8 Best Vegan Deodorant Brands in 2020— Go Cruelty-Free And Smell Good Too!

In this day and age, going vegan is definitely the trend. More and more people (and a lot of athletes and celebrities) are joining in the plant-based bandwagon. Some even go as far as to make their own products like toothpaste and stick deodorants.

It all started with compassion to animals and the belief that animals shouldn’t be exploited, veganism is so widespread that nowadays, it isn’t so hard to find vegan restaurants or even vegan products in any store you go to. So vegan deodorants are no different.

So the question is, what are the best vegan deodorant brands? In this article, you will find the best product that you can possibly get in the market that is not only is made of plant-based materials but also does not support animal cruelty.

Stress-free woman using the best deodorant.
You will always have a stress-free day knowing that you won’t have to deal with body odor.
Photo by Bruce Mars via Unsplash

Busy right now? Have no time to read through the entire article? That’s okay, you can click here for the writer’s pick on the best vegan and cruelty-free deodorant that you can use.

What are vegan and cruelty-free products?

Veganism was a movement that started in 1944 by Donald Watson, who met with other non-dairy vegetarians to talk about a lifestyle that avoids consuming or using anything from animals as far as possible and practicable. At that time this was an insane thought and a lot of people saw this movement as “too much” or that it was incredulous.

Similar “flesh avoidance” though, can be traced as far back 500 BCE, as the famous mathematician, Pythagoras mentioned vegetarianism in his writing. Similar practices can be traced in Nepalese, Indian, and Mediterranean countries. History also showed that the gladiators, the warriors that were revered by the Romans, actually ate more vegetables than meat.

These gladiators, who fought against other men or wild animals for entertainment were called “barley-eaters” by the historian Plinius. So researchers did a bone analysis on the bones found in a gladiator graveyard and found that their diet did consist of lots of vegetables.

So with the basic knowledge and history of veganism, what makes the products vegan, non-vegan? People often get confused when people label their products vegan so I’ll definitely explain.

Well, it’s pretty simple — if your product uses anything from an animal or bees. So most all-natural deodorants have beeswax or even honey, so automatically, those products aren’t vegan.

It’s also about perspective, as veganism isn’t perfect so if it is extremely needed or cannot be avoided, then you may have to use that product until there is a suitable vegan alternative to it. When it comes to personal care and cosmetics, it is important to check for any cruelty-free bunny sign. This means that there was no animal testing on the stuff you’re using.

When hunting for vegan products, it is paramount that you read the labels and check certain ingredients that may or may not come from animals. For deodorants, it usually beeswax or some animal butters (yes some brands use animal fat).

Why are deodorants necessary?

I always say to only buy products that you need and this also applies to using deodorants. When does one need to use a deodorant anyways? A lot of people might tell you that you don’t even need deodorant. In my case, I really do so let’s just say I know what I’m talking about.

It’s pretty simple. There are people who are lucky enough to sweat but not really smell bad after. Some people, on the other hand, are not as lucky and notice that when they sweat, they smell quite awful (and for some people, “awful” is even an understatement for them).

Odor present when sweating is pretty normal when it comes from the underarms because the sweat is produced from a different set of glands, the apocrine glands, that have a little bit of sebum or the body’s natural oils mixed with the sweat. This type of sweat attracts bacteria, that feeds on it and produces the foul odor.

Deodorants are made to neutralize the smell and kill the bacteria that live on the surface of the skin. The bacteria is called staphylococcus hominis which is responsible for that common body odor you smell after you sweat.

You only need to know if you smell bad after you go to the gym or so anything that makes you sweat. If you do notice a foul odor, then it is necessary to buy deodorants. If not, then you don’t really have to go out of your way to get one.

A fun fact is that some deodorants aren’t just made for your underarms. Yes! There are brands made for people who get bad odor in other places like their crotch or butt area. These deodorants are usually milder and baking soda-free to avoid any rashes

No one’s stopping you though if you really want to use a deodorant. Some people just want to have a different floral or fruity smell. I wouldn’t blame them for buying those deodorants because they do smell so good.

Types of deodorants

Most people think that deodorants are limited to sticks or roll-ons when in fact there are more than those types found in the market. Let me briefly describe each:

1. Roll-on Deodorants

Roll-on types are one of the most common deodorants you’ll see in stores. These deodorants come in plastic or glass bottles with a top that has a plastic ball that rotates and evenly distributes the product on your skin.

I like roll-ons because they are my go-to for quick and even applications of deodorant. The only downside to roll-ons is that when dropped the ball holder may loosen and the liquid can seep out from the sides.

2. Stick Deodorants

Stick deodorants are the second most common deodorants I see in the market. These deodorants come in invisible solids or soft solids, the former being my favorite.

Invisible solid looks like a white cream stick but when slathered on your skin won’t show any signs of it being there (thus being “invisible”), it’s the same with soft solids but how you apply it is different because as the product is pushed out, it is soft enough to go through the holes in the cover and is swiped two or three times on your underarm.

3. Spray Deodorant

Spray-type deodorants are amazing. Although they have existed since the ’40s and ’50s, these deodorants did not become popular only until recently. I encountered this type of deodorant at the school gym, as many athletes prefer bringing sprays because they can share it without any skin contact, making it sanitary and safe.

Spray deodorants are also convenient because they evenly distribute the product on the skin without using too much of the deodorant liquid, therefore saving you a lot of product, unlike the other types that you can overapply.

4. Gel/cream Deodorants

This type of deodorant is the recent craze in the all-natural deodorant world. More and more people are showing off their jars (yes, jars) of deodorant pastes/gels/creams.

These jars contain a thick crema or paste that you apply using an applicator or your fingers. These deodorants often have the complaint of being too messy but in my honest opinion, you can simply wash your hands.

5. Crystal Deodorants

Crystal deodorants are the new deodorants that are taking the all-natural world in storm. Not only are they cheap (yes way cheaper than any other type of deodorant in the market), but they last for ages.

Most people laugh and crack jokes about breaking the deodorant before it even runs out. These crystal type deodorants can last you for more than a year. Or two.

They can be a bit slippery when they get smaller due to usage so the best way is to apply it near the bed or any soft surface so that if ever dropped, it will be cushioned and you won’t break the entire thing. If you’re on a budget and if you want to really maximize your money’s worth, this is the deodorant for you.

Beeswax replacements in vegan deodorants

Many people think that replacing beeswax is impossible. While finding an exact replacement is definitely not possible, there are actually natural alternatives that can function the same as what beeswax does for natural deodorants — harden the entire product. There are actually two vegan waxes that are popular with vegan all-natural deodorants:

1. Carnauba wax

I never knew about carnauba wax until last year, when I attended a balm making seminar, and the teacher made a special arrangement for me because I am vegan and I told her that I can’t use beeswax.

She told me that there was no problem and that I can use a plant-based alternative called carnauba wax. Later on, she explained that this wax is derived from the leaf of a Brazilian palm, Copernicia cerifera and that it hardens any balm, candle, or deodorant the same way beeswax does.

Carnauba wax reduces the stickiness in any mixture and is actually added in mascara formulations to add to the volume of the product. Its melting point is 80-86 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the melting point of beeswax.

2. Candelilla wax

This is actually a wax that is more popular than carnauba wax in terms of replacing beeswax. This natural (and vegan) wax is derived from the leaves of the Candelilla shrub  Euphorbia antisyphilitica, which is native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.

This wax is a bit yellowish and brittle. When melted it is opaque and translucent. It is widely used because its melting point is very close to that of beeswax so it’s not hard to convert the amount of candelilla vs beeswax when formulating any balm or deodorant.

Other natural waxes/ butters

I’d like to share these because I want you to learn more about some ingredients you may encounter in your products in the future. Also, I’d like to share more kinds of vegan butter that may not function as hardeners but can add to the moisture of any product.

You may have seen one or two of the items on this list in your deodorant brand, some might even surprise you (well I was surprised by one item). Here are the vegan moisturizing waxes:

1. Berry wax

This wax is a soft wax, exactly why it is used to add volume or to add moisture to cosmetic products. It is white and translucent and is derived from the berries of the Chinese lacquer tree Rhus verniciflua.

The sap of the branches of the tree are used as a natural varnish, thus the name of the tree. The berries are used for the soft wax. Amazing how this tree can provide us with so many materials without even having to cut it down.

2. Shea butter

You must have heard about shea butter recently because there was a recent craze about it in the beauty industry. You might have seen this as an ingredient to your natural deodorant or even some of the creams you use.

Shea butter is usually a white semi-solid butter that you see in stores. Did you know that this butter is actually yellow in color and processing is done to make it clearer and a bit whiter?

Shea butter is sourced from the nut of the shea tree that is found in different parts of Africa. This wax packs a punch when it comes to the benefits it has for your skin.

It has healing properties because it is a natural anti-inflammatory and it can even smoothen and tone your skin. That’s why there was a recent craze about it. I personally use shea for my lip balms and salves for the extra moisture it gives.

3. Sunflower wax

“Sunflower wax?!” was my first reaction when learning about different vegan waxes. Yes, the sunflower is not just used as an ornamental flower or for its seeds, you can actually get wax from sunflower oil. This flower is unique and useful.

Sunflower wax is commonly used to bind different oils together and it reduces the overall stickiness to any cosmetic product. It can also stabilize water in any water-oil emulsion. Amazing isn’t it?

4. Rice bran wax

Last but not least, rice bran wax. This wax is derived similarly to that of sunflower wax. It is made from dewaxing rice bran oil. It is used commonly in balms but is more popularly used in lipsticks to avoid syneresis.

Syneresis in cosmetics is a big no-no because it means that the ingredients didn’t bond well together. This happens when there is “bleeding” or when oil seeps out of the mixture. Chemists add rice bran wax to prevent this from happening and to come up with a smoother mixture.

Best Vegan Deodorants

After all the fun facts you learned above, I must say we should get down to the task at hand — naming the best vegan deodorants you can start using this year. I also added a simple chart that will make it easier for you to pick your deodorant. Here are my picks:

Vegan Deodorant BrandsBaking Soda-FreeType of Deodorant
1. Lumeyesgel/cream
2. Primal Pit Pastenogel/cream
3. Each and Everyyesstick
4. Crystalyescrystal
5. Schmidt’snostick
6. Myroyesstick
7. Organic Islandno (but they have baking-soda free variants)stick

1. Lume Deodorant

Lume DeodorantLet’s start with pronunciation, Lume is pronounced “loo-me” not “loom”. This deodorant is definitely at the top of my list because of many reasons.

I love Lume because it is straightforward and when it comes to anything I use, I don’t look for any dazzling comments on it, I want to know if it really works. Plain and simple, really.

Lume says just that. They explain all their ingredients well. They also mention that you will not have any redness or rashes when using their deodorant because they skipped the baking soda. Not that baking soda is bad, but there are some people that are extremely sensitive to it.

Dr. Sharon Klingman, the founder started this brand with the goal of solving problems the simplest way, as most women were incorrectly diagnosed with vaginosis instead of correctly checking if their problems are actually external in nature.

Yes, Lume started as a deodorant that you can use for your privates. It is formulated for people with very sensitive skin. Their tagline is actually “for everyone’s pits and stinky bits” but you won’t have to worry, you will never have stinky pits not bits with this deodorant.

They also market themself as a pre-odorant rather that a de-odorant. They call their products pre-odorants because Lume stops the bad odor from ever existing by killing the bacteria in the area. Dr. Klingman wanted to really deal with the root cause, and she found out that it’s not really the sweat, it’s the bacteria that love sweat that produces the bad smell.

Lume is pretty easy to use. Just apply like lotion on your crotch area and also apply a thin layer on your underarms. Yes, it’s that simple. The best part? It protects you for 72 hours!

If you’re looking for an awesome deodorant for your pits and your bits, try Lume. This is also the best baking soda-free deodorant on this list as its dual purpose is unique.

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2. Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

Primal Pit Paste Natural DeodorantJokingly I always say “say Primal Pit Paste ten times” as it can be a tongue twister. But joking aside, this pit paste is just what you need if you’re looking for a deodorant that is not only tried and tested by many but is a perfect post-detox deodorant.

What is detox? Armpit detox is actually a recommended process everybody is encouraged to do before a full transition into natural deodorants. No, it is not drinking juices and specific herbal teas, it is applying a paste for a certain amount of time daily for 2-5 weeks.

Basically, you mix water, bentonite clay, and apple cider vinegar mix everything until paste forms and apply it on your underarms. You start off with 5 minutes, gradually letting the mixture stay longer on your underarms after every week.

After 4-5 weeks you may notice that you don’t smell as bad anymore and that you don’t have to reapply your natural deodorant more than once a day. This means that detox is a success.

Primal Pit paste or P3 is a perfect post-detox deodorant because they give you 3 different “levels” of deodorant to start with. They have the light, regular, and strong variants for each scent.

The variations are in the amount of baking soda present in the mix. What most people don’t know is that even if they’re sensitive to baking soda, they can opt for a reduced amount in their products, which usually does the trick and eliminate the itchiness and red spots.

You start off with the regular one and see if it works for you (it does for most). If you feel a bit itchy or you have some red marks you can go switch to the light one, if you still feel that the smell is getting worse, you can go switch to the strong variant.

This brand is so positive and amazing because it was started by a mom who cared about her family so much that she wanted them to use only the best ingredients that are chemical-free. This means that Primal Pit Paste is aluminum-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free.

Like most all-natural deodorants, Primal Pit Paste never covers up the bad odor. Instead, the baking soda present in the product neutralizes everything, leaving you smelling fresh even after sweating.

Just remember, Primal Pit Paste (P3) is not an antiperspirant, therefore it will not stop sweating at all. This brand takes pride in not blocking your pores, as sweating is a normal bodily function.

This brand also uses ingredients that are food-grade. They promise no secrets — just the best ingredients for your skin. Primal Pit Paste believes that like food, it is also important to use really good products that you will apply on your skin.

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3. Each and Every Deodorant

Each and Every deodorant comes third on my awesome list because of many things. Before I go into all those details, I want to ask you one thing: does switching to all-natural mean you should stick to a brand that doesn’t work well in terms of odor control and in making you feel good? If the answer is no then you’re on the right track.

When making the switch to good, chemical-free products, the first thing you’ll look for is not only an aluminum-free product but a deodorant that actually works. Most brands out there don’t even keep you smelling remotely pleasant half of the day. Most people opt to quietly switch back to their old products.

When visiting the Each and Every homepage, there are no frills, no fancy greetings — you will immediately see all the ingredients their deodorant doesn’t have.

Why is that? Why is it necessary for us to know what’s not in it? Well, transparency is one of the best qualities of this brand. Originally started by a former Procter and Gamble (P&G) chemist Mikah Coffindaffer and brand manager Lauren Lovelady, these women want their customers to immediately see any ingredient they might be avoiding in the list.

After all, it’s easier to find what you don’t like in a deodorant on their list. As compared to going cross-eyed reading the ingredient list just to find one or two ingredients that you’re sensitive to. It makes everything easier. Also, honesty is just a plus for me when it comes to stuff I use.

Each and Every comes high up on this list because I learned that when the brand was started back in 2017, founders Coffindaffer and Lovelady decided to come up with ingredients used to make deodorant and to go through each and every (yes the wordplay, right?) one of them. They only selected those that pass the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) safety standards.

Although you already know that this is a vegan deodorant list, I can’t rave enough that the founders decided to go the vegan route because they discovered a lack of good vegan skincare or personal care products in the market.

They also replaced baking soda as the main ingredient in their deodorant sticks. They used dead sea salt, which is really good when it comes to odor control and is much gentler on the skin compared to baking soda.

Most people noticed that they apparently have a sensitivity to baking soda which can cause itchiness leading to redness and even lumps forming on their armpits. The founders didn’t want that problem and that’s how they did away with baking soda.

This brand has 10 scents that you can choose from: citrus and vetiver, lavender and lemon, cedar and vanilla, coconut and lime, cardamom and ginger, rose and vanilla, cannabis and green tea, black spruce and fir, juniper and mint, and last but not least, the unscented variant.

Application on the skin is also amazing, as Each and Every is not “thick” on the skin and good news, it doesn’t stain your clothes at all.

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4. Crystal Body Deodorant

You must be wondering, why can’t vegan deodorants be cheaper? Well if you’ve noticed I only put very affordable brands so far but I want to prove my point further and include one of the best and the most affordable deodorant in this list — Crystal Body Deodorant.

A couple of decades ago, the maker and inventor of Crystal deodorant traveled to France. He was on a tour when he encountered a water treatment facility. In the said facility, they treated their water using mineral salts.

He then asked more about it, out of his curiosity and discovered that these mineral salts purified the water and made the water safe for human consumption. He then had an “aha!” moment. Why doesn’t he use mineral salts on the skin to prevent bad odor?

This idea became the deodorant that we have here today. Crystal body deodorants are baking-soda free, paraben and sulfate-free which makes you and your skin stress-free.

Crystal deodorants are not only amazing because they use ammonium alum, a mineral salt that does not block your pores at all, but is the thin layer that “coats” your skin upon application. This ingredient neutralizes the bad odor in the area leaving you smelling fresh (or smelling like the scent you chose).

This brand also uses orange peel extract which helps keep your armpits fresh (and orange peel just smells amazing) and also helps with the bacteria-fighting properties of your new crystal deodorant.

How does one use Crystal Body deodorants? It’s actually really easy! You just have to get the tip of your deodorant wet and apply on your skin. Voila! You’re done. Applying it with a bit of water causes the ingredients in the deodorant to bind with water and leave a thin layer on your skin.

After application, make sure that your underarms are fully dry before you dress up and wear your shirt. This is to make sure the product “sticks”. Again, as I mentioned above, make sure you go through a full underarm detox when making the switch to an all-natural deodorant.

Since sweating is a natural and normal bodily function, any blocking made by your old products has to go away completely. So on your first week of your old deodorant, you may smell terrible and you may sweat more than usual. Detox typically lasts for 5-30 days so be patient, it will pay off.

You will notice that after your detox you will not only smell better but you will also use less product on your armpits. This isn’t just because of fewer applications but because in the natural deodorant world, less is more. Unbelievable as it may seem most of the reviews you will read will say the same.

Last but not least. Crystal deodorant will last you forever. Just kidding. It will last you for a year or two (or more if you don’t accidentally drop it). This means that you really got the most out of the money you spent.

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5. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Let’s go back in time back in the 1800s when deodorants were first made. Since that day and age, conventional (a.k.a chemical-filled) deodorants became the norm. People are used to their products being a “quick fix” not realizing that using these products may have a bad effect on the skin in the long run. They just wanted to smell good but ended up with worse smelling pits and really bad skin. 

So this is where Janie Schmidt comes in. Janie is a very practical woman — she just wanted her family (and herself of course) to have a plant-based deodorant that can keep her smelling good all day without all these chemicals.

In 2010, she came up with a revolutionary formula (as I would say) that filled a gap in the market for natural and vegan deodorants that worked the same way conventional deodorants work. Five years later she met Michael Cammarata, an entrepreneur. Together they are Schmidt’s unstoppable duo — building an empire out of what originally started in Janie’s home.

Schmidt’s natural deodorant is on my list because it has about seven ingredients — arrowroot powder, shea butter, baking soda, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, candelilla wax, and vitamin E. I included Schmidt’s because all their ingredients have a purpose that works for people with sensitive skin.

Arrowroot powder or cassava powder is an ingredient used in many Asian dishes but if used in your deodorant is the secret why Schmidt’s deodorants are popular for reducing the sweat and the sticky feeling that comes with it. A lot of all-natural mattifiers or setting powders have arrowroot powder to give you that oil-free look whenever you apply makeup.

Shea butter comes from the nut of the shea plant has natural antibacterial properties. This helps heal your skin especially after you pluck, shave, or sugar your armpits. This ingredient helps people who have dark underarms or who have some dark marks from all those hair removal procedures.

Baking soda is a popular ingredient among deodorants because it neutralizes the odor instead of covering it up like most conventional deodorants do with their artificial scents that can really cause a headache.

Candelilla wax is a beeswax replacement (which makes this deodorant vegan), hardening the deodorant and making sure all the ingredients are intact and mixed together. The wax also adds to the moisturizing properties of Schmidt’s.

Jojoba seed oil and coconut oil are added into the mix because these two oils have lots of healing properties packed in them as well (similar to that of shea butter) but what makes this brand unique is that it not only keeps you smelling good but it also heals your underarms.

Janie Schmidt knows what’s up when it comes to the wellbeing of our underarms. She knows that all these hair removal procedures often cause bumps, chicken skin, and even black marks. With the ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba oil, she makes sure that your underarms will go back to normal, by providing the extra moisture your skin needs to look healthy again.

Although the brand never promises this, you can be sure that after a few months of making the switch, you will have healthier-looking underarms. Last but not least, let’s talk about vitamin E.

This ingredient helps a lot with providing moisture and maintaining the youthful glow on your face but on the armpits, it really helps your pores recover from all the hair removal stuff you’ve been doing for ages. Vitamin E also is a useful ingredient in cosmetics — it acts as a natural preservative, making sure that there is no bacteria growth in the product.

I’d love to tell you more about why Schmidt’s is amazing but it would take forever.

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6. Myro Deodorant

I always ask myself, is using these natural deodorants truly eco-friendly? Am I really making a difference? I guess the makers and inventors of Myro deodorants were asking the same/ similar questions before they launched their deodorants.

Myro is not an old brand of deodorant, it actually started in 2017, launched by Greg Laptevsky because he wanted to produce a deodorant that would not only meet the high standards the market had but also to produce something that can significantly reduce waste in the planet.

He also wanted to make something which is free from triclosan which can cause antibiotic resistance and is banned in a lot of European countries. He also made sure to formulate his deodorant free from parabens, talc, and even gluten.

Aside from being free from a lot of allergens, Myro has amazing packaging. As we all know, most deodorants are packaged in glass or plastic (or even paper that can’t really be recycled), right? Myro is the same. It is packaged in plastic like most deodorants but it is way different than your ordinary odor buster.

Myro’s packaging uses recycled plastic and is designed to use 50% less plastic than most deodorant casings. “But what about the contents?” you ask. Well, Myro has just the solution for you. Refills, yes this brand can send you to refill tubes and they even have the option of shipping it to you zero waste style.

To make it even better, you can avail of their deodorant subscription which will guarantee that you will have a fresh stick (refill) delivered every after how many months, depending on the intervals you set for them to follow.

They have six unique variants to choose from — the Solar Flare, a citrusy mix of orange peel, juniper, and a hint of sunflower, the Big Dipper which invokes calmness with a mix of lavender, bergamot, and vetiver.

If you want a simple and refreshing scent, try their Chill Wave, which is a mix of cucumber, floral hints from jasmine, and spearmint.

Pillow Talk which has the smell of sweet ylang-ylang, violet leaf, and wild Amyris will give you a feeling of bathing in flower petals.

If you like going out into the woods and like a foresty feel, try Cabin No. 5 which has earthy and sweet fragrances from vetiver, patchouli, and a mild floral hint from geranium.

For a no-frill simple deodorant, they have Open Air, which is unscented/fragrance-free. If you have extremely sensitive skin or don’t want to smell like anything at all (yes, believe me, some people prefer scent-free stuff), this is the perfect variant for you.

Last but not least, a unique feature of Myro and the reason why this brand is on my list is that it meets airport standards. One thing about people is that they love to travel. We are all naturally adventurous and those adventures can be often sweat-filled so deodorant is definitely a necessity.

Imagine being at the airport, ready to fly out to your favorite vacation destination (be it a tropical country or anywhere you’d want to go to relax), and then the TSA or airport security would tell you to remove your deodorant from your bag because it doesn’t meet the safety standards? Not a good start right?

Well, Laptevsky is very quit-witted and took this factor into consideration when designing Myro. Your deodorant pod (and its contents of course) meets the TSA’s standards meaning that you will have a hassle-free time at the airport and you can bring your deodorant anywhere you’ll travel to.

Overall, Myro is a good vegan deodorant brand because it is eco-friendly inside and out therefore it reduces your carbon footprint. You are now helping your body recover from all those chemicals plus you are also helping the planet by not adding more waste to it.

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7. Organic Island Deodorant

Organic Island DeodorantWhen I first encountered Organic Island deodorants, I was floored. I couldn’t believe that deodorants could have probiotics. “Probiotics?!” Yes, you got that right, this brand uses this unique ingredient to keep you smelling fresh all day.

Started in 2013 in Florida, a mom of three decided to quit using all her products with unnatural ingredients and harsh chemicals because she was soon to give birth to her next child at that time.

She actually started with the food. She realized that they have been eating lots of junk foods so she made sure to incorporate wholefoods into their diets. When that was already established, she slowly moved on to her family’s personal care products.

She decided to whip up homemade recipes of her shampoo and soap and later on deodorant. Her husband became her guinea pig or tester and she noticed that after adding probiotics into the mix, he actually smelled good even though he was using an all-natural deodorant.

So she kept on making these deodorants and it spread like wildfire amongst her husband’s colleagues and her neighbors and friends. Soon, she had tons of orders for her all-natural (and Organic!) deodorants.

Fast-forward to the present day, Organic Island products are not only limited to deodorants but to lip balms and body creams as well. People trust this brand because they know the roots and humble beginning of Organic Island — it all started because of family and health.

I included Organic Island in this list because although they have many variants, this brand is the “no-frill” brand in this list because most of their products are fragrance-free.

This brand also loves their customers so much. They make sure that they have different variants that have different levels of baking soda. They know that some people are extremely sensitive to it so they also made an extra-sensitive line, which has no baking soda.

They are also eco-friendly, being one of the first brands in the market to use biodegradable packaging and selling deodorant refills to reduce plastic waste. To ship your deodorant they use Greenwrap which is a recycled alternative to bubble wrap, which is usually the bulk of the trash produced when having any items shipped to your home.

Greenwrap is made out of recycled paper, in tiny hexagonal patterns to ensure that your product won’t break in transit. You can also reuse this wrap when you give anything made out of glass or if you pack anything that can break. Talk about being environmentally conscious as a brand, right?

Last but not least, I love this brand because it only has 6-7 ingredients: jojoba oil, candelilla wax, baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, corn starch, and probiotics. The seventh ingredient is usually baking soda, but one variant doesn’t have it so I put it last.

Jojoba and coconut oil add to the moisturizing properties of the deodorant but jojoba is more than that — it has natural vitamin E that heals chaffed and chapped skin. Your deodorant will not only moisturize your skin but also heal your skin, especially after any hair removal procedure.

Candelilla wax is there to make sure that your product remains solid, it replaces beeswax and is the main reason why this deodorant is safe for vegans.

Shea butter is added because it’s naturally anti-bacterial and moisturizing. It also helps heal the skin so you don’t have dark skin or spots on your underarms. Baking soda neutralizes the bad odor on your underarms. Corn starch, weird as it may seem to be in a deodorant, helps control the moisture. It won’t stop the sweat, but it will help reduce the moisture a bit (if you sweat normally).

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8. Nuud Deodorant

Go Nuud or go home as I always say, and for good reason as this brand packs one hell of a punch when it comes to keeping your pits fresh the entire day.

For a tiny 20ml tube, you won’t need to reapply for 3-7 days (yes, a week!). if done right. Let me start again by reminding you to always go on an underarm detox before you can use natural deodorants comfortably without needing reapplications.

Nuud is a Dutch company that was started in 2018 in hopes that they can find a solution that almost all-natural deodorants could not provide at the time — a long-lasting and eco-friendly deodorant that can provide protection so well that you won’t have to reapply.

And that’s just what they did. The tiny pink tube is used by over 400,000 people worldwide. They have successfully beaten the bad odor with something as convenient as a pea-sized application once or twice a week with just a tiny pink tube that can fit in your pocket.

But what makes Nuud so special? Let’s start with the packaging. Everything Nuud uses comes from recycled materials or bioplastics for the main tube that holds the product. Therefore among all the products in this list, Nuus is what they would call themselves “CO2 neutral”. I just love that it’s a vegan and environmentally conscious brand.

Now we can move on to the product itself. Of all the deodorants in this list, Nuud is the most concentrated. That’s why you see a small 20ml tube instead of something that (you think) should be the size of a toothpaste tube to last you a month. It has moisturizing oils that most deodorants don’t add because they try to cut on costs. Nuud doesn’t skimp and only uses the best ingredients in the market.

For example, Nuud has a unique ingredient — micro silver which is the main ingredient that eliminates odor and makes sure that there is no future bacteria growth in the area which can cause the bad smell or what people know as “B.O” (Bad body Odor). It cleanses the area completely so that you won’t have to worry about any weird odors.

Remember what I said on no skimping? Nuud uses different oils like almond and castor oil which makes the entire product very moisturizing. Castor oil also heals your skin from a lot of dryness caused by regular hair removal.

These oils trap the moisture so that the skin can re-hydrate. This reduces the chapped or uneven bumps on your skin caused by years of repeatedly removing hair. Basically, all these oils help your skin heal so you won’t be embarrassed when you raise your hands up or if you wear sleeveless clothes. No more dark underarms with Nuud.

If you live outside Europe, I must say that it is worth the wait (and the international shipping charges) because Nuud will change your life and how you use your deodorant forever. Just be patient because it takes time for the package to get to you.

Being all-natural should not be a problem for long-lasting protection. Nuud proves just that. Showering and scrubbing will not affect the effectiveness of this deodorant. Some people reapply after 3 days while some really maximize the 7 days. It varies per person.

Last but not least, I just want to remind you to always be patient when starting to use these natural products because there are no snap, overnight results. You have to go through a big change and you will feel the effects of using chemical-filled products on your skin.

So if at first, you smell a bit bad, it’s normal. Just finish your detox and discover how much has changed since day one. For some, it may last just 5 days but for others, it may take a month to fully adjust. Don’t worry, when you get your Nuud kit, read everything on the box as they really explain everything.

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You can never say that there are not enough options for you in the market now, right? With this list, you can choose from really good brands — you just have to find specific things you want from your natural deodorants.

I’m glad you stopped by to check this article out because I really wanted to give and share more information on the different brands I know (and love). I want you to have an easier time discovering the many options that exist in the market unlike my experience years ago where it was so hard to look for vegan skincare/ products.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ section below. If you have a question that wasn’t answered, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to give you a well-researched answer.

Don’t forget to click on the social media buttons below to share this article with friends and family who are on the hunt for the best vegan deodorants that they can buy.

Again, thank you for your time and I can’t wait for you to see my next review.




1. Can vegan waxes clog my pores?

No, they can’t. Vegan deodorants are non-comedogenic. But to be on the safe side, please do NOT apply any product on your skin after sugaring, shaving, or plucking.

2. Do vegan deodorants test on animals?

Vegan deodorants are also cruelty-free, which means that they do not support any form of animal testing or animal cruelty. Veganism is a movement that is centered on not consuming anything from animals, so aside from not being tested on animals, you can be sure that any of the products you buy above won’t have any animal-derived ingredients.

3. Are vegan deodorants safe for the environment?

Yes, they are. By using products that are more natural you also reduce your carbon footprint. Animal by-products are actually a big source of pollution on this planet. So if you are not vegan, it’s ok. You can start small by using vegan deodorants. As I always say, a little goes a long way. You’re off to a great start.

4. Should I use my natural deodorants as I did with my old products?

Yes and no. Please don’t be confused as I will explain. Yes, you should apply it the same way or as indicated on the packaging but you shouldn’t put as much product on your skin as you did with your old products.

After a full detox, you won’t be smelling as bad and with all-natural products, I noticed that less is more meaning the less product you use, the more you will smell better. Weird as it may seem but most reviews you’ll read will say the same.

5. Are vegan deodorants expensive?

They aren’t at all! They can only be expensive if you buy those that are made with expensive essential oils. If you want to save on money and make it fit the budget, you can opt for crystal type deodorants which are so cheap and will last you for more than a year.

6. What should I do if I ever develop a rash when using my deodorant?

Stop using the product IMMEDIATELY. Also, most vegan deodorants (actually all of them) have amazing customer representatives that will address your concerns. They will issue you a refund and you just have to find another deodorant to use.

Also, check with your doctor if you have any allergies. An example would be baking soda, most of the deodorants in this list have it and I often tell people that there are some people who are very sensitive to baking soda and may experience itchiness, redness, or even bumps on their skin.

That’s why I provided baking soda-free options which you can try. Don’t worry, they work wonders the same way a deodorant with baking soda would. Other brands use probiotics and mineral salts as alternatives that have been tried and tested and have been given the best reviews by people who have used these products for years.

7. Do deodorants stop sweating?

No, they don’t. Deodorants are created to stop the bad odor by killing the bacteria that feed off the sweat. If you really want to stop the sweating, you can always use antiperspirants. But if you want to go the all-natural route, then you have no choice but to deal with the sweat.

8. How long do natural deodorants last? When do I reapply?

Natural deodorants usually last the whole day but in some brands (like Nuud or Lume) where they claim to last for three to seven days depending on the person.

At first, I always say that reapplication is needed two or three times per day depending on how sweaty you get. This is normal especially if you are just starting to use these products as your body is still detoxing so you tend to smell a bit bad at first.

After the adjustment period, you won’t need to reapply the product as much because your underarms won’t produce that much sweat anymore. Plus the product will kill the bacteria that cause the terrible odor.

9. Since there’s no aluminum in these products, can natural deodorants still stain my clothes?

Not as bad as your old product or it won’t leave any stain at all. There have been some reports of people using all-natural deodorants and still have a bit of a stain. My theory is the baking soda. While most of the lists here have that ingredient, I made sure to include the best ones which had little to no bad reviews on staining.

10. Will these deodorants help lighten my underarms?

Not really, but it may help lighten it a bit naturally as darkening can be the cause by the repeated hair removal procedures which can really dry your skin. The oils found in these natural products re-hydrate your skin back to its natural color. If you want it lighter though, you will have to use conventional deodorants with some mild acids that can peel or bleach your skin.

11. Can I use my deodorants with antiperspirants?

Yes, you can! Antiperspirants are usually applied at night and deodorants are usually applied in the morning so you don’t have to worry about anything “mixing”. If you’re the person who has hyperhidrosis (an excessive sweating condition), you might want to combine these two products for better results.

You can apply your antiperspirant at night for the best results and this gives the product enough time to set on the skin to temporarily stop the sweating. Applying your deodorant will be your extra layer of protection for the next day before you leave for school or work (or even at the gym).


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