6 Best Shoes For Sweaty Feet: Stink No More!

The New Year has been successful in sneaking in but you still suffer from excessive sweating. It has been hard to keep up with fashion trends because of the material that the mainstream market sells, but if there is one thing that you could keep up with, they are probably socks and footwear.

Some open shoes, for me, are an escape from sweaty feet but I cannot deny that there are some types of footwear that I want to wear but cannot because I either slip in them or the material stinks after a while. This already a problem for me and I don’t even have an excessive sweating condition on my feet, I just live in a very warm, humid country.

For example, trendy sandals, couture shoes that are not made from sweat-absorbing material. They tend to become so slippery and sometimes (especially during warm days) I have to go to the restroom and wipe the sweat off with tissue or paper towels. What more for people who have feet who sweat buckets? It must be so stressful for them.

Sweaty feet can be a problem as it not only causes bad odor, it can also cause lots of other complications.
Photo by Cristian Newman via Unsplash Media

Have no time to read more as you are quite busy? Here is the writer’s choice of the best pair of shoes you can wear if you have sweaty feet.

So what are the best shoes for sweaty feet? Stay tuned as I will share different brands and different types of shoes that can make life easier if your feet sweat a lot. I’ll make sure that the shoes I recommend will be stylish, durable, and will have breathable materials. Read more and have fun shopping later.

A lot of people suffering from excessive sweating get so frustrated when buying shoes that they tend to buy a functional pair and walk away from stores as they get overly stressed out. They feel hurt and that there is nothing to be done. They also end up buying weird looking shoes that never look good in anything they wear.

They feel that they just have to live with plantar hyperhidrosis and hope that medical innovation can help make it go away completely instead of having to use antiperspirants every day (which helps but isn’t a permanent solution) or go through painful procedures that don’t really last. The best solution I can come up with is to recommend really good shoes to help make the smell and the discomfort less of a problem and to help you out while you do whatever treatment was recommended for your sweaty feet.

I will make sure that you have comfortable options below and that you and your feet will be happy after you purchase any of the shoes I recommend. You will now have shoes that look good which you can pair with almost any outfit you wear (unless it really requires heels). But before that, read below on why you have sweaty feet. I always say that knowledge is power and is the best way to find solutions to any problem.

Why Do I Have Sweaty Feet?

Sweating has been around since human beings started roaming the earth and there is not much history of where it started. However, if your feet feel soggy and sloppy every time you see them, you are probably suffering from plantar hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the feet.

Hyperhidrosis falls under two categories – primary and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis or focal hyperhidrosis causes excessive sweating in the hands, underarms, face, and feet for no apparent reason. Like for example, even in a cold room, you find yourself sweating like you were walking under the sun.

Secondary hyperhidrosis or generalized hyperhidrosis, on the other hand, is excessive sweating caused by a medical condition or is a side-effect of medication given to treat another health condition like diabetes or for women, menopause. Sometimes secondary hyperhidrosis can be a sign of an infection so treating this will most likely make it go away unlike primary hyperhidrosis.

Usually, primary hyperhidrosis manifests during childhood or adolescence, but it can occur at any age. Do not worry and don’t you dare feel ashamed of it because five percent of the human population has this condition – most of them are unaware that they have hyperhidrosis. So sweaty feet are usually a sign of primary hyperhidrosis but are often ignored because lots of people experience it.

I highly suggest that getting your sweaty feet checked by a physician is a must because it can lead to nail fungus or athlete’s foot. Aside from that it can also cause embarrassment and can make you lose confidence. The goal here is to come up with a solid game plan to adapt to your sweaty feet. Consult with your dermatologist for better results as he/she will know the best treatment options you can choose if you want to reduce or eliminate the sweating altogether.

Popular treatments for sweaty feet include iontophoresis and Botox injections. There are non-invasive treatments too like oral or topical anticholinergics and antiperspirants It might also help your foot doctor to help you if you keep a log of sweating episodes as it can help your doctor map out your treatment plan.

Botox injections are usually for underarm excessive sweating but it may be used to manage sweaty hands and feet. A bit of precaution though, plantar injections of Botox (injections on the foot) can be painful and might not last as long as underarm Botox injections. They usually last for about three to four months before wearing off.

There are other alternatives that you can go to if plantar injections of Botox are outside of your budget. You can opt for shoe inserts that absorb the moisture of your feet or foot powders, but I’d really recommend asking your doctor for a really good antiperspirant as these products have been proven to work for a lot of people with similar conditions.

Some people even apply antiperspirant deodorant to their feet. Shoe driers can be a smart investment because it helps your shoes to dry thoroughly and quickly so they can be worn again – smelling better and to last longer.

You can also buy deodorizer balls from most shoe stores, They come with a packet that absorbs extra moisture and they also have fragrance beads that keep your shoes smelling really good after you wear them. I’d suggest wiping your shoes first though, especially if your feet are dripping with sweat. This helps prolong the lifespan of the deodorizers and your shoes.

Investing in the right footwear is a must! Well-fitting shoes that are made of leather allows your feet to breathe are the best and are perfect for all types of occasions. A lot of people with hyperhidrosis swear by athletic shoes with nylon mesh because it is made for breathability.

In my honest opinion, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one type of shoes, so I prepared a list of different types of shoes that you can wear especially if you have sweaty feet. Read more and check them out below.

Best Pairs of Shoes For Sweaty Feet

Among the thousands of brands out in the market, I’ve searched for the best shoes that can keep your feet dry while still looking stylish. Below is a simplified chart of all these shoes that will help you with your sweaty feet. Check them out!

Shoe Brands Where you can wear it Country of Origin
1. Vibram 5 FIngers Running, biking USA
2. Adidas Ultraboost Casual wear, light sports activities USA
3. Scarpa Casual wear, gym, running Italy
4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Road shoes, casual wear, USA
5. Altra Solctice XT Running (non-trail), casual wear USA
5. Puma Women’s Pacer Casual wear USA

1. Vibram 5 Fingers

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We’ve seen them — those pair of shoes that look like a pair of gloves. You wonder whether you’ll get hurt by a random nail in the streets. It’s even more astonishing watching Ruby Muir, a Kiwi ultra-distance trail runner and one of Vibram’s trail athletes, crush the Tarawera Ultra with a pair of Vibram 5 fingers that you’ll almost forget about the random sharp rock in the streets as she blitzed her way the rocky downhills and slippery rocks.

However, Vibram is not just the 5 Fingers we have seen. Last summer, Gediminas Grinius, a Lithuanian ultra-distance runner, completed the American Grand Slam of 100-mile races in his pair of Altras customized with Vibram soles. So many runners are using this pair which makes you wonder what makes Vibram unique.

Vibram is actually a brand of outer shoe soles, which you’ll often see in mountaineering shoes and safety boots. What inspired Vibram to create highly durable soles? The brand had a dark story to start. In 1937, Vitale Brahmani’s six friends died in a mountaineering accident in the Italian Alps.

The only thing to blame was their mountaineering boots that didn’t have any grip nor were durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of the outdoors. The team slipped and fell in their expedition because of faulty shoe wear. Losing his friends was his inspiration in inventing and patenting the first-ever rubber lug soles, which made Vibram famous today.

Vibram soles were designed to have excellent traction on any surface with fewer abrasions thereby protecting its wearer from fatal injuries. Vibram has proven its durability in 1954 when it was used during the first successful summit in K2, the most dangerous mountain in the world. 

In 2005, Vibram released their Vibram 5 Fingers, a line of minimalist shoes, which the brand claims to make its wearer be more comfortable and agile outdoors as opposed to wearing the conventional bulky rubber shoes we were used to wearing.

Initially, their target market were yacht racers as they needed shoes that help them be agile at the same time have grip on slippery decks while still giving them the barefoot experience. Before, yacht racing athletes were just wearing slippers or sandals, which led to slipping accidents. What makes the Vibram 5 Fingers loved and accepted easily was its light Polyamide material and an antimicrobial microfiber, which keeps the wearer’s feet dry.

Let’s face it. The larger the shoe, the heavier it is. The thicker the materials and the more stuff you put in the shoe, the less breathable it is. Moreover, all the toes of your feet are “gloved” which makes your feet prone to less sweating compared to when your toes are together. Because of this, you don’t have to wear socks anymore but there have been companies creating socks specifically designed for Vibram 5 wearers. 

Later on, they ventured into minimalist running and released the Vibram 5 Fingers running line soon after Ted McDonald, also known as “Barefoot Ted”, suggested the pair for barefoot running. Barefoot running enthusiasts claimed that barefoot running lessens the risk of ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis because it trains the feet to run using the body’s natural movement. This natural running motion can be seen in children and sadly, as we age and as we babysit our feet with footwear, we lose this natural motion.

However, with Vibram’s bold claims of reducing injury when the shoe is worn for minimalist running, they faced a lawsuit in 2012 and had to do a massive recall for anyone who bought the pair since March 2009. A controlled study released in July 2013 that the risk of bone marrow edema was increased in the wearers of the shoe with heavy usage. However, there’s nothing to fear if you are just walking in this pair as walking has less impact compared to running and other strenuous sports.

There’s nothing to worry about bone marrow edema if you are just using the shoes for walking and light sports. The study was conducted in such a way to determine the impact of wearing the pair with heavy athletic activity. I added this brand to this list because there’s little to no chance of blisters and definitely less sweating when using this pair.

In fact, this also happens when you wear any shoes when your legs are not conditioned and strengthened in the gym even if you wear shoes with enough cushioning. Working out your Achilles tendons and calves will make your legs stronger to make you more resistant to injuries. 

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2. Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoes

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All Day I Dream About Sports… or shoes as for this post. And what’s amazing about the Adidas Ultraboost the science behind their shoes. Ever wondered why the marketing campaigns of the Adidas Ultraboost is all about space? It’s because they teamed up with rocket scientists to create a perfect pair of shoes for astronauts — people who are nuts about research and development!

To come up with a super light, comfortable, and super dry shoe, Adidas teamed up with the International Space Station (ISS) US National Laboratory for research and development in its 2020 model making it notches higher in comfort and in durability from its predecessors.

Adidas’ Ultraboost’s tight Primeknit+ textile upper made of breathable materials (that they do not what to share) gives a sock-like fit to your feet as if you’re not wearing anything. The most interesting thing about the collaboration with the US National Laboratory is that they are attempting to test its performance in outer space.

Now, we wonder how astronauts feet smell that they needed intricate technology! We’re assuming it could get really bad for them to come up with a pair backed by heavy research and development.

Adidas is one of the famous running shoe brands in the world today, which was started by two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, in their mother’s laundry room in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

The shoe business was started by Rudolf as a means of living after coming home from his duty as a veteran during World War I. Later on, in July 1924, his brother joined him in the business thus the birth of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik or The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. 

A feat of the brothers business is making track running shoes light. Before, running shoes used metal spikes to get traction in the running track so they came up with spikes that were made from rubber.

In 1936, The Dassler Brothers’ running rubber spiked shoes debuted in the Summer Olympics when US Sprinter, Jesse Owens, bagged home four gold medals wearing the pair. Owens’ victory gave rise to The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory’s fame in the world of running.

The invention of the rubber spiked shoes saved the running track from easy wear and tear saving running institutions with running tracks thousands of dollars in repairs. It also left the shoe lighter and less tough on the feet so that runners wouldn’t have that many injuries due to the extra weight.

However, the business turned bad for the Dassler Brothers during World War II when their shoe factory was taken over by the Nazi government to manufacture anti-tank weapons for the Nazi army.

By the end of the war, the shoe factory was almost torn down by the US forces. Thanks to Adolf Dassler’s wife, who convinced and lied her way to the US army that the factory was just a shoe factory; thus, they have no other interest aside from just making shoes.

Because of this, the Dassler factory was spared from being acquired and the shoe business ensued. Later on, the American occupying forces became fans of the Dassler athletic shoes taking a large chunk in their customer population. 

Unfortunately, while their shoe company survived a world war, not all family members are at peace at home and in business. In 1947, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler split up due to conflicts. Adolf Dassler formed a new firm named, Adidas AG from his nickname and last name, Adi Dassler, in 1949.

Rudolf, on the other hand, created his own brand, Ruda, which was later on rebranded as Puma. Since the split, the tension between the two brothers cut like a knife that the entire Herzogenaurach community got involved and got divided.

Everyone in the community judged everyone by the shoe they were wearing; thus, they were called the community of “bent necks” because everyone had to know if they were wearing an Adidas or a Puma. This lasted for decades, but now it doesn’t really matter anymore as there are too many brands that are competing against each other.

While the Dassler Brothers died unreconciled, competition fueled Adidas making them relentlessly pursue research and development for their product’s continuous improvement making them release rocket science approved products.

I included the Adidas Ultraboost Running Shoes in this list because it is one of the lightest (if not the lightest) shoes on this list and it’s also very stylish. To wear one is a dream and you should buy a pair if you want a shoe that weighs a feather but works wonders when it comes to protecting your feet.

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3. Scarpa

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Scarpa has ingrained in its tradition the value of innovation and tradition since 1938. Globally known as the top mountaineering shoe brand for elite mountaineers, Scarpa, has never lowered their standards in quality above and on sea level because of safety.

The sport of mountaineering has high demands especially in footwear and one of the critical concerns of mountaineers when it comes to footwear is breathability without sacrificing durability. As we all know, most brands these days only look good, but when you wear them either get destroyed fast or hurts your feet so much you have to buy from a different brand.

Because of the harsh weather in alpine terrain, mountaineering shoes tend to become heavy and bulky. Breathability is sacrificed because the feet need to be protected first from mountain terrain and harsh weather conditions. But being heavy means that there is more strain with every step a person takes because they’d now have to carry extra weight.

The same quality and philosophy have also been applied by Scarpa in their lifestyle line where everything is easier and less demanding. Scarpa’s Gecko Air Flip gives the same promise of lightness, comfort, durability, and breathability, but giving its wearer the rugged outdoor look because who says that the outdoor look is only for outdoor athletes?

The sock-like knitted upper part gives the Gecko Air Flip a snug and light feel making the shoe a part of your body and not an extension of the human body. After all, you must wear comfortable shoes that won’t make you feel like you have feet made out of lead (or something very heavy).

Now, will it help prevent sweating and bad foot odor? Of course. In Scarpa’s collaboration with Ueli Steck, known in the Mountaineering world as the “Swiss Machine”,  they said that collaborating with a mountain athlete has done advantages to their research and development. While athletes may not be good product designers, they give product engineers many ideas on how to make things better. 

Partnering up with Steck, “No” has always been a word Scarpa hears from him as they collaborated to develop fast and light equipment for alpine mountaineering with minimalist gear. Basically, product engineers address Steck’s concerns about breathability, durability, lightness, and agility.

As a result of the many “No’s” coming from the athlete, Scarpa has developed shoes that are light, durable, and breathable. The alpine mountaineering shoe, “Phantom,” is one of the products that was materialized as a result of Scarpa and Steck’s collaboration and innovation. To this date, it is a favorite of many athletes as it has never failed their feet.

Scarpa as a name does sound weird, doesn’t it? Later on, I learned that it is actually an acronym for Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima, meaning Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area.

The company started as an organization for shoemakers in Northern Italy in the Dolomites area with a mission to produce quality and durable handcrafted footwear in the Asolo area and anywhere.

The mission of Scarpa is to bring together all the best shoemakers in the area to share best practices in shoemaking to improve their products as well as teach aspiring shoemakers. One of the aspiring shoemakers is Luigi Parisotto. 

Parisotto learned the craft of shoemaking when he was 11 in 1940 and started to work for Scarpa 2 years later. Learning from the adept shoemakers of Northern Italy helped him develop his talent. After years of experience under Scarpa, Luigi Parisotto started his own shoe company with his brother.

The new company manufactured 15 handmade shoes per day for farmers who needed shoes that are comfortable and durable. In 1965, the Parisotto brothers, with assistance from their family, bought Scarpa and turned it into a family business.

Under Luigi Parisotto’s leadership, Scarpa was accepted as a business that produced 50 to 60 quality pairs of shoes per day. With quality as Scarpa’s signature, it was not difficult for the company to expand its business outside Asolo, Italy. 

Now, Scarpa is popular worldwide and still produces durable and lightweight shoes that now come in many different colors. I find that their shoes are actually unisex, unlike other brands that have a distinct difference between their man’s and women’s shoes.

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4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

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Nike is quite famous and at the same time controversial right after two of their athletes, Ababel Yeshaneh and Eliud Kipchoge broke world records in running for 21km and 42km respectively using the Nike Vaporfly, Nike’s newest innovation for running shoes with Carbon technology that almost got banned in most world running competitions because of the spring-like mechanism inside made out of a special type of foam.

This foam is called Pebax and was made by a French chemical company called Arkema. Nike added a carbon-fiber plate that helps the foam expand and contract faster, thus making the Pebax very efficient in adding lift off to a person’s strides and lessening the strain and fatigue on the muscles. I find this technology amazing, to be honest. Nike is definitely winning when it comes to research and development (plus producing the finished product). 

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will not permit new technologies such as the Vaporfly in the sports event to give fair advantage to other athletes wearing other shoe brands that do not have the same technology as Nike. Is it fair? We don’t think so. We think that Nike just ran a few miles ahead of the game in terms of innovation making them live up to their name. I honestly respect the hard work, innovation, and time they spend before releasing their shoes.

Unfortunately, the Vaporfly is not our Nike topic of the day. The model is overkill for normal shoe use unless you have the money to spend on an elite athlete gear as normal wear for normal everyday activities such as walking. For the regular active person, Nike has Zoom Pegasus 36, a running shoe model that also has some Vaporfly features. So don’t fret, these pair have really good features as well, without breaking the bank. 

What people raved about this model is that they don’t have to worry about not training during rainy and winter seasons because of their “weatherized” upper mesh that’s light and waterproof at the same time. For most shoe brands, the material being waterproof is bad news as it means locking moisture and sweat inside the shoes. The good news is that the Zoom Pegasus’ upper mesh wicks out sweat and moisture from the inside making your feet dry with the right socks as well. 

The company, Nike, was named after the Greek Goddess of war, Nike, the Goddess of victory. The brand was founded by Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman, at the University of Oregon on January 25, 1964, and was originally known as the Blue Ribbon Sports or BRS. Back then, they were importing the Japanese shoe brand, Onitsuka Tiger, into the United States running shoe market.

 During the first year, the said brand sold 1,300 pairs of running shoes which gave them a gross revenue of $ 8,000, which was a lot of money back then.  When their sales tripled, they opened their first store in Sta. Monica, California, and then later in Wellesley, Massachusetts when their revenue increased again.

When BRS’s contract with Onitsuka Tiger ended in 1971, they started their own line of athletic shoes and rebranded as Nike. They released their first ad with the new branding in 1976 under John Brown and Partners with the tagline, “There is no finish line.” Ironically, the ad showed no Nike products; yet, in 1980, the company already had a 50% market share in the United States running shoe market. 

Aside from great marketing and even greater shoes, Nike has been constant when it comes to releasing the best technology in the world of shoes. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is made with breathable mesh materials, making sure that any sweat your feet produces dries fast and will not attract bacteria that can cause bad smell or fungi that can cause athlete’s foot. 

The heel of the Air Zoom Pegasus is also beveled (or sloped) to make smoother transitions in every stride. There’s also less impact on your heel, making it easier for you to walk long distances. Lightweight shoes also reduce the strain on your feet because you wouldn’t have to carry the extra weight. I added the Pegasus in this list because the mesh doesn’t just dry fast but is made in such a way to still provide support to your feet.

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5. Altra Solstice XT

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“Zero Drop” is Altra’s signature which was inspired by the barefoot running philosophy, which believes that humans should go back to their running natural form by running with feet closer to the ground. One of its founders, Golden Harper, experimented on this Philosophy by cutting up different shoe brands and lessening the heel to toe drop.

He noticed that the heel height of conventional running shoes was too high compared to the mid/toe, which causes the runners’ stride and gait to change. These effects lead to joint injuries as the joints absorb the landing impact instead of the muscles.

He sought the help of the athletes in his community to test the altered shoes to check whether his experiments confirm the claims of the barefoot running philosophy. During this time, he was working for his father’s shoe store giving him access to shoes to alter by removing the padding in the heels lessening the shoe heel height.

He finally concluded his experiments when the subject of his experiment’s running form became more natural when they ran with the altered pairs of shoes. With heels that are not elevated, the foot naturally lands on either the forefoot or midfoot; thereby letting the runner land on bent knees lessening the impact on the joints.

Harper’s experiment sparked the curiosity of the running community in their area that there was a demand for the hacked pairs. In 2009, Harper, together with some friends pitched the shoe idea to various shoe companies but were ignored so they started their own brand instead and named their company, “Altra”. “Altra” is based on the Latin word “Altera” which means “to fix or mend what was broken.” In 2011, Altra hit the North American market as a sports equipment developer and manufacturer, ICON Health & Fitness, who acquired the brand. 

Altra lives up to its name helping people fix their running form through rigorous research and development by partnering up with Utah State University Outdoor Product Design and Development program. The partnership gives the brand the opportunity for continuous research and study on shoes by students in a laboratory setting.

However, as with any show that caters to the barefoot running technology, it has never been a good transition from running with a pair of shoes that have a higher heel to toe drop to running with zero drops. Unfortunately, most runners just run but forget to strengthen and condition their legs.

Since Altra displaces the impact of the foot landing from the joints to the legs, it could become very painful using a pair of Altras at first if your calves, quads, and hamstrings are weak; thus, it is highly advisable to go to gym and do strength and conditioning exercises for the legs and thighs to be able to adjust fast to a pair of Altras.

Why is Altra Solstice XT on this list? There are actually a lot of Altra shoes to choose from but this model, perhaps, is the model that makes it to our cut for comfortable shoes for everyday wear. Most Altra shoes are only breathable but not waterproof or even at least water repellent.

They have come up with an upper mesh that’s light, breathable and sweat-wicking to make heavy workout loads in the gym, some short distance running, and casual walking comfortable. 

This pair has a good and fully supporting rubber sole but at the same time maintaining the brand’s Zero Drop experience lessening the impact on your joints and really engaging all the necessary muscles your legs have to use when they move. So if you want to build stronger muscles (especially calves), you’d definitely want to get a pair. 

Also, as I’ve mentioned above, the mesh on this shoe is not only breathable but I have to add that it’s so lightweight as heavy shoes can add to the fatigue when exercising—be it at the gym or during short runs outside. Take note that this is a road shoe which means that I wouldn’t recommend that you use this when hiking as it can destroy the shoe. 

The upper part also has a “cage that adds support and protection to the upper part of your feet. The design helps reduce the impact of people with an excessive heel strike, which lessens the chances of sustaining injuries when working out. 

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6. PUMA women’s pacer next cage sneaker

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We’ve talked about Adidas so I guess we should also talk about the rival brand, Puma. 70 years ago, Adolf, Rudolf Dassler’s younger brother started Adidas after leaving Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik or the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company. Read more to learn about the world’s third-largest sportswear manufacturer. 

Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler in Herzogenaurach, a small town in Erlangen-Höchstadt, Bavaria Germany. The split between the original Dassler brand Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik didn’t happen overnight. They found that they were disagreeing so much they had to split, one brother starting a brand known as Adidas and the other starting Ruda, which later on became Puma. 

As you might’ve read above, the competition got so bad that people would check whether one was wearing an Adidas or Puma, both going neck and neck in sales, later on making both brands known worldwide. Puma now supports lots of sports teams be it basketball, football, or even track teams, making the puma logo so recognizable. 

Now let’s talk about their women’s pacer next cage sneaker. What makes it so special? Why is it on this list? Well, I can say this shoe is worth all the money you spend plus the fact that it is so affordable, you could even buy several pairs at a time (because you want to, or to rotate the shoes you wear).

The PUMA women’s pacer next cage sneaker will definitely bring your footwear to another level because it’s chic design can match any outfit plus its light mesh design is so breathable, you’ll barely feel that you have any shoes on.

Before I fully discuss all the parts of this amazing shoe I just want to let you know that of all the shoes in this list, this is the most affordable one of all but don’t worry, PUMA doesn’t sacrifice durability as it gives you full protection and maximum comfort.

There’s a reason why PUMA was Adidas’ biggest competitors, that is because they produced high-quality shoes that rivaled the other brand’s shoes but with a lower price tag. Let’s talk more about PUMA Pacer’s outsoles. They are thicker than most shoes and a bit rugged which makes it a good fit for running or for everyday wear. They are also in a different color, making it so stylish as well. 

The midsole of the PUMA Pacer is durable and soft as it is made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. EVA is actually a very soft plastic which is why it’s usually called EVA foam, as it feels like rubber when touched. Unlike normal rubber, EVA lasts longer and provides really soft cushioning so you won’t feel the impact when running. 

The outer sole and midsole may bring you the best comfort but don’t just think that it is the only thing these shoes can offer. The upper part of the shoes are made out of two-toned knitted mesh that is extremely breathable and light but make no mistake, it hugs your feet for maximum stability. This pair is definitely worth every cent you spend. 

What makes these shoes unique is the “cage” it has towards the middle (almost the back part) of the shoe. It has a thick wrap made out of thermoplastic urethane that makes sure the grip and fit on the shoe on your foot is secure, makes the shoes look and feel better on you, without any worries that it will slip off or move too much, causing blisters. 

The PUMA logo is also printed on the sides of the shoe, making it look so sleek and classy. I highly recommend these shoes if you want a day to day shoe and if you have a tight budget as they are so affordable but they also look so good on your feet. 

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You don’t have to limit yourself to just sports shoes or open shoes all the time. As you can see in the list above, there are many options out there for you, it’s just a matter of patiently researching and looking at different brands.

Knowing that you’re probably busy and that you may not have as much time I made sure that everything above is the best shoes to help you avoid stinky or itchy feet due to too much sweating.

I’m so happy that I get to help you and that you checked this list out because after this I’m sure you’ll get the best pair you think that’s best for your feet. It’s all a matter of choosing your size and voila, you have new shoes!

Let me know how your new pair works and if your feet smell better after using them. If you have any questions or if you want to suggest a brand that’s not on my list, just leave me a comment below. I really love it when my readers leave me messages as I also learn from them.

Don’t forget to click on the social media buttons to share this list with people looking for shes for their sweaty feet. Be on the loop and check my blog daily for new and exciting articles.


1. What’s the difference between men’s and women’s shoes?

There are actually three differences between men’s and women’s shoes, the color, sizing, and heel to toe drop. Men’s sizing tends to be bigger about 2 sizes bigger than the women’s line. Some women with bigger feet would opt to buy the men’s line instead.

This is if you’re not sponsored by the brand. Sponsored athletes usually get a custom-made pair (wow, right?!). The colors also differ when it comes to the men’s compared to the women’s line. I find that the colors for the females tend to be too bright or too muted.

I wish that they’d also have the same colors for the women’s shoes, to be honest. At times I don’t like all these bright colors and I gravitate towards darker shades. A lot of people actually agree with me as I see their comments on some of the shoe sites I visit.

Last but not least is the heel to toe drop. Women tend to have a lower drop compared to the men’s line but it’s just a smaller difference. Plus there are brands that make 0 drop shoes so both the men and women’s lines don’t have a difference anymore.

2. Is it safe to order shoes online? What about getting my size right?

First, ordering online will have no issue especially if you know your size. Most shoes online are also a bit cheaper compared to buying them in stores. What I usually suggest is that on one of your trips to the mall, try on a pair you’re intending to buy and take note of the size you like.

Also, try to get a gait analysis so you know what type of shoe to get. Sometimes you may accidentally buy neutral shoes when in fact you need stabilizing shoes instead.


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My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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