Best Portable Fans For Cooling Your Room On Warm Nights

If you’re a person who has hyperhidrosis, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t a hot day. You already know that you will sweat and would need an extra cooling option aside from wearing your usual sweat-proof shirt. After all, better be safe than sorry is what they say so off you to get yourself a portable fan.

Now the problem is what fan you should get and what specs you’ll need for a fan to make you feel cooler. In this article, you will learn more about the best portable fans for cooling, facts about these fans, and how to select the best fan for your needs. Now sit back, relax, and think about the fan that you will get after reading.

Fans have been ane age-old weapon to beat the heat.
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Have no time to read everything, and want to go back later? Here is the editor’s top pick for the best portable fan you can use everywhere.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that isn’t caused by heat or working out.
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You may not even know it, but you might be familiar with an excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis. This condition is easy to identify, have you ever noticed some people sweating buckets even in a cold room? Or someone whose hands are always dripping with sweat?

If you have seen or if this happens to you frequently, then you or that person experiencing it may have a form of hyperhidrosis. This condition affects over 2.8% of Americans, but I honestly think that that number is too small because most people have hyperhidrosis and don’t even go to the doctor for it.

Some people think they’re just nervous, or other cultures like some in Southeast Asia where they think that sweaty hands are a manifestation of pasma (pass-mah), which is a folk illness caused by doing chores and then getting your hands/ body wet (I know, it’s absurd but it’s very common in the Philippines).

Hyperhidrosis is really just a medical term for abnormal excessive sweating that is not directly caused by exercise or heat. This condition isn’t a life-threatening condition but I wouldn’t downplay having this condition at all.

The sweat can be disruptive and annoying especially if you’re into sports or it can even get in the way of a normal handshake, because you’re busy trying to hide the fact that your palms are dripping with sweat.

There are actually two types of hyperhidrosis. One is Focal or Primary Hyperhidrosis and the other one secondary or generalized hyperhidrosis. These two are easily differentiated by what causes excessive sweating.

If you’re going through menopause or andropause, if you’re diabetic or if you have any thyroid problems, these conditions may cause excessive sweating. if your sweating is caused by an underlying medical condition then you may have generalized hyperhidrosis.

If you have already completed the battery of tests your doctor had you take and the results are inconclusive, then you will be diagnosed with primary hyperhidrosis. Most people suffering from excessive sweating conditions start experiencing it during puberty.

There are many ways to treat hyperhidrosis, but unfortunately there is still no known permanent cure. Some people rely on antiperspirants or deodorants. When it becomes unbearable doctors usually recommend taking oral medications or even getting a Botox session.

Now that you know more about hyperhidrosis and the treatments done to reduce the sweating, we will now go on to learn more about cooling fans. I always like to fully inform my readers about what my lists are all about before we even get to the product.

After all, knowledge is power and you have all the power to pick the best fan when you get to my list below.

The Myth of the Cooling Fan

Yes, I made it sound a bit mystical because I just wanted to, to be honest. But yes, most people believe that fans can lower the room temperature and can be “cooling” hen in fact (and this is the hard truth), they don’t.

Why is that? How come fans don’t cool at all but when I have one in front of me, I feel cold? How is that not cooling? Let me answer your questions one by one.

Fans just circulate the air in the room, which makes your skin feel cooler but in reality, if the air in your room is warm, then your fan will definitely circulate warm air. If your fan doesn’t have any refrigerant or anything similar to it, it won’t drop the room’s temperature.

I still suggest that if you have hyperhidrosis, have an air conditioning unit installed in your room and have a fan for backup. As a person who lives in a very warm country, I can definitely tell you that fans won’t be enough to get a cold room. Let’s treat these cooling fans as a supplement to help circulate the old air better so that you never feel warm in your room.

Types of Fans

I thought fans were all one and the same, but since technology has been catching up and there are now bladeless fans in the market, I decided to do some reading and learn more about fans. I was floored because there are lots of different electric fans which apparently had different classifications. I wanted to share it with you so here they are:

1. Desk Fans

I’m sure you and I are both familiar with these fans. These desk fans are usually smaller than the usual fans we see and have handles for easy carrying. I love desk fans because they are super portable and most of the newer models are classy and chic.

Most of the fans on my list are desk fans or slightly bigger but still portable fans nonetheless. I made sure that most of the fans are compact for convenience plus the fact that we all have a problem with storage. We can’t just leave these fans lying around. I like my desk clean and clutter-free when I’m not using it.

2. Tower Fans

Tower fans are my favorite. They’re this sleek fans that barely take up any space. Tower fans are convenient for people living in condominiums or how want to maximize their living space. This fan is easy to store and can take up virtually no space when put on a corner.

Tower fans aren’t that strong and cooling so we may not have this type on the list below. Growing up, I liked tower fans because the grills where the air comes out are small so you can buy one if you have toddlers because they will never get into any fan-related accident because they can’t stick their fingers in the fan.

3. Standing Fans

The usual fans we see, big, bulky and oscillates. These fans are the common types you see anywhere but are also the most reliable and produce stronger air (depending on the motor of course). There are also industrial type standing fans that are the same size as the regular stand fans but have metal blades and have a high-powered motor.

I remember buying my first industrial-type stand fan and I felt like it was creating a storm-like wind in my room and it was only on the first setting. i was so amazed because the plastic fans could only achieve half of this on the highest setting so ever since, I usually buy fans with metal blades.

4. Cyclonic or Bladeless Fans

Being the recent innovation in the world of fans, I was totally amazed when a brand called Dyson launched its bladeless fans in the market. These fans definitely stunned everyone because how does it produce air right?? Makes you love science and how it makes cool inventions like this possible.

So how does the bladeless concept work? Well, I decided to read and found out that these fans have an “air multiplying” technology which means that air is sucked in and pushed out of the narrow vents via a brush-less motor. The air is sucked in and most returns to the flow plus the air ducts are bent which creates more air pressure, so these fans actually produce more air than the regular fans.

Scientifically bladeless fans are very efficient and energy-saving. Use these fans if you have a child at home because there is absolutely no risk of any accidents because the fan has no blades. A lot of brands have released their own cooling fans and you may find that some have really sleek designs that make it easier to store when you don’t use it.

How To Select A Portable Fan

Don’t just buy a fan because it’s cute. I remember that I bought this clunky fan that was so strong it felt like there was a tornado in my room. I made sure I had proper selection criteria for the portable fans I’ll recommend. You will know how each fan was selected and which among the qualities below did the brand meet (and yes, I have high standards). I highly suggest that you check this list when buying fans, to make sure you get the best one.

1. Power

Fans are not just about style or types. You have to check the motor of the fan and if it strong enough to keep circulating the air in your room. Check the RPM sign on the specification sheet. RPM means “Revolutions Per Minute” and the higher the number, the better the fan.

A regular fan has approximately 1,725 RPM so if you want to get a high-speed fan, you have to look for one that has at least 3,450 RPM which is usually found in industrial fans (like what I mentioned earlier). For portable fans, I’d suggest the normal RPM because you can have the fan pointed towards your direction anyway.

2. Size

Always check the size of the fan. You wouldn’t want to get big fans (like those at the gym) for a small room. First, assess why you’re buying a fan and what it will do. If you want something to cool you down a little bit, then you don’t need a big fan. Remember that the list below is about portable fans so the fans will not be that big.

3. Noise

Do you share your space with anyone? Do you have a child or a partner who is a light sleeper? If you do then it’s best to get a silent fan. Some fans that are silent aren’t that strong RPM wise so try to find a balance in those two qualities. Newer, bladeless fans are the best pick when it comes to quiet ones. Industrial fans are strong but they make so much noise so they’re not that convenient if you want noise reduction in general.

4. Weight

Since I’m making a portable cooling fan list, I made sure that all the fans that you’ll see in this list are all fans that can be carried easily without having to strain your back. I hate carrying heavy stuff if it isn’t gym-related so I made sure to select fans that are on the light side.

Weight can affect everything, it makes a fan harder to move which can be an inconvenience if you want to put it in a storage container after using it. Imagine having to carry a heavy fan back and forth? No way. Also take note that industrial fans, although strong and have really high RPMs, can be very heavy.

Try to find a model that has good power, moderate noise, and lighter materials. It sounds easier than it really is though because finding a perfect fan is tricky as you have to assess the different functions and specifications before buying it. Always take time and never rush when buying a fan since it will cost you a bit of money.

Best Portable Cooling Fans

1. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan
Click image for details.

They always say save the best for last but when it comes to cooling fans, I don’t think that saying should be applied at all. The best should always come first because you are looking at your options. Although all of the brands in this list are really good, I made sure to put my top picks first, just because. After all, if you really like the brand, no matter where it is on the list, you’ll still get it right?

So my first pick and the cream of the crop of all cooling fans is the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier. Before we get into all the details that make this fan special, I want you to know more about the brand history. I want you to discover why many people around the world love and support all the different products that Dyson produces.

Dyson is a British company that is popular for their vacuum cleaners, heaters, hand dryers, and now even bladeless fans. Although Dyson may seem like it’s a very new company, it is actually more than 40 years old. if you’re the type to trust the older brands because of experience, then you’re sure to trust Dyson.

James Dyson studied furniture design in the famous Royal College of Art before later on realizing that he was interested in engineering. He discovered while studying, that he was really good at designing equipment. He was offered a job (while studying) by James Fry to help design the Rotork Sea Truck.

What makes this sea truck special? Well, it was made with fiberglass which made it extremely lightweight. You may think that this seacraft won’t really do much but the design allowed it to carry over 3 tons at a speed of 50mph. This invention was used by oil and construction sites, and even for military activities. What’s more amazing is that he did all that when he was 23.

This just proves that James Dyson was an amazing inventor and his ideas would definitely make a global impact. This just exactly what happened in the late ’70s when Dyson had an idea to use the cyclone technology he saw in sawmills into a more compact version to be used in vacuum cleaners.

He studied the technology and made over 5,000 prototypes, all the while being supported by his wife who was a schoolteacher. Five years later, he was able to launch the first Dyson vacuum cleaner, the G-Force in 1983.

His inventions were always met with challenges, because with his cyclone technology, the usage of bags for vacuums would be eliminated and the manufacturers of those said bags would go out of business. Jame Dyson discovered that no major manufacturer would help him mass produce the G-Force.

So he ended up going to Japan, who was very impressed and not to mention extremely supportive of his invention. The G-Force was so popular because it was compact and allowed people in Japan to save space in their small apartments. Dyson then went on to win the International Design Fair in 1991. The Japanese were a big part of why Dyson is a big brand today.

Going back to the UK, he still couldn’t find any manufacturers to support him so he decided to build a small warehouse and manufacturing facility in Malmesbury in Wiltshire so he can produce his own products since no one would still support the bagless vacuum.

He later made a breakthrough in th UK market when he decided to air Dyson vacuums in TV commercials with the slogan of “say goodbye to the bag”. Lots of people loved the idea and soon enough, Dyson vacuums were the hot item every household should have.

Because of his success in the market, other companies made their own version of Dyson’s cyclonic technology. Since this is patented to James Dyson, he ended up suing them to which the courts had them settle by paying him millions of dollars because of the patent infringement.

In 2009, Dyson amazed the world once more by launching another novel item that the market needed— bladeless fans. Yes! That’s right, many people loved this invention because the fan was so quiet and they weren’t risky to use around small children who might stick their fingers in the fan.

Now that you know more about the roller coaster ride Dyson has experienced through the years, I’d like to go to one of the fans that I personally love, the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan. I love this fan because it is compact and is everything that Dyson promised it would be.

It has Dyson’s air multiplier technology that produces uninterrupted airflow, without all the blades that can gather dust fast and even cause accidents. Don’t think that this gadget is a simple one, because it is very energy-efficient with a timer so that you can have it on for only as long as you want to.

It also saves you lots of time and effort of standing up and having to switch it off. This model has a remote control that can change the settings of the fan. You can even store it at one side of the fan because it is magnetic. Before you wonder if this fan has the regular three or four settings fans usually have, Dyson does way better because this table fan has 10 settings.

If you’re looking for a trusted brand, a fan that’s extremely portable and sleek, and one that produces strong air without too much noise, then the Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan is what you’re looking for.

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2. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier
Click image for details.

You might be wondering if you’re really seeing double in this list, aren’t you? Well, I’m happy to inform you that you have perfectly good eyesight and yes, you are seeing not one, but two Dyson fans on this list. Don’t worry, they’re not one and the same. This fan is totally different but has the same high standards that Dyson promises to its customers.

From designing the Rotork Sea Truck to inventing the “Ballbarrow”, James Dyson has been giving the world amazing inventions— some like the cyclonic technology is now the benchmark of many companies who have tried (and failed) to produce vacuums as good as Dyson does.

This brand has been producing their quality products since the very first prototype in 1978. Now, Dyson is not only producing amazing gadgets but also helps fund inventors to get their products out to the market as well. I just had to put two fans in this list because although they’re both Dyson they have unique functions that will only amaze you.

So what’s so special with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier? I would easily say everything about it but of course I have to explain in detail because Dyson will cost a pretty penny (but is totally worth it). This hot and cool fan can be used for warm days to cool nights or even during the winter.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier has an amazing filtering system, this fan doesn’t only guarantee a cooler feel when being used, it also guarantees cleaner air. For a person that has allergic rhinitis or who have weak lungs, this fan is a lifesaver.

This fan/ purifier has a HEPA filter, HEPA which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and any brand that has a filtering system has to be certified before claiming that they do have this kind of filter. What is a HEPA filter anyways?

This type of filter traps different particulates in the air from 0.3 microns or bigger. If the system is designed well, it can even catch particulates smaller than the standard 0.3 microns. So no more worries when it comes to dust and dirt circulating in your room when using this fan.

If you have a pet, if someone smokes, and if you’re prone to allergies then this is the fan to get. It cools you down on a hot day while producing cleaner air for you to breath. I guess Dyson costs a bit higher because they do up their game when it comes to any product they launch.

But what about colder nights? During winter, fans are virtually useless because they’ll keep you cold which is not what you want when it’s already freezing temperature outside. So most fans end up in storage during this season. Not the Dyson, though.

This fan has a built-in heating system which can raise the temperature to whichever level you want with the press of a remote control button. Yes, like their table fans, this Dyson model can also be controlled by a remote control. What makes it different though is its ability to be connected to the WiFi.

Why connect it to the WiFi? Nowadays, having a smart home system is the dream so you can manage your appliances wherever you may be, which can save you a lot of energy and time. Imagine being able to switch on the air-conditioning right before you enter the house? Don’t you just love the thought of entering your home with warm lights and the room cool?

Dyson knows what people love so they programmed their fan to be Alexa and Google Home compatible, so you can trigger the fan’s functions by asking your mobile device to do it for you. Awesome, right? They also have the Dyson link mobile app so you can set the timer to your fan to save energy, especially if you like using a fan before you sleep.

I guess this Dyson has it all. it is energy-efficient, it gives you an option to choose between cool air and warm air, it also can be remotely controlled through different devices with just a WiFi connection. Overall, this techy fan would be a dream to have. Oh, and before I forget, this fan just weights about 8 pounds and can be carried and stored easily due to its sleek and lightweight design.

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3. Vornado 633DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator Fan

Vornado 633DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator Fan
Click image for details.

I remember back in college, most of my classmates would come from very far towns so they ended up renting a room near the school so it would be easier than commuting. The traffic could be very tiring and would make it harder to go to class after all.

I decided a year of going back and forth that I had to start renting a place because it was so hard with the traffic getting worse because I had to travel for 2 hours one-way just to get back home. So my mom said yes, and I got a place near the university i was going to.

People say that it’s easy living near school but it’s not, especially if you’re used to the comforts of your home. Living near school made me save time but what most people don’t talk about is the lack of space. Yes, you can walk to school but no, you can’t have too many things in your room because you barely have any space.

So during the summer when the weather was really, really warm, the struggle was getting a compact fan that wouldn’t take too much space but would help the old air conditioning unit circulate cool air in my room. Hunting here and there, I found my answer when I visited my friend’s place near mine.

She has this tiny fan (i’m not joking it’s really small) that was just so powerful I wanted one for myself. When i checked the brand, I didn’t expect that it had a cute name— Vornado.

This tiny black fan kept my friend company for the 4 years she lived at her studio apartment near school. I ended up getting one for myself and it has lasted me 5 years before I gave it to a friend’s sister who was going to live near school.

So what is Vornado? This was my first reaction too. In my country (and during that time), Vornado wasn’t a popular name so I had to read more on it before deciding to buy it because this small fan produces good and strong air but it was a bit expensive for a college student to just buy.

I learned that this technology was started by a guy named Ralph K. Odor who experimented and designed plane propellers. He wanted to make propellers that were efficient and could help a plane perform better. His technology and patents were used for planes deployed during the second world war.

Years later, after the war, he learned that his technology on plane propellers could be used on smaller appliances like fans. He then started producing Vornadofans along with an inventor and designer named Otis A Sutton. These fans were a hit until 1958 when sales weren’t doing well and they sold some rights and closed down the company.

After becoming an air-conditioning line, to a real-estate company, the Vornado name has had many ups and downs through the decades. It was not known and had lost all popularity when Michael Coup decided to buy the rights to the Vornado name in 1989.

He renamed it several times but kept the Vornado name. The full company name now is called Vornado Air and is well-known around the world for producing fans that are compact but can make you feel cool because of the strong air produced. After all, the name comes from the words vortex and tornado, so the name really suits the fans they make.

The Vornado 633DC Energy Smart Medium Air Circulator Fan is special because even if I chose the medium-sized fan, this fan only weights 3.44 pound so it is very compact and is easy to store. This makes Vornado perfect for studio apartments or for tiny desk spaces at an office. I’d always go for a strong fan that takes up very little space.

Aside from being light, the fan comes in two colors, black or white which can match any room decor because of its simplicity. I personally like the black fan because it is chic. Plus black fans are inconspicuous, so it will never be an eyesore.

It is called “energy smart” for a reason—this fan only uses 80% less energy than most fans because of the patented design of their motors. It doesn’t matter if you keep on using it for eight hours straight because your bills won’t be that high because it saves you a bulk of the electricity consumption a regular fan would have used up. This is awesome for college students who want to save up on living expenses.

This fan also gives you precise control settings, if you want steady air and a silent fan, you can set it to that setting. If you want stronger airflow, you’d have to sacrifice a bit of the quiet settings because it will create some noise but still not like the regular noisy industrial fans. If you’re looking for a small fan that packs a punch when it comes to airflow, then Vornado is the brand for you.

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4. Honeywell Turbo Force Room Air Circulator

Honeywell Turbo Force Room Air Circulator
Click image for details.

Searching through different stores for the best fans they have for sale was pretty tough because most of the brands didn’t quite meet my standards. I decided to do my initial search offline, going to the stores to look at the different fans they had but I had to quickly switch back to online searching because I realized that the stores near my place had limited options and my best bet was to search for really good brands on the internet.

That’s what I did and found most of the fans I included on this list. This one, the Honeywell Turbo Force Room Air Circulator came in highly recommended by a lot of people. They have had nothing but good reviews for it so it was definitely going to be on the list.

Honeywell is actually a very old brand, if not the oldest one in this list. It’s history dates back to 1888 when Albert Butz invented the “Damper Flapper”, which was a great invention that controlled the heat coming from coal furnaces. It acted like a thermostat and was really useful during winter.

Butz then sold all his rights to all of his patents and shares to W.R Sweatt who then started a company named Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company which grew into a well-known company and was one of Honeywell’s biggest competitiors.

You’ll soon learn how these facts are all connected. For Honeywell and its name, it started in 1906 when its founder, Mark Honeywell invented the mercury seal generator which allowed many homes to have hot water in a shorter span of time and without having to boil the water, saving many of its customers time.

Sixteen years later in 1922, Honeywell was neck and neck with it’s biggest rival, Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company and the two companies decided (much to the public’s surprise) to merge into the Minneapolis-Honeywell Heat Regulator Company which was finalized in 1927.

Honeywell became the first president of this merger and W.R Sweatt became the first chairman. This led to 75 years of continuous growth and more acquisitions, making Honeywell-Minneapolis a powerhouse in the world of heaters.

Honeywell went on to invent many useful things for the United States government, made aerospace and defense gadgets and even made a division for information systems in 1999. Honey well was so huge that they had a hand in different industries, making them a truly well-rounded company.

In 2002 they were acquired by AlliedSignal but Honeywell the brand name was kept for brand retention among the consumers. By this time, they had many inventions and equipment out in the market, including electric fans.

This is why I chose the Honeywell Turbo Force Room Air Circulator—it’s not only a fan that is durable and compact, it is also a brand that has been tested with over 100 years of experience from its founders. I’d always include brands that have been tested by time because in the world of technology and inventions, the only way to stay in business is to innovate.

Honeywell definitely innovated because this fan, the Turbo Force is called as such because of its aerodynamic design which allows more air to be circulated into the room, so you’ll feel cooler faster than other regular fans. It’s so strong that you can feel the circulating air even if you are about 20 feet away from the fan.

This fan is light enough at 5.7 pounds to be either a desk fan or a floor fan. It has an easy handle at the back, incorporated into the classy design and removable grills, which makes the entire fan easy to clean. The best feature is that, even at the highest speed setting, the Honeywell Turbo Force Room Air Circulator is 30% quieter than your regular electric fan.

If you’re looking for a fan that is also well-known, tested through the years, but is more affordable than the high-end fans in the market, then choose Honeywell. You’ll definitely feel that every cent you spend is worth it.

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5. OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan

OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan
Click image for details.

I’ve always been a fan of portable fans (okay, try to say that fast five times). Not only are they easy to carry but they’re also a convenient gadget to have during warm nights or to help keep you and even your gadgets from overheating.

Fans nowadays are often floor or desk fans but they are still (at times) too big for the space you’re in. I wanted to include something that you can use in the kitchen, while waiting for your pie to bake, or for your friend or your friends son/ daughter who might live away from home in a school dormitory.

Imagine this, when you’re sharing your space you can’t have regular-sized table fans because they can still take up too much space which can be a problem let’s say, if you live in a small apartment or even a dormitory, where storage is never enough and anything in excess can add to the clutter.

That’s why I did a thorough search online and did my best to find a brand that was compact and yet durable enough because I didn’t want to find something that we would waste our money on. I always find stuff that can last me three to five years (or more).

I found the OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan and I loved it because of the many features this tiny fan has. Before going into all the details though, I’d like to go dig a little deeper on Opolar as a brand. After all, we need to know the background of the brand we’re going to trust and buy our fans from.

I did some research and only found a tiny background and history written about this brand. First, I discovered that Opolar is a very new brand and was only launched in 2015. In the (almost) five years they have been in the market, they have been a top pick in the online shopping world, proving that they are an upcoming competitor of all the known electric fan brands.

Opolar specializes in compact and tiny fans that provide strong airflow. They don’t only make desk fans, they also make personal handheld fans, even fans with power banks, laptop fans, and humidifiers. All their products are light, easy to carry around, and usually have USB cables so plugging in or charging their gadgets are so easy.

They have worldwide and 24/7 customer service so any questions about their products can and will be answered. So far, all the reviews I’ve read are stellar so I was very confident to put it on this list. Now let’s go on to why I love this specific fan model, the 5. OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan.

This fan sets itself apart from other personal desk fans because most of those common fans are made with very light plastic, so when it is very hot, it can barely produce any air to keep you cool. Opolar made theirs very different by making this fan with metal blades so it is like a tiny industrial fan, small but powerful.

I’m not even joking when I say small. It is perhaps the smallest fan in this list because I intended it to be a personal fan to use when reading or working. It can be carried with one hand because it is almost palm-sized.

This fan is simple, plug it and it will switch on automatically. The fan can be adjusted and rotated 360 degrees. It is also one of the best gifts you can give anyone because it is light, compact, and it is the most affordable brand on this list. You can also choose among the 5 colors they have— black, white, metallic blue, copper, and pink.

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6. Vornado Silver Swan Oscillating Fan

I’ve always had a fascination with all things retro. Although I prefer new technology, I really like the timeless and classy style retro-themed gadgets are. Nowadays, I see this style emerge in oven toasters, refrigerators, and even electric fans.

Vornado Silver Swan Oscillating Fan
Click image for details.

I couldn’t let the chance pass me by this time so I made sure to add a retro-style fan to this list. However, I didn’t just add a retro fan. I made sure I got one of the best retro-styled fans out there. This is why, like Dyson, we have a second Vornado fan on my list.

As you have read above, Vornado’s history and how it survived all those years is just proof on this brand’s ability to constantly innovate. The public (which are there customers), seem to trust them a lot because to this date, I see people buying their very own Vornado fan.

In college I was really ever familiar with their classic desk fan. I was only familiar with that style because a friend had bought one and I was amazed at how a tiny fan could produce so much air—so much that it helped circulate cool air in his room. You literally just feel the air from this tiny fan.

So imagine my glee (yes I was really happy) to find out that Vornado made an entire line of classy metal vintage fans. I was over the moon because finally, I can now get my very own retro-style fan. I read more about it and I thought that you would also appreciate this fan as much as I do.

I like the Vornado Silver Swan Oscillating Fan first because it is very sleek, chic, and most importantly, it has the signature Vornado airflow which means that this fan will efficiently circulate the air in your room without using too much energy.

The Silver Swan series has different sizes but I chose the small one since this list is all about portable fans. I wanted you to get the best and yet very compact retro fan that Vornado proudly produced. Unlike the other fans produced by this brand, this specific model has metal blades but with the same high-speed motor, so it produces really strong airflow and it will never disappoint you.

The Silver Swan Fan is simple—it has deep pitched metal blades to produce stronger air than other fans, but it doesn’t produce so much noise because Vornado really worked hard on the motor, making it high-speed but quiet, so you can also use this without worrying that you’ll disturb someone or that your rooms gets too noisy.

The fan has three simple settings. It does not have a remote control like other brands in this list, but it was intended to be this way because they wanted to stick to the retro theme. If you want to move the fan around, they made extremely easy by putting a built-in handle at the back of the fan.

It weighs slightly heavier than most fans but still overall lighter than most metal fans because it is just 6.5 pounds. No straining your arms when moving your Silver Swan fan. I made sure that I put electric fans that are truly portable—most fans may be small but they end being extremely heavy.

If you’re looking for a retro, Art Deco themed fan with a sleek design but will give you a strong airflow you need, then the Silver Swan Oscillating Fan is the best choice.

Check Price Here!

7. Lasko Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan

Did you know that some very sleek floor fans have a wall mount option? I was surprised because most floor fans cannot be adjusted and usually just take up a lot space. This is why I haven’t really put any bigger fans on this list.

There is, I guess, an exception to every rule, because I decided to put a floor fan on this list because of the many amazing reviews I’ve read about it online. It not only saves space, saves you on electrical bills, and it does the job—keep you cool at night.

Why is staying cool at night so important? Can’t people just feel cool after a bath? Why are these fans necessary? Well, for a person who doesn’t sweat much it doesn’t really matter (but not all cases), but now imagine if one diagnosed with hyperhidrosis doesn’t have a fan? It would be a total nightmare.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that many dismiss and think lightly off. It is characterized by excessive sweating in different body parts like the forehead, underarm, chest, groin area, hands, and feet. A lot of people have this condition but are unaware because they don’t think that sweating is a big deal.

Hyperhidrosis can be caused by another medical condition, or can have no identifiable cause at all, but nonetheless, it makes daily activities a little hard to bear because off all that sweat. Some people experience these sweating episodes at night despite the air-conditioning. That’s why fans are important.

These fans don’t lower the temperature at all, but they keep the cool air circulating which tricks your body into thinking that the air is cooler when using a fan. Since people will most likely use the fan for sleeping or when working, a strong airflow but reduced noise is what you’ll look for in a fan.

That’s why I made an exception in this list. Almost all the fans here are sleek, compact, and can be easily lifted but I decided that the Lasko Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan should be on this list because it does what most floor fans can’t do— have a cool wall attachment.

Before you say that other floor fans have this too, you have to take note of the Cyclone fan, it has a frame and a stand. Most floor fans have to be disassembled just to attach them on the wall while this brand just needs the screws and the holes on the wall for it. This makes it convenient for people who live alone who may have a hard time figuring things out. Lasko definitely makes it easy for its customers.

Lots of reviews online say that they’ve had their Lasko fans for years and that it is one of the most quiet fans they’ve had and that the reason why they bought this fan is because their last Lasko fan of seven to ten years broke and that they’d love to buy a fan from the same brand but with better features.

This makes me feel like the Cyclone is worth the spend if it can last you more than 3 years at least. The fan also helps you save money in general because unlike other fans, it doesn’t consume a lot of electricity, therefore helping you reduce the amount on your electric bill. If you’re looking for a fan you want to have for a very long time, the Lasko Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan is what you should get.

Check Price Here!

8. Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan

Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan
Click image for details.

I’m a fan of portable fans (well, I really love them). They’re small and easy to store and can really keep you cool during very warm days and nights. Some people even use these fans when working, to prevent overheating of their equipment like laptops or CPUs (although there are smaller fans for this purpose).

If you ask me, the primary function of a fan in my home is to have something that will keep me cool but not take too much space. I try to live a minimalist lifestyle because it looks simple and stylish and because I don’t like clutter. I also love a clear room with lots of space.

Space-saving aside, portable fans are so useful when you work or even when you cook, as it can get really warm and it would really be hard to all those activities if you’re dripping in sweat. After all, we want to do our activities in comfort (without the stickiness caused by sweat).

I looked for something that’s small and yet very classy. I’d love to have a fan that can sit on top of my table and keep me cool while I study or read, or write. So I made sure to find a durable one that can stay on all the time without breaking down or overheating.

You can’t have a fire hazard in your home or workspace. Let me warn you, some fans are made with cheap materials which can cause you a lot of trouble in the future. I’ve heard the horror stories of some people having wires melting and sockets bursting into flames. Always buy a fan that is produced by a reputable company. The extra cost is better than an accident that may cost you a lot someday.

That said, you will (once again) see another Vornado fan in this list. All three a very different from each other, but one thing is definitely the same— Vornado’s signature silent but strong airflow that keeps you cool even if you’re across the room.

You already saw the retro-style fans and the metal Silver Swan fan, but did you know that Vornado has another stylish fan in the market? The Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan is one of the coolest fans I’ve seen so far and if you noticed, this list is filled with really good styles and brands.

What makes this Vornado different is the pivot axis stand which gives you an option to point the fan in different directions. It has a standard 3-speed airflow control which nobody should underestimate because this brand has a signature vortex motion which produces more air than a regular fan would.

It has a classy copper or silver interior with a white or gray glossy body. If you’re looking for a classy modern but mini stand desk fan, then the Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan is the perfect brand to purchase.

Check Price Here!

9. Woozoo Circulator Fan

Woozoo Circulator Fan
Click image for details.

I honestly think that fans are an essential appliance in every household. Why so? Because sometimes, you get tired of the air-conditioning and want air circulation in the room. This is what fans can provide that air-conditioning units can’t. Fans give you steady airflow and tricks your skin into believing it’s cooler than room temperature.

Although fans cannot literally lower the temperature of the air around you, they can help if you feel warm and stuffy. Fans can help keep you from the sticky feeling you get from sweating so much. For a person who has hyperhidrosis, fans are a life saver.

Being the lifesavers that they are, I often tell people to not impulsively buy the first cute fan they see in stores. I often tell them to check the specifications and to look at the overall function of the product, not just look at the appearance and design. As a wise quote says, looks can be deceiving.

Imagine buying a sleek fan, nice design, but with a very weak motor and cheap wiring? You’ll end up with a beautiful fan that will only last you a few months before going out in a puff. Instead of wasting a lot of money on cheap and defective fans, I usually suggest to check the specifications and read reviews thoroughly before clicking that “buy now” button.

I looked for the best fans and came up with this list because of all the hundreds or even thousands of fans in the market, there are actually very few that meet my standards. I find that most brands often have pretty fans but when it came to testing the airflow, wiring, and the weight, they did not meet the specifications I was looking for.

I read lots of articles online and I saw a review on the Woozoo Circulator Fan. At first I though I’d be disappointed but I discovered that it was a good mini fan to have and among all the fans here on the list, it is one of the fans that are affordable.

The fan has deep-pitched blades, not the regular flatter fan blades so more air is produced with very little energy used. It isn’t bulky at all and is perfect to use when working or even cooking.

The best part? It is a very silent fan, with no loud noises when using it as that can cause distractions, which can be irritating. There have been times where I had to switch off my fan because it was too loud. The Woozoo is small but it packs heavy airflow and can be adjusted in six different vertical positions. If you’re looking for a balance between affordable but still has excellent quality, go and get a Woozoo Circulator Fan.

Check Price Here!


Choosing a perfect portable cooling fan is not about looks or function at all. It’s about finding the balance between a chick and sleek design and good power (plus the noise it produces). If you find a fan that does not make too much noise, is sleek, and has a good RPM, then you already found a good fan to use.

If you follow all my instructions I’m sure that your new fan will last you a very long time. I know that all the facts I shared in this article will help you pick the best brand, after all, whatever brand you pick will serve you well because I put only the best ones there.

Don’t forget to check the FAQ section below for additional information about fans. If you have any questions or suggestions (if you haven’t seen your favorite fan on my list), please leave me a comment below, and I’ll maker sure to have an answer for them asap.

I’d like to thank you for spending time to read this article. I can’t wait to write another for you to read. Please don’t forget to click on the social media buttons below to share this with friends and loved ones who may be looking for a really good cooling fan.


1. When do I use a fan?

Use a fan if you want cold air to circulate faster inside your room. Fans, contrary to popular belief do not cool the room on its own. So I’d suggest that you use the air conditioner first then turn on the fan. This will help you feel cool faster.

2. Should I always get more silent fans?

Not really. Only get quiet fans if you want a quiet space and if you share the space with someone who might hate the sound of a noisy fan. Other than that, I really don’t mind my noisy industrial fan because it really does the job and its power is still unmatched by many quiet fans I’ve bought.

3. Are there any side effects when using a fan?

No not really, but if you use a fan when you sleep (and if you sleep with your mouth open), you may get a sore throat. If you point it directly at you while working you may get dry eyes. These problems aren’t that bad and can be solved by a simple solution.

When using the fan, always make sure that it oscillates and that it is not directly pointed at you or your face to avoid a bad sore throat when you wake up. When working, always have hypromellose drops ready just in case you feel that you have dry eyes. Easy, right?

4. Are cooling fans better than air conditioners?

No not really and it’s because they can’t be compared at all. These two devices have 2 different functions. An air conditioner will produce cold air by drawing in warm air from the room, mix it with fresh air from the outside. The mixed air will go thorough a refrigerant (usually freon) which cools the air.

Fans on the other hand, do not have a refrigerant but instead gives you an illusion of feeling cooler because it moves the air around the room, so hot air doesn’t stay in one place. The problem is, if it gets really hot, a fan will not lower the temperature. So it is always good to use a fan alone on a relatively cooler day and use it with an air-conditioner on warm days.

5. How do I maintain my cooling fan?

There’s no special care instructions for cooling fans. Like other appliances, you can prolong your fan’s lifespan by cleaning it regularly and making sure that you don’t use it 24/7 because this can cause overheating ehich can later on destroy the motor.

I suggest that you clean your fan weekly or if you really don’t have the time, every two weeks would do. Make sure that you clean the blades well, put oil on the metal parts so that they won’t rust and so the fan spins well, and check if the fan’s parts aren’t overheating when used.

6. Should I leave a fan on when I’m not there to lower the temperature?

Absolutely not. This would be a complete waste of money and electricity because as I mentioned, fans do not lower the temperature. So keeping it on only circulates the warm air, that’s all. If you want to come back to a cooler room, you can instead leave your air-conditioner on.

Some fans on the list (if you noticed), have timers on them so if you use a fan when sleeping, you can set the timer so that the fan can switch off after a certain time since your body naturally cools down when it is sleeping.

7. What type of fan is the best one to buy?

Honestly, it really depends on what you need and why you need a fan. For this article, I made sure the fans are usually high-speed ones because the goal is to find something to help you cool down faster.

If you’re looking for a space-saving fan then it is best to get good tower fans for your place. If the goal is to really have a strong fan to have air circulate well then get an industrial stand fan. It really depends on the purpose. So before you buy anything, ask yourself “why am I buying a fan and what do I need it for?”. The answer will help you pick a good fan.

8. Do I have to buy a specific brand? Does it make a difference?

There are thousands of fans out there and it can be hard to pick the best one because they all look the same. I have to be honest, the reason why I selected specific brands for the list because for me it does make a difference. I bought an unknown brand before only to find the motor broken after using it for a month (yes, that fast).

Although some brands may be expensive, you are really getting your money’s worth because of the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into the fans that they produce. I think that it is better to spend more on something that would last a very long time than spend less but end up spending more money because I keep on replacing it. Makes sense, right?

Buying a fan is like an investment. I’ve had 2 of my desk fans for 3-4 years and they look and function like they’re brand new. They weren’t that affordable either, but it was worth it.


Ready to Make a Change Now?

My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

Want to learn more about what I did? Click below!

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