The Best Organic Deodorant For Men— 6 Products That Keep You Smelling Great All Day

In this day and age, men are as conscious as women when it comes to personal care products. It is also important for you as a guy to use natural products that will keep you smelling really good the whole day because as studies say naturally, women smell better than men.

So now you must be on the hunt for the best organic deodorant for men. What products can you use that can beat the bad odor without having all those harsh chemicals? What products can neutralize the odor instead of clogging my pores?

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Using organic deodorant doesn’t mean these products won’t protect you like your old stuff.
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Do you have a hectic schedule and have no time to read everything right now? Here is the writer’s top pick for one of the best organic, long-lasting deodorants for men.

You are in the perfect place because I make it a point to write these articles to answer these questions. In this particular one, I will have my personal picks for the best products, as a product of research and some of the products I already know of.

Come join me as I explain why you should make the switch, how to detox your underarms and a lot more fun facts about deodorants.

Deodorants VS Antiperspirants

Most of my readers often tell me that they have been using deodorants their entire life. When I ask them the specific brand, they’re always surprised when I tell them that they haven’t been using deodorants their entire life. They’ve been using a mix of both an antiperspirant and a deodorant.

Say what?! Yes, most of the conventional store-bought “deodorants” you used are usually a mix of both. It’s okay, most people really use these two interchangeably. Although they are often seen on most products, antiperspirants are way different than deodorants. Let me explain.

Antiperspirants are products that have active ingredients like aluminum chloride that temporarily blocks the pores to reduce or stop sweating. Other antiperspirants have anticholinergics instead of aluminum, these ones block the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which triggers involuntary sweating among other things in the body.

Aluminum-based antiperspirants can be bought over the counter while the anticholinergics, be it oral or topical have to be prescribed by a physician before using them.

Now let’s go-to deodorants. What are these products? Well, Deodorants are products that simply make you smell good. “That’s all?” Yes, plain and simple. These products have active ingredients that kill the bacteria upon application as they are the main cause of foul body odor or “BO”.

Now that you know the difference, you can now easily determine if a product is an antiperspirant, a deodorant, or both. Happy hunting! But on my end, I always tell people that you can stick to deodorants especially if you do not have any form of hyperhidrosis.

How To Detox Your Armpits and Why It Is Important

Moving on, you now know the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. But before we continue with the best products your money can buy, I’d like to first ask you one thing. Have you ever detoxed your underarms? Do you know what underarm detox is and why it is important?

If the answer is no, then please read further. If you know this already you can scroll down for more information. If you haven’t detoxed your underarms ever, I have to warn you beforehand, with using organic deodorants, it will be bad before it gets better.

It makes you wonder what I mean right? I meant it in the odor department. If you have been using antiperspirant or a mix with any type of antiperspirant in it, then you may have been blocking your pores for most of your life.

Making the switch to all-natural and organic products would mean that your pores will be able to breathe again and this means that you will be sweating a lot more than you usually do.

With sweating comes bacteria that love feeding off it and that in turn may cause bad odor. That said, underarm detox is a method suggested to speed up things or to help your underarms de-clog a bit faster than usual.

It’s pretty simple — you mix 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay, water, and apple cider vinegar on a glass bowl, mix them to form a paste, and apply on your underarms daily. You have to start applying it for 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time you let it stay on per week.

The detox typically lasts for 5 days to 30 days, depending on how fast your body adjusts. You have to be really patient because there will be no instant results, you just have to really work hard and think that by the end of the whole process, you will have de-clogged pores and really good smelling underarms, sans the chemicals.

Now that you know more about detoxing, I will provide a video below that can help you see what I mean because although you have read it in theory, it is also good to see how to do things. It makes learning easier and fun, in my opinion.

Best Organic Deodorants

Now that you have probably started your detox, we can now move on to the star of the show, I mean article, which is the best organic deodorant you can use that will keep you fresh all day. After this list, you will definitely be a changed man. Before reading the entire thing, check out the simple chart I prepared for each product as this can help you choose your deodorant faster.

Deodorant BrandsBaking Soda-FreeDeodorant Type
1. Sam’sNoStick
2. Primal Pit PasteNoGel/Cream
3. Real PurityYesRoll-on
4. Green TidingsNoStick
5. Malin and GoetzyesStick
6. LumeYesGel/Cream
7. NuudYesGel/Cream
8. NasantaYesRoll-on
9. NativeNoStick

1. Sam’s Natural Deodorant

Sam's Natural Deodorant
Click Image for Details

Have you ever wished for a deodorant that would work despite all the hard work you do all day? You might have noticed that natural deodorants don’t really protect you the way your old products did and you’re torn between using all these chemical-filled stuff vs going organic but always having to worry about reapplication.

Worry no more because I included one of the best deodorants in this list — Sam’s Natural Deodorant. What makes this brand so special though? Well, this deodorant was started by a hard-working mechanic named Sam, thus the name of this organic brand.

Sam had a problem, he was a mechanic and at the end of the day, his hands would be so dirty with the dirt, dust, and grime from working, not to mention the bad smell from his armpits. He then found a solution — he made a hand scrub out of walnut husks and natural oils. It was successful in removing all that dirt from his hands.

He then moved on to deodorants, because he noticed that a lot of the stuff he used either made him smell bad or, made him smell good but stained his shirts so bad, he had to throw them out (yes, both the deodorant and the shirt).

He started formulating Sam’s deodorants to solve his problem but he wanted to be unique. He didn’t want the usual floral, sweet-smelling sticks you find in the market (or online). He wanted something new, something refreshing and something that will never stain your clothes.

What’s there to love about Sam’s Natural Deodorants? I love the fact that they stuck to their amazing and unique formulation and didn’t go with the norm, making them truly one of a kind in the world of natural deodorants.

I also love that Sam’s deodorants never test on animals and they don’t use any animal byproducts, making it a cruelty-free and vegan deodorant. Personally, I’d always choose vegan products because they have a lower carbon footprint compared to their non-vegan equivalents.

I included Sam’s deodorants on this list because it is so cost-efficient because it takes a long time before you have to buy your second stick. Less is more because you only have to apply two swipes on your underarms and you’re good to go for the entire day.

I honestly made this list so you can check out the best brands in the market because I know (like me) you have busy schedules and you can’t be bothered to go on a deodorant hunt at the mall, nor do you have lots of time to find the best deodorant there is. It all takes time, really.

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2. Primal Pit Paste

Primal Pit Paste
Click Image for Details

Deodorant creams or pastes are in the rage these days, with roll-ons and stick deodorants taking the back seat. More and more people are switching to new and interesting products that have the same effect as their old stuff.

As much as I wanted to stick to the sticks and roll-ons, I wanted this list to be interesting for both you and me, so I added different types of deodorants. In the cream/gel department, Primal Pit Paste or P3 comes highly recommended by both me and a lot of people.

Why Primal Pit Paste though, what’s so special about it? Well first and foremost, P3 is a perfect post-detox deodorant, basically, it is mild enough for your newly detoxed pits, but strong enough to keep the odor at bay.

Aside from being mild and strong at the same time (you know what I mean now), this deodorant won’t give you the same problem your old products gave you. A lot of people using the old chemical-filled deodorants would usually complain about red boil-like growths on their pits.

Most people think that it’s because of the pore-blocking function most deodorant antiperspirants have in their ingredient list. Primal Pit Paste makes sure you’ll have none of that. Aside from not blocking your pores, it makes sure that it only has organic and all-natural ingredients that won’t cause any pain or redness.

To make sure that your underarms are well-cared for, Primal Pit Paste has three types — light, regular, and strong. They’re all the same in terms of ingredients but what makes them different is the level of baking soda in each type.

Primal Pit Paste often recommends starting with the regular type and seeing how your underarms react to it. As we all know, some people are very sensitive to baking soda. So if you feel a bit of itchiness or redness, you can move down to the light type. If you discover that the regular does nothing on the smell, you might want to move up to the strong type.

Primal Pit Paste only uses the best ingredients — only using food-grade and organic stuff that is also good for your skin. None of those chemicals that can cause lots of allergies.

This brand is awesome (and is in this list) because it doesn’t cover up your bad smell, instead it utilizes baking soda’s natural odor-neutralizing feature to make sure you never smell stinky throughout the day. No artificial perfumes that make you smell worse (believe me, I’ve tried and I smelled horrible!).

Just a reminder, Primal Pit Paste does not stop sweating and does not act as an antiperspirant. Also, make sure that you have gone through a full underarm detox before passing on a verdict on P3 because lots of people make the mistake of suddenly switching, expecting overnight results when their underarms need time to flush out years of blockage caused by old products.

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3. Real Purity Deodorant

Real Purity Deodorant
Click Image for Details

Old but gold is what I always say when it comes to some brands I know and love, and Real Purity is definitely just that. As one of the first all-natural brands in the market, I just had to have them on this list.

I thought that you might want to get to know one of the best, the true “OG” of all-natural deodorants because Real Purity is one time-tested brand that has been a popular choice of a lot of customers since the ’80s (yes, that long!).

It was started by Virginia Easterling, a licensed cosmetologist, and aesthetician, who wanted to make a lot of beauty products less harmful to the body. Imagine this kind of idea during her time. Nobody was really familiar with “all-natural” and “organic” and so starting Real Purity was a bold move in her part.

Easterling started with different personal care products and their famous roll-on deodorant. In 2013 the company, which is now managed by her children, launched their new stick deodorant which became a hit because everyone loved it, old and new customers.

Real Purity isn’t just about being one of the first of its kind in the market. It’s so much more because nowadays, it isn’t just about having “organic” and “natural” on the label. It’s now about the ingredient list because a lot of people now read labels and do their research before they buy anything.

With these types of consumers, Real Purity is a winner because the Easterlings have a high standard when it comes to choosing the stuff they put in their products. They also make sure that all their products have a transparent ingredient list, what you read is what’s in your deodorant.

Real Purity doesn’t use artificial scents or perfumes in their deodorant because they tend to cause allergic reactions and yellow stains in clothes. They also made sure to properly label all the essential oils they use because other companies usually just put “essential oils”, with Real Purity, you’ll know specifically which oil they used.

I also wanted Real Purity in this list because the deodorant they have does not have the in-your-face scent like other deodorants. The scent is very subtle, perfect if you don’t want it to mix with any perfume you’re wearing.

Prot tip! Buy more than one bottle because they tend to run out of stocks online. People really stock up on a deodorant that works, after all. So make sure you do too. It’s always good to be prepared.

Always remember to finish your underarm detox when switching to natural deodorants, because you have to make sure that your body fully adjusts to a product that won’t clog pores, therefore expect more sweating than the usual.

If you have hyperhidrosis though, I might suggest that you use Real Purity with an antiperspirant when at meetings or events, to stop all that sweat from ruining a good day. If you really don’t want to use antiperspirants, I may recommend using a Thompson Tee, a sweat-proof undershirt that can prevent sweat marks from ever getting to your shirt.

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4. Green Tidings Natural Deodorant

Green Tidings Natural Deodorant
Click Image for Details

You always look for a product that gives you the best results after using it and Green Tidings was high on the recommendation list in different forums online and even offline.

I read more about this deodorant and discovered that this is perfect for this list because it is the only certified gluten-free deodorant in this list. You may laugh a bit and think this is a joke, but gluten allergies can be very deadly for some people.

Why gluten-free when it’s just a deodorant? Well, gluten-free products are made for people with severe gluten allergies, they really ensure that any accidental ingestion won’t cause a severe reaction.

Green Tidings deodorants were started because of a mother’s love for her family. Jenny Bedford was pregnant with her first child and wanted to raise her baby in an environment free of harmful chemicals that could cause different diseases.

After reading on the bad effects most chemicals have on the skin and the fact that they are in most personal care products like deodorant, Jenny Bedford was so horrified because she lost her sister to cancer and she didn’t want other people to experience the pain of losing someone. So she started her own brand that is organic and all-natural — Green Tidings.

This brand has 6 ingredients, tapioca starch, magnesium oil, coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter, and candelilla wax. Tapioca starch or arrowroot powder is popular in absorbing all that extra moisture. If you’re a person who barely sweats, then this will do wonders in keeping your underarms dry.

Magnesium oil and baking soda are the odor neutralizers of this product, killing the bacteria Staphylococcus hominis so you’re left with armpits that smell like Green Tidings, or no smell at all.

Coconut oil and shea butter are my favorite ingredients in Green Tidings deodorants because not only do they add moisture to the product, leaving your skin smooth but shea butter has natural healing properties, making this product a good post-shave deodorant healing your skin from ingrown hairs or even nicks caused by shaving.

Last but not least, Green Tidings is, of course, organic, but what’s more important is the fact that the company does not use beeswax and doesn’t test on animals making it vegan and cruelty-free. I made sure to include products like this one on the list so you can have truly eco-friendly options that work.

I really want you to find a product that can help make you smell better, thus boosting your confidence but at the same time make you feel loads better knowing that the product you use doesn’t contribute to harsh treatment on animals due to laboratory testing.

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5. Malin and Goetz Deodorant

Malin and Goetz
Click Image for Details

As a brand that has been the favorite of many for more than a decade, Malin and Goetz has been the top pick of lots of men when asked for a deodorant that does the job.

A lot of other brands have fancy marketing, low prices, or crazy deals, but at the end of the day, it’s the product that matters. Does it work? Is always the question because what’s the sense if you’re not gonna buy the product again right? Any brand will tell you that the return customers are very important in sustaining the company.

Imagine existing for more than a decade? This is why I put Malin and Goetz on this list. Any deodorant that lasts long in the market with rave reviews to boot should definitely be on this best deodorant list. Don’t worry, there are lots to love about this brand, just read more and see for yourself.

This brand used the surnames of the two founders Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin. Goetz used to be the US marketing director of a known Swiss brand called Vitra and he learned a lot during his stay with them, incorporating his ideas into what Malin and Goetz is as a brand today.

Matthew Malin, on the other hand, used to develop brands that would be launched at the privately-owned company Barney’s. After Barney’s, he worked for Kiehls to oversee their global sales. He then worked for Prada managing their beauty division and perfumes.

Matthew discovered that lots of brands go for beauty and looks but they ignore the ingredient list, they often use stuff with harsh chemicals that can damage the hair, skin, and nails. Let’s just say he was frustrated (which was an understatement).

Malin, although very successful in his job, had lots of skin conditions that made it so hard to work and it also took a huge toll on his confidence. he then met and worked with Andrew Goetz in developing a brand that will only use organic and natural ingredients.

After they conceptualized what they wanted, they decided to name the brand after themselves because the simple, chic design and all-natural ingredient list reflected what they wanted on a personal level.

What makes Malin and Goetz unique among all the deodorants in this list is the silky smooth stick they produced. It really glides on the skin, unlike other brands that have multiple complaints on their sticks being too tough.

I also love this brand because of its unique eucalyptus blend leaving your armpits cool and fresh the entire day. This is the perfect deodorant to use during summer or during days that are a bit warmer than usual.

Malin and Goetz also guarantee all-day protection, which means that you don’t have to worry about reapplications, just apply it in the morning and you’re all set. They do remind you that if you are very active or play any sport, it would be best to bring your stick and reapply after you bathe post-activity. Also, make sure you’ve done your detox!

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6. Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant
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If you want a unique deodorant, go try Lume. Pretty straightforward, huh? Well, this is how they want this brand to be, straight-to-the-point, addressing the root cause of the odor problem — bacteria. Lume is in this list not just because of that though, I included Lume because it is a multifunctional deodorant.

Yes, you got that right. Most deodorants are designed for the armpits. What most people don’t realize though, is that the bad odor can come from other sweaty places. The crotch area and the feet come in second when it comes to possible problem areas.

Lume is formulated to be so mild it is safe to put on your entire body so that you smell good even after a hot day (or any activity that can make you sweat). That’s why their tagline is “for everyone’s pits and stinky bits”. No more embarrassing situations for you, just lots of fun and Lume.

First, let’s have fun. Lume is not pronounced “loom” instead, it is pronounced “loo-me” which can be a bit confusing for lots of people. But nevermind how you pronounce it, as long as it works for you.

This brand was actually started by a doctor named Sharon Klingman, an obstetrician, and gynecologist. She noticed that lots of her patients had some odor problems and were incorrectly diagnosed with vaginosis.

She then did lots of research and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the bacteria inside, it was all on the surface! These women were given unnecessary medication when they could’ve applied something topically (on the skin).

She then started formulating the first batch of creams in her kitchen where she made different versions until she found the best and had her family members test them out. Lots of them were satisfied with the results she decided to start a small business now known as Lume.

Lume upped the game in the deodorant field because they have a product that really works plus they have excellent marketing online and offline, letting women and men know that they can be more confident because there is a product they can use to avoid smelling bad, wherever it may be.

Lume also markets itself not as a deodorant but rather a pre-odorant because they claim to prevent the existence of bacteria in the area rather than deodorizing or neutralizing the bad odor like other products. Yes, Lume is baking-soda free too!

I love this brand because it works for up to 72 hours! Yes for up to 3 days without being affected by showers or sweat-filled activities. Aside from that, it is the only deodorant (in this list) that I can safely recommend to use on the butt and crotch area.

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7. Nuud Deodorant

Nuud Deodorant
Click Image for Details

You might be a person who likes traveling light. Less is more and that works for a lot of people. This is exactly what a Dutch company was thinking in 2018 when they came up with a revolutionary formula that took the deodorant world by storm, all because of a small, red, 20ml tube.

Did I pique your interest? Well, I hope I did because Nuud is awesome. Yes, it may come in a small reddish-pink tube but its contents are amazing. Imagine something that works for up to three days? Well, Nuud does and they even made a signature black tube for men.

This deodorant is unlike any deodorant you’ve ever used because it is in a concentrated form, thus the small tube. I mean, I know you’re wondering how a tiny tube can last you for a week, well this tube can last you for a month.

Make no mistake, Nuud works wonders, and it’s friendly to sensitive skin because it is unscented and baking soda-free. Aside from that, it is also friendly to the environment because it uses recycled packaging for its box and sugarcane (bioplastic) for the tube.

Of all the brands in this list, this is definitely a cream deodorant that has impressed me. It makes it easy to pack, lightweight enough for traveling. It is even the right weight to put inside your carry-on bag.

But what makes Nuud special? It has micro-silver, its key ingredient that neutralizes the bad underarm odor by killing the bacteria that causes it. This deodorant is not about covering up the smell. It’s all about addressing the root cause — the bacteria called Staphylococcus hominins.

If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t want any added scent on your product or if you’re the type who travels a lot (or both!) then Nuud is for you.

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8. Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant

Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant
Click Image for Details

As we all know, some people can be very sensitive to essential oils. They get red spots, rashes, or get boils when using anything with these oils in them. Thus my last recommendation — Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant. I wanted this list to have as many options as I can give you so I included this brand which is mild and odor-free.

Although there is not much information on the history of the brand online, I made sure to search all that there is to search for Nasanta and found mostly reviews. When I say reviews, I mean good reviews, rave reviews of people telling everyone to use this product.

The only thing I know about this brand is that it is from Australia, it uses eco-friendly glass packaging for its bottles, it’s clinically tested and certified mild, and it is odor-free. Nasanta is also free from aluminum, so it does not plug your pores, instead, it kills the bacteria that cause the bad odor.

Does it have baking soda? No, it doesn’t. Nasanta uses magnesium to neutralize and kill the bacteria without causing the bad skin reactions that baking soda causes. Milk of magnesia is definitely milder and it apparently works for a lot of people, thus the 5-star reviews.

I love Nasanta because it is really honest with its claims. It works, yes, but the brand only claims to protect you for up to 12 hours. It doesn’t tell you that it will protect you for 24 hours then disappoint you later. Nasanta is to be reapplied at least twice a day if you want all-day protection. No lies, just the truth. The reapplication is why it’s last on the list but it really works, especially if you have extra-sensitive skin.

The best part of this deodorant is that it is aluminum and baking soda-free so you won’t have any boils, redness, or itchy skin after using. You also won’t have tough yellow stains to remove when using this deodorant. You will now have clothes that will last you forever because I can only remember the times I had to throw out shirts because of those stains.

If you are looking for the mildest deodorant in this list, go for Nasanta Magnesium deodorant. It will not let you down. Just don’t forget to complete your 4-week underarm detox when switching to any of the products on this list.

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9. Native Deodorant

As one of the best deodorants in the market, I could not exclude this brand on this list. First, don’t you just wish for a brand that would be kind to its consumers? Having a good product is one thing but what about being transparent on the ingredients and product-related questions?

You can only get the best of that from Native. This brand was started by a guy named Moiz Ali who wanted a simple and all-natural solution to a common problem that people have — body odor. But Ali didn’t want to launch a product that was drying to the skin or that was lumpy. He wanted it to be close to perfect before people used it.

Starting in his kitchen he then whipped up Native’s first version and started from there. 24 versions later, he was happy and he then decided to release Native to the public. He didn’t expect it to be such a hit as he designed and formulated everything — from the product and on how the brand relates to its consumers.

Native has one of the best services to its customers. He designed the company to be as transparent as it could be because people were sick of the late replies and ignored emails. He even made sure that you get your money back if the deodorant doesn’t work for you within a specific period of time.

Moiz Ali wanted to be unique without being too “hippie-dippie” as most deodorants are nowadays. He wanted to be simple — minimalistic but stylish, which reflects in the simple design and packaging of Native deodorants.

What’s fun about Native is their 6 scents (yes, pun intended). They have different variants available all-year-round: coconut and vanilla, lavender and rose, cucumber and mint, charcoal, and unscented. But where is the sixth you might wonder, well, unlike other brands, you can customize the scent of your deodorant and they will even personalize the packaging with you name on it. I would probably mix mint and lavender when I get the chance.

All their deodorants are mild which means you can enjoy the benefits of staying fresh without getting allergies or breaking out into hives because of harsh chemicals or even artificial fragrances. Native is not only organic but also all-natural but very modernized and consistent, so you don’t really notice it.

It’s not a surprise that they are not the small company that started years ago, especially in 2017 which was the year of their famous Pumpkin Spice Latte deodorant which made waves in the deodorant market. They also made waves in the business side of things as they were bought in cash by Proctor and Gamble (P&G), a multinational giant that owns many brands and are known worldwide.

You have to admit that you probably love Native so much. I wouldn’t blame you because I really think it’s a complete package, deodorant-wise. I’d go for this brand if you want something that you can easily buy at stores or even online. Also, choose Native if you’re the adventurous person who loves customizing scents, as you can change the variant once in a while, unlike other brands in which you are stuck with the usual scents they release.

I have a full review of Native, which doesn’t only talk about the brand itself but also talks about lots of tips when switching to all-natural deodorants. You might find the review interesting. To read more, please click here.

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1. Can waxes clog my pores?

No, they can’t. Organic deodorants use waxes that are non-comedogenic. But to be on the safe side, please do NOT apply any product on your skin after sugaring, shaving, or plucking.

It also won’t hurt to ask the customer service of any brand you want to try out if their brand is non-comedogenic, and if they give you a clear yes, then you can probably try to use that deodorant. Always check if you have any redness or itching because if you do, stop using the product and see your dermatologist.

I remember using comedogenic products that clogged my pores, but I didn’t stop using those products and sadly had to have minor surgery to remove an abscess on my underarm. So believe me when I say you wouldn’t want that, as it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me.

2. Do organic deodorants test on animals?

Organic deodorants are mostly cruelty-free, which means that they do not support any form of animal testing or animal cruelty. But some deodorants (that are not on this list) use animal fats as their main ingredient so that’s definitely not cruelty-free.

3. Is using organic deodorants safe for the environment?

Yes, they are. By using products that are more natural you also reduce your carbon footprint. Chemical-filled products are actually a big source of pollution on this planet. So you’re definitely on the right path by starting to use good products on your body.

It has a domino effect on the planet as you can just imagine millions of people using more natural and organic products. As I always say, a little goes a long way. You’re off to a great start.

4. Should I use my natural deodorants as I did with my old products?

Yes and no. Please don’t be confused as I will explain. Yes, you should apply it the same way or as indicated on the packaging but you shouldn’t put as much product on your skin as you did with your old products.

After a full detox, you won’t be smelling as bad and with all-natural products, I noticed that less is more meaning the less product you use, the more you will smell better. Weird as it may seem but most reviews you’ll read will say the same.

5. Do organic deodorants cost a lot? Are they expensive?

They aren’t at all! They can only be expensive if you buy those that are made with expensive essential oils. If you want to save on money and make it fit the budget, you can opt for crystal type deodorants which are so cheap and will last you for more than a year.

6. What should I do if I ever develop a rash when using my deodorant?

Stop using the product IMMEDIATELY. Also, most vegan deodorants (actually all of them) have amazing customer representatives that will address your concerns. They will issue you a refund and you just have to find another deodorant to use.

Also, check with your doctor if you have any allergies. An example would be baking soda, most of the deodorants in this list have it and I often tell people that there are some people who are very sensitive to baking soda and may experience itchiness, redness, or even bumps on their skin.

That’s why I provided baking soda-free options which you can try. Don’t worry, they work wonders the same way a deodorant with baking soda would. Other brands use probiotics and mineral salts as alternatives that have been tried and tested and have been given the best reviews by people who have used these products for years.

7. Do deodorants stop sweating?

No, they don’t. Deodorants are created to stop the bad odor by killing the bacteria that feed off the sweat. If you really want to stop the sweating, you can always use antiperspirants. But if you want to go the all-natural route, then you have no choice but to deal with the sweat.

Another solution for people who want to use deodorants but hate the sweat marks is to use sweat-proof shirts like ItsDri, an undershirt that protects your clothes from yellow stains and sweat marks that can be embarrassing at times.

With these undershirts, you can sweat away without ruining your shirts. Check them out and let me know in the comments below if it worked for you.

8. How long do natural deodorants last? When do I reapply?

Natural deodorants usually last the whole day but in some brands (like Nuud or Lume) where they claim to last for three to seven days depending on the person.

At first, I always say that reapplication is needed two or three times per day depending on how sweaty you get. This is normal especially if you are just starting to use these products as your body is still detoxing so you tend to smell a bit bad at first.

After the adjustment period, you won’t need to reapply the product as much because your underarms won’t produce that much sweat anymore. Plus the product will kill the bacteria that cause the terrible odor.

9. Since there’s no aluminum in these products, can natural deodorants still stain my clothes?

Not as bad as your old product or it won’t leave any stain at all. There have been some reports of people using all-natural deodorants and still have a bit of a stain. My theory is the baking soda. While most of the lists here have that ingredient, I made sure to include the best ones which had little to no bad reviews on staining.

10. Will these deodorants help lighten my underarms?

Not really, but it may help lighten it a bit naturally as darkening can be the cause by the repeated hair removal procedures which can really dry your skin. The oils found in these natural products re-hydrate your skin back to its natural color. If you want it lighter though, you will have to use conventional deodorants with some mild acids that can peel or bleach your skin.


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