3 Best Undershirts For Sweating in 2020

In this summer season, we naturally sweat more, especially when living in tropical climates or where the weather is humid. That’s why most men like me love using undershirts.

When we sweat more in our armpits than we normally do, sweat stains start to show up and it can cause some embarrassment. Especially for those that are living with primary hyperhidrosis, a condition in which you sweat excessively without a known cause.

Bst undershirts to use for sweating
it’s always good to have undershirts ready for any occasion.

You’re not alone in this problem as I have lived with hyperhidrosis for more than 2 decades! Read my story here.

I have suffered this condition for many years and I know exactly how embarrassing social events can be when you have your armpits drenched in sweat. You can take a shower, change your clothes as much as you want, but nothing changes. In no time you are completely drenched in sweat.

After the search for many years for a solution, then eventually giving up because I did not find anything, I miraculously found products that changed my days completely.

I found the best undershirts for sweating, that I never even dreamed about seeing one day. It did not take me long to buy a little over a week’s stock because they immediately solved my problem of wearing dark and baggy clothing immediately, without compromising my health.

In this review, I will talk about the best undershirts for sweating that you will find on the market. Make an informed decision before you buy, because these products are not cheap. I am doing my best to show you the positive and negative about each product so it is easier to choose and live with dry armpits for the rest of your life.


Thompson Tee Undershirt

Thompson Tee undershirt
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The Thompson Tee is a life-saver for anybody sweating excessively in their armpits. This shirt that hides your stains completely; your clothes will stay dry even though you sweat.

If you don’t mind excessive sweating in your armpits, and you prefer not to use antiperspirants because of health-related issues, you can rest assured that not one drop of sweat will come through this undershirt.

I have loved to wear sweat proof undershirts for a few years already and I feel uncomfortable when I don’t wear one.

You can be confident in whatever clothes you put on. Sweat will stay in those patented pads.

The Good About the Thompson Tee

1) Hydro-Shield Technology

The Thompson Tee has thick patented pads in the armpits with hydro-shield technology. Wetness is soaked up and kept in place. No leaks and stains on your outer layer of clothes.

Sweating becomes second nature to you. I focused so much on my excessive sweating, which made matters worse. After finding sweat proof undershirts, I have stopped thinking about sweating in my armpits, because sweat stays in place and will not leak through.

2) Comfort

I have found the Thompson Tee to be a comfortable undershirt. Although individuals might object to the thick pads, I got used to them in no time. It did not take more than a few days to really start to love these undershirts.

I started to love sweat proof undershirts and I find them comfortable because they give me so much freedom and confidence, that they do not seem to be a problem for me at all.

3) Durability

Just like other undershirts, these are very durable. I used my first set of these undershirts for a good 2 years. I washed them every single week, each one of them, and I used them all the time. You could see that they had been worn, but not to the point where I needed to replace them with new ones immediately.

The great thing is that the sweat pads are also durable. Sweat has never leaked through, and it continues like that. The undershirts are very expensive when compared to non-sweat proof undershirts, but they are well worth it.

4) Colors and shapes

The Thompson Tees are sold in various colors, available for both genders, and you can find them in v-necks and crew neck.

That is very practical since you can use them for whatever outer layer of clothes that you want to. Especially the v-neck is a deep cut, which is great when you like your button-down shirt open at the top.

5) Material

You will absolutely love the 5% spandex that this undershirt has, plus the ultra-soft rayon. Spandex prevents the undershirt from shrinking after each wash.

After months of using these shirts, they continued to fit almost like they did when I first bought them.

Also, this combination of these materials is super comfortable.

6) Extra length

When I bought this shirt, I did not like that they were longer than regular shirts. I was used to shorter undershirts and I thought I would not like it. However, now I love it.

The extra length helps the shirt to stay tucked in all day. Undershirts like Hanes always came out shortly after sitting down, or whatever I did.

7) No chemical treatment needed

I have said before that I love to stay as “clean” as possible, by which I mean that I do not like to give my body more chemicals than it already receives by all the food that we eat and the environment that we live in.

The Thompson Tee is a perfect solution to an everyday situation that we encounter: Excessive sweating. You can put on your 100% natural deodorant and you are good to go for the day. No need for strong antiperspirants to keep you dry.

8) Stay dry

Am I being repetitive? I cannot overstate that fact that you will stay completely dry on the outside of your clothes, although from the inside you are sweaty and wet.

If you sweat heavily for many hours, your undershirt will start to become heavy because of so much wetness, but there will be no need to change soon.

Rarely ever will these undershirts leak. In years of wearing one daily, I have had around 2 times when I sweat so much for a few hours that a small stain would appear. However, that has been so rare that by the time it happened, I felt like changing and showering anyways, so it was not a problem.

The Bad About The Thompson Tee

1) Hard to dry

One thing that I absolutely dislike about these undershirts is the fact that you cannot dry them easily. It takes very long.

When you are in a hurry and want to wash the undershirt quickly, forget it! You will not be able to get it dry in time. The only solution is to have one or two extra available for those hectic times. That way you will not encounter stressful moments of not knowing what to put on.

2) Price

The price of these shirts is pretty high compared to regular undershirts. If you buy a full week’s stock once, you are good to go for quite some time.

3) Stains on the pads

From the inside, your Thompson Tees will be terribly stained after time, but that does not matter to me, because it is always from the inside, and nobody will see it.

However, I always had my dress shirts stained, now it is only my undershirts. Because the pads are so thick, no stains will ever be on your outer layer of clothes. That is fabulous.

4) Baggy

I already mentioned that these undershirts can become baggy when you sweat a lot for extended periods. At that point, if you wear tight short sleeves, the sleeves from the undershirts will start to pop out because they are so wet and baggy that they find their way out.

I suggest wearing looser sleeves on your outer layer of clothing rather than tight ones. However, I have noticed that it mostly happens when I sweat a lot for many hours in a row.


When you consider buying the Thompson Tee, I suggest that you buy the slim fit, even though you might never use slim fit on other clothing. They are tighter and stay better in place. I only have the slim fit undershirts, and I am happy with them.

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Ejis Sweatproof Undershirt

Ejis sweat proof undershirt
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Like the Thompson Tee, the Ejis undershirt is a great option for everyone who would like to prevent embarrassing sweat stains that show up in your armpits so easily when not wearing an undershirt or using an antiperspirant.

Individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis have a hard time dealing with sweat stains that they are having every single day.

Ejis is a well-known brand that offers not only undershirts but also boxer briefs and dress socks that ensuring that you will stay dry for extended periods.

The Good About Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt

1) Sweat Proof

This undershirt does exactly what it was made for. You will not have any leaks or sweat stains showing up, even after wearing for extended periods.

Large and thick pads that are sewn into the shirt make it impossible for sweat to come through.

2) Comfort and material

The Ejis undershirt has two options of fabrics to choose from micro-modal and cotton. Micro modal is the pricier option. However, both undershirt will feel super soft to your skin. The bottom line of these undershirts is that they are premium and top-notch.

Individuals that sweat excessively usually are not comfortable in their clothes because everything tends to be sticky. However, with the fabrics that these undershirts are made, you will not have that problem. And even more with the micro-modal version.

There is also a 5% spandex that you will absolutely love. It makes it stretchy, but at the same time soft.

Micro-modal will absorb wetness at least twice as well as cotton, so if you sweat heavily, you might want to consider micro-modal. If you are only a moderate sweater, the cotton version will do.

3) Durability

When buying things, is it also important to you that they are durable? I bought an item recently, and only after a few uses it broke and I was unhappy with it.

Good news is that with sweat proof undershirts you pay a good price, but then you get undershirts that will last you for a good time.

Ejis undershirts are no different! They are super comfortable and highly durable. You will be able to wear them every single day and you can expect them to last.

4) Colors and shapes

The Thompson Tee has different options, but Ejis has more options available. There is the deep v-neck, low v-neck and crew necks available in at least 3 colors. They also offer the 2 different fabrics mentioned: micro-modal and cotton.

There is so much to choose from, that it fits all your needs, even your budget.

5) Stays tucked in

The extra length and stretching will help you stay comfortable during the day, not having to worry about it tuck out quickly. You can tuck it away and it will stay there.

At first, the extra length might be uncomfortable because other non-sweat proof undershirts don’t have that, but in the long run, you will like it very much. I did!

6) No chemicals

Wearing sweat proof undershirts is a way to healthier living because you do not need antiperspirants or other treatments for hyperhidrosis or sweating. You can solve your sweating problem in a clean way.

7) Stay dry

I cannot say enough that sweat proof undershirts like Ejis will leave your second layer of clothes completely dry and stain free. Are you having problems to get the stains out of your recently bought dress shirts? You can forget that when using one of these shirts.

Ever since I started using sweat proof undershirts, my shirts stay new for a long time. Before I found sweat proof undershirts, it seemed like I would have to buy new dress shirts so often because only after a few uses, they were heavily stained because I sweat excessively.

We tried many things on sweat-stained shirts but eventually gave up, because it always happened again. That problem is now solved.

8) Odor-Resistance

The fabulous thing about these undershirts that I did not find on the Thompson Tee is the fact that they have silver bound to the entire shirt which reduces odor.

Silver and copper are known to keep odors away. Ejis took advantage of that knowledge and applied it to their undershirts. Nope, you cannot go without your regular deodorant, but you will stay fresh for longer because of this silver-technology.

The Bad About Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirt

1 ) Bulkiness

A large one-piece waterproof layer covers your armpits completely so no sweat will come through. That is great, but when you put on sweat proof undershirts for the first time, your underarms will feel very bulky.

However, that feeling will go away, or at least you will not notice it after some time. But how can you stay dry when there are not waterproof layers? Wetness has to stay somewhere if you will not let it out.

2) Price

Again, the price for these undershirts is not optimal, considering that your Walmart-bought Hanes will cost you only a few bucks, while a full week stock can cost you well over 200 dollars.

After I bought one sweat proof undershirt, tested and tried it, I was more than ready to spend 200 dollars to stock up and use them daily. I remember how anxious I was until I received my second order or undershirts. It seemed for a moment as if all problems would disappear for a while.

3) Sweat stains

I have mentioned this before, but yellow sweat stains are ugly and nobody wants them. However, I prefer them on the inside of my undershirts than on all my dress shirts.

4) Baggy

Especially with the cotton version, you can expect to feel a little baggy. These shirts tend to run large. Always order a size smaller and go for a slim fit. That will prevent the problem in the first place, but even like that, they can be a little baggy.

5) Only for men

These undershirts were launched only for men. I expect them to launch a women’s version sooner or later. But for now, they are only for men, which is not so cool because men and women have the sweating problem alike.

Update:  They are now available for women as well.

6) Sweat will not disappear

As great as these shirts are and as much protection as they offer, one thing they will not do is to stop your sweating.

If you want to stop sweating completely, you need to check out clinical strength antiperspirants.


Go for a slim fit and maybe even a size smaller if you buy one of these shirts. It depends very much on how baggy you like your clothes. However, personal experience has led me to believe that for sweat proof undershirts like Ejis and Thompson Tees, you do better with slightly smaller than you use regularly.

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ItsDri Sweat Proof Undershirt

itsdri sweat proof undershirt
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With hyperhidrosis considered a medical condition, more and more people are looking for available solutions to this problem.

Recently, more and more products have been launched to help a large population of around 3% that do something about their problem.

ItsDri, a strong competitor of Thompson Tee and Ejis entered the market recently and offers a superior product that will catch all that sweat coming from your pits before it can run into your outer layer of clothes to make awful sweat stains.

The Good About ItsDri Sweat Proof Undershirt

1) Sweat Proof

The bottom line of this product is that it is a great undershirt that keeps you dry. It does its job so well that you cannot ask for a product that prevents sweat stains as well.

As it entered the market recently, it immediately caught attention because of the high-quality product that it is. 3 layers in a seamless construct will help sweat evaporate before it ever sees your second layer of clothes.

I have wondered about the sweat-proof technology as long as I have worn sweat proof undershirts. After sweating excessively for many years and always hiding in dark and baggy clothes, I still cannot believe that there is a miracle product that has brought my confidence back.

2) Material and comfort

Made with premium Lenzing modal and spandex, it is the perfect combination of fabrics that are super comfy and feel natural. You might even be tempted to wear it as a regular shirt.

Compared to other competing products, this one is very lightweight and thin.

3) Colors and shapes

This company is rather new, but it seems that they have made their way into the hyperhidrosis world successfully. Although not many colors and shapes are available at this time, they will soon launch more options.

At the time of this post, they offer white and nude color shirts with a v-neck. And it is also available for men and women. The women’s version was only released not too long ago with a scooped neck.

It looks positive for this company and you can expect a broad variety of products very soon.

4) Stays tucked in

Those extra 3 inches at the bottom of the shirt serve a purpose. I love the fact that they stay tucked in all day long! It is very uncomfortable, especially for taller people to wear short shirts that you can barely keep tucked in for an hour.

I had that problem for all the years that I wore Hanes undershirts, but I guess that is a matter of personal preference.

5) Organic option

Again, if you want to go the healthy way, you will not look for antiperspirants to stop your excessive sweating. You will rather look for an organic option to solve this problem.

6) Odor-resistance

The Ejis undershirt has silver all over the shirt. This shirt has copper in the pads, which resists odor and keeps you fresh all day long.

It is not scientifically proven to what extent silver or copper reduce the odor, but the makers of these shirts firmly believe that it has a positive effect. Without this added feature, you could expect to smell bad easier.

Customers who have tried this shirt for extended periods, state that you could even use it 2 days in a row without washing because the odor-resistance is top-notch.

7) Customer service

There are only 2 partners in this business, both hyperhidrosis sufferers for many years, which makes it a small business. However, with outstanding customer service.

As I looked through the comments from verified buyers, I was amazed at how efficiently they treated their customers, always prioritizing the feedback they receive. To me, their business looks really promising, because they take feedback into account and incorporate that into their shirts.

I think they are on the way to create one of the best sweat proof undershirts you can find.

8) Price

Compared to traditional undershirts, the price is very high.

Nevertheless, the price is not what is important about these shirts: They solve a problem that I have faced for many years and that alone is enough for me to buy sweat proof undershirts.

9) Risk-free trial

As stated before, the outstanding customer service offers a full 60-day back no-question return policy.

That means that you should buy only one shirt for the first time, try it, and if it convinces you, buy a full week’s stock. However, if it is nothing for you, or the size did not fit, just return it. You will get your 100% refund and even the return shipping fees for free.

Again, you can see that this company takes their feedback and customers serious.

The Bad About ItsDri Sweat Proof Undershirt

1 ) Durability

One thing about the ItsDri undershirt that I did not like is that it does not seem to be so durable as its competitors. Since it is lightweight fabric and not bulky at all, it seems to wear off sooner.

I mean you cannot ask an undershirt that is worn daily to last for years and if it does, it is high quality, else it wouldn’t. You will find that with the Thompson Tee and Ejis. However, I am sure that the ItsDri shirt will not wear off in only 2 washes or so.

Also, it is very important that you wash as explained in the instructions coming along with your order. Washing incorrectly can spoil the pads.

2) Sweat-proof

Although I mentioned this in the good things about this shirt, I can state that this shirt might need some adjustments still. However, as the company is in its early stages, you can expect that you change rapidly.

There seem to be quite some verified customers that had issues with sweat coming out beside the seams. The pads are protecting very well, but the pad does not seem to be big enough.

3) Size

Comparing this undershirt with its competitors, you would expect this one to run large as well. Nevertheless, you need to order according to their size chart or even consider buying a size up.

If you use a shirt that is too small, you may encounter leaks besides the seams, because your armpit is bigger than the shirt was designed for.  This is the main reason why customers have not had success with these shirts. They order too small.

Just take advantage of their risk-free-trial period so you can decide for yourself what size fits best for you and how effective it is on you.

4) Does not stop sweating

After I have tried different clinical strength antiperspirant, it feels better to not sweat one single drop at all. However, sometimes, those products are not as practical as to just put on a sweat proof undershirt and experiencing the same protection in terms of self-confidence and visible, ugly sweat stains over your neat dress shirts.

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I am so excited to share something as great as a sweat-proof shirt with anybody that has been suffering from what I have lived for many years.

Sweating excessively in your armpits can ruin your social life and self-confidence. I often opted to not go to a social gathering just because of my sweating. How ugly to be there with those ugly sweat stains under your arms. Even worse, giving somebody a hug is something I always dreaded.

Top-notch options to live a stain-free life keep me ecstatic. Although it has been years, I am always excited to put on a sweatproof undershirt! They brought me back my confidence and freedom and how could I wish something else for you?

Dressing in multiple layers, showering multiple times a day, wearing only dark colors, avoiding contact with people, and so on, are things that are things of the past and how have I enjoyed living without these things. It seemed as if everything was always kind of clouded with the fact that I sweat excessively.

I can now focus on what I really like to do. Not that I did not focus on my job, but as I said, those ugly and uncomfortable stains always sort of clouded my mind.

Have you had experiences with any of these best undershirts for sweating? If so, why not leave a comment below and tell me and others about your experiences so we can benefit from them?

Also, please don’t forget to share via social media by clicking the provided buttons below.

Wishing you the best of luck with your new sweat proof undershirts.


Ready to Make a Change Now?

My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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