10 Best Antiperspirants For Men: Stop Sweating Today!

All-day freshness is a struggle due to work and other activities that cause you to sweat. You not only worry about excessive sweating but you also worry about ugly yellow stains.

You may have discovered that the best way to fight hyperhidrosis is by using different techniques — one of them is using antiperspirants. They have been proven to reduce or even stop sweating for the days. Amazing, aren’t they?

Men just need the best antiperspirant to keep them from smelling bad.
All it takes is a good antiperspirants to remove any worry from smelling bad during the day.
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You’re not alone in dealing with sweat-related problems. I have been managing and dealing with hyperhidrosis for over 2 decades now so I do know how hard it is. Read my story here.

I’m sure that you have been using different brands in the past few years. Or maybe not. Regardless, I decided to make this “10 best antiperspirants for men” list for you to have a better idea of the available brands in the market that are a cut above the rest, and that hopefully, it can help you in your battle against excessive sweating.

What Is Sweating? When Does It Become A Problem?

Did you know that our body has its own cooling system? I guess like machines, we can also overheat, but the difference is that we can easily solve that problem, unlike machines that need an external cooling system.

Our bodies are amazing because when we overheat, glands scattered around our body produce sweat to help us cool down. These glands work hard to regulate our body temperature.

An example of sweat regulating our temperature is when we have a fever. When you have a fever, your body feels like it is overheating, so it sends out signals for your sweat glands to release the heat inside your body through sweating.

Aside from regulating body temperature, sweating plays another important role in your body. It helps with detoxification. First sweat acts as a protective layer on your skin, as you are exposed to a lot of toxins when you’re outside. It actually prevents toxins from entering your body.

Another way it detoxifies you is by helping your kidneys, gall bladder, and liver by sweating out the bad stuff. Sweating gets rid of a lot of unwanted stuff in your body.

I wanted to share these facts about sweat so it doesn’t become something you hate. Just think about it being a necessary “evil” in staying healthy.

That aside, sweating can also get out of control. Some people notice that their sweating is not only becoming uncomfortable, but it’s starting to become downright embarrassing.

For example, in cold temperatures, people don’t really sweat a lot. Despite that, you find yourself sweating buckets and you can’t seem to know why or even how to stop it.

You might also notice that you sweat more than the average person, you tend to change shirts more often, and avoid light clothes because of the sweat marks that can be very embarrassing.

Excessive sweating actually has a medical term. It is called hyperhidrosis and you are not alone, as many people around the world also suffer from this condition as it affects 2-3% of the population.

You can probably relate to what I have shared so far, and you might just be looking for a solution that works for you.

If you want the simplest and most affordable way, then this list of 10 best antiperspirants will be perfect for you.

What Are Antiperspirants? Why Are They Important?

Antiperspirants are different from deodorants, and most people use these terms interchangeably when they are so different from each other. Let me explain.

Antiperspirants are products that are developed to reduce or stop sweating. Most antiperspirants nowadays have aluminum chloride as an active ingredient.

It acts as a “stopper” by temporarily blocking your pores to stop the sweat in certain areas, especially your armpits. This is the most common concern of a lot of people when it comes to excessive sweating.

Another problem associated with hyperhidrosis is bad body odor or often called “B.O”. But did you know that sweat isn’t the real cause of body odor?

It is caused by the bacteria that live on your skin that feeds on the sweat you produce. Some people sweat profusely and don’t smell at all, while others just smell really bad when they sweat.

This is what makes deodorants (or an antiperspirant/ deodorant mix) a necessity to make you smell good the whole day. It makes sure that those bacteria won’t survive wherever you apply it but sadly, it doesn’t make you stop sweating. The good news is, that most antiperspirants are also deodorants so you will stop the sweating while smelling really good.

How To Use Antiperspirants

Before we move on to the list of the different antiperspirants for men, I will first give you general instructions (and tips) on how to use one. It is important for you to follow each instruction as carefully as possible because this can affect the effectiveness of the product. Remember, you cannot expect a product to work perfectly if you don’t use it as instructed.

1. Use It At Night

Most antiperspirants have the instruction at the back suggesting that you use their product at night. It makes you wonder sometimes. “Why can’t I use it in the morning like I usually do?” Well, there is a pretty good explanation as to why you should use it before sleeping.

When the day is over, the best feeling in the world is a relaxing bath before hitting the sack. You have no more activities and therefore you don’t sweat as much.

This is why it’s the perfect time to apply your antiperspirant. Any wetness or moisture will significantly reduce the effectivity of the product.

2. Make Sure The Area Is Dry

As mentioned above, any moisture can mess with the effectivity of your antiperspirant. The product has to be applied only on dry skin because when water mixes, it may cause white marks which can be embarrassing when you raise your arms, and you may start sweating sooner than what was promised on the label as the aluminum chloride did not block anything at all.

3. Evenly Apply The Product

Another tip I’d like to share is that with evenly applying the product, study where in the area you sweat more than usual, like the general vicinity of your sweat glands. Knowing the location of these glands will help you make sure that the product full covers your underarms or on other products, fully cover your back, forehead, and groin area.

4. Air Dry

Remember the rule on moisture! Make sure your underarms are fully dry before going to bed and sleeping. This can be a little bit tiring because you have to raise your arms while waiting.

I would suggest that you watch something engaging on Netflix or something that can keep your mind busy and entertained while waiting for your antiperspirant to fully dry.

This process ensures that no moisture mixed in with the antiperspirant and you can now enjoy its full effects.

5. Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun. This is the best part after you follow all the instructions above. Imagine not sweating profusely at all as you did before? Consider it a miracle, but also take note that this wouldn’t be possible without your effort and patience.

10 Best Antiperspirants

Now you’ll be reading about the 10 antiperspirants I highly recommend. I want you to know that this list took quite some time to make as I thoroughly researched the pros and cons of each product and made sure I only got the best of the best. Please take note that I will include what type of antiperspirant it is and why it is on the list.

Excessive sweating is a problem that is not a joke and should never be taken lightly. We have to use products that really work and have been tried and tested by people who sweat more than usual or who suffer from hyperhidrosis. So sit back, relax, and let’s stop the sweating.

1. SweatBlock


Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Wipes

Sweatblock made it at the top of the list because of all the rave reviews on this antiperspirant. Not only is it so effective, but it also doesn’t have too much aluminum chloride content as the other strong antiperspirants on this list.

So the best part about SweatBlock is that it works. As compared to other brands of this list, I have noticed that most users have had more positive feedback after using it. Aside from that, it works for as long as 10 days. Imagine being sweat-free for more than 24 hours? It would be such a relief.

I think this is what matters most when selecting an antiperspirant. It has to work because you wouldn’t want to waste your money.

As the only antiperspirant wipes on this list, it’s easier to travel with this antiperspirant as it barely takes space and it is almost as light as a feather. So traveling around the world isn’t so hard anymore.

In connection to being light enough to carry everywhere, traveling with liquids has a risk attached to it. Just imagine the mess it can cause if the bottle breaks inside your bag. Aside from this, you have to deal with soiled clothes which can potentially ruin any vacation.

SweatBlock, despite being my top pick, isn’t perfect. It also has some things about it that I don’t like. After all, no product is perfect, and it’s best that you know everything about it before you decide to purchase it.

For some people who aren’t used to products having more aluminum chloride than usual. SweatBlock can make you itch a little. This problem has been rarely reported but it isn’t an uncommon downside of using clinical strength antiperspirants.

This is why I always suggest that before you try any product, make sure to test it on a small area on your body to see if you’d react to it. I do this with any antiperspirant I try for the first time, to be on the safe side.

On the other hand, some people find that using SweatBlock doesn’t help with their excessive sweating problem. So I read more about these stories and I found out about the problem. It’s because most people don’t follow the instructions on the label.

Most people say that it doesn’t work as well for them when they apply it when the area is wet or has moisture on it. Of course, this has a big impact on the effectivity and here you will see how properly applying SweatBlock and following the proper steps can stop your sweating.

If you already followed these instructions and it still doesn’t work, then it’s truly time to try another brand.

If you interested in reading my full review you can go here. You will be able to see more on why this is a good brand to buy or if it is the antiperspirant that you are looking for.

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2. Odaban


Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Aerosol Spray

Odaban came in second on this list because of many reasons. I can’t wait to share them all with you. It came in second because I just love spray-on products.

There is a growing number of antiperspirant sprays in the market but none of them are quite as effective as Odaban. Read more to know what I like about this brand and some things that could be improved in this antiperspirant.

I love Odaban because it is a really good spray-on antiperspirant. I find these types easier to apply on the armpits because it spreads the product out very well. Even application is so important when it comes to antiperspirants because these can cause white marks or staining if applied thicker than usual.

Because it is a spray-on antiperspirant, you can apply it to other parts of your body. This makes Odaban so useful because you don’t have to buy different products to use in the other parts of your body. You can just spray it on and have a sweat-free day.

I love the fact that like SweatBlock, you don’t have to put it on every day. As long as you follow the instructions well, you can be sweat-free for more than 5 days. It means that a bottle will last you longer as compared to others as you’d have to reapply within the day.

As perfect as it may seem, using an aerosol spray-on has its downsides. There is always a risk of accidentally spraying it on your eyes. So as compared to other brands, you have to be extra careful when using these types of antiperspirants.

There have been some complaints on Odaban causing itchiness or redness in the area. This is because of the high aluminum chloride content. Please do not continue using this product after this happens. You would probably need a milder antiperspirant. See a doctor immediately to check-out your options especially if you are highly sensitive to aluminum chloride.

For some people, Odaban isn’t always effective. There have been reviews saying that they immediately start sweating after application. I really think that you just have to find the best product that your body responds well to.

If Odaban doesn’t work, there are always other brands to choose from. The choices are endless. If you want to read my full review, please click here.

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3. ZeroSweat


Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Roll-on

Problems often inspire people to come up with the most amazing solutions. This is what happened to Tyler Conlin in 2011. He was fed up with having to endure excessive armpit sweating. Now, we’re all benefiting from the product that he made, thanks to his problem-solving skills and brilliant ideas.

What makes ZeroSweat unique among all the products here is that it is cruelty-free. Yes, they made a 100% FDA approved product without having to test on animals. With many people slowly becoming aware of the horrors in animal testing, there has been a global movement against products that harm animals.

From the name itself, ZeroSweat aims to stop sweating completely. Because it was started by someone with hyperhidrosis, you can be sure that this antiperspirant does what it says it can do for you.

You can now enjoy wearing light or even grey shirts without the fear of the sweat marks attracting unwanted attention. There is an overall feeling of confidence after using this product.

This product claims to keep you sweat-free for 4 days but some ZeroSweat customers have reported that they have not had excessive sweating for approximately 10 days. Although the effect isn’t permanent, it is still better than when you didn’t use any product at all.

The only problem most people have on ZeroSweat is the price tag. It is a bit expensive than most antiperspirants. As compared to most of the products above, you have to apply ZeroSweat more often (every 4 days). So a bottle will last you for about 2 months.

You would have to buy more antiperspirant than usual. If you don’t like this idea then it would be best to look for something that would last longer. You can read the full product review on ZeroSweat here.

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4. Duradry

Antiperspirant Type: Gel and Invisible solid

Duradry made it on number 4 because of the all-day coverage it provides your underarms. This antiperspirant was specifically created for people suffering from hyperhidrosis so you’ll definitely see an improvement when you start using it.

There are two Duradry products in the kit. There is an “AM” and “PM” set that makes sure that you are sweat-free throughout the day. The PM is a gel-type antiperspirant that you apply at night and has aluminum chloride as an active ingredient.

Aluminum chloride is an ingredient you would see in most antiperspirants nowadays. It temporarily acts as a “plug” to the pores and stops sweating. The only difference is the concentration as some products have higher aluminum chloride content than others.

The AM product is actually a deodorant with a little bit of antiperspirant in it to keep you fresh the rest of the day. I love this set because it makes sure you apply your antiperspirant at night and also has a “back up” just in case you’re extra sweaty.

One set can last for 200 applications so assuming that you apply it once every day, this set will last you for almost half a year. I like Duradry because I wouldn’t have to worry about buying a new set every month. It saves a lot of money, and definitely a lot of time.

Unlike other antiperspirants with high concentrations of aluminum chloride, Duradry puts moisturizing agents in their product, reducing the irritation and dryness.

Although you have to apply Duradry every day. It makes sure you are sweat-free day and night. A small sacrifice to make compared to suffering from excessive underarm sweating. Make sure you don’t miss an application and follow how each product should be applied and you’ll be just fine. Regardless of the downside of daily application, try to work with Duradry and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Read my full product review here.

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5. Drysol 20%


Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Dab-on

This antiperspirant has the most unique applicator in this list. As a dab-on antiperspirant, you do not wipe and it doesn’t have a roll-on, instead, the instructions tell you to dab it on — lightly patting it on your skin as compared to spraying it or even using a soft solid.

As a person who sweats a lot, I already need antiperspirants with stronger formulations than the usual. What more if you have hyperhidrosis? Then you definitely need something so potent that it would stop you from sweating buckets ever again.

Drysol, among all the antiperspirants on this list, has the strongest formulation of 20% aluminum chloride. This means that it lasts longer on your skin and it guarantees that it will stop the excessive sweating. It is also nice because a bottle will last very long because you use so little product when dabbing it on and yet it keeps you dry for 5 days. I often call it a miracle in a bottle.

As a dab-on, it’s easier to apply to other areas of the body. A word of caution though, before applying it elsewhere, please test it on a small area first and see how your skin reacts to the product.

Drysol is so popular that at one point it was so hard to find in stores. I even read online discussions on people scrambling to buy a bottle of Drysol.

Apparently most places haven’t had stocks for years. Good thing that it was recently made available online. It made it easier for people to order online instead of taking a trip to the pharmacy only to find out it’s out of stock.

You have to take note that due to having high concentrations of aluminum chloride, you can’t use it after you shaved because it can cause irritation on your skin. The label always recommends using the product after two days of shaving. For some people, they even wait for three days to make sure that their skin isn’t “raw” form the shaving.

Overall, Drysol is something I would recommend that you explore if you need a stronger, more potent antiperspirant. Click here to read my full product review.

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6. Certain Dri

Certain Dri Prescription Strength

Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Roll-on

Certain Dri is one of the most recommended products by doctors on this list. There isn’t much information on Certain Dri on the internet, so I decided to share what I like about it and how it can help you fight excessive sweating.

There’s a reason why lots of doctors have recommended Certain Dri as a solution to excessive sweating. Aside from having an everyday strength line, they also offer prescription variants that have aluminum chloride in higher concentrations than your usual antiperspirant.

The everyday strength line isn’t my favorite as most people who suffer from hyperhidrosis sweat through it. I would always suggest getting the stronger prescription line as most people have had the best results after application.

Certain Dri lasts up to 3 days after application. Although other brands have it up to 10 days, I still think that it’s the effectivity that matters and so far, I haven’t sweat after using this antiperspirant. Reapplication is not a big problem as long as it lasts for more than 1 day.

As one of the most affordable products on this list, Certain Dri can sure pack a punch on beating excessive sweating. Most reviews are of happy people sharing their stories on using this antiperspirant.

So I would check this product out if I want a good antiperspirant with an affordable price tag. I would definitely buy Certain Dri if I would want to maximize my money’s worth on something that my body might react well to. After all, finding the best product is a bunch of trials and errors.

If you would like to check out my full review on this product you can check it out here.

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7. Rexona Clinical Strength

Rexona Clinical Protection

Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Roll-on

Rexona has always been one of my favorite over-the-counter brands. Not only is it east it easy to find, but also it has been in the market for more than a hundred years. This just proves that they are constantly innovating to provide us with only the best antiperspirant/deodorants.

Rexona initially started out with creams, soaps, and other hygiene products but the eventually focused on their antiperspirants. All their products have gone through only the best testing so you can be sure about it being really good for your underarm.

As part of their clinical strength line, Rexona claims that you do not have to reapply the product when you’re out during the day. This is because of their stronger formulation and defense technology that not only stops the sweat but also eliminates bad odor.

Formulated three times stronger than their original antiperspirants, Rexona Clinical Strength is a cut above the usual antiperspirant you’re used to. It can keep you dry for up to 96 hours.

This is amazing because most “drugstore” brands are not formulated for people with hyperhidrosis. Rexona upped their game and that’s why I knew they just had to be on this list.

A word of caution in using a roll-on antiperspirant like Rexona is to make sure that the surface of your underarms is really dry. If you tend to be extremely sweaty or if you didn’t follow the instructions on how to apply antiperspirant, then the effects of this antiperspirant would be greatly diminished.

When your sweat mixes with the aluminum chloride, it produces the yellow stains you see on white or light shirts. It sometimes even forms this hard surface on your clothes due to the build-up of aluminum chloride on the fabric.

No worries as it is easy to remove yellow stains. You can use a bit of baking soda and vinegar, or use a bit of OxiClean before throwing it into the wash.

I made a full product review of this product. Kindly click here to read more about Rexona clinical strength roll-ons.

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8. Dove Clinical Protection

Dove Clinical Protection

Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Soft Solid

As a brand that was all about soaps and moisturizing, Dove has gone a long way in providing us the best products. This brand has always been dedicated to making your skin soft and smooth, so when they came up with an antiperspirant, I couldn’t help but recommend it to you.

I added this product in this list because it makes your armpits soft and smooth compared to all the other products. Dryness might not be a serious problem, but it can cause itchiness which can cause skin irritations later on so I think it’s important to know if your antiperspirant has any moisturizer in it because you would want smooth underarms.

You can find Dove clinical protection at any drugstore or even at the grocery. Unlike other brands that you would have to get a prescription for, with Dove, you wouldn’t need it. It is so important for me to know the availability of a product on the market because it would be hard to find a good product but end up do stressed because you can’t get it as soon as you need it.

Most antiperspirants here are scent-free. What makes Dove different is that it stops the excessive sweating but it also makes you smell so good throughout the day.

Unlike other antiperspirants here Dove doesn’t have the strength to stop excessive sweating for more than a day. I would only recommend Dove on days where you have no meetings when you’re mostly at home and can be comfortable with sweating a little.

Despite this downside, try this brand if you have extremely sensitive and dry skin as many of the best reviews always say that they have smooth underarms because of using Dove. To read my full review, please click here.

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9. Degree Motionsense

Degree Motionsense

Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Invisible Solid

Degree Motionsense is an antiperspirant/ deodorant designed to stop sweating but continuously release fresh fragrance whenever you move. It is the only product here that guarantees that you’ll not only end the day sweat-free but you’ll also smell so good.

Once you put on Degree, you’ll notice that there is no residue after air drying. I love antiperspirants that leave no trace because this would mean that I’d have to worry less about the possible stains, and I can use this without the fear of having to wash my clothes right after using them.

Most Degree Motionsense user has this “clean” feeling after using this antiperspirant. It’s probably due to the scent but what matters is that people love it, people will buy it, and now people will recommend it. You also smell so good the entire day because of fragrance beads that pop whenever there is friction on your armpits.

You have to apply Degree on dry armpits or else you might see white streaks of residue after application. This will only happen if you apply it on moist underarms or if you apply it fresh after a bath without drying the area first. These white streaks can be embarrassing when you’re wearing a shirt and they see white marks.

Also, make sure that your antiperspirant is stored in a cool place away from the sunlight. Sadly, although Degree is a good product, you can’t bring this to places that are warm. It has the tendency to melt which makes the application very greasy and not to mention messy.

Despite that, it’s the overall effectivity of the product that I’m looking for. There are lot of good reviews and stories shared on this product in different forums that you can read before deciding to buy it. You can find my full review on Degree Motionsense antiperspirant here.

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10. Secret

Secret Clinical Strength

Click image for details

Antiperspirant Type: Soft Solid

I put this on the list because some guys just want to use a mild antiperspirant because they have skin problems, or just because they like how their body reacts to the product. Nonetheless, it’s on this list just in case you’d like to try it. I always believe that there’s nothing to lose when it comes to finding the best antiperspirant you might respond well to.

This brand came highly recommended as Secret is popular. This brand often markets itself as strong enough for men but made for women. I also read men who like using this product because most “for men” antiperspirants were too harsh on their skin.

This product is also an antiperspirant/deodorant. As a soft solid, it glides on the skin smoothly, leaving a powdery layer behind. It makes your underarms feel so sort and smooth after using it compared to most antiperspirants leaving this squeaky rough feeling after applying.

I would think that there is only one other brand on this list with moisturizers added to help lessen the skin’s bad reaction to the aluminum chloride. Secret has indeed gone far in making the best products since their first stick deodorant in the ’50s. Now they are also making some of the best deodorants/antiperspirants.

The reason why it’s the last on my list is that if you sweat more on some days and you use Secret, it cannot stop all the sweat from coming out. If you’re happy with sweat reduction, then this wouldn’t be a problem. Try it out first and see if your skin likes the feel after application and if it helps with your sweating problem.

I would definitely get this product on lighter days when I want my underarms to “breathe” and wouldn’t mind sweating a little. After all, sweating also helps moisturize your skin. If you are interested in reading more about Secret clinical strength, feel free to read my review here.

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Sometimes, as we focus on our problems, we forget that there are many solutions to them, we just need to look very hard. Same with excessive sweating, we focus on it too much we forget that there are many ways that we can fight it.

I’m glad I was able to guide and share my knowledge on the different brands you can use to stop the sweat temporarily. I was able to show you that there is more than one good brand to choose from.

In the future I want you to look forward to many more lists with new products that you may want to try out. I’m so excited to help you on your journey on knowing your sweating problem more, for you to finally experience NO more sweating at all.

FAQ Section:

Read more on some of the questions you may have asked after reading this article. I will do my best to answer each one to be able to help you fight hyperhidrosis successfully.

1) Are antiperspirants safe to use?

Of course, they are! You may have heard or read some articles linking aluminum chloride to scary diseases like cancer but if you read studies, there is not enough evidence supporting it and so far all the products above are FDA approved, which means they went through a lot of tests and certifications before they were even able to sell their products.

You can read academic journals and most of them say the same thing. So far there has been no proven link between Alzheimer’s and Cancer to the usage of clinical strength antiperspirants.

2) Do antiperspirants stop sweating?

Yes. That’s exactly what they were meant to do. That’s why most antiperspirants are scent-free. They won’t make you smell good, they will solely stope the sweating wherever you apply it.

3) Are antiperspirants better than deodorants?

I wouldn’t compare the two as they are two entirely different products. If you just want to stop sweating, use an antiperspirant. If you don’t mind the sweat but want to smell good, use a deodorant. Read more below on how they’re different. 

You also might notice that you may have been using a mix of the two products. Worry no more because most brands like Dove and even Secret produce clinical strength blends that can make you smell good and keep you dry all day.

4) What is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

Antiperspirants have an active ingredient, aluminum chloride, which stops the sweating by blocking the pores temporarily which allows you to be sweat-free ranging from several hours, or even days.

Deodorants, on the other hand, are formulated to make you smell good and at the same time kill bacteria that when mixed with your sweat, produce the foul smell or “B.O”.

5) Do antiperspirants cause yellow armpit stains?

Not entirely. But they do contribute to its production. The main cause of yellow stains is when your sweat mixes with the antiperspirant and the byproduct of the reaction is a yellow color that sticks to clothes.

6) How can I remove yellow stains?

There are many different ways ranging from all-natural to store-bought stain removers. Check out my complete guide to removing yellow armpit stains which is at the beginning of this article.

7) How often can I apply antiperspirants?

The best antiperspirants on this list only need to be reapplied after a few days. A clear indicator for you to reapply is if you start sweating again. Some antiperspirants make you sweat-free for up to 10 days.

On the other hand, some antiperspirant/deodorants have low concentrations of aluminum chloride and may need reapplication in the middle of the day.

I’d suggest you get the antiperspirant with the longest gap before reapplying because this would mean that you end up saving on more products as compared to the others. This is why I don’t mind spending a bit extra on slightly expensive clinical strength antiperspirants because they last longer than my old products.

8) What types of antiperspirants can I find on the market?

There are six main types of antiperspirants. Roll-on, dab-on, stick antiperspirant, gel or cream, aerosol, and wipes.

My personal favorite is wipes because I can bring them everywhere and they are so light that it doesn’t take up much space in the bag. It’s also mess-free as I never worry about broken or leaking products.

9) Can I stop excessive sweating naturally?

Yes, you can lessen the sweating but no, you can’t stop it. Most all-natural products either reduce the sweating or are deodorants that make you smell good throughout the day. So I’d still recommend that you use antiperspirants.

10) Are there other ways to stop sweating other than antiperspirants?

Of course! There are pills that can help stop the sweating and there’s Botox which can be injected on your armpits to hopefully reduce sweating. All of these are still not 100% effective in all cases.

Topical antiperspirants are still the way to go for affordable and effective solutions to excessive sweating.


Ready to Make a Change Now?

My name is Oscar and I am the founder and director of Stop-Sweating-Now.com and have been researching and writing about hyperhidrosis for many yearOscars.

I have been sweating excessively for the better part of my life.  I looked for solutions for well over a decade, but I never found anything that lasted.

It all started when I was around 14 years of age, when I suddenly found out that I was sweating more in my armpits than I should.  At first I thought it was something that would go away soon, but I was wrong.

I had given up hope and accepted to live the rest of my life being embarrassed with ugly sweat stains in my armpits.

However, after a few years of not searching for any solutions anymore, I gave it another shot.  And I found what finally gave me the freedom I had longed for so many years. 

After finding a solution to my problem, I decided it was important to shout out my message to those that are suffering from what I had lived with so many years.

My goal is to help people find their freedom from sweating by sharing my expertise because hyperhidrosis is an underdiagnosed condition.

People don’t know that it is a medical term and can be treated effectively.

That is why I am here: Sharing with you what I know, what works and what does not work.

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