7 Best Products For Sweaty Hands: No More Nervous Handshakes

Do you often notice that you have to wipe your hands when you need to shake hands with someone? Do you notice that you have a hard time typing on your phone because your palms are dripping with sweat? If you answered yes then you might have palmar hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition when one excessively sweats without being caused by any physical activity and experiencing palmar hyperhidrosis is just the same, your palms are dripping with sweat and you don’t know why. In this article, I’m here to help by giving you the best products for sweaty hands.

You will learn what may cause sweaty palms and the disadvantages of having this condition. What makes this different is you will find a product that can help you stop sweating today which will change everything about your life. Exciting, right?

As I am not a doctor I still want to let you know that you should go to your doctor just in case the sweating is caused by an underlying medical condition. Aside from these products, your doctor may propose non-invasive treatments or even iontophoresis to stop the sweating.

Sweaty hands can be a deterrent in having a simple handshake or even just holding the hand of a loved one.
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Are you busy and don’t have to read more (or want to read later)? Here is the editor’s top pick for the best products for sweaty palms.

Why Does One Have Sweaty Palms?

It has always been a question for me growing up, on why my palms would sweat so much. Where I grew up (somewhere in Asia), there is an old folk illness called plasma which they associate with the interaction of heat and cold. I’m sure you may not have heard of this at all so I will explain further.

Pasma usually occurs in different parts of the body and the belief is that when you are active the whole day, you shouldn’t immediately take a bath in cold water as this can cause exhaustion and muscle pain.

In some cases, this folk illness affects the palms, making it clammy and sweaty. Growing up, they told me that I had pasma and that I should stop bathing immediately after playing outside or after work. I read more about this and sadly there are no medical journals that back these claims.

Growing up, I was told that I was very active and that I washed my hands a lot, causing pasma on my hands. Growing up I didn’t know that it was most likely palmar hyperhidrosis.

I noticed that when I get nervous, it would trigger the sweating. Sometimes, there would be no cause and my palms would be dripping in sweat. So I decided to read more about this condition (or sweaty palms in general) to get to the bottom of this.

I discovered that there can be many causes aside from it being palmar hyperhidrosis. After reading about these causes I narrowed it down to different causes which I will explain below:

1. Smoking

If you are a heavy smoker, the chemicals in that small stick enter your body and affects your sympathetic nervous system which in turn triggers sweating on your palms. That’s why most doctors recommend that one stops smoking in order to stop the sweating (and of course the risk of getting cancer among other things).

2. Anxiety or Nervousness

A lot of people wonder if anxiety is linked to sweating and after researching, it actually is. Stress and anxiety trigger the production of adrenaline which in turn makes you sweat a lot. I honestly think that anxiety and hyperhidrosis have this cycle as one or the other causes the other so if one is anxious then they’d most likely sweat and vice-versa.

3. Hot Weather/Temperature

While most people thing that we only sweat on our back face and arms when under the heat of the sun, the hands sweat a lot too! So expect this to happen when in a sauna, hot yoga, or when exercising.

4. Diet

The key to an overall healthy body is not only about exercising. Diet plays a huge role in boosting your immune system, helping you maintain your ideal weight so you can go about your day with no problems. But your food actually plays a bigger role than just keeping you healthy.

Diet also affects sweating and eating some food may cause your body to sweat more than usual. If you are already diagnosed with (or if you suspect that you have) hyperhidrosis, avoid eating garlic, onion, and spicy food. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and anything with caffeine in it. Food containing these ingredients may trigger an excessive sweating episode which you’d very much want to avoid.

5. Medical Condition/ Medication

I know I have mentioned this but to make a complete list of reasons why your palms sweat, I have to include underlying medical conditions because some diseases or infections can cause you to sweat a lot. Another factor is the medication for some diseases which may trigger sweating as a side-effect. Let me give some examples.

Hypoglycemia is a condition where your blood sugar levels drop, causing cold sweats. This can either be a condition on its own or it can be caused by medications given to people with diabetes. Always get checked when suddenly experiencing excessive sweating because there is a chance that you may have a medical condition that causes it.

The key to eliminating the sweating episodes is to treat the root cause— the medical condition. Treat the condition (or change the medication), and voila! You’ll have decreased or no more sweating episodes. Although it’s scary, going to the hospital and getting a proper workup is way better than self-diagnosing and self-medicating.

6. Hormone Imbalances

Although we have discussed that sweating may be caused by underlying medical conditions, I wanted a separate classification for hormone imbalances. Sweaty palms may be experienced if you have a thyroid issue (most likely hyperthyroidism) which causes your body to trigger a frequent sweating episode.

Another related condition is menopause for women and andropause for men. This condition is experienced when the a person produces less hormones (estrogen for women and testosterone for men) that not only regulates the sex drive but also helps the body regulate temperature.

When the body experiences a hormone imbalance like this, it doesn’t regulate temperature well and causes sudden and intense sweating episodes called hot flashes and even night sweats, which can be very stressful. The key is to get medication for hormone treatment which can help lessen the side-effects of the hormone imbalance (which includes the sweating).

The Downside of Sweaty Palms

1. “Butter Fingers”

Having “butter fingers” means that during games or when someone throws you an object to catch, it almost always slips and you can’t seem to catch anything. It can get frustrating and embarrassing because you end up sitting out of group activities or games you would’ve wanted to play.

Personally, it affected my self-esteem a lot so growing up, especially in high school, I ended up not even wanting to play because my palms would be dripping with sweat and people never wanted to be my teammates. That is why this article was so important to me because I want to help people overcome this obstacle by simply using a cream or spray.

2. Awkward Handshakes

Handshakes are usually a part of closing deals, business, or even when just meeting people. For people suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis though, it’s not that simple. Handshakes are a nightmare and often they have (try) to secretly wipe their hands before shaking someone’s hand. Sometimes, they try to avoid it altogether.

In some cultures, an example would be Japan, where the sign of respect and greetings are often shown through a slight bow. Handshakes are very rare which makes me think that Japanese hyperhidrosis patients are a bit more lucky than us (but not quite, because hyperhidrosis is still embarrassing for some).

3. Difficulty Using Phones

This is so true. before touch screen phones, there used to be ones that had solid keypads like the Blackberry Curve. I remember destroying so many phones because my sweat would enter through the small cracks and fry the phone. No kidding. Imagine my relief when the smartphones arrived and they had no keypads. I was so wrong.

I discovered that although smartphones make it so easy with fingerprint recognition, sweaty fingers won’t be recognized by the fingerprint pad, making it harder for you to access your phone, it ending with you having to manually type the password in.

Let’s discuss texting and gaming. Some (if not all) touch screens have a hard time recognizing sweaty fingers, making it hard to type for sending messages or posting something on social media. Imagine having very slippery and sweaty fingers while holding a tiny mobile phone? Not the best experience at all.

4. Swollen Fingers

In very rare cases, palmar hyperhidrosis is accompanied with swelling or bloating, making it harder for people to wear rings or even work because the bloating is evident (very clear to the naked eye) and it’s extremely hard to bend the fingers.

This isn’t as common, thus making it to the bottom of the list, but it is very much a problem associated with this condition. It is best to see a doctor when it comes to the bloating, but overall, if the sweating stops the bloating usually stops as well.

Here is a video by Bradley Birkholz and his experience living with palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. I loved the way he was honest about what he feels and how this condition affects his day-to-day

Steps to Stop Sweaty Palms

While hyperhidrosis has no permanent cure yet, there are some steps you can take to reduce or temporarily stop the excessive sweating on your palms. Doing these steps can help give you some relief and in the long run, can be beneficial to your overall health.

1. Avoid Food and Beverages That Will Cause Sweating

As I mentioned above, eating food with onion, garlic, and chili can trigger sweating episodes so it is best to avoid eating food with these ingredients. Also avoid drinking alcohol and coffee. Yes, I know it can be tough, but just think about how excessive sweating can affect your social life among other things.

It’s all about a little sacrifice while waiting for our doctors and scientists to invent or find the best cure for this condition. You’ll notice that your sweating will significantly decrease when removing these specific ingredients from your diet. My recommendation is to eat sattvic food which doesn’t use onion or garlic when preparing food.

Sattvic food is usually vegetarian and has ayurvedic roots. The logic behind it is to remove food that bring “heat” to the body to help when meditating. But never mind that, as your true goal is just to avoid garlic and onion.

2. De-stress

Stress is one of the biggest sweat triggers and I’m not even joking. Stress is one of the biggest factors adding up to anxiety which is a known cause for hyperhidrosis. The best solution would be finding a nice place to visit during the weekend or when you have free time.

Find some time to unload and to rest. Take a break off the bad news on social media by going on a hike. Fly to Bali for a yoga camp. Anything to help your body relax. Another simple solution would be breathing exercises.

You can take a deep breath and try to take the same time as your inhales and match it with your exhales. As much as it sounds a bit difficult, you may check the GIF below and follow it as a relaxation exercise.

Doesn’t it help a lot? I have lots of these saved on my phone at times when I feel suffocated and want to de-stress. I’m sure that you can use this as a tool just in case.

3. Wash your hands

Not really something to stop your hands from sweating but something to help you prevent other problems that may be caused by excessive sweating. Like other parts of your body, sweat attracts lots of bacteria that just loves and thrives in your sweat.

In the armpit area or in the feet it may produce a foul odor, but for the hands, it can make the spread of bacteria faster because of all the sweat. Aside from it being part of proper hygiene, you wouldn’t want to be someone who spreads bacteria around, and conversely, you wouldn’t want your sweaty hands picking up anything which can get you sick.

4. Use Hand Antiperspirants

Using hand antiperspirants are the first line of defense when it comes to beating excessive sweating. They are topical, so there is no need for injections. I love using antiperspirants because they are painless and are relatively cheaper than getting some procedure done that won’t even permanently get rid of the sweat.

You might be wondering why the previous number is about washing hands. Always, I mean always, wash your hands before applying these products to get the maximum benefits and best results of the antiperspirant you’re using. Now, off we go to learn more about the different products you can use for your hands.

Products For Sweaty Hands

1. GamerGrip Total Grip Solution

GamerGrip Total Grip Solution
Click image for more details.

Have you ever tried mobile gaming? I bet you have, as it’s not uncommon for people to have games on their smartphones— it helps when waiting in line at the doctor’s office, during a long bus ride, or even just to relax at home.

Now, let’s add sweaty hands into the equation. Your hands clammy, dripping in sweat, and your fingers may or may not be bloated. This situation changes everything because based on my experience, sweaty hands can ruin a phone game.

The phone’s very sensitive touch screen may react differently to sweaty palms, most of the time not recognizing where you have pressed something as it doesn’t register with the phone. Another thing is the fingerprint detector, it sadly cannot read very sweaty fingers.

Who said that this can stop you from having fun? People, after all, are geniuses when it comes to finding solutions to a problem. The brain is naturally geared to solving problems, so one day someone came up with an awesome answer to sweaty hands— GamerGrip.

There has been a huge craze in the gaming community over this gel. I mean it, both online gaming and even ball sports like rugby or basketball. Lots of people have been raving about GamerGrip changing their lives. They all say the same thing: it works.

So what is GamerGrip? I did some reading and I found that it is a gel that you apply and it prevents sweating for up to four hours after application. This means it can last a whole rugby game let’s say, or a full basketball game too. It would be cool to have dry hands when playing my favorite game on my laptop or phone.

GamerGrip says that it has three qualities that you’ll love which will be the reason why you’ll keep coming back to buy more. This gel does what it says it does which is block sweat and keep it that way for a while.

The second is my favorite—no residue at all. Some antiperspirants, when applied, causes the palms to have this sticky film that makes you want to wash your hands more than have it on you to stop sweat, and that says a lot. With Gamergrip, it is invisible, there is no sign you ever put it on.

Last but not least the gel is scent-free so there are no unusual smells that will come from your hands, which can be very distracting and could draw attention to your hands. Knowing how palmar hyperhidrosis already affects your social life, you wouldn’t want people asking you questions about your very fragrant hands.

GamerGrip is made in the United States, and is formulated specifically for gamers, making it a hot item endorsed by professional athletes. What i love best about this product is that this one ounce bottle can last you three to four months.

To apply, make sure you have washed your hands well and that you cleaned them well with soap and water. The reason why it lasts longer is that you only need a pea-sized amount and it will be enough to spread on both hands.

Let the product set and you are ready for a fun-filled gaming session. Honestly, I wished that I had known about GamerGrip sooner or that it had been invented ages ago because it would be such a relief for me to have dry hands during a game. Another factor can also be anxiety, but it never hurts to have a backup like this gel.

If you’re looking for an affordable antiperspirant gel that leaves no residue, will keep your palms dry for more than 2 hours, then GamerGrip is the perfect brand to choose.

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2. SweatBlock Antiperspirant Lotion for Sweaty Hands & Feet

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Lotion for Sweaty Hands & Feet
Click image for more details.

SweatBlock has been an all-time favorite for me because it not only has the cutest green and white packaging and box, but they also do what they claim to do— which is stop sweat. This brand is already pretty famous because they innovated the antiperspirants we used and put them in wipes.

The difference is, these wipes stopped you from sweating for days, unlike other brands that can barely last you 24 hours. SweatBlock was a social lifesaver to men and women who had problems going out and having fun due to their excessive sweating condition.

The biggest problem is that sweaty palms make it so much harder to socialize or even date. You can’t hold someone’s hand just because your own hands are dripping in sweat. It embarrasses people so they end up staying indoors or lessening their social gatherings.

SweatBlock, hearing the pleas of palmar hyperhidrosis sufferers, decided to formulate a hand cream that would stop the sweating as their wipes do. they took a lot of time to research and improve the formula and as soon as their antiperspirant lotion hit the shelves, they were gone in an instant. People loved it!

Before I go into more details, watch the video below on how to stop sweaty hands using this lotion:

It’s amazing, right? What I like about this antiperspirant lotion is that it comes from a trusted brand, it really works because it wouldn’t be a crowd favorite if it was bad. I know for a fact that people who don’t even have hyperhidrosis buy this product to help them maintain dry hands throughout their day.

It may seem like a chore to apply it several times throughout the day at first, but in the long run, you’ll have to apply it less and less because it helps your body to slowly produce less sweat. That for me is a plus and a good reason to buy a bottle.

This lotion can also be used for the feet so people who have problems with bad foot odor would love SweatBlock antiperspirant lotion. If your feet just sweat a lot but don’t smell, this antiperspirant lotion can help you avoid other complications such as the very itchy athlete’s foot, which is caused by fungi that thrive in moist, dark areas like your sweaty feet.

Although I have explained how to use this antiperspirant lotion, I have included a simple three-step guide that will (socially) change your life forever. The last step is actually extremely important so take note, because you’d always want to have the full benefits of anything you apply on the skin.

Three basic steps that can change your life forever.

Now that you know more about SweatBlock and how to use their antiperspirant lotion, go and try it out because I assure you that you will fall in love with this brand as I did and that you will have dry, sweat-free hands very soon!

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3. Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion
Click image for more details.

As I said, it takes a problem (a very serious one at that), for people to come up with the best solutions. This could be said about Kasper Kubica and David Spratte, then seniors at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill, who discovered that they both had primary hyperhidrosis and that it sucks to just live with it without doing anything.

Literally working up a sweat, they had an idea of making a product specifically intended for the hands. They were backed by Bootstrap Advisors who believed in their idea and gave them 100,000USD which enabled them to launch their product, Carpe, out into the market in 2015.

Imagine a 21 and a 22-year old coming up with this idea? Both of them thought nobody would really buy their product and that people might not want or need an antiperspirant lotion— wrong. Their idea was so spot-on everybody just loved it.

As soon as it hit the shelves, people couldn’t get enough of it, they even had problems on restocking as it went over their predicted sales. A year later they launched a separate line for the foot lotions and it was also a hit because compared to the hand lotion (and since people knew Carpe) the sales were about five times more.

The product is pretty straightforward—it keeps your hands dry, no residue, no added fragrances, and it will keep your hands dry for six to eight hours (yes, longer than most of the products here) making it a favorite of people who play sports or even people who love pole dancing.

What makes me feel happy are the teenagers and young adults that Carpe has helped. Watch the video about Kellie and how Carpe has changed her life.

It’s amazing how real her review is because she is not a paid reviewer at all. You can even go online and check out other people raving about this antiperspirant lotion. As a person who plays sports and mobile games, Carpe will help with the grip and will help reduce the in-game stress caused by sweat.

I also learned later on that it took Kubica, Spratte, and their chemist 60+ prototypes before getting the formulation that became the Carpe that we know of today. What I like about Carpe is that it is non-greasy and it does not leave any chalky or powdery residue. It is totally worth the money you spend and it is a good recommendation to friends whom you notice have sweaty palms too.

A tube/bottle lasts you long because you only need a pea-sized amount =, spread it on both hands and you’re all set. For the first four weeks, you may have to be a little bit patient as there is a high possibility that you’ll have to reapply your Carpe Antiperspirant Lotion more than twice a day.

After those four weeks you’ll notice an 80% decrease in sweating, which means that on some really sweaty days, you may have a bit of wetness, but not dripping sweat like you previously experienced. You’ll also notice a change in your mood because now, you don’t have to worry about people touching your clammy and sweaty hands.

I must say, Carpe did not only help people temporarily have dry hands, they also gave back people their confidence. If you’re looking for a product that works 6-8 hours and really keeps your hands sweat-free, then Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion is what you’re looking for.

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4. Odaban Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

A list is all about having lots of options, so I did a lot of research just to get the best brands here for you to learn and love. That said, we need a product that is not only effective but can also be safe for people who may be sensitive to an antiperspirant’s active ingredients.

Odaban Antiperspirant Hand Lotion
Click image for more details.

I read that most products that a person uses have to put on hold when she gets pregnant as it might cause harm to the baby. The usual skin care products or even medication you used to take will most likely be replaced with something pregnancy-friendly.

It can be a major problem and a huge frustration because there are lots of stuff that you’re used to and you wouldn’t want to use anything else. But all for the baby, is always what they say and of course, you would want to give birth to a healthy child.

So imagine if you’re used to different hand antiperspirants and suddenly your doctor tells you to stop using them? The horror! You now imagine all the nightmares that your extremely sweaty hands cause. Dropping stuff on the floor, difficulty texting, and many more.

You have to hunt for a new brand that should be as effective as the product you’re used to and it should be safe for your baby as well. That can be pretty difficult because you have been using your antiperspirant for years and this task requires heavy research.

That’s why I’m here for you. I made sure that most if not all the products on my list are safe for pregnancy. I want to help you out by cutting your research time short and giving you more time to yourself because pregnancy is something really wonderful, but it can tie you out pretty fast as you are caring for an extra bundle of happiness.

I chose one of the best brands out there—Odaban Antiperspirant Hand Lotion. This brand is well-known and I have encountered it several times, I also love their underarm antiperspirant which really stops the sweating and keeps you dry for more than a day.

Although it is not possible to keep your hand dry for days because you have to keep washing them (for hygiene purposes of course), you can use an antiperspirant lotion that can help reduce or even keep it dry for hours. This antiperspirant lotion makes that a reality.

Odaban Antiperspirant Hand Lotion guarantees that their ingredients do not stop the sweat glands from working but instead blocks the pores, keeping the sweating at bay and keeping your hands dry for a while. The product has aluminum chloride but is proven by a radioisotope test that your body absorbs none of Odaban’s ingredients.

This is the main reason why Odaban is safe for pregnant and lactating women. None of the antiperspirant lotions is absorbed by the body or the bloodstream so you can safely use it anytime you want. Who says you have to go back to having sweaty palms during pregnancy? No way.

If you’re looking for an effective product that will help you keep your hands dry during pregnancy (or even after), Odaban Antiperspirant lotion is what you’d want to buy. Get yours today and feel the difference.

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5. ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Lotion For Hands, Face, and Feet

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Lotion For Hands, Face, and Feet
Click image for more details.

There is now a huge trend and it’s growing real fast— going vegan. More and more people right now are making the switch to this predominantly plant based-diet which has its roots in the animal rights movement. As a vegan myself, I noticed that most of my friends are already reducing their meat intake.

There are many more aspects to veganism though, and that is using products that exclusively have plant-based ingredients and do not conduct animal testing. So I made sure that there will be several options here for vegans to choose from. Non-vegans also love these products because vegan stuff is usually very mild and is perfect for people who have a lot of allergies.

Looking for vegan antiperspirants are often harder because animal testing is necessary for different countries to ensure the product’s safety. Although this is a truly sad and cruel process, we really can’t do anything because it is the law in those places. Other European countries though, have already banned animal testing, making it easier for vegans to search for products they can use.

Another thing I wanted to factor in is an antiperspirant lotion that you can use in multiple areas of the body. Some people solely have palmar hyperhidrosis, some have palmoplantar hyperhidrosis which is both the hands and feet. Some people have craniofacial hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating of the head and face.

Imagine buying different products for all the different parts of your body? It would be (honestly) too expensive and not really cost-efficient. So I made sure to do a lot of research and provide you with an all-around product that you’ll love. Thankfully, one of the brands I know and love actually produces an antiperspirant lotion that can be used on the face, hands, and feet.

The product I mentioned above is ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Lotion. This product can be used on the face, hands, and feet, making it a really good product to have if you’re diagnosed with hyperhidrosis. What’s even better is that it very affordable, so you wouldn’t have a hard time buying several tubes at a time.

It all started in 2011 when Tyler Conlin, ZeroSweat founder, realized that his excessive sweating problem was getting in the way of his daily life and was taking a huge toll on his social life. So he did a lot of research to come up with a product that will not only solve his problem, but also other people’s problems that were very much the same as his.

Tyler and his team were able to launch the first ZeroSweat products which were not only a market success but also US FDA approved, making them a very big name in the world of antiperspirants. They started with mostly roll-on antiperspirants but now they have made this lotion which is a lifesaver.

ZeroSweat is proudly vegan, so no animal-derived ingredients and absolutely no animal testing! So if you are an animal lover, no animals were harmed to make this antiperspirant but since it’s FDA approved, you have no doubts about its effectivity.

So how do you use ZeroSweat? it’s simple! I would say that it’s simple as 1-2-3 but you’ll see why ZeroSweat added two extra steps. Unlike other brands, ZeroSweat puts a lot of emphasis on cleaning your hands before applying their lotion. They also add that in the end, you’ll be a more confident person who can shake hands without having to secretly wipe away sweat.

Follow these instructions and have sweat-free hands!

Since hands are constantly washed throughout the day, you have to apply ZeroSweat more than three times, or right before an event you’re going to. For some people, they only use antiperspirant lotion when they go out and have “rest days” when they stay at home.

If you’re looking for an antiperspirant that is truly all-around and if you want a product that never tests on animals, then ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Lotion for Face, Hands, and Feet is what you’re looking for.

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6. Antihydral Non-Irritating Cream For Hyperhidrosis

Antihydral Non-Irritating Cream For Hyperhidrosis
Click image for more details.

Here’s a product dedicated to very active people! A lot of people are getting more fit as the days go by because they want to improve their all around physique and at the same time they just want to feel strong physically and mentally, as exercise is one of the most natural ways to get your endorphins pumping.

The problem is, it’s so hard working out, doing pole sessions, practicing yoga, or even lifting weights when your hands are dripping in sweat even before the class begins. But you don’t have to worry because this list is all about solving your problems.

I want you to be as relaxed as possible so I did all the internet legwork for you to get the best products that will solve different problems associated with palmar hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating on the hands and even fingers. It can be a real nightmare especially if you like going to the gym.

Lifting weights or even learning rock climbing is not an option when it’s all slippery due to sweat. Chalk only does so much to be honest, as I have first-hand experience on this. I put some chalk on and tried to do a wall hanging exercise, and failed sadly, because my palms were extremely sweaty and sweat through the chalk.

Sweaty palms are also the number one cause of blisters when lifting weights or doing different workouts. The friction and moisture make it so easy for them to form. I don’t know about you, but it is very painful to have to wait for blisters to pop and heal.

So what you need is something to reduce or better yet stop the sweating so you’ll be able to do your favorite workouts without any sweat-related problems. I noticed, that lots of products here have to be reapplied constantly for them to keep your hands dry.

I took a point from rock climbers as they discovered something really amazing that has helped them climb rock or even plastic with ease. It’s a cream that you put on your hands and it not only stops sweating but it also helps you with your grip, depending on how thick you lather it on your fingers.

Put on a little bit and you’ll have dry hands for days! Put too much and your hand develops callouses that are good for rock/wall climbing but not that good if you want a proper handshake, I mean imagine having sandpaper hands and holding someone’s hands.

The cream they’re referring too is called Antihydral and it is a complete blessing, just know how and when to apply it. This cream comes in a metal tube like most ointments and can either be applied on the entire hand or just the fingertips, depending on what you’re going for.

For hyperhidrosis patients, go for a very thin layer on the entire hand, for rock climbers, go for a thick layer on the fingertips. You only need to apply it twice a week and it will keep your hands dry for a few days. If you notice that your hands get a bit sweaty already, then it is time to reapply. That easy, and that simple.

Just a warning, try not to apply a thick layer if you want to avoid “thick” skin because it can speed up the formation of callouses. If you’re looking for a time-saving and very effective solution to your sweaty palms, then Antihydral is just for you.

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7. Tite Grip II All-Sport Topical Antiperspirant Hand Lotion/Non-Slip Grip Enhancement

Tite Grip II All-Sport Topical Antiperspirant Hand Lotion/Non-Slip Grip Enhancement
Click image for more details.

I always love making lists like this because I only put really good products in it plus I love the fact that I save you a lot of time because there are hundreds, if not thousands of products claiming that they can keep your hands dry but later on disappointing you because these products don’t really do that and you end up wasting money and having palms dripping in sweat.

You’ll see in my list that all products I put are effective and will not waste your money. The difference is, I give you lots of choices because each product may have different levels in terms of how effective it is in stopping the sweat. You may find that one product works better for you than the other one, so it never hurts to have more than three brands to choose from.

When I was researching, I noticed that most antiperspirant lotions made are for people practicing sports and not really for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. It made me quite sad because a lot of people suffer from palmar hyperhidrosis without knowing it and that the lack of options can make some people sad about their condition.

I’m happy that there are some brands (most, if not all are here on this list) with founders who know what it feels like to have palmar hyperhidrosis because someone they know has it or they have this condition themselves. These products are what you should look for because they really work.

I had to go through at least five brands of gaming antiperspirants before I found some that passed my criteria to be on this list. Meanwhile, most of the other brands that are really made for hyperhidrosis passed with flying colors and even had the most amazing reviews about their antiperspirant lotion.

That said about gaming antiperspirants, Tite Grip II is one of them. I have read reviews and did my research on it until I was fully satisfied to have it on here. First, it doesn’t only absorb sweat. It has a systematic approach in stopping your hands from sweating too much by putting in really good ingredients.

Tite Grip has a formulation of alcohol, aluminum chlorohydrate, and a mix of silica and talc. Isopropyl alcohol makes sure that the surface is dry, aluminum chlorohyrate temporarily blocks the pores, and the talc-silica mix absorbs any liquid or sweat that may still come out.

I like it because they make sure your hands really stay dry, making this the best product if you like lifting weights, playing gold, or any activity that requires you to have a steady grip. It is also really good to use if you love playing video games on your computer or your mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective solution to sweaty palms, go and get yourself a bottle (or two) of Tite Grip II All-Sport Topical Antiperspirant Hand Lotion.

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I’m sure you were fascinated and also as amazed as me after reading all the products for sweaty hands above. I made sure to only pick the best ones as sweaty palms is not a condition to take lightly. It affects a lot of day-to-day activities and can take a toll on your self-esteem as well.

That said, these products will definitely be a lifesaver and a total game-changer because you won’t ever be called “butter fingers” ever again. Whether it be sports, or just a simple handshake, you won’t experience any embarrassment because of your hands will be dry.

I’d like to thank you for spending time to read my reviews on these products. If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section below. If your question hasn’t been answered yet (or if you want to share your story), please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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Welcome to the FAQ section! This section is where you’ll find most of the questions you might be asking while reading this article. If you don’t find the answer here, please leave me a comment and I’d gladly add it here for more readers to see in the future.

1. What are the other treatments for sweaty palms?

There are many treatments for sweaty palms and even sweaty feet. There are invasive and minimal to non-invasive procedures like using antiperspirants. But since you are wondering about different alternatives aside from antiperspirants, another treatment can be pills, wipes, Botox, and iontophoresis.

When all else fails and antiperspirants don’t seem to work, doctors often give prescription pills called anticholinergics. They avoid giving this medication as much as possible due to the side-effects. Recently, they made anticholinergics safer and easier to use by making anticholinergic wipes.

These wipes are just like your regular antiperspirant wipes but they’re specially formulated and can be only (and strictly) applied once on the skin. This is to avoid the harsh side-effects like nausea and even numbness of the hands.

Another alternative can be iontophoresis where a very light electric current passes through your hands or feet and is said to lessen and even stop sweating. This procedure is quite unique but it isn’t painful at all so many people try it out. The downside of iontophoresis is that if you have any heart condition, you cannot do this procedure at all as it may be harmful to your heart health.

The last treatment is actually unusual but is actually used for treating sweaty palms and feet. Botox is usually something you’d hear beauty clinics use to remove wrinkles and is used for cosmetic purposes. It was discovered though, that it helped alleviate excessive sweating to wherever it is applied, thus making it a popular treatment option.

The downside is the hefty price as people have to pay up to 20,000 USD for a single session. This is okay if you earn millions but for a procedure that won’t last forever, that sure is extremely expensive.

2. How many times should I apply these products? Do I need a “rest day” for my palms?

I’d say for stronger antiperspirants you’d only have to apply it once or twice a day, depending on how sweaty your hands are. I’d suggest checking the instruction on each product as the formulation really varies and there is no “standard” application for all of them, based on experience.

On letting your hands “breathe” I don’t think that’s necessary but there’s nothing wrong in taking breaks during the weekends or on your rest days. These products are certified and tested safe to use so there’s really no problem using them continuously.

3. Isn’t aluminum chloride dangerous? Are these products cancerous?

Although there are scary and shocking articles claiming that aluminum chloride can cause cancer or other life-threatening or debilitating conditions, there are not enough research supporting this at all.

Aluminum is actually safe and can be used every day. There are some claims that say that your body absorbs this chemical which can poison your system but in reality, there are so many products that have more aluminum chloride than your deodorant and there is only 1% absorption which isn’t dangerous to your health at all.

4. Will these products permanently stop sweating?

Sadly, there is still no cure-all or even a permanent cure to hyperhidrosis. The products you see above are made to temporarily block your pores so that sweat won’t come out and bother your daily chores and activities.

Even Botox or iontophoresis can only do so much in alleviating excessive sweating of the palm or feet. Since Botox is expensive, anticholinergics have nasty side-effects, and iontophoresis limits you if you have a heart condition, the best option would be topical antiperspirants, that’s why I recommended those products.

5. Can these products be used on my armpits or different parts of my body?

Yes and no. I’ll explain why. Some people ask me if they can use these creams on their armpits or even their crotch area since they sweat a lot there too. The answer is yes on the armpits but no on the crotch area.

Even though you can use the cream on the armpits, remember that the formulation was intended to be used on the hands therefore the “strength” of the product may differ and it may not work as well as your usual underarm antiperspirant.

For the crotch area, the reason why I don’t recommend using it there is that the pH levels of the areas near your privates are sensitive to sudden change. Since the product wasn’t formulated to be used in the area, it can cause redness or even itching (sometimes even peeling). It’s best to find a product that can help you stop sweating in your crotch area.

6. When do I apply these products?

Like most antiperspirants, it’s best to use these hand antiperspirants at night. This is because you sweat less at night and the body is more relaxed at bedtime, eliminating the possibility of a sweating episode. Putting on the product at night also gives the antiperspirant enough time to “set” before the day starts. Unless the instructions tell you to put it on at a certain time, it’s recommended to put some on before bedtime.

7. What do I do if I see redness on my hands?

Don’t panic, but immediately stop applying the product on your hands and go to your dermatologist if you feel any pain. Make sure you rinse your hands with soap and water (don’t scrub your hands raw, okay?) to get rid of all the antiperspirants on your hand.

Your doctors will most likely recommend another brand or will recommend a clinical antiperspirant that has a lower concentration of aluminum chloride or he/she may give you something unscented, because most antiperspirants have added fragrance which most people can be allergic to.

If it isn’t the fragrance, your doctor will most likely tell you to get an allergy panel so that he/she know what may be causing these itching and redness. Most people are either sensitive to the concentration of aluminum chloride (and anything similar to it) or the synthetic fragrance. What most companies do nowadays is just use all-natural essential oils to avoid people having nasty reactions.

8. Do these products stop the sweat glands from working?

Not at all! Nothing here stops the sweat glands and I didn’t add any anticholinergics here because you’d need a doctor’s prescription for that. all the products here either absorb sweat to keep your hands a bit drier than before or some temporarily block the pores so that the sweat doesn’t come out.

There’s no need to worry as the products here are clinically tested safe and are FDA approved. I can assure you that these products won’t harm you in any way and only temporarily block the pores. You can remove the blockage by simply washing your hands with soap and water.


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My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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