being able to walk out of the house with no sweat stains and not having to expect them.

2) Strength: The 14% aluminum chloride active ingredient in Sweatblock is of perfect strength.  Competitors of Sweatblock use a 12%-15% of this ingredient, which seems to be effective in all cases.  However, Sweatblock has the right amount because it stops my sweating for a good 7 days.

The number of days all depend on how you apply this product, and even when you apply it.  It is crucial that you apply it before bedtime, when you anticipate to not sweat for at least 4 hours.  If you sweat shortly after applying, the ingredient is washed away and is effective.

Some users report up to 10 days of dryness, and others only 3 days.  It all depends on your body and how your body reacts to it.  However, you can rest assured that it works.  I have proven that very often.

3) Stain-free product: Your undershirts will not be stained as happens with deodorants.  Since you only dab the wet towelettes onto your armpits and leave them overnight, you can expect your shirts to stay in good condition.

4) No hiding anymore: When you sweat excessively in your armpits, you have to be so selective about your clothes, the materials they are made of, the colors and what not else.  With Sweatblock, you get your confidence back to wear whatever color you like, whatever piece of clothing you like; no more hiding.

That is the best part of clinical strength antiperspirants, to get your functional life back.

5) No side effects: Sweatblock claims that there is enough evidence to state that there are no side effects no long-term effects of using the product.  They say that our body has enough sweat glands, that if you block some of them, the body has enough glands to still complete the function of the body.

Research goes further and states that there is not enough evidence to prove that the active ingredient, aluminum chloride, is unsafe as was believed many years ago.

Regardless if you believe or the other theory, the truth of the matter is that our body was designed to reject toxins and get rid of them in one or the other way.  That is also true with aluminum chloride, your body will find a way to get rid of them.  It does not mean that you should overdo the dosis, but your body can handle some of it for sure.

Do I state that you can rest assured that there is nothing behind the belief that aluminum causes cancer? Nope, I just want to make clear that you will have to decide for yourself whether you use or do not use this product.

For some people the health effect is not so important and for others it is priority.  This product does its job very well, but do your own research if you are not sure about long-term effects.

Things I Dislike About Sweatblock

1) Itchiness: Aluminum chloride, the active ingredient of Sweatblock and its competitors is very strong for your skin and can lead to a bad rash, itching or red spots.

Make sure that you follow the instructions before you apply this product to prevent a bad rash from happening.  I have never had a rash after using Sweatblock.  However, I have had itching for a few hours after application, but not too bad.

The key to avoid rashes is to have completely dry armpits before you apply it.  Also, you need to stay dry for at least 4 hours until the product has gone into your pores and done its job well.

In my case it has not been bad enough to keep me away from using the product.

2) Price: This product is on the higher end if you think that you have to get one package of 8 towelettes every 24-80 days.  It is not something you cannot pay, but it counts up if you need to buy this product every month.  I suggest you also check out the Thompson Tee undershirt, which is also high priced, but last for very long.  Check out the price here.

3) Effectiveness: It might sound controversial that I like how effective it is and then again I dislike it.  The only problem with Sweatblock is that it looses if effectiveness if something comes in the way when applying it.

You have to stay dry for at least 4 hours after application for it to have effect.  It has happend to me that I started sweating unexpectedly after application, or that I had to get out of bed to tend to my sons, or it was really hot inside.  All these things come in the way of using Sweatblock effectively.  After an interrupted application, as I like to call it, you cannot expect more than 1 or 2 days of dryness.

That is a waste of towelettes and you get frustrated when it happens.

However, I cannot understate that this product is effective as long as you can apply it the way it was meant to.

4) Unpractical: Yes, grabbing a small towelette is not exactly practical when going to bed in the evening.  A roll-on product is far more practical and easy to use.  However, that does not weigh down the effectiveness of this product.

To read more about Sweatblock, read this full product review.

Click here to buy yours today.


2) Duradry

Another must-have in the list of 10 best antiperspirants for men is Duradry.  This product has been developed recently by Jack and his partners after a long journey of treating excessive sweating unsucessfully.

He tried many different products over the years until he decided to take matters into his hands and find the long sought-for solution to embarassing sweating.

After finding the Steve Jobs in the cosmetic industry, as Jack states, he tested all the products that they made, until he found the perfect combination of ingredients that stopped the sweating.

That is how Duradry was born.  And it has been proven to be effective and loved by its users.

Things I Like About Duradry

1) Effectivness: Just like Sweatblock, you can rest assured that this product will stop your axillary hyperhidrosis for good.  You do not have to worry about sweat to interfere with your daily life.

With 15% of aluminum chloride, Duradry has among the highest percent of this ingredient, if compared to its competitors.  Stay dry for many days, reapply and stay dry again.

2) The two products that go together: Duradry comes in two different formulas that compensate each other.  You apply Duradry PM in the evening before bedtime, having your armpits dry and clean.  Let it sit through the night.  In the morning you apply Duradry AM, which is a neutral deodorant, but also has active ingredients that prevent you from getting rashes.

If you compare to Sweatblock, you can be sure that you will have itching or even bad rashes after application.  With Duradry, the you have all in one: Stop your sweating, but also hydrate your sensitive armpit skin to prevent these rashes.

3) Stain-free product: As with Sweatblock, you will not get stains on your clothes.  Deodorants mostly leave traces of a powdery chalk, and this product does not do that.

It is always nice to have your dress shirts stay nice in the armpits and with this product, you can rest assured that your clothes will look new even after wearing many times.

4) 100-day money back guarantee: To be able to give back a product after using for 100 days and receiving your money back without many unnecessary questions asked shows that this product can be trusted.

Most competitors offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but Jack is sure enough about his product that he decided to extend the expected 30 days to 100 days.

5) Stay sweat free: Again, as with Sweatblock, what is better than being able to wear the clothes that you want without having to worry about ugly sweat stains that will show all over your armpits.

Duradry has this protection to offer.  For this reason alone, if you sweat excessively, you will want to buy this product.

6) Price: You get more out of Duradry with the price you pay than you do with Sweatblock, for instance.  However, both products are unique and offer a solution to people suffering from hyperhidrosis.  Just because of the price, you would not necessarily choose Duradry over Sweatblock.  Check out for yourself which product is best for you.

Things I dislike about Duradry

1) Irritation: Although Jack claims that you hydrate your skin by using both Duradry products together, there are people with super sensitive skin in their armpits, who just cannot seem to be able to put on a product that protects them from getting rashes.  And that is no different with Duradry.

If you decide to use this product, I will not guarantee zero itching and zero rashes.  Follow the instructions of application carefully and don’t hesitate to contact Jack if you ever experience a problem.  Customer service is priority in this company. They can help you if you should be uncomfortable using it.

2) Safety: I do write safety on purpose on the things I dislike about Duradry.  If you read back at Sweatblock, I put safety on the things that I liked.  The matter of the fact is that I am not 100% convinced that there are no long-term side effects when using a product like Duradry.

Yes, research centers claim there is not enough evidence.  However, can you rely on it?  I do use antiperspirants regularly, including clinical strength antiperspirants, but I prefer not to overdo them, because I strongly dislike putting all kinds of stuff into my body that I am not 100% sure of.

I leave this as food for thought.  Do your research if you are doubting the safety of this product.  Let me just tell you that this product, as well as others, are FDA compliant, which means that it has been approved as a safe product.

To read more about Duradry, read this full product review.

Click here to buy yours today.



3) Zerosweat

Zerosweat was born similarly as Duradry.  Tyler had been battling excessive sweating for well over decade, trying out all different kinds of products from deodorants, antiperspirants to prescription drugs.

He got so tired of this drama that he decided to make an end to the problem.  He attempted to make his own product that would be a solution to many others suffering the same problem that he was having.

After two tough years of trying, he finally he got the perfect formula that made a dream come true.  He finally found a product that solved his problem and would help many others.

People like you and I, who do not want to think about medical interventions to stop sweating, consider this product a life-saver.  Not having to worry about sweating anymore, and yet not having to think about expensive treatments that often do not have a lasting effect.

Things I like About Zerosweat

1) Scent-free product: Zerosweat only has 3 ingredients: Water, alumimum chloride, and sodium bicarbonate.  That is it.  Almost unbelievable.  Many products have all kinds of fragrances or scents that can irritate your skin.

2) Effectiveness: How could I not mention how effective this product is? As much as Duradry and Sweatblock, Zerosweat has thousands of happy users who would not switch to any other product.

With a 15% of aluminum chloride, Zerosweat has as much of this ingredient as Duradry.  This makes it a product that will leave you guaranteed dry in your armpits for days.

On average, customers report full 7 days of staying dry, which is slightly higher than the reported average with Sweatblock. This fact is not surprising, as the % of aluminum chloride is slightly higher as well.

3) Related products: If you suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis, meaning that you sweat excessively in your hands, Zerosweat even offers a cream for your hands that will have the same effect on your palms than this product on your armpits.

Check this option by clicking here.

4) Cruelty-free product: Is it important for you that products you use are not tested on animals before released into the market?  I do care about it.

Zerosweat was never tested on animals, which is a huge plus.

5) Positive reviews: Go check out the reviews on Amazon.com and you will see for yourself that this product has a powerful +60% 5-star rating with well over a thousand verified customers.

Considering the short time this product has been on the market, those numbers are powerful and cannot be overseen.

6) Practicality: As said before, if you want to have a product that is practical to apply, it will have to be Zerosweat.  With a practical roll-on, no annoying towelette needs to be used to apply.

Things I dislike about Zerosweat

1) Itching: Should I repeat this?  Yes, of course.  I cannot overstate that you have to be careful when applying the 10 best antiperspirants for men that are of clinical strength.

There are many people who carelessly apply the product, not believing that it will make difference.  Let me tell you that I have experienced first hand the itching that this product can cause.  It even robbed me sleep the night I applied it because aluminum chloride is not easy on your body.

Make sure you follow the instructions to avoid further problems.

2) Price: None of the clinical strength antiperspirants is very cheap.  However, you get what you pay for.  On the other hand, I find it cheaper to buy a sweat blocker regularly than buying new dress shirts often because they are soied in the underarms.

With Zerosweat, you can expect to have a new bottle on hand at least every 2 months.

3) Safety: I have talked about safety quite a lot in on previous products, that I do not intend to repeat here.  However, I repeat that you need to do your research well if you want to rest assured that this product is for you or that it is not.

Studies done in the 1950’s stated clearly that there was evidence that brest cancer was strongly linked to aluminum in the armpits.

Then in the early 90’s, this theory was debunked, stating that testing done on animals back in the 50’s did not have enough evidence, since we take in aluminum in high dosis through the foods that we eat.

Again, consider it for yourself.

To read more about Zerosweat, read this full product review.

Click here to buy yours today.



3) Certain Dri

Certain Dri is a similar product as Sweatblock, Duradry and Zerosweat.  It has been on the market for more time, people that found out about this product af few years ago, stick to it and claim it to be the best product.

It stops sweating completely by applying a little in your armpits just before bedtime, when you are are sure that you will stay dry for good 4 hours.

Although it has only 12% aluminum, which is slightly lower than its competitors.  You would expect to have your sweating be back to normal a little sooner.  For example, if you average in Duradry would be 7 days, you would expect at least 5 days of protection from Certain Dri.

No history behind this brand can be found.  However, this product is highly recommended by doctors for people suffering from hyerhidrosis.

This company even offers different products.  There is a the one that is clinical strength, which is made for people suffering from severe hyerhidrosis.

Then there is the Everyday Strength which is for all the people that like to sweat less or not at all.  People that sweat because they work really hard, or do fitness routines frequently would highly benefit from this product.

The good thing about the Everyday Strength version is that is also a deododorant.  You get the added feature of reducing sweat levels but at the same time, reducing bad odors.

The other products, Clinical Strength and Extra Strength are the ones that have different strengths for people suffering from severe and mild hyperhidrosis.

Things I like About Certain Dri

1) This product is popular: With a few years to back up its results, Certain Dri is very well known among people suffering from hyperhidrosis.  In fact, over 70% of doctors voted this product to be the best on the market, back in 2015.  There is no doubt that happy customers spread the word and that is how it got popular.

2) Yes, again, effectivness: As with other antiperspirants that contain aluminum in higher levels, this product does its job.  There are too many happy users to not believe that this product works miracles.  Many people have used it for years and they are happy with it as they were back when they started.  The reason?  It gave them their freedom and functional and social life back.

3) Cruelty-free product: I have said before that I care about products that have not been test on animals.  This is another product that has been tested on humans only, and it has been proven to be effective and safe, according to studies made.

What I Do Not Like About Certain Dri

The list of things that I do not like about Certain Dri will not be much different from previous lists of do-not-likes for the simple reason that these products solve the same problem and they all do it pretty much the same way.

1) Price: The price you pay for a great antiperspirant is nothing compared to the damage excessive sweating does to you and your pocket because of all those clothes and trips to stores that carry the clothes you need.

However, if you have to pay the price for this product every single month, or even every second month, it counts up and you spend quite a bit.  However, as I say, who can take the freedom away from you for paying around $20 dollars monthly?

Check out the price for Certain Dri.

2) Did I mention itchiness? Yes, I have mentioned that quite a few times, but I am going to repeat it.  Many happy users are willing to pay the price for itchiness, just to get their long desired dry armpits back.  These people, including me, do not worry much about a little itching; we just enjoy the dry armpits that we can enjoy for a few days in a row.

However, aluminum is tough on your sensitive armpit skin area.  Don’t underestimate the uncomfort it can cause, especially if you do not apply as stated in the instructions.

3) And again, safety: Yes, you can use this product with the only side effect being probably the itchiness.  However, against what recent studies say, you are not sure about long-term effects.

All in all, Certain Dri is a great product.  Do not underestimate the power of this product to solve many of your problems.  Suffering from hyperhidrosis can be challenging since you get so unsure about yourself.  Your clothing will change completely after trying this product.  And I am an example for that.

To read more about Certain Dri, read this full product review.

Click here to buy yours today.


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What Is Certain Dri? Another Great Product To Stop Excessive Sweating

Last updated on July 11th, 2019 at 04:51 am

what is certain dri

If you have been sweating excessively for many years, as I have, I know that you have been looking for a solution to the problem.

You might even have started to believe that there is no such thing as a solution. A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that excessive sweating was something that I could not do anything about, except for watching what to eat and drink more water.

I just thought that I would have to live my whole life with the embarrassment that it always caused me. Who likes to run through the store with large armpit stains, or wet foreheads in the middle of the cold winter? Or who likes to be invited to a formal dinner and having wet clothes, that you try really hard not to touch anybody with your arms because they could feel it.

Back in 2010, I had tried to find a solution to my problem, and I found an ebook that I eventually bought which claimed to help reduce sweating. However, none of the things that were listed were effective for me.

I had to learn that sweating is a normal process which cools your body; however, suffering from primary hyperhidrosis is a different story. No natural remedy does the trick if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. Although the natural remedies all gave some relief, I got my clothes stained and ruined easily and nothing could I do to stop my drenched clothes.

The only solution that I had in mind was to wear only certain clothes for the rest of my life, even though that seemed so boring. But what to do?

After a long battle with excessive sweating, I found the solution.  Scroll to the bottom to read more about it.

So, what is Certain Dri? In this unbiased product review, I will give you an insight into a well-known product that blocks your sweat glands completely.

What is Certain Dri? What Do We Know About Its History?

Not much about where Certain Dri was developed, who was the maker or when it came into the market, can be found on the web.

It seems like you just need to trust the product without knowing the background of it.

Certain Dri is a roll-on clinical strength antiperspirant that claims to give people suffering from hyperhidrosis their life back.

Since excessive sweating can interfere in your social and functional life when you sweat excessively in your armpits, your forehead, or palms, you will be looking for a product that will stop hindering you from running after your daily chores normally.

This product is only intended for the use in your armpits though.

The maker of this product offers three different strengths of this product: The Everyday Strength, Prescription Strength, and Extra Strength.

Everyday Strength Certain Dri contains a 20% Aluminum Zirconium, a metal used in treating hyperhidrosis. This product is not only an antiperspirant but also a deodorant. That means that you will get the double effect: You will stop sweating, but you will also smell fresh in your underarms.

The Prescription Strength Certain Dri contains a 12% Aluminum Chloride, which is the most effective metal to treat hyperhidrosis. Although competitors of Certain Dri do have up to 15% of this component, 12% is fairly high and effective.

If you are sweating excessively, this is the product that you are looking for. It will provide relief from sweating up to several days, depending on how your body reacts to the product.

Keep in mind that the components of clinical strength antiperspirants might irritate your skin. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the product in detail to avoid rashes in your armpits.

The last product that Certain Dri offers is the Extra Strength. This product contains 25% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate. The maker of this product claims that this is the product that is effective for up to 3 days, but it does not irritate your skin.

Since many people have sensitive skin, you might be looking for a product that is mild on your skin. However, take into account that this product could not be strong enough for you to stop your sweating.

What I Like About Certain Dri

There are a few things that I like about this product that is worth mentioning.

1) Popularity. This product is the number 1 doctor’s recommended clinical strength antiperspirant. In 2015, doctors agreed that aluminum chloride was the most effective treatment for hyperhidrosis, and around 70% of them voted for Certain Dri to be the best product on the market.

Popularity does not mean that it is the only one to use, but definitely worth a try.

2) Price. The price of this product is acceptable because it will last you well over a month. Instead of buying new clothes often because of ugly sweat stains, you can spend your money on a clinical strength.  

Check out the price here. read more

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What Is ZeroSweat: The Great And Effective Armpit Sweat Stopper

Last updated on July 10th, 2019 at 07:52 pm

what is zerosweat

There are so many great products on the market nowadays that help people that suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which your armpits, groin area, feet, hand or forehead sweat unstoppably for no known reason.  These great products are made to help people regain their confidence in themselves since their self-esteem goes down over time.

Have you lived through the terrible experience of sweating heavily in your armpits, your clothes drenched in sweat for no reason?  If you exercise, you will sweat!  But sitting on a Sunday afternoon on the chair in your porch, trying to relax, and having wet clothes because you cannot stop sweating?  That is exactly what around 2% of people go through on a daily basis. read more

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