Carpe Antiperspirant Review: Does it work?

Last updated on October 16th, 2019 at 04:57 am

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There are people that have suffered from hyperhidrosis for decades and then they go above and beyond to find a solution to the problem.

Carpe was discovered by Kubica and Spratte who had been suffering from hyperhidrosis for years. When they found the solution to their problem, they started selling their product and it has made its way into the market and thousands of people have been helped.

In this Carpe antiperspirant review, I will share how this product works and what it exactly is. I will also share the product that I have been using for years and works on me. So stay tuned.

Why Do People Sweat Excessively?

Before I go into the product, I will discuss why people sweat excessively and what they can do about it.

Primary hyperhidrosis is a condition in which a person sweats in no specific pattern and in rather unpredictable ways.

It can affect various areas of the body, including feet, palms, face, scalp, groin, and underarms.

It is more common in underarms, but it can be in any combination. It affects mostly younger and middle-aged people, although it can affect seniors as well. It can start at a very young age and affect children as well.

I have dealt with excessive underarm sweating since I was 14. I recall that I sweat before that age, but I do remember very well the first day of excessive sweating which happened in a social event and was rather embarrassing. Read my story here.

Although some people sweat excessively because of health-related issues, primary hyperhidrosis does not have a common cause, neither is it completely clear why it happens. Research claims that it might be a hormonal imbalance, but the truth is that until today it is unclear why some people sweat excessively on some parts of their body for no obvious reason.

If you suffer from primary hyperhidrosis, there are a few things that you can do to help ease the embarassment or even stop it completely.

Medication, Iontophoresis, Botox injections, and antiperspirants are a few. The product that I will discuss in this article is an antiperspirant that blocks the sweat glands.

What is Carpe Antiperspirant?

Carpe launched its antiperspirant in September 2018, after it had been trusted by many customers since July 2015, which is when the lotion for clammy hands and feet was first sold.

Its active ingredient in this clinical strength antiperspirant is Aluminum sesquichlorohydrate, a stronger form of aluminum which is very effective for sweating and is also a cosmetic astringent. However, it is milder than aluminum chloride.

This product is intended for those that suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which people sweat excessively in different parts of the body. Although Carpe is specifically designed for underarms, you can apply it to other body parts effectively.

The active ingredient is present in 15% which is fairly high, but only works when present in higher amounts. Common antiperspirants with 3%-5% aluminum chloride are not enough for excessive sweaters.

Also, 15% aluminum can be tolerated by your skin without causing too much irritation.

In fact, Carpe does not promise you to stop sweating completely, but to reduce it by at least 60% percent, which is the median.

Pros of Carpe

There are some things that I definitely like about this product and I am going to share a few of them.

1. Many different products

Carpe has been in the market for a few years and they have developed a few different products, each one designed for each specific part of the body. You can find a foot lotion, hand lotion, groin spray (for men) and the underarm antiperspirant.

Most other antiperspirants come only for underarms and can be used on other parts of the body. However, Carpe has gone one step further in providing heavy sweaters a product that fits their needs.

2. For sufferers of hyperhidrosis

While there is not a cure found for hyperhidrosis, Carpe has those in mind that sweat excessively in different parts of the body.

As stated before, sweating can be reduced by at least 60% after a few applications. If you sweat excessively, this product is most likely for you.

3. Money-back guarantee

I absolutely love the 90-day money-back guarantee that Carpe offers their customers.

If you are not happy with this product in any way, you are offered a 100% refund within 90 days of purchasing it.

Cons of Carpe

As a sufferer of hyperhidrosis and having tried out other products, Carpe is definitely not my favorite antiperspirant and I there are things I do not like about it. However, that does not mean that it is not for anybody. I firmly believe Carpe has a good product that if effective for some people.

1. Causes irritation

Like all antiperspirants that contain aluminum, Carpe antiperspirant can cause nasty irritation if not applied correctly.

It is always recommendable to apply this product when not actively sweating which can cause irritation.

Also, do not rub this product into your armpits. You should only dab it to your pits gently.

And lastly, when applied to freshly shaven or trimmed armpits, Carpe can cause mild irritation.

By following these simple instructions, you should be able to use this product well without causing irritation.

2. Not practical

Carpe antiperspirant will only reduce your sweating up to 60% as a median. However, it can be higher if you apply frequently.

In fact, Carpe says that you should apply daily for better results.

However, if you do not see enough results, you can apply up to 3 times a day.

When thinking about excessive sweating, you want to forget about sweating excessively for once and you long to stop overthinking your sweat marks all the time.

Therefore, Carpe is not my favorite because I still have to plan all the time to carry this product on me and make sure I apply it before I will start to sweat. However, these thoughts often lead to nervous sweating.

3. Not always effective

Wait, before you disregard this product, you need to hear me through.

There are people that always sweat excessively, and others that sweat more than excessively. Some people have drenched clothes shortly after putting on dry clothes, and others just have sweat marks in their armpits all the time. There is a difference between those two.

And the one with sweat marks all the time will most likely benefit from Carpe. However, the one that is soaked all the time will not see enough result from applying Carpe. They need products that stop their sweating completely.

As I read through various comments on different websites about Carpe users, I found that this was the trend. People that sweat very much all the time do not find Carpe worth the try.

4. Carpe is pricey

Yes, although it does not seem too expensive, Carpe is really expensive considering that you will get a 1.6 ounce of product to be used daily or up to three times per day.

And it becomes more expensive if it is not doesn’t do for you what you expected it to do.

How To Apply Carpe

Applying Carpe is actually very simple. You only apply a pea-sized amount of antiperspirant lotion to your armpits in the night before bedtime. Then you apply it again in the morning after getting up.

Although Carpe itself says that you should rub this product into your armpits, I recommend that you dab it into your pits rather than rub to avoid unnecessary irritation.

Also, note that it Carpe is more effective if applied into dry armpits. Avoid applying to recently shaved or trimmed armpits, as I stated before.

Note: You can apply during the day as necessary. Apply at least 3 times before you expect this product to be effective.


Carpe antiperspirant was made to help people that suffer from hyperhidrosis and it is effective for those that do not sweat too much.

Although I like that this product comes as a lotion and in different presentations for any part of the body, I think there are other products out there that stop sweating completely up to 7 days without the need to reapply twice every single day.

However, I know that there are users of Carpe that really like the product and it helps them with their sweating problem and has so for many years.

Check the price for Carpe

My recommendation

Instead of using Carpe twice every single day, I use Sweatblock which really stops sweating completely.

I have used Sweatblock for many years and it is effective every time I apply it correctly. Although it has stronger ingredients than Carpe, I prefer to put on a clinical strength antiperspirant that really stops sweating.

My most recent application lasted around 5 days with completely dry armpits. After that, it took another 3 days in which sweating slowly returned to normal.

You can read more about Sweatblock here or try it here.

Have you used Carpe or are you sweating excessively and looking for a solution to your problem? Please share your thoughts and leave comments below. I’d like to hear from you.

Also, share with friends and family via social media.

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Author: Oscar

Oscar has suffered from excessive underarm sweating for more than half of his life. He struggled for many years with social anxiety because of the embarrassing sweat marks that he always had on his shirts. Nothing helped. He thought he would have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. After years of struggling and even giving up on searching for solutions, he found a solution to his problem. Now he wants to help people around the world who suffer from hyperhidrosis by informing his readers about their condition and showing them what to do about their problem.

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