10 Best Organic Deodorant For Women in 2020

Organic deodorants are all the rage these days because of people slowly realizing that sweating isn’t bad for them and that they can smell good even after playing sports or any activity that will make a person sweat.

As we all know, sweating is a normal bodily function and it is part of our daily lives. So now I’m on a search for the best organic deodorant for women, and I have some really good suggestions as you read on. I will make sure to tell you why you should try them out and what makes them stand out to be part of my list.

Read more as I share with you a lot of information on deodorants, how to use them, and the different available types of products that are available in the market.

Choosing the best organic deodorant
Choosing the best organic deodorant to use can be quite a difficult choice as there are many options to choose from.
Photo by Daria Litvinova on Unsplash

Do you have a busy day ahead and have no time to read the full article? It’s okay! Come back later, but for now, here is the writer’s top pick for the best organic deodorant any woman would love to use.

Deodorants vs Antiperspirants

Growing up in a tropical country which means we usually have two seasons — hot and hotter (just joking, we have some rainy days too), which means that I am usually sweaty and I even get sweatier when playing sports or going to the gym.

So early on, I realized I didn’t smell that good when I sweat and when I was about 14 years old, I had to buy my first deodorant stick. But it turns out that I wasn’t getting just a deodorant, but also an antiperspirant. Yes, that sounded kinda confusing huh?

So you may be asking, what’s the difference? As people often use these two words interchangeably when they’re not the same thing. They have two totally different functions and at times they may exist in the same product (probably the reason why people get confused in the first place).

Deodorants are made to solely make you smell good. But take note, it will not make you stop sweating. It just helps by killing the bacteria that feed off your sweat and produces the foul odor. Basically, no bacteria=no smell.

But some people sweat excessively and have a hard time dealing with the bad smell. So the idea is, if the bacteria don’t have their “food”, there won’t be any smell. Thus the need for good antiperspirants.

Antiperspirants have an active ingredient, aluminum chloride, which temporarily blocks the pores so that you can enjoy a day without the sticky, sweaty feeling.

Now that you know the difference, you may be having an “aha!” moment, realizing that most of the “deodorants” you used when you were younger might have been both an antiperspirant and a deodorant too.

How To Detox Your Underarms

Many complaints about using all-natural deos are that they don’t work. That they have to keep on reapplying and that they went back to using their old products.

I always ask them “have you detoxed your pits?” and if the answer is no, I walk them through how to do it.

But wait, what is underarm detox? What is it for? How can it be beneficial in making “the switch”? Read more as I will be explaining everything about underarm detox and why you should try it.

As you must have realized, the word “detox” is usually about these people fasting and drinking all these juices to lose the extra weight or to cleanse themselves of an unhealthy diet.

But like your stomach, your underarms also need care and detoxification, especially if you’ve used all these chemical-filled products on them for years. Imagine not being able to sweat properly for years?

Underarm detox is really simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

1. Prepare Your Detox Needs

Preparation is always the key to any activity or process that you want to go through. Especially with your underarm detox because you wouldn’t want to go scrambling for what you need in the middle of the detox process.

My best advice is to buy all the necessary ingredients for your detox. Get an alcohol bottle (ethyl or isopropyl anything would be okay), A jar of bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water. Pretty simple right?

2. Make Your Detox Mix

Your detox mix is very easy to make and it doesn’t take much effort. Just mix a tablespoon of bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, and distilled water inside a glass bowl. Make sure that you don’t use any metal when mixing it because it might react to the paste you’re making.

After mixing all ingredients, make sure that the consistency is similar to that of yogurt, if not you may add a little bit of bentonite clay.

3. Apply On Underarms Daily

Apply it with a brush or with your fingers. At first, keep it on your armpits for 5 minutes, increasing the time slowly per week. Continue this application process for up to 30 days, ensuring that your pores will be clear of all the residual chemicals that you had been putting on for years.

4. Be Patient!

Be patient and don’t expect overnight results. It is important to set proper expectations when going through armpit detox. That’s why I suggested buying a bottle of alcohol, as many people who go through the process say that the first week is so stinky because they sweat so much.

A quick refresher would be to use a 40% alcohol solution, spray it on a cotton swab, and wipe your underarm with it. Just don’t do it too frequently as alcohol can dry your skin.

5. Make The Switch

After going through the whole 30-day detox, you can now confidently make a full switch with no refreshers (no more alcohol swabs! yay) and no fear that you would stink in the middle of the day.

You can now use your chemical-free deodorant at ease because your underarms are totally rid of all the old harsh stuff that clogged your pores.

How To Use a Deodorant

Now that you know how to properly detox your underarms, I want to just include a short section on how to use your all-natural deodorant. Although you may know how to use one, I’d still want to share the tips I know, maybe you’d learn a thing or two by reading this. Here are some steps on how to use deodorants:

1. Always Use on Clean Skin

Using your all-natural deodorant on clean skin after a bath is the best way to go if you want to achieve your product’s maximum effectivity.

Make sure that you pat dry after bathing, making sure the area is dry before applying the product. This allows the product to “stick” to your skin and keep you from smelling bad the whole day.

2. Apply the Desired Amount

I always suggest listening to what’s on the package in terms of how much you should put on your underarms, but the reality is, it’s really up to you. You might discover while using your product that you need less than what was indicated or that you might need more deodorant than what was suggested.

It’s a matter of what your body wants and how it reacts to certain amounts of the deodorant. Also, you have to take note of the sensitivity of your skin. Most all-natural deodorants contain baking soda which can cause redness and overapplying can cause irritation. These are just some things that you should consider.

Types of Deodorant

Now that you know the basics of underarm detox and how to properly apply it, I’d like to share the different types of deodorants available in the market so that you’d know that there are many options when selecting your all-natural deodorant.

You might notice that most deodorants you grew up using fall in one or two categories in the list while others may sound a bit new for you. Here are the types of deodorants:

1. Gel or Cream

Gel or cream deodorants are not that common in the market but are making a swift comeback in the past few years. These deodorants often come in small jars with a separate applicator or just the jar (in that case you’d use your fingers to apply it).

These deodorants are really good if you want a deodorant that can moisturize your underarms well. The only downside in using this type of deodorant is that it is a bit messy and some of the products can get stuck underneath your nails.

2. Aerosol

These deodorants are pretty popular among people who are sporty. This is because this type of deodorant is easy to share (and sanitary too) because no applicator or ball gets into contact with the skin.

This is a handy deodorant to have as the bottles are very light and won’t add too much weight. The only danger to this type of deodorant is that the bottles are kinda bulky and that these deodorants easily run out.

3. Roll-On

The most common type of deodorant, probably one that you used as a teenager. These deodorants come in plastic or glass containers with a ball applicator that thinly and evenly applies the deodorant on your skin.

The best part of this deodorant is that it is easy to use and even application is guaranteed, unlike other types of deodorants (like gel or cream ones). The only downside of this deodorant is if the ball gets a bit loose, the bottle will be prone to damage and leaking.

4. Invisible Solid Stick

The invisible solid stick is what I grew up using as a teenager. It comes in a plastic tube with a knob at the bottom that you can twist to make the stick come out. The stick itself is white, a bit solid but is easily applied on the skin.

These types of deodorants are invisible when put on, just make sure your underarms are very dry because I noticed that it can leave white streaks if the product comes into contact with water.

smell fresh in your armpits
Keep smelling fresh all day with all-natural deodorants.
photo via Unsplash

Now that you know the basics of deodorants, we can now go to our best all-natural deodorants for 2020. I have read so much about different products and I would love to share these different products that you can choose from. I also included a simple chart to make it easier for you to take your pick amongst all the brands in this list.

Organic Deodorant brandsDeodorant TypeBaking Soda-Free?
1. LavilinCreamYes
2. Organic IslandStickNo (but they have baking-soda free variants)
3. Stank StopCreamNo
4. Primal Pit PasteCreamNo
5. Tom’s of MaineStickYes
6. Green TidingsStickNo
7. UnderarmedStickNo
8. CrystalCrystalYes
9. Schmidt’sStickNo
10. NuudCreamYes


1. Lavilin Bio Balance

Lavilin underarm deodorant cream

Click image for details

Us women often change our products because they tend to be too harsh which leaves our skin dry. although it doesn’t seem to be a huge problem, dryness can cause itching which leads to scratching and breakage that can cause so much discomfort.

I can tell you this because I have experienced this firsthand and it is not the best feeling, having to put medicine on the scratch marks.

Lavilin Bio Balance is formulated using plant-based ingredients which not only makes it mild but also makes it eco-friendly. I would definitely go for a brand that keeps me smelling good while saving the planet.

It is also one of the oldest brands of all-natural products, as they started with underarm cream but has now made a lot more personal care products that are very mild and are 100% chemical-free.

They have been making this antiperspirant cream for decades and so far, everyone has just been raving about this product, making it at the top of my list of all-natural products that I must have in my toiletry kit.

It is easy to apply, you can use an applicator or you can just use your fingers to evenly apply it on your underarms. After that, you can wash your hands, wait for the deodorant to dry and then put on your shirt.

Lavilin does not only keep your underarms smelling good the whole day. It does so much more. That said, healing your skin is one of the best features of this deodorant.

Another interesting thing about this product is that most people using the Bio Balance have said that they do not need to reapply for 5-7 days because they do not smell bad after just one application.

Bathing or scrubbing won’t affect the effectivity of this deodorant cream on your skin. Among all the products on this list, it is the only one with this feature.

Being so effective on the underarms, you won’t have to apply your deodorant every day, which means that you save so much on the product you use because it takes a long time to finish one small jar.

A last note on this deodorant, one that I’m really happy about is that they keep it cruelty-free and vegan, although not everyone is conscious about going plant-based or vegan, it’s a nice feeling when you know you use and support products that reduce cruelty.

So in some sense, you indirectly helped the environment with the products you choose to use. I really think that it educates us as consumers, on the impact we make on the products we buy.

If you want a highly effective and healing deodorant, Lavilin Bio Balance is the brand for you.

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3. Stank Stop

fatco stank stop deodorant

Click image for details

Now, this deodorant is very different from all those you have seen (and will see). This is because unlike most all-natural deodorants, Stank Stop uses beef tallow, which is the equivalent of lard or fat but from cows.

It’s different because the makers of this product decided on using the tallow to make the best all-natural and moisturizing deodorant available in the market. This unique ingredient has made Stank Stop so popular online as many have had rave reviews.

They started out with different products but have recently come up with Stank Stop as many people have been requesting that they make something that doesn’t have the harsh chemicals like the ones in store-bought deodorants. So they delivered and made this product that we have today.

Stank Stop is a cream type deodorant. There are two versions, one in a tube and one in the jar. I would really recommend that you get the jar instead as the product is a bit thick and may take time (or even get clogged) in the tube.

It is really easy to apply on the skin. You may opt to use your fingers or you may use a popsicle stick like some people who have used this deodorant. The only downside of using your fingers is that some products might go under the nails so you just have to make sure you watch your hands after applying the deodorant on your underarms.

Just make sure you apply the product thinly, as you may leave a mark on the underarms if you apply it too thickly. and make sure to apply the deodorant on clean and dry skin.

Of all the deodorants here, Stank Stop has the least amount of ingredients, using only 4. The ingredients they use are coconut oil, arrowroot powder, baking soda, and their favorite ingredient, beef tallow.

Stank Stop is also paleo certified, which means that the product is grain, legume, and is free from artificial coloring. If you are going full paleo, even in the stuff you use, this is the best product for you in this list.

This brand also makes the most out of available ingredients. Nowadays, beef tallow is often discarded because oil like canola or coconut oil are used for cooking. Imagine all these vats of tallow going to waste because of that.

Now the nose-to-tail philosophy, as the founders would say, maximizes everything you get from beef so that nothing truly goes to waste. So from the skin (leather) and meat down to the oils, the whole cow is used.

Get Stank Stop if you’re looking for excellent moisturizing properties in a deodorant. I’m sure that this is worth the spend and you will definitely love it because it will heal your dry skin.

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4. Primal Pit Paste

Primal Pit Paste Deodorant

Click Image for details

Primal Pit Paste or also known as P3 is a very popular brand online. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s okay as today is your lucky day. I love P3 because of many different things.

First, most all-natural deodorants don’t explain why there is baking soda in their products and what it actually does. Primal Pit Paste explained that baking soda doesn’t actually remove the bad odor, it neutralizes it.

They don’t make any false claims and they make sure all the ingredients are non-GMO and organic. Their products have vitamin E which protects the skin from free radicals and UV radiation, but in this case, P3 puts this ingredient to moisturize and heal your underarms.

Primal Pit Paste comes in a jar, as it is not a cream but a paste so it is more salve-like than all of the deodorants in this list. It is also not messy because the beeswax keeps it a bit more solid than your usual deodorant in a jar.

You simply use your finger to apply an even layer on your underarms after a bath, and you’re ready to go out and have a lot of fun.

They have different scents (or “flavors” as they’d like to call their variants because everything is food-grade) for both men and women. For men, they have Seaside, which gives you a fresh feeling as if you were at the beach.

Wild Woods lives up to its name with a blend of different earthy scents of cedarwood, sandalwood, and cypress. They also have a Palo Santo mixed with a bit of vetiver and frankincense for a pleasant yet sweet smell.

Us women have many more choices. We have my all-time favorite, lavender which is calming and soothing. It is also P3’s best-seller among all their flavors.

They have Jacked Up Jasmine, which has a really pleasant floral smell mixed with other flowery scents that imbue a feeling of springtime. If you’re not much of a jasmine loving person, that’s okay.

They have Rocking Rose which is one of their very classy variants as it reminds me of walking inside a room filled with roses, with hints of lavender.

They have scents for both men and women like Orange Vanilla which is honestly too good to be just a deodorant. It actually smells like dessert! This is because this flavor is creamsicle inspired.

If you want a summery variant/flavor you can choose Coconut Lime. Imagine sitting on a beach underneath a coconut tree sipping on a mint lime drink. This is exactly the feeling you get when smelling this variant.

If not a tropical scent, you might like the one that brings you back to a warm room with a cup of comforting green tea. If you’re a tea lover (especially matcha), then you will definitely love Mellow Matcha.

But if you like to keep things simple, you can choose the unscented one, which keeps the smell away but doesn’t have any scent added onto it.

The unscented variant is best for people who have a lot of allergies because even though P3 uses organic stuff, the likelihood of an allergic reaction is less with an unscented jar.

“Flavors” aside, all of those have 3 kinds, the Light, Regular, and Strong. These three only differ because of the amount of baking soda present in the product.

Primal Pit Paste recommends that first-time users always start with the Regular type and work your way up to Strong or down to Light, depending on the sensitivity and reaction of your skin to the baking soda. Most people actually just stick to the regular one.

If you’re looking for a salve/ balm like deodorant with many different scents and a bonus of having 3 options depending on baking soda, then Primal Pit Paste is what you should get.

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5. Tom’s of Maine

Tom's of Maine Deodorant

Click Image for details

Availability is always the main concern when it comes to all-natural products. Tom’s of Maine solves that like this the only deodorant in this list that is available in a lot of stores worldwide.

Most products rely on online stores but for some people, they really prefer taking a walk and going to the store to buy their products. Tom’s of Maine is available both online and offline, which is very convenient if you ask me.

This product looks just like the deodorants I grew up using. It is in stick form, which means that you just have to twist the bottom, wait for a bit of the product to be pushed up, and smoothly apply it on the underarms.

It’s very easy to use and it makes you smell so good. The only thing you have to remind yourself is that this is a deodorant therefore it won’t stop you from sweating.

That said if you have hyperhidrosis and you sweat a ton (an understatement I believe), then you may have to reapply this product (and most all-natural products) more than once per day.

Tom’s of Maine started on a dream after a couple had moved from Maine to Philadelphia. They then discovered the lack of all-natural products and right then decided to start their small business. They took out a loan from a good friend and this is what helped start their successful brand.

They started with toothpaste and detergent soap, later on expanding to personal care products like all-natural deodorants that we see in stores today.

They have grown so much since they launched in the ’60s that in 30 years, they became part of the multinational company Colgate-Palmolive.

Although it might be weird that a company as big as this would have these kinds of products, Tom’s of Maine still retained their all-natural approach despite being part of a bigger company.

Tom’s of Maine is very easy to use and does not use any aluminum on their products so people who are going through the underarm detox will definitely love this product.

Tom’s of Maine is vegan, kosher, and halal-friendly which is good for people who are very strict about the products they use. Especially those with religious restrictions or for people who avoid animal byproducts or who have serious allergies.

If you want an easy-to-find natural deodorant, Tom’s of Maine is definitely the brand for you.

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6. Green Tidings

Green Tidings Natural Deodorant

Click image for details

This brand definitely made it on my list because of my favorite ingredient that it has — shea butter. Most deodorants in this list use jojoba or coconut but Green Tidings always uses the best, and shea butter is unparalleled in giving your skin the moisture that it needs.

Shea butter comes from the shea nut in Africa, and Green Tidings gets fair-trade and organic shea butter to use for their deodorants.

Green Tidings started out like a lot of all-natural brands, it all started when a family member became conscious of all the chemical-filled products the entire family used and wanted to make the switch to more natural alternatives.

Thus the brand Green Tidings was born. Made out of six main ingredients, you are assured that you are using nothing but the best (all organic) ingredients available in the market.

The main ingredient is arrowroot powder or tapioca starch. Here in Asia, where I live, this ingredient is very common as a lot of our dishes use this ingredient. Topically applied, arrowroot powder helps with the moisture as it collects it and keeps you dry.

The shea butter I already mentioned above is for the moisturizing properties of the deodorant. There is baking soda, which neutralizes the bad odor. Candelilla wax keeps the product intact and it keeps it from being mushy or runny. The wax also adds to the moisturizing properties of the product, but nothing still beats the shea butter.

A unique ingredient that only this brand has is magnesium oil. You must be asking what it is by now and I shall explain. Magnesium oil helps soothe the muscles and alleviates pain.

Add this to deodorant, it will help heal the damage done to your underarms by the razors from shaving or even plucking. Magnesium oil speeds up the healing which will leave you with smoother, lighter armpits.

Another plus is that this deodorant is gluten-free. Why is this important? Gluten-free products exist for people who have serious allergic reactions to gluten. So any product they use has to be the same because if accidentally ingested, it may cause them to get very sick or worse, die.

This deodorant was also made for sensitive skin. It is unscented and its sole purpose is to neutralize the smell and keep you from smelling bad.

This product is also vegan- friendly, soy-free, corn-free, gluten-free, and most important of all, aluminum-free. You can now be reassured that you are using the best product with the best organic ingredients.

A small reminder that you should make sure that you are fully detoxed before you use all-natural deodorants alone because you may go through an adjustment period before you totally smell good. Always remember to use the product after bathing and after making sure that your underarms are fully dry.

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7. Underarmed

Underarmed Deodorant

Click image for details

If you’re the type of person who really splurges for only the best deodorants, then Underarmed is for you. Launched as a luxurious deodorant using only the best essential oils and organic ingredients, this brand is a notch above all the products in this list.

This product is also the only one among this list that really markets itself for men and women. Basically, if you like the smell, use it. If it works for you, use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

Underarmed is a stick deodorant which means that it looks like any other deodorant on the outside, but it has the best ingredients on the inside. As I always say, don’t judge a book by its cover but in this case, don’t judge a deodorant stick by its cover.

Underarmed is the only one in this list that uses avocado oil, raw honey, and beeswax. Avocado oil is very underrated in beauty products. A lot of people (like me at first) did not know the benefits of this oil.

Avocado oil is well known for its moisturizing properties but it also has many other benefits when applied topically. This oil can calm down itchy skin, heal chapped/dry skin, and even protect you from UV rays.

Raw honey, on the other hand, has natural antibacterial properties that help speed the skin’s healing after the damage that was caused by shaving, plucking, or waxing.

Beeswax helps bind and harden the product and it also protects the skin by making sure it gets enough moisture. After all, our skin (especially the skin on our underarms) needs all the care it can get.

So might as well choose the best right? Underarmed is packed with so much goodness that people have been raving about it because they always say the same — they always smell so good.

Also, always check if your products give your skin enough moisture because if you want to avoid dark armpits then the secret lies in moisturizing the area. Dryness can cause itching which leads to scars or permanent marks and of course you wouldn’t want that.

An interesting thing about this brand is that usually, people get allergic reactions to products with different essential oil blends. This is because these oils are so potent that when too much, can cause chemical burns or rashes.

Underarmed hit the sweet spot in terms of their essential oil blend. They got the right formulation that keeps the bad smell away but never causes a rash or any discomfort to the skin.

That for me is a good reason to buy this deodorant because I’m sure that they really chose experts who know what they’re doing when they made this product.

They even made sure that the deodorant’s PH is balanced so it won’t cause redness or any irritation. So far, nobody has complained about allergic reactions when using Underarmed

Now if you’re looking for the best essential oil deodorant in this list, then Underarmed is the best product for you. Always remember that you should definitely pamper yourself, especially your underarms.

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8. Crystal Deodorant

It all started when the maker of this product took a trip to France. He discovered that in a water treatment facility, they would use mineral salts to clean and purify the water.

He then had an “aha!” moment and had a theory that using a mineral salt could possibly prevent bad smell if formulated correctly. it was the perfect timing because he was trying to think (at that time) of a natural alternative to the deodorants he bought from

So he then began his research and development on a product which we now know and call Crystal Deodorants. He discovered after testing it on his friends that his theory worked.

He never looked back and now we have this all-natural and popular brand of deodorants that have helped lots and lots of people get rid of the bad armpit smell with only the natural stuff.

I just want to share a small fun fact, in Asia where I grew up, Potassium Alum or tawas is commonly found in the marketplace as many women use it to keep their underarms from smelling bad.

Tawas were in the form of a crystal or a rock and you would just put a little bit of water before applying it on the skin. It had no smell but it did help me not stink for the rest of the day. So seeing that there is a better version which has a really good scent added on to it, I was impressed.

The ingredients of Crystal natural deodorants are similar but with some other all-natural ingredients added. The main ingredient of this product is ammonium alum, which is a mineral salt that creates a protective layer on the skin getting rid of the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

Essential oils are added for an extra layer of protection and for you to smell really good after just one application. There is also a unique ingredient — orange peel extract. This extract keeps your skin glowing as it has a lot of vitamins and anti-aging properties.

It is actually very easy to use Crystal deodorants, you use it the same way you use tawas. You just wet the top part of the “rock” and gently rub it on the surface. The dissolved part will then create a layer that keeps you from smelling bad and makes you smell good because of the added fragrance.

Crystal natural deodorants are amazing because there is absolutely no sticky feeling after application. There are also no yellow stains formed because the deodorant is completely free from unnatural ingredients and bad chemicals.

The best part of this deodorant is the price and how long it lasts. It is so affordable that you can buy a lot of this product with the same amount you would spend buying one deodorant that you used to use. it also lasts long so 1 piece would last for more than a year for some before needing to buy a new one. It is totally budget-friendly.

If you’re looking for the most affordable deodorant which lasts the longest in this list, then Crystal deodorant is what you’re looking for.

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9. Schmidt Natural Deodorant

Schmidt Natural deodorant

Click image for details

Another family-owned business, this deodorant line was started by one lady named Jane Schmidt who wanted the best products for her family. So she decided to make her own blend of essential oils and all-natural stuff to make a deodorant that works.

She started with her family, then gave some to friends. It then snowballed into an entire village asking Jane to make more. The rest is history as Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants became a popular brand that everyone trusts.

What’s different about Schmidt’s compared to other deodorants is that they put vitamin E/ tocopherol which protects the skin from the damage caused by plucking, waxing, or shaving which in turn keeps your skin looking young and free of any scars or marks.

It also has calendula or marigold extract that is one of the best things you can put in a deodorant. Many people think that calendula is a pretty flower (it is) but most don’t know about its healing properties.

This flower is an amazing anti-inflammatory, helping your underarms heal after it went through years of unnatural, chemical-filled products that you bought from stores.

At first, it is completely normal to experience redness or itching especially if you’re going through the detoxification process. Calendula will definitely speed the healing up and in no time, you’ll be able to make a full switch without having to reapply your deodorant.

Other ingredients in Schmidt’s is arrowroot powder which keeps you dry by absorbing moisture and it has a bit of baking soda which neutralizes the smell.

There are different oils in this deodorant like coconut oil and jojoba oil, you can also add into the mix a bit of shea butter. All these ingredients keep your skin thoroughly moisturized and healed from dryness.

Of all the products here, I would choose Schmidt’s as my first all-natural deodorant as it has vitamin E. I would want to choose a deodorant that will really moisturize my skin after all these years of using products that only dried and darkened my armpits.

If you’re looking for a really good moisturizing deodorant, then Schmidt’s is the brand for you.

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10. Nuud Deodorant

Nuud Deodorant

Click image for details

Are you looking for a compact deodorant that you can bring when you travel? If the answer is yes then Nuud is what you’re looking for. It is in a small 20ml tube that is spill-proof and will last you forever.

“How is that possible?” you ask, and it is possible because Nuud is the only concentrated deodorant in this list. This means that it is far more effective than your regular all-natural deodorant.

One application can last you a long time. For most people after putting it once, it lasts them for a good 3-7 days. And yes, this is with their regular shower routine, with scrubbing and all. It doesn’t reduce the effectivity of Nuud at all.

Imagine going on a trip with a small 20ml tube. Imagine the space you would save by using Nuud as compared to bringing a stick or a jar or even light yet bulky deodorant sprays. I’d choose Nuud over that any day. Especially because I’m always outdoors.

Nuud has similar ingredients like the other all-natural deodorants in this list. But what sets it apart and makes it special is that it has micro silver which is an amazing ingredient to have in any deodorant.

Nuud has a patented formula that includes micro silver acting as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic. So much goodness in just one ingredient.

This deodorant also contains almond oil for more moisture, castor oil which helps leave your underarms soft and smooth and last but not least another unique ingredient is zinc oxide which protects you from any rashes or allergic reactions by creating a protective layer when applied on your underarms.

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I know you feel more at ease now that you know that there are many existing options for you when it comes to all-natural deodorants. You just have to pick from the top 10 I have provided and choose what you need in your deodorant.

Ask yourself if you’re going for moisture or if you’re going for healing properties found in the product. Or you may choose one that has all the stuff in one product. Take this list to heart, read everything and take your pick.

I’d like to thank you for reading and for learning more about deodorants. You now know more about detoxification and types of deodorants. If you have any more questions that are not on the FAQs above, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer your questions as soon as I can.

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Organic Deodorant FAQs

1. Why do I still smell bad after using my deodorant?

The first thing you ask is “how long have I been using this natural deodorant?” because if you’ve just used it in a few days it may be because you are detoxifying.

Yes, detoxing your underarms does exist, as I explained above. Your body has to get rid of years worth of blockage that was caused by the products you have been using. So now, you’re basically sweating freely which can stink, but don’t worry, it’s not forever.

A detox often lasts 4 weeks, more or less 30 days. So just be patient, you may have to reapply the product several times a day at first, but in the future, it won’t be as bad because you will definitely start smelling better.

Also, if you smell bad in the middle of the day you can bring wet wipes or for some, they bring cotton swabs and alcohol, and wipe the area when the smell gets too strong.

Then they reapply their deodorant. This is a tip I learned from many people who have made the switch to all-natural products successfully. You may want to try it out for yourself and see (or rather smell) good results.

2. Why Do I have to go through underarm detox?

Why not? It is always my answer. Yes, it may be a tedious (and boring) process, but in the end, you will be rewarded with awesome and good smelling armpits. That for me is the best thing I get out of the detoxification process.

Detox is always necessary when making the switch because your underarms need to breathe and need a lot of care because it will go through a big change as it is used to the old products and those chemicals blocking your pores.

Basically, you have to go through the entire process to get rid of years of build-up, you have to sweat what you haven’t sweat in years. So although this discourages you, don’t. Just remember your goals of having better smelling underarms and be patient.

If you are lucky like some people, your detox process can last for just 5 days, because the normal ones last for 30 days. It also depends on how your body reacts. I met someone who went through her detox for just 7 days. Lucky for her as she didn’t have to apply the detox paste for a long time.

3. Should I apply the same amount of deodorant as I did with my old products?

Natural products are the complete opposite of the products you used to use before. Less is more when it comes to your new all-natural deodorants. This is because your body is fully detoxed from the old products and basically you’re starting fresh and you don’t stink as bad as when you were still detoxing.

It is also important to know how much to put on because of ingredients like essential oils that can cause redness and burning sensation for some people. Overapplying the product may cause skin irritation.

I know this because my skin is pretty sensitive and I once applied the product several times and I had a really bad reaction. That’s why I wanted you to know about this as I don’t want you to go through what I went through.

4. Why does my skin itch after using my all-natural deodorant?

If you start itching after applying the product, please stop using it immediately, this is because you may be allergic or sensitive to an ingredient present in your all-natural organic deodorant.

For some people, it is usually the essential oils but for most people, it’s the baking soda content. There have been people who stopped using their deodorants because their skin couldn’t take the oils. So they switched to unscented ones.

But for some, even unscented deodorants can cause harm to their skin. This might be because of the baking soda content. That’s why some deodorants like Organic Island and Primal Pit Paste have different alternatives.

Organic Island is the only one that has a no baking soda variant. But P3 has a Light deodorant that has just a little baking soda. They also suggest that people get the P3 regular and test it out to know if they should go buy the Strong variant or if they should buy the mild Light version instead.

So many options right?

If the itching still persists and if it gets uncomfortable, please take a trip to your dermatologist so he/she can give you advice on what to use and to know what ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

You should also reach out to your brand of deodorant to inform them about what happened. Most all-natural deodorants even have a money-back guarantee so you may get a refund.

5. Do deodorants stop sweating?

Deodorants definitely do not stop sweating. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you sweat a ton when you start replacing your old products with your all-natural deodorant.

The lack of ingredients that clog your pores will be a relief for your underarms so it will just keep on sweating.

The main role of deodorant is simple, to kill off or neutralize the smell using different chemicals but for your organic deodorants, they only use good sources that are mostly plant-based.

6. Among the different types of deodorant, which is the best to use and why?

My best type of deodorants is the stick or spray type of deodorants. Stick is what I’d suggest if you’re a homebody. These deodorants last forever and they’re easy to apply compared to creams or gels.

The spray type would be good for sports as the deodorant bottles are light, easy to carry and have no chances of spilling or melting in my bag. Also, spray type deodorants can be shared because there is no skin contact with the applicator.

This is convenient if your teammate leaves his/her deodorant or in any emergency similar to that. Basically, for team sports, you will often see deodorant sprays in the locker rooms as it is light and can be shared by everyone.

7. Is there any natural way to heal dark armpits?

Yes! I used to have a bit of a problem with my underarms because I used to pluck all the time. Because of this, my underarms skin used to be a bit darker than the rest of my body and it was so embarrassing to wear sleeveless clothing in fear that someone will point my (dark) underarms out.

In the detox process, the bentonite clay, vinegar, and water will help heal your skin first. Next, always get a deodorant that has moisturizing ingredients. Dark underarms are often caused by scratching and the lack of moisture in the area.

Another advice I can give you is that when you use your exfoliating scrub, use gentler exfoliators like crushed apricot seeds. If you use very harsh exfoliators you might even make your skin darker than before (which would be terrible).

For maximum moisturizing properties, choose deodorants with shea butter or those with a lot of oils in their ingredients. For some, it may be beef tallow for others it may be different vegetable or fruit oils.


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It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

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