Can You Cure Hyperhidrosis Naturally? My Honest Answer

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cure hyperhidrosis naturallyIn today’s blog, I want to address a topic that I have asked for many years and many of you will have been asking as well. Can you cure hyperhidrosis naturally? Is there a way to get your functional life back without compromising your health with chemicals or medical intervention?

First off, hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects anywhere between 1-4% of the world’s population, a number that could be higher because researchers estimate that the cases are underreported. Most people live with hyperhidrosis all their life, without knowing that there are treatments for it is a medical condition that they have, thus, the numbers are not very accurate.

I also need to make clear that there are two types of hyperhidrosis: primary and secondary.

Primary hyperhidrosis is a condition which develops during the teenage years or in early adulthood. It happens without any reason and you likely sweat every single day, on some days more than on others. You can easily tell that there is no pattern for this sweating but it is not alarming nor dangerous.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating caused by a medical condition. Heart diseases, pregnancies, strokes, anxiety, depression, obesity, menopause, Parkinson’s disease, lung disease, cancer, among others, commonly trigger excessive sweating.

However, there are clear signs of this type of hyperhidrosis. For instance, if you have started to sweat more than usual in the past few weeks, and you are not in your teens, nor early adulthood, you are likely having a problem with your health, in which case you should immediately contact your doctor.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is often accompanied by other symptoms like exhaustion, aches, blurry vision, and many others. At other times, you will even find that you start to develop excessive sweating after finding out your health problem.

If you compare primary and secondary hyperhidrosis, you will see that there are clear signs to determine if you have one or the other.

To cure hyperhidrosis naturally, you will have to understand first which kind of hyperhidrosis you have.

How To Cure Primary Hyperhidrosis Naturally

cure hyperhidrosis naturallyPrimary hyperhidrosis is what I have been suffering for almost two decades. It is when you sweat before you get to your job in the morning and you will not stop sweating before you get into bed. And often you will even sweat during the night.

You sweat for no obvious reason. You can have a sweaty face, or huge armpit stains while sitting in an air-conditioned room while watching your favorite show or reading that interesting book. It also happens that you start to sweat because you will have to write that exam or you go to a certain meeting.

Don’t get me wrong, sweating before a social event is normal, but people suffering from hyperhidrosis sweat all the time and they sweat even more before and during social events.

But the question remains if there is a cure for this problem.

Unfortunately, a natural cure for primary hyperhidrosis does not exist or has not been found. There are certain things you can do to reduce excessive sweating, but it will not go away completely.

Why is that so?

The answer is very simple, yet very complex. Your apocrine sweat glands are controlled by your nervous system. That means that they are driven by adrenaline. They start to produce sweat when excited, in great fear, stimulated, when nervous, among others.

And that is something you have no control over. It seems that people suffering from hyperhidrosis do not have this system regulated and there is no way to regulate it.

Sure, you can try meditation or relaxation techniques before certain events, or social gatherings. You can reduce foods that trigger excessive sweating, etc. It will all help to some degree, however, as much as you try, you will not be able to cure hyperhidrosis naturally.

I remember vividly when I bought an e-book that claimed to help me stop sweating by using natural products. I tried some of these things, but never did my problem go away. People that want to reduce heavy sweating that happens during a fitness routine will find natural products effective because heavy sweating during a fitness routine is not necessarily hyperhidrosis.

How To Cure Secondary Hyperhidrosis Naturally

cure hyperhidrosis naturallyIf you are suffering from a medical condition that has excessive sweating as a symptom, you have a slightly better chance to stop your sweating problem naturally.

For instance, if you are struggling with obesity and you have started to sweat because of that, changing your lifestyle and diet will definitely make a difference for you.

I have struggled with excess pounds for many years already. Recently, I tried to lose weight and I was able to shed around 40 pounds successfully. I was hoping that would reduce my sweating, but unfortunately, it did not. I continue to sweat excessively as I have ever since I was in my early teens.

If you started to sweat excessively during pregnancy, you have a good chance that it will all go over once your baby is safely delivered.

What is more difficult is heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and other medical conditions that require more attention and time to heal. If you have started to sweat because of these conditions, I strongly advise you to seek medical help.

Secondary sweating is your sign to seek help. Excessive sweating is never normal nor acceptable when you see that there is a reason behind it.

It is important that you understand your sweating patterns. People suffering from secondary hyperhidrosis often sweat only on the right half of the body or more in one part than the other. There are often signs of something being very wrong.

Contrary to that, people suffering from primary hyperhidrosis sweat excessively in their armpits, forehead, palms, feet or their private area. And there is not a pattern to be found as to how much or when they sweat.


Sweating is a normal body function that we need in order to maintain our body temperature. Sweating is also a way of protecting our skin and getting rid of toxins. Our bodies need to perspire, however, excessive sweating interferes with your functional life

Be advised that you will not be able to cure hyperhidrosis naturally, especially if it is primary hyperhidrosis. Nevertheless, there are natural remedies to reduce excessive sweating.

If you suffer from secondary hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can be reduced or stopped when the underlying cause has been found.  Seeking medical help is strongly recommended.

If a medical condition has been ruled out and you still sweat excessively, you have a few options. You can take action by using clinical strength antiperspirants, by getting Botox injections to block your sweat glands, or have medical intervention like Miradry, where your sweat glands are removed.

Personally, I have used clinical strength antiperspirants and sweat proof undershirts for years and they have worked miracles.  I use Sweatblock, which blocks your sweat glands for up to 7 days with one application before bedtime.  Small towelettes that contain aluminum chloride are carefully dabbed into your armpits (some even use them on their forehead, palms, and feet effectively) and you can expect to go sweat-free in the applied area for many days.

Another form of helping people with excessive underarm sweating is sweat proof undershirts, as mentions before.  I absolutely love the Thompson Tees and wear them daily.  Although they do nothing to stop sweating, they just catch up all the wetness from your armpits before it reaches your clothes.  Although the undershirts can get soaked and very wet, not one single drop will come through.  I have used these undershirts for years and they have been 100% effective.

So, I use a combination of both, Sweatblock and Thompson Tees, to make sure I can be confident.  For instance, when I want to be completely dry, I use Sweatblock.  However, there are days in which I don’t really care about sweating, I just do not want the sweat marks to show, which is when I only use the Thompson Tee.

Sweating excessively in your armpits is downright uncomfortable and embarrassing. If you prefer to avoid the sweat stains on your shirt, you can hide your excessive sweating completely from others by using the right undershirts or using a clinical strength antiperspirant.

Check the price for a Thompson Tee and Sweatblock here.

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Author: Oscar

Oscar has suffered from excessive underarm sweating for more than half of his life. He struggled for many years with social anxiety because of the embarrassing sweat marks that he always had on his shirts. Nothing helped. He thought he would have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. After years of struggling and even giving up on searching for solutions, he found a solution to his problem. Now he wants to help people around the world who suffer from hyperhidrosis by informing his readers about their condition and showing them what to do about their problem.

8 thoughts on “Can You Cure Hyperhidrosis Naturally? My Honest Answer”

  1. I heard about this and it remembers me to a friend who was sweating a lot, along with the smell that came with it.

    I have the idea he has this “sickness”, and the way he felt so bad with it, because it was like he didn’t showered for ages, and he said that he showered.

    Also, I remember that one time he put lots of deo and still the problem was there.

    I’m going to show him this post when I see him, and to help him.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      thanks for stopping by!  I do hope your friend can be helped!  Since this topic is one that is not discussed, people do not know about it.


  2. Thanks for this fascinating post, Oscar.  I was not aware of hyperhidrosis as a condition that might be a reason for concern.   Sweating is, after all, a part of our natural body temperature control.  Perhaps this is why, as you say, there are not so many people who report that they sweat excessively or find it to be a great concern.  

    However, I can see where it could become a problem when you are trying to look calm, cool and collected and you just naturally sweat a lot.  

    The causes of secondary hyperhidrosis do sound serious to me.  I wonder why there is not more emphasis on this.

    1. Hi Netta,

      you are right.  Keeping yourself cool and collected, as you say, is not easy when everything is against you because of your excessive sweating.  The good thing though is that there is help out there!

      People do not report excessive sweating because they just think it is “normal”.  I never thought that there was actually something that I could do with it, before I came up with the mentioned solutions.

      Secondary hyperhidrosis can be serious.  I think it is more a side effect in many cases, instead of something that would make you think that something is wrong.  But yes, there are definitely signs that everybody would be watching when sweating more than normally.


  3. Hi Oscar, great blog.  I was interested in the cures for hyperhidrosis that does not require medical intervention.  

    Is there one specifically for sweaty palms?  That seems to be the most common symptoms I’ve come across.  I have a close friend who is embarrassed to shake hands because of this.  I try to reassure him that it’s just all natural and it’s his body’s way of adjusting to the stresses … but I know he would be relieved to learn of a ‘cure’.  I’ll send him to your site to read your article on the benefits of sweating anyway.

    You have so many excellent articles to read through … wish you had a search box so that I can enter a specific topic I’m interested in and be taken straight to that article! e.g. sweaty palms 🙂


    1. Hi Cath,

      thanks so much for stopping by!  Come back for new articles!  There is indeed a great product for sweaty palms!  It is from the same company that I recommended above.  It is a great product that would help your friend get rid of that unnecessary embarrassment.

      Check out the product here, and wait for an extensive review of this product in the nearest future!


  4. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for losing 40 pounds, which is not an easy task. Second, this is an interesting and very informative topic, that many people ( i think ) doesn’t want to talk about. 

    I have a friend that is experiencing the same thing, although that he’s still not in the stage of excessive sweating yet, but he sweats more than he used to, I believe. Reading your article makes me think that he’s starting to have Hyperhidrosis– he gained some pounds over a year after his divorced– and probably that might be the trigger.

    He doesn’t want to go to the doctor and doesn’t take his “abnormal” sweating seriously. I would recommend your website for him to read, maybe… just maybe, will open up his eyes and be able to relate to your topic.

    Anyway I learned a lot about Hyperhidrosis and its two stages, because of this post. But is there any permanent solution for it?

    1. Hi Mina,

      I am so glad you came across my website and left me a comment.  

      You should refer your friend to my article “what is generalized hyperhidrosis” since he might have an health issue which is why he /she is sweating more than normal.  It can be a side effect for many health problems, so it is definitely worth the try.

      There is no guaranteed permanent solution.  Although Botox injections, Miradry (surgical interventions) and others are available, there is not a 100% guarantee that it will stop the excessive sweating and that it will last.

      I use the products that I recommended above, because they are temporary life-savers, but I can use them as often as needed.

      However, in the case of your friend, he/she should see a doctor first before using these products, since the root of the problem might be somewhere else.  I, for example, sweat excessively, but I have so from the onset of puberty, which is normal for people.

      But people who start to sweat excessively at a different stage in their life well into adulthood, and have never sweat excessively and do so (not because of temperature changes), should see medical advice.

      Hope to be of help,


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